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Sir i've made speaker but it is not working yet what can i do to improve its working?

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Need Information

Hello everyone i found this gif and was amazed by the water skipper thats what im calling it this guy was on so im looking for any information on the water skipper how it works can i build one what would something like this cost stuff like that  so comment comment comment thanks and hope everybody is having a good night  doriean 

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L298N Information

I have a L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver, which I believe is from SainSmart as it matches the one they are currently selling here exactly. The reason I am not 100% sure is that I picked mine at one of those stores that sells lost mail and packages and I only paid 50 cents for it. I have searched through many different instructables, and other places, but I am not finding the information that I want/need. I think I understand most the this little board except for the In1, IN2, IN3, & IN4. On the one I have these are jumpers. (See link above) My question is exactly what are these for and how do you set them up to use two DC motors (Not stepper motors). Also I have read that if the Vcc supply voltage is between 7Vdc and 35Vdc that the 5Vdc connection can be used as an output but I can't find anything that tells me how to set this up since I assume that if you can do this it can be used to power an Arduino or Raspberry PI ( I have an Uno Rev 3 & R-Pi3). Can anyone either tell about these things or point to a link so I can read about them myself. Thanks to all! MC

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Patch information Contradiction...

Well...This image should explain it...I'm like.."Huh?"

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Information Pdf Premium

I want information, updating to Premium in the Pdf Download section I have access to the sheets to be printed with all the measures to be able to achieve, for example a leather object? Voglio informazioni, aggiornamento a Premium nella sezione Download Pdf Ho accesso ai fogli da stampare con tutte le misure per poter ottenere, ad esempio un oggetto in pelle?

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Google Tablet Information

There seems to be quite a lot of buzz about the (rumored?) Google Tablet but I am unable to find any information that is all that useful like specifications, an official Google webpage for it, an official announcement of the product by google, etc. and so was wondering if anyone knew anything about it or had any links relating to the aforementioned topics.  If so, please post them here and this forum should help to clear up some of the frenzy and confusion surrounding the tablet.  Thanks!

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Information page not accurate?

I noticed on another author's information page (accessed when you double click on stat card) that he had an achievement patch for being in the newsletter. I also noticed that his featured articles were marked with a banner. I had an instructible shown in the 9/30/2010 newsletter and have had one instructible featured (at least at the technology level). How do you get the achievement patch and featured instructibles marked?

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bug zapper information?

I am trying to find a high voltage transformer for a Stinger high performance UV 801 bug zapper.  Where can I look?  I am not having any luck searchingt for it under the model number or by looking for volage transformer suppliers.

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Sites with helpful information

I was browsing the web looking for information on a component, when I discovered this site: EDUCYPEDIA and figured I'd share it with everyone. If you know of any other sites that could prove to be useful to helping with electronics, post them below (I suggest searching the site above first cause it has thousands of links such as digi-key and other component datasheet sites).PS- You can search for just about anything if you use the navigation bar at the top (History, General Useful Info, Science, etc.)

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information about acrylic...

This is an excellent site, but sometimes I just want to do the simplest or thing. For example, I want to build my own acrylic display case for a model I am making. What I'd like to know: 1. where can i get acrylic/polycarbonate 2. what kind of tool are used to cut them 3. what kind of tool/glue are used to connect them basic information about common DIY materials like that. While I'd appreciate any help in replys, perhaps there should be a section (wiki-like perhaps?) dedicated to that for beginners like myself?

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Update inform and buildlogging

Just my two cents: It would be nice if a feature was added to the site that, when you update your instructable, members that follow you and those who favorited the instructable, get a message about it. Off course with the possibility to put off that feature if you don't want to be spammed by it. A thirth form of instructable: The Ible-log. Great for long time projects which you allready want to share or collaborate. With the possibility to put it in a complete instructable when it is finished. What do you think?

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Beginner Electronics Information?

I'm interested in taking on a few of the projects in the electronics category, particularly the high voltage compilation. Obviously though, this is some pretty dangerous and complicated stuff (maybe just to me), so anyway, I was wondering if there were any books,  web pages or guides with basic starting out info that might help me understand what those guides are talking about? You probably should assume I know nothing about electronics, because its more or less true.

