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Hello world of instructables. I was looking at the hurricane lasers contest, and noticed that you must be 14 to win. I was wondering if that means 14 at the time of posting, or 14 at the time you receive the prize, because i turn 14 shortly. If anyone knows the answer, please tell me! Thanks!

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what is h1n1 is it bad? Answered

Yo do not belve the hipe!

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thomas edison

I am reasurching thomas edison please post any noledge you have on him it will help heaps

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How can i find the newest instructables not the just the featured? Answered

How can i find the newest instructables not the just the featured?

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I need insight into collaborations on instructables can I get a explanation and examples ? Answered

Just wondering cause I was browsing through my profile and I saw collaboration and am curious

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Prize shipping info?? Answered

Hey all I just won the special prize in the bathroom contest a 2 weeks ago and I was asked to fill in a form asking for the address etc, and I filled it in and sent it, but it has been about a week and a half but the prize(Sugru) has not arrived yet(I live in Poland)Does anyone know how long it takes for a prize in instructables to be shipped to Poland Thanks

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Playstation 3 Info

So yes, my dad has said he will choose the PS3 as the free gift. So as you see im Estatic! I thought I might aswell get some info about the console, from gamers like yourself on instrutables. Just answer the questions: What is the best game to get on a PS3? Any regrets on buying it? ( e.g would of chose a different console, not worth it) Is it backwards compatible with other PS2 games ( if not is there a way to make it?) ? ( Im getting the 40gig - the only model available ) Which console do you think is going to win the next gen war? ( xbox has put up a good battle but the PS3 is picking up speed fast!) List of ps3 Must haves!!!? please. - Baron

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The "Info" block in answers seems to be scrambled

The "Info" block in answers seems to be scrambled.  I'm using firefox 3.6.8.  Refresh doesn't help.

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The book with cool info

I have had 1 or 2 cool forums topics. I got alot of info from the book in the link below. P.S. I phsycally have the book.

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Link info empty

When answering a question and using the link button to embed a link the info page comes up empty.  It used to have a place to paste the link after highlighting the link key word. Using windows xp and firefox.

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Promo code

Ok so I have 3 instructables featured now,yeah , I was given promo code for each but have lost one of the codes, is there anyway of retrieving it? Thanks.

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Parts info please

Hi all: Does anyone know of a part that will swith  240v AC current on & off for short periods of time like a pulse effect ?. Thanks.

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Prize shipping info? Answered

Good morning, I recently won a prize for the fix-it contest.  I received an envelope with the stickers and t-shirt, but it has been like a week and a half since then and I have not yet received the rest of the prize.  Is there a tracking number or something I could get to see what's up? Thanks, -K

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A few small bugs

In the first picture, you can see that sometimes I don't get all of the forum topics. Any ideas why? In the second picture, you can see that on forum topics, and only forum topics, I can't see the box with the rating or who published it etc. (Although I can on other stuff)  Any ideas on that are also appreciated. Also on a similar note, why is the button for sorting by rating gone?

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Need info on an instructable.

I was reading the instructable for the LED rave glasses.  This one here: In the instructable as in this image: It seems as if everything is simply wired to the microcontroller.  Unfortunately, the wiring schematic was never added.  Is this LED matrix possible by just using the microcontroller as in the pic?  Would appreciate any word.

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Need antique door help for parts and where to find them.

I recently ripped out the rectagular box inside my bedroom door. The door would not work right and I was afraid I would not be able to open it again. The house was built in the 20's and had a glass door knob. Then, like a fool, I lost the inner door rectangular door metal thing that controls the doorknob and lock. What is this part called? Where can I find another one? There must be a giant pile of these things somewhere!

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Cordless Dremel info?

I just got a cordless dremel for my birthday. It's a 10.8v cordless and I was wondering if it holds it's charge well. I might want to take it back and get a corded one if it doesn't. I had a cordless drill and it lost it's charge all the time and wasn't that powerful, it stunk, that was a while ago though and the newer generation of cordless tools might be better. Any personal experience would be helpful.

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Wanted: info book

I have 2 1997 NEC XG1101C auditorium projectors. I haven't the faintest idea where to begin and an owner's manual would probably be a good start. Except I have not found any resources online and the company has never heard of this particular projector. If anyone can help me find something to help me use these gigantic paperweights for home theater, I would be enormously grateful.

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Info over a network

OK me and my friend had an idea, we both share the same wireless signal and need more storage..also I don't want to configure anything or spend any money...i have extra computers and was wondering, if i put one of my additional computers on the wireless network is there to use it as kinda a NAS of sorts..its running XP and i don't want it secured...its just pictures and music mostly???

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New bug from bugfix release? No author info box on forum topics or Questions

I notice that on forum topics and Questions (both new and old), the author information box is missing.  It's still present on Instructables pages.  I presume this is a bug introduced with today's bug fix rollout (and thanks to Rachel for that fix!).

