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How to make a good Instructable that has a chance of getting featured? Answered

I would like to know how you people out there do. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that would like to know :)

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Hey, lead ninja here! Please start adding instructables, we need them to promote our group!

Topic by gen.badger  

no instructables

What would you do without instructables? My internet was down for the past month, so I had no instructables. What would you do if that or some other problem happened to you?

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Is there instructions for this? Answered


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It would help if we had some actual furry instructables to add to the group. If you find one or make one, lemme know, and I'll add it. Generally anything related to the fandom is what I'm looking for.

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Ok so whats going on with the El wire contest. Wasn't it supposed to end on august 23th at midnight? Why did instructables change it to august 24th at midnight? When will the winners be announced?

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Does anyone have any instructions or some internal pictures for the Knex Swagboss as Knex Innovation seems to have closed down, so i am unable to get them anymore. Thank you

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I have set myself a challenge of running a pocket radio on the power from one candle alone. I think it is possible but have found no patents or other attempts on the internet. I wondered if it might be suitable for an instructable competition.

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Hello, I published and instructable, called 9 millimeter machine pistol, a while ago, it shows up on my profile as published and I wanted to know how many people have seen it. Also I wanted to know why I don't see it on here or really anywhere.

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I want to repair the charging light whose battery is dead and want to make it direct so that it can glow up with inserting into socket how is it possible?

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I posted my instructible yesterday during the week (business hours). They still have not put it on the site, why not? :/

I want to know why Instructibles did not post my instructible yet. I was told it should only take a few hours if I posted it during business hours (which I did). They have taken about 18-19 hours so far and still nothing. Was there a glitch? Did something change? Thanks, zachary4801

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how do you get a featured instructible??? Answered

I have a few instructibles and i want to know how to get them so that they are featured??? Please help!!! :2(

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I published my Instructible too early. Can I still enter a new contest?

I published an Instructible and then two days later a new contest was posted that fits my project very well. Is it still possible to enter this new contest? It doesn't show up on my eligibility list.

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Adding to a instructable

Im almost finished with the inside of my cabin which is already a  published instructable.  Do i add the pictures and instructions to the existing instructable or do i make another instructable for it ?

Topic by coolbeansbaby68    |  last reply

Embedding an instructable

 Is there any way to embed an instructable into a website/blog post?

Topic by tim_n    |  last reply

instructables rules

All who think instructables rules say I. I

Topic by dsman195276    |  last reply

Instructables redesign?

Did instructables slightly change it's layout? I never remember Instructables the world's biggest show and tell

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

New instructables

We need new instructables, please come up with something.

Topic by Riley C    |  last reply

Patenting an Instructable?

Hi, I'm new to Instructables and I have always wanted to know whether Instructables provides patenting services for the inventors who want their instructable to be patented. Thanks Shoukei

Topic by Shoukei    |  last reply

Any Instructables?

If you are planning to contribute a knex gun instructable tell about it here.

Topic by knexgunz96    |  last reply

Related Instructables?

What happened to the related instructables that's usually on the right of an ible page?

Question by MelPhleg    |  last reply

Instructables Sandbox?

Is there a sandbox for practicing creating and posting an instructables without publishing (and making a fool of yourself)?

Topic by alcurb    |  last reply

instructable submissions? Answered

How about showing the first time users step by step instructions and some hints on the procedure to submitting a project to "instructables"?

Question by Dirt Farmer    |  last reply

Featured Instructables.

What does it take for an Instructable to be featured? Only one of my 6 Instructables have been featured, so I'm kinda disappointed.

Topic by emcee2    |  last reply

New Instructable? Answered

What should be my new instructable related to arduino.Anyone got ideas

Question by Bot1398    |  last reply

Featured Instructables

If you sign up for a pro membership do your future  instructables get featured ?

Topic by mchhabra1    |  last reply

Instructables Membership?

Is the istructables pro membership worth the cost?

Question by Sean_Voodoo    |  last reply

Mythbuster Instructables

Is it just me, or are really almost no instructables on here actually from the show.

Topic by downhilldman    |  last reply

Instructables employees? Answered

Besides ewilhelm, Who are the employees of Instructables?

Question by grundisimo    |  last reply

instructable ideas? Answered

Wat should i do a (easy) instructable on

Question by diy man101    |  last reply

Repeated Instructables?

Would Instructables benefit from another Instructable similar to some that quite a few people have already created? Or would it just be a nuisance?

Question by .Unknown.    |  last reply

instructions are blank? Answered

When I pull up an instuctable and try to veiw the instructions there is nothing there and there is other blanks on the screen

Question by 45acp    |  last reply

instructable not posted

I tried to post an instructable over a week ago and its still not showing up anywhere on instructables.

Topic by budsiskos    |  last reply

Instructables = win?

Somebody says instructables fails. So i decided to create  a topic to see how many people agree with me, And say instructables is win. (FTW)

Topic by ReCreate    |  last reply

Best of instructables Answered

I was wandering if you could make "the best of instructables book"? as there all instructables that every one has acess to. It may take time but would save you money if you printed it at a photo printing place or somewhere like that.

Question by oscarthompson    |  last reply

longest instructable?

What is the longest instructable ever?

Question by sir-zeke    |  last reply

Drum instructables

Why are like 90% of the instructables on this group drum instructables? Does nobody play any other instrument?

Topic by downhilldman    |  last reply

Instructables IRC?

I was just thinking -- maybe instructables should have an IRC channel(s)? It might be an interesting way to chat...

Topic by zachninme    |  last reply

instructables shop

I think instructables needs a shop for us to buy hats and other stuff.

Topic by cooy    |  last reply

mobile instructables

A mobile version if instructables like or or something simmilar

Topic by fwjs28    |  last reply

Instructables Store?

Http:// is the link to the Instructables store. I never knew that there was an actual store for this where you could buy Instructables prizes, tshirts, etc etcIs this a legit. site? Or is it a phony?ty-brennn10

Topic by Brennn10    |  last reply

Editing Instructables

I submitted one instructable for contest. I want to edit one correction. If i edit, is my instructable disqualified from the contest?

Topic by Bhawya    |  last reply

Instructables Problem

Hello, I am having a problem with my instructable. It says that it is published and is accessible through my instructable page but when I Search for it it can't be found. Can someone please tell me what is going on?

Topic by nivaneus    |  last reply

Instructables Flaw

I don't know about you guys, but on the right side of instructables there are pictures of other instructables. When someone posts a comment with a bunch of pictures, a lot of times you cant see a couple of them because they are blocked off by the pictures of other instructables on the right. Is there any way to fix this?

Topic by benboy207    |  last reply

Instructables stickers

We have stickers!

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

Instructable Ratings

I've made three instructables so far and I can't seem to get a rating above average. I was wondering how you more experienced instructable authors get high ratings on your intstructables.

Topic by Brother_D    |  last reply

first instructable...

When I "save and add the first page" of my new instructable nothing happens, the page just refreshes, how do I make it work??

Topic by AustralLord    |  last reply