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Information on product design? Answered

Hello all!! I have something in mind that I want to build. I will try to market it and make money but my first point is to actually get it to work. It is a mechanical product, imagine it like a blender but twice the size. It will have motors, valves, wiring, and will need manufacturing. I have never designed something, so I was wondering whether there is a source that can help me with my product design. I am not looking for tips on how to sell my design, or how to make a minimalist interface, or make it beautiful. I am looking for help on purely mechanical design and tips for the product to work best. Some of the things i want to know are: 1. Which material should i use? Normal steel? Stainless? Galvanized? How thick a sheet metal? Plastic? Glass? 2. Which  material is easy to handle and cheap to manufacture? Which shapes can be made easily which shapes cannot. 3. What type of transparent material is cheapest and best? 4. What do i need to look out for in my product? Weight? Sharp edges? Hiding wires?  This is the type of information that I want. Practical things! Any information is appreciated!!! Point out any books, pdfs, slides, or sources please!  Thank you in advance, Chris

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Information on DIY Electronics

Hey everybody, I really hope someone can help me. I'm PJ, a social work student that's organizing a sort of DIY electronics meeting in Belgium. By school policy, i have to write something in between an essay and a thesis and i'm doing it about DIY as a scene within subcultures. Now because DIY as a scene or culture is so enormous i'm writing it about DIY in electronics/hardware fiddling/hacking/modding/bending. Now what i'm trying to ask: Do you know any essays, thesisses, papers, books about DIY as a culture, scene, phenonemon?,... Not just a link to Wikipedia I need a base, where i can start from in writing this essay so i can explore DIY some more. Thanks a lot. PJ

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Where do the class suggestions go and what is the criteria?

I want to know who sees the class requests and what the criteria is to make one a thing. I also want to know how long they take to make.

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where do i look for the latest email virus warnings?

been getting 2 or three every week for past few weeks from the "IRS" that i just delete and now new one from "police Agency" reported return email is and both have attachments to open of was wondering where to get a list of resent email virus threats. thank you

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help i need information on capacitors

This is a call for help I need all the basic information on using capacitors. Especially how to charge them, and discharge them. I need to know so I can post my first Instructable.

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Craft bloggers: Where do you find your information?

Hello there! My name is Lisa, and I am a graduate student at theUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library Information Studies.I'm part of a group that is studying the information seekingbehaviors and needs of craft bloggers. We want to know where you findyour craft information, how you find it, and why you use it on yourblog. We would love it if you could take about 5 minutes to fill out ashort survey we've devised:http://craftybloggers.infosurvey.sgizmo.comAs a bonus, we're also offering a drawing for a grab-bag of handmadegoodies to any craft blogger who wants to take the survey and leavetheir contact information. Don't worry - your responses will not belinked with any identifying information, nor will we share yourcontact information with anyone else. It's strictly confidential.Please consider taking a few moments to fill out our survey, and don'thesitate to ask your craft blogging colleagues to do the same. Themore the merrier! You can visit our research blog at which we'll be updating with ourfindings. If you have any questions, feel free to email me for your time, and happy crafting!

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How to Create a Great Vector Illustration

Check out this tutorial to see an effective way to quickly build an see-through information graphic. It takes you from the initial photos down to the final coloring and curvy arrows. How to Create a See-through Information GraphicSee also: How to illustrate your own Instructablevia MAKE blog

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How do I change my payment options?

I'm needing to change my payment to use a  different account.  How do I edit my payment information?

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what does membership get me?

What is there about becoming a member that is special?  What can a member do that someone else can't?

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what is the instructables contact information? Answered

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Account / Contact Information Changes

This sit is a love / hate relationship!!!  I love all the stuff on the site BUT I can't find anywhere to change my Account / Contact Information!!!  ALSO, is it me or does everything load really Slooooooooooow on this site???

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Is there any information on car building?

Is there any information out their on taking a dead car(like from a junkyard) and fixing it up or taking the parts and building a really fast or really nice car? It could be a book or a magazine or a website, really i just want to know! Thanks!

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Needing information on solar panels!

Plz add info for me on solar panels because im doing a project and i need lots of info! :)

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Informal Poll: Watermelon- Salted or Not?

Does anyone here put salt and/or pepper on their watermelon? Please post your country/location when replying... and thanks!

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Housing Betta fish information?

Is housing a Betta fish with other fish (of other genus and species) in a pond with no borders advisable? If so, with what other fish can they be housed with?

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Need information on printing the instructables. Answered

When I try to print the instructables it comes out all garbled up and not in english, does any one know how I can fix this?

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solid state relay information Answered

Do I need to apply voltage to pin 5 for it to switch on chip Vishay VO14642AABTR?

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Your valuable information on robotics?

       sir,                        My name is krishna chaitanya ,i am studing B.TECH -3 YEAR                                                      I have intresting to build a two leg robot, so please give me your valuable ideas                 

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Information portal shut down...

The USA portion of WikiLeaks is being asked to shut down ( WikiLeaks ), what do you think? Have you heard about this and what is claimed they "got themselves into"? Whistle-blower site dismantled in the news

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information related to arduino duminilove

Hiii friends i am new to instruct table even i am not able to use arduino proparly so friends i want to know that:- if i want to erase the earlier programe from my arduino and want to upload a new one to it so how will i do it. please help me 

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Need information on an old mower.