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Suggestion To Upgrade STATS Display

Glad to see STATS tab back in the info box that appears for all instructables!  Did anyone else miss it?  Wouldn't it be great if the "daily views" could be placed on the front page of this box?  Instead of making us click one more time, an instant display would be an improvement, IMHO. Check it out.

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Xbox 360 Spring Showcase 2008 - GOW2, Fable 2, Banjo Kazooie 3 and more! - Press InfoCrapload of new information and screenshots for...+ Gears of War 2+ Fable 2+ Ninja Gaiden 2+ Too Human+ Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise + Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts+ Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode OneThe links on the left are videos inside of ZIP archives, the links on the right are normal pages with info and screenshots.I can't get any of the videos because I'm on dial-up, can someone tell me what happens in the Banjo Kazooie one? That's the only one I care about anyway.

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How reliable is biodiesel?

I want to start making Biodiesel fuel for a truck i'm about to get but i want to know how reliable it is? I know it clumps up in cold weather but would that apply in northern california, where it only gets to a low of 65 in winter time?

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I'm looking for a gaget that will allow me too read book titles of prices on low shelves without crawling on all fours. Hey, I'm 74. I look rediculous in libraries and find it hard to get up. Some sort of a periscope might work, or a traveling low chair to scoot along on and handle to help get up.

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IDEA: More info/statistics

Idea: Along with a bigger profile picture, and the best answer percentage showing somewhere, something like this could be great (see the attached image) It might look like a bit of a mess, but this is just an idea...

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I need .inf help, and quick!? Answered

OK, so im putting a bunch of songs on a flash drive, i need to know how to make an .inf file to play all of the songs ( open Wmplayer and add all the songs to the playlist basically..) i think this is possible, HALP! p.s. i wrote this at 3 in the morning (my time) so if you need more clarification im sorry, but i will try to help you help me (?)

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Decoding and understanding what your SDR scanner is receiving!?

For some reason, every time I upgrade my antenna I get more signals on my screen that I fail to decode or even understand.When I started this hobby it was mostly about voice transmissions and trying to get radio stations from overseas.Now I am starting to wonder what is behind these endless amounts of transmissions that my software fails to decode or recognise.Some things like TV, pure data or trunked system like the P25 are usually not a problem to identify.An awful lot though is not recognised at all.Also found quite a few signals that produce sound that just isn't right.No matter what type of audio is selected thest I describe these sounds is like weird space sounds with a lot of echo in them.Like a base tone that goes up and down in frequency and is overlapped by blips and beeps.I am not good at all with Linux.You could say Linux and I are like a cat and a dog locked in the same room ;)So I only used the common programs available for SDR decoding use that work with Windows.I guess my question would be:Is there a software out there that can identify the received signal automatically?You know, if doubt be routing the audio to it and getting something back like "Encrypted P25, LoRa data, DVB-T,....".And for whatever is not recognised directly at least something to help identifying the signal.A lot can be done by just researching the frequency allocations.At least down here they are quite strict and that means if you find some info that a certain frequency is reserved for data transmission on short range you can tick them off.The ideal thing of course would be something that works automatically as a complete packet.But I guess that will be a few more years till we get that pleasure :(

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More infos on profile pages.

Hello everybody. What I would like to see, is more infos on users' profiles. Currently there are: Instructables (very good), Views (completely not important I think), Comments (somewhat important if We want to check if user is active). And that's it. Nothing more.  What is missing is: - Instructables User made - super important, right after list of instructables created. I am very surprised it is not there!!! - Some basic info where particular user is from. Description page is not enough. People most often leave it empty or They don't put any usefull infos. - Links to User's YouTube channels or other social media profiles. We don't live only in Instructables. Cheers Radek

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Want some info on geocaching.

Ok so if you have any geocaching question please ask here.

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Contest Judge Volunteer Info

Please use a different method to take contest judge volunteer info. While it's great that so many people have been volunteering to judge, it's really frustrating to consistently see a new comment in the contest category only to find that it's just someone volunteering to judge contests. I know a google form has been used in the past. Perhaps that's an alternative?

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Info on Arduino Servo Library?

I am trying to build a Wallbot with an Arduino Mini and two servos. The instructable mentions using Arduino Servo Library. What is it and how do you get it? How do you use it? Thanks!

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Basic info on the Rasberry Pi

I heard that you can install Android on a Rasberry Pi. Could I get one and do that and be able to do these three things?? 1. Download apps and use them 2. Go to the internet 3. Listen to music Thanks!