All I know about it is that it has a 6B engine, is made by "moto mower", and has a aluminium deck. I would like to know where I can get parts for it and possibly some history about it. Some info on how to remove a seized on gas cap would also be helpful.

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Need information on 3D printing

So I am looking to make decorative phone cases using a 3D printer. But I have no experience with them. Essentially what I am hoping to do is make snap on or slide on covers. What kind of 3D printer would be able to do this? What sort of designs/colours would I be able to do? Anything I have to take into consideration?

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diagram/information for wind turbine

Can any one point me in the right direction please. i'm building a mini wind turbine but i'm not sure what do do with the electronics side of things. for example: 1, how to charge a battery - (when i connect the battery it powers the motor! i dont want this,) 2, how to prevent over charging thanks zac

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Updated information on woodblock printmaking

Just read through the woodblock printmaking advice. The article does not give the artist's name but there are a few bits that I would like to add. First: there is an oil based ink made from soy that is non-toxic and easy to work and clean up. T.N. Lawrence and a London based printmaking supply company both sell Akua inks. This is wonderful ink with terrific colours in addition to the blacks. Second: buy the best carving tools that you can afford and keep them sharp. A dull blade will cause all kinds of carving problems. Third, instead of buying great hunks of wood at enormous costs, think about buying a decent plywood (1/2" at least to minimize warping). I like to use poplar but ask your local lumber supplier for advice. Soft wood is easier to carve but harder wood gives a finer line. Fourth: use the thin Japanese papers for the best results. Ask for sumi-e (ink painting) paper. One can buy it in rolls or sheets. Fifth: instead of covering a book with a towel and risking the wood moving, use a bench hook. Cheap to buy and cheaper to make you own. Essentially it is three pieces of wood screwed together.  Google the word or just ask at your local art store. Check the image. Sixth: have fun but be aware that this art form can be habit forming.

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K'nex Innovators Contest - Information

Alright, so Oblivitus and I are trying to kickstart the community back up. We have three planned ways to do it so far. First, we're making a wiki of guides to all the different parts of K'nex weapon building to try and aid newbs. Secondly, we're gonna go on a mass advertising campaign across other websites and wherever possible to encourage new people to try K'nexing. Finally, we'll be holding a series of challenges in a grand contest to encourage innovation. The format for these will be simple: we'll present you a concept, you all go out and try to make the best build of that concept possible. The idea here is that not only will we try to innovate, but we'll try to perfect one concept at a time instead of just dabbing here and there, sweeping promising, yet underdeveloped concepts under the rug. We'll mix up the challenges as need be, such as allowing teams for more complicated builds, perhaps extending time limits, etc. Else, we're hoping to keep pumping out the challenges at a steady rate and see who can win the most. Perhaps we'll eventually have one final grand challenge with a bigger prize. So I'm simply curious who we all got here so far that'll participate. Just post with what you think the time limit should be for each challenge. Again, the idea is to allow enough time to perfect concepts but be steadily producing these concepts. So, do you think one week, for example, would be adequate? We'll adjust time limits as need be, but I figured we'd set a default so that you know what to expect. Also, if you would like to suggest any concepts, I'll add them to a nominations list. You can nominate as many as you want. For each challenge, you'll be allowed one vote for those on the nomination list and then we'll tackle the concept with the most votes for the next challenge. Nominations: -Nada, suggest something, anything, though I'd request some thought and nothing impossible sounding. By the way, if any veterans would like to help edit the Wiki, join at and send me your username there. I'll add you to the members list so you can edit articles. I require only those who can create quality, objective pages. Grammar should be near perfect and there should be absolutely no opinions.

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I want to build my own safe ?

I want to build my own safe instead of having to buy one if anyone has any information on what equipment i need to build one or a link to a website with helpful info you would be a great help to me Thanks

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An "accidental" battery

How to turn a kitchen utensil into a battery Or how not to design a kitchen utensil; depending on your point of view. The article can be found at this location. Submitted from this site where it was originally posted.

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i'm trying to understand..what does featured mean?

What does the featured category represent exactly? I thought maybe the starred instructables means they have been part of a contest or a challenge.

Question by LeslieLouie 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Why is the author info missing from the questions? Answered

Does anybody know if it's permanent or just a bug.  I and I assume others use that info when planning my answer.  Does anybody else miss it?

Question by Re-design 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Suggestion To Upgrade STATS Display

Glad to see STATS tab back in the info box that appears for all instructables!  Did anyone else miss it?  Wouldn't it be great if the "daily views" could be placed on the front page of this box?  Instead of making us click one more time, an instant display would be an improvement, IMHO. Check it out.

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Info Resource: Periodic Table of Videos

Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century - but this modern version has a short video about each one....Soon we'll be updating all the videos with new stories, better samples and bigger experiments.So once you've watched all 118 videos, make sure you come back soon and check on our progress. The sample video below should give you a taste of it :-) The LINK to the site

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More in Digital Stalking....