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Another source of info and ideas

Although this forum gets very technical at times, it can still be a great source of ideas and specs. Here is the link to the FTF (Freescale Tech Forum).With a very long video located here: Video Link for those that wish to listen to a lecture :-)

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Random and useful tips and info

Stuff that's too good not to share. Maybe not worthy of an ible. Dollar store lasers have plated parts made of plastic which actually complete the circuit. Who knew? When hacking these, and using shrink tubing, (heat gun) the plastic parts deform and quit functioning. Muy interesant.

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beginner looking for info on arduinos Answered

I'm fairly new to the world of DIY electronics, but I would like to start working on projects that incorporate microprocessors.  I've been looking at many of the projects that use arduinos, but I was looking for a little more info on them.  I'm sorry if these are stupid questions but with my little knowledge about this stuff I don't really know any better.   Could a single microprocessor be used in place of an arduino?  Could an arduino be used to program an IC chip and then the chip be removed and only use that for the project or does the whole arduino have to be used? and any other tips you have for me to help me learn more about stuff like this is greatly appreciated. thanks.

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US Army Uniform Info?

    I recently purchased a US Army Corporal's uniform. I have the full uniform, excluding the belt and the tie. I have some questions I hope somebody can answer. I bought it at GoodWill, (a thrift store) so it is missing a few pieces. Some of the things I would like to know about it are: -What is it missing? -Where can I find these things? -When was it made/in use? - Why does the armored division patch not have a division number? -What are the numbers on the inside of the collar? -Where can I find more information on this?      Any information is helpful, thanks in advance. -Hobbs

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residential electric info needed

I have 4 rooms and each have a light fixture and a switch controlling each of the lights.   .  The power source from the electrical panel is entering the 1st light fixture and then to each of the other light fixtures.  I am using 12/2 with a ground Romex wire.  There are only 3 wires in the Romex.  One is white, one is black, and one is bare.  Please tell me which wires connect to each other in the octagon boxes in the ceiling where the light fixtures are and which wires connect in the respective switch box.  Please use wire colors(white, black, bare)when explaining the wires that will connect.  No need to explain the "bare wire" connections because I will connect all of them together back to the panel and from there to ground.  Thanks for your help!  Louisiana bayou backdoor

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Instructables has something for you! personal info? Answered

Hello, I got a message(pasted below) saying I can get a card!:P The link transfers me to a page asking for a load of personal information, what will become of my info? Congratulations, wants to send you a 2014 Halloween Postcard! To celebrate Halloween, we're sending you a postcard in the mail! It's like trick or treating without actually visiting your home. But we can have the mail carrier visit as our proxy! (Whether you offer candy is up to you.) Please fill out your name and address by clicking the link. We'll be printing the cards on Friday the 17th, so get us your details before then.**************** Please note, we need your information within 1 week. After this time prizes will not be eligible for claim. Thanks for being part of our community! Instructables Team @ Autodesk |

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Condensed News

HeyIf anyone is interested, here's my shared items page from my RSS reader:LinkTheres an RSS feed on that page too.Before you go all "What's the point of this!?" on me -- let me explain.I go through about 400 items a day. This is the condensed version. I share 2 things mostly: Things that are funny/ironic -- and things that are interesting. Its a pretty even mix. My feeds include:Blogs:Make, Lifehacker, Gizmondo, Engadget, Consumerist, Slashdot, WorseThanFailureAnd:Instructables & diggTheres a few others, but they aren't good often. I'll gladly add any other feed that you want.I've only been doing this for a few days -- I need to get used to hitting "share". Anything I view, I share. Theres some things that I really don't care about --but others might -- that I'll also share.Hopefully, this can help some people shave time off their news-reading. Let me know if theres some other source I should read!(This post sponsored by Kiteman's Zeroth Law)

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Make It @ Your Library

Hey I was just looking at the Make it @ your library site, and was hoping someone here can paint a better picture of what it is than the website itself.  The info they give is kind of vague.  Is it just a PG version of this (if that's possible)?  Are there actually project areas in libraries?  More info please.

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why did the instructions pages switch sides?

Why did the instructions pages switch sides? now whenever i click on an instructables the related and info are on the left, and the instructable is on the right. is this a new feature, or a bug, if its a new feature then is there any way that i can change it back? thanks.

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how i make an info desk? Answered

How i can make a flexible info desk (for small events) that i can hold it any where in a simple way ?

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J Tagged xbox 360 info

Hey will pay top dollar for a j taggable xbox or INFO on how to play with it on xbox live, can western union the money or paypal it to you,email me

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Alternator identification cross reference info

What make vehicle would my alternator fit? There is a sticker with the following information on it  palladium p8230-t any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help 

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Quick please Wifi Antenna Info

 Will someone  please tell me what is the best Uh...easiest ...Uh and cheapest  wireless wifi antenna I can make? And what kind of cables do I need (thier names) and where can I buy them the cheapest? I'm desperate and confused please help? The best and fastest answer will get a patch no problem. Thank You

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