I know this is old news, but....pushads1.jpgBritain's ubiquitous CCTV video surveillance network has nothing on Japan's Orwellian nightmare in the making. One of the country's top electronics firms, NEC, has just announced a new plasma display fitted with a tiny camera that can accurately identify a person's age and sex in order to target them with specific advertisements.... Here is the LINK to the original site I came across.

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Miscounting View Counter

Recently, I have noticed the amount of "views" shown when I look at my instrucables is inconsistent. Let me provide some back-story... At my house, I use an HP desktop running Windows Vista. On this my family runs Internet Explorer 9. My Mother has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and she uses the most recent version of the Instructable's mobile app. I have a Samsung Galaxy Media Player 5.0 which also runs the Instructable's app. For those of you familiar with the new and updated app, you know that before selecting any instuctable you are able to see the number of "views" and "favorites" that item has attained. A few days ago I published another instructable. Being very excited to see how the community would react, I was checking the "views" frequently and noticed the numbers seemed odd. After further exploring the topic, I found that my personal device would show one number while my home computer ad my Mom's tablet also showed different. What I mean by this is the number of "views" before I selected my instructable on my device was different from when I clicked on it on the same device. It was also different for the tablet and the computer. I understand that as time goes on my "views" will increase, but these changes were ranging from 2,000 "views" to 4,000 "views". I don't know if this is a side-effect to me since I am the author of these instructables or if this would happen when I view other people's. I also don't know if this affects other attributes (i.e. Favorites, Comments, etc...) or if this happens exclusively with "views". I will keep my eyes open for relevant information and keep anyone interested posted for changes. I know this is not a major issue but it is indeed an inconvenience. If anyone else is experiencing the same problem please leave a comment so I know I'm not the only one. Also, to the people who take care of these bugs, please let me know if there is any more information that you need to help you out.   -mymyjames2000

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Community sections not displaying accurate info

I noticed that several community sections and topic lists are not displaying correct data. I don't want to sound like I'm nit-picking (because I really do like this site), so I hope staff takes this as an effort to improve things and not just as criticism. :) The following sections display incorrect data: ( Community > Forums > Newsletter Archive (shows last post= 1 year ago, but last post was yesterday). Community > Help > Contests (shows 0) Community > Marketplace > Jobs & Internships (shows last post= 6 months ago, but last post was 4 days ago) The following sections do not display topics in the correct order based on most recent; Community > Marketplace > For Sale, Free Stuff, Jobs & Internships, Services and Wanted (only "Kits" is displaying correctly). Community > Help > Bugs and FAQ's Finally, if I may make a suggestion... I have noticed that when a new topic is posted, it does not show up as the "last post" as indicated on the root "community" page. Instead the "last post" is always based on comments. Too often, I think members are missing new topics because they are unaware that they exist if they are basing the activity of a section on the "last post". I think its worth considering that a change be made to reflect the "last post" by activity instead of by comment alone. Thank you for your efforts to make this community a great place to be. As I said, I hope my comments are taken as constructive and not just as criticism. 

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Need information regarding hallucinatory diseases Answered

I'm doing research for a novel and one of the characters is schizophrenic, or whichever form of disorder would best suit the plot. A have a few questions regarding the nature of schizophrenia, and wikipedia can only help so much: What are the main causes of schizophrenia? Is it possible to be brought on by trauma or through nurture? Or is it mainly genetic? Just how realistic are such hallucinations? What is the level of interactivity between the person and hallucination? I.e. Would it be possible for a schizophrenic to imagine an entire person (like an imaginary friend, only much more real)? And if it's possible to hallucinate an entire being, could they, say, carry out a conversation? How difficult is it for an average schizophrenic to differentiate hallucination and reality? If someone has a recurring hallucination, will they eventually realize it is a hallucination and not reality? What is the probability that only one type of hallucination would be present (like, going along with the imaginary friend bit, that the person would only see the friend and wouldn't have any other hallucinations)? Please realize that this is a work of fiction and a bit of artistic license may be applied. I thank you greatly for any light you can shed on this matter. -Y

Question by dungeon runner 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

information being deleted from unpublished instuctable

I am working on a new instructable and I'm almost near the end, each of the steps has a lot of information on it, some that I put up a few moths ago, and all the text from random steps is being deleted. I allowed two people to collaborate on it and Iv'e never had this problem before, I also edited it on two different computers at the same time earlier today which is the same time I noticed this. When I was on he other computer editing an entire step was gone, I assumed it was just the computer because it was DELL and when I got home it was back but other steps were deleted. 

Topic by Jimmy Proton 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How personalizations censor information on the Web

Some sites use software to analyze the information that we search for. A downside to this personalization is the amount of information that it is left out. Any opinions?

Topic by blkhawk 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

information on how to train your dog

Question by A Wright 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago