'Random Istructable' feature

I was thinking, that for people like me who just want a project to do, and don't want to search or anything why, why not have a 'View Random Instructable' link/button? It seems to work pretty well for wikipedia!

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Difficulty leaving comments and responses to comments

Lately it has become increasingly more difficult to respond to someone's comment on one of my Instructables. It has also become more difficult to leave a comment on someone else's Instructable. I click on the appropriate button ("Comment," "Reply"), but there is no response. Sometimes I can comment or respond during some very strange hour of the night when Internet traffic is very low. I have checked this on different computers, but the same problem persists.  Today I also noticed the yellow text boxes have disappeared from one of my earlier Instructables. If I go to "Edit" I can see ghost images of the yellow text boxes, but cannot read or edit them. For some time I have not been able to edit or add text boxes in the Edit mode, only when I am viewing steps of the Instructable.  Are transitions underway on the Instructables page that make these temporary problems? Also, the words "Instructable" and "Instructables" always show up as misspelled. It seems strange the site name is identified by the spell checker as a misspelling.

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My New Istructable Went Missing

So, I haven't been posting anything for last few months, and maybe things have chaghed a bit, but mu new instructable at first had problems with being published, but after closing it anf reopening it published as usual. Sort of. It disappeared from drafts, but didn't appear in the list of published ones, neither on the "recent" tab on the site. I kind of worked on it for the whole day... should I be worried?

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Instructables Membership?

Is the istructables pro membership worth the cost?

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can i change my screen name on istructables? Answered

 when i joined instructables it was about the time the nba finals were going on and i just wanted to encourage the lakers so i put la8ers24, but now i hate my screen name and  i want to change it, and if i can what should i make it.

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Q: Others having difficulties about reading private messages in istructables profile page?

HiI just wonder, is it just me.. Or is there some known, wider issues on istructables page, that prevents reading private messages?I have tried couple days to read my messages, but when i click "Inbox", i end to the front page of the instructables, instead to my mail. :( ThanksTuomas

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Cant get to steps

When i click on an istructable, i cant get to any of the steps. only the intro. This is really annoying me and it worked a few weeks ago.

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How to embed video from YouTube? Answered

I need some help about embeding video, in istructable, from youtube

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Error 500

I can't view links on istructables. I get error 500 massage. If you know how to fix it write me an e-mail. lakruasix@gmail.com

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Problem deleting an instructable.

I cant delete an instructable because it says It cant be deleted because it is entered in a contest, when i know that it isnt in a contest. What should I do?

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Instructables Google Chrome Theme

Here it is!!!!http://www.chrometheme.net/node/1119. Wanna make your own? Please leave comments!!!! Dont have Google Chrome? Try it here.

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What foods do you want to see an instructable made from?

I was just thinking about some ideas for foods, or dishes that could be made into istructables. Feel free to spew out your ideas!

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knex targets

Please anser yes or no to following questions: 1.do you want more knex targets? 2.would it be worth it to post my target? 3.would it be better to have more than 1 target on an istructable? 4.would you be willing to give ideas for me to put on to THAT instructable?

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I found this at http://forum.specialopspaintball.com/index.php?showtopic=58518 . I brought this to the Instructables community because some people don't seem to realize what paintball really is. Post you tips and questions and I will either add them to an Istructables or try to answer your questions. But if you click the link and read, you will probably won't have any questions.

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isntructables fansite is launched

The istructable fansite has now been launched using social go i would like every member of ibles to join http://instructables-fansite.socialgo.com here you can talk about everything from new porjects to well anything.... so far i am a admin but overtime i will add other people and eric will be one of them many thanks, sharlston

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blink182 concert

Ok my dad dosnt want to take me to a blink 182 concert. he said i could go but he wouldnt take me. i have no one else to go with and he said if more people on istructables voted he should take to the concert he would... so please vote on whether you think he should take me or i should just not go.

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I'm new to Instructables. What are some good tools to have?

I got hooked to Istructables with things like the desktop trebuchet, the marshmallow shooter, the $10 dollar Mont Blanc pen, and the PVC bike repair stand. There is so much more I want to do on Instructables, but I don't have the tool capabilities to do so. Where is a good place to start in terms of what kind of tools I should get?

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Advertising on Instructables

One thing that has really annoyed me lately is that when you search an istructable half of the page is taken up by ads. I used to be able to look through 20 or so pages but now I have to look through 30 or 40 and it has really slowed down my computer. I was wondering if there is anything you can do to stop this. I liked how it used to be up in the top out of the way but now I don't go on this site as much because it really annoys me.

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Paging through "Your Forum Topics" -- weird page layout

I have been noticing a bug paging through the list of Forum Topic in my account (under "You"). The screen shots below show the "first" ten (most recent) topics, as part of the main page. When I hit [next], I get the second screen shot. Topics 11-20 are up at the very top of the page, and the Istructables banner and rest of my account info is down below! It's just a layout issue, but weird.

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how do I print a large image on many small sheets (may have overlap) and could the sheets all have random orientation?

Well I know there is either an istructable or a boing boing post that explains this in some detail but now that I have a huge beutifull printer full of ink I can not find it. I have a big pickture and I want to make a murial to glue on a wall but I need to do it fast before the printer is returned to the store for recycling (its still full of ink and paper).

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translation of some instructables and copyright

Hi I came to a site which translate some instructables to another language and published them in their site. I guess as long as the copyright for an insructable is not "Non, All rights reserved", nothing is wrong here. Am I right? I my opinion. it is also great that many other people can think the "DIY way" by reading the translated version, since not all of the world speak English! And also people share what they make in istructable to be seen and by this translation, even more people around the world can see their work. waiting for your answers and thoughts.

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I need a good instructable in the use of Winrar to open a ziped folder fo Eagle. Any help available. kbyrne?

I have the Eagle program. At the cadsoft web site are library parts to download but they are ziped ang winrar is supposed to be used wit this but I am new to computers and have winrar but need a good instructable fo this. I also need a istructable in adding a part from scratch. I have the instructable to add one from a tech sheet. The parts I want to load would be audio integrated amplifiers. thanks kbyrne6925@gmail.com

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featured RSS feed may be leaking future "featured" instructables

 I got this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Repair-a-Lawn-Mower-Engine./ and a few others. They occasionally show up on my feed reader but I can't read them in the reader. When I search the site, the istructables do exist, but they are not "featured" yet There were about three others, but I did not get the name before Akregator crashed. BTW, feature request. if there is some way I could "sum" several feeds together  (featured, popular, and a few of my fave authors) such that I only get the instructable once on my feed, even if the user changed the title or did a quick republish a half an hour lator, that would be great

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knex bank style safe

This is my new knex safe. it is called a bank styled because it looks like one and has an extreemly thick back wall made up of 5 layers of knex. yes i did just say 5 layers!!! however it does have some bad points, i made the mechinism to big and almost stops the door opening sou you have to push or pull it to get it open .second  it only has 16 combinations. third the door is easy to take of its hinges. fourth it has little room inside as the mechinism takes up a hell of alot of room.if you want instructions you can either heve istructions for this or saw the ride.

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Sparkler Bombs?

I have been looking at some firework instructables for the Fourth and I noticed that there were no sparkler bomb istructables. What?! I find this strange that you can find them on other sites, but not this site, which is centered around instructions. I can't post one because the ones that I made, due to lack of instructions, did not explode loudly and work properly. I have seen plenty of working ones that a friend made and they work perfectly: you can see the shockwave. The only impressive one I made shot a jet of green flame 10 or so feet in the air, but it's not suppost to do that. Sparkler bombs: simple and easy to make, yet not on Instructables. I know you know how to make them

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Knex For sale !!

Ok so most of you may have noticed that i have not been on istructables for a while and you may have guessed that i have quit knex as i have moved on to other things and i have no inspiration etc but yeah. i have around 20 kg of knex for sale and i will also throw in my rubberbands and all thing that i used for my knex, so if you are intrested make an offer i live in England but i would be able to ship to (America,Canada,Australia and a couple more if needed) so what im thinking is that if you would like them place a comment so i know and also i would prefer paypal and if you live out of england it will most likely be posted by ship not airmail as is alot more expensive so yeah thanks please comment i will also leave what guns i have made up in the package if possible and i will post some pictures of it all out in a day or two thanks put a good offer in ( would prefer if your offers are posted in gbp but i can convert easy enough )

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BooHoo Previous Comment Persons

​Hello,  Reading some of instructables comments necessitates me to comment on you! I find Instructables as having interesting content which has appeal to a variety of people  regardless of their mental capacities.  Items portrayed on the site are creations of every class of people. Having a special talent, each of them feeling a little pride, bravely present their subject matter with instructions,  pictures, videos, FAQ, help? and their names are printed on the website. Speaking to the big shots who know it all.  This is not a specific website geared to the most intelligent humans like yourselves.  If it looks like a project for a 5 year old---it probably is! Clever mistake observers, nice of you to point it out.  Did you fail at the project?  Did you do something wrong?  If after you check yourself and it happens that you are right.  Why not have a little consideration, call or email Instructables, insuring the situation is clarified by the important people involved.  You would be saving the embarrassment, ridicule and self-esteem of an individual, or didn't you think of that? Instructables your website is unique, interesting, educational, subject matter is something about anything! The site has helped me babysit, fight boredom, release stress and laugh hysterically! Thank All of You at I.,  Amrie C

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Instructibles not appearing and other

Hi, its pucksurfer, lately I've had a couple of instructibles that have not appeared in the recent section. I publish them and then they only appear in my profile page but not in the recent section. My last one didn't even after I waited like 6 hours and I knew it was published because I had 3 views when I looked at from my profile. I cant even search it. I think that I had the same problem with my most popular car manufacturer instructible. If you could it would be great to fix that, or tell me how to fix it. I've been jointly using the app on my ipod 4 which has iOS 6.1.6 and my acer chromebook w/ chrome OS 34.0.1847.134 and typing and adding about half the pics from the chromebook and about half of the pics and a little bit of typing on my ipod. I've had this glitch on now two or three instructibes. Also, I tried emailing the support team at support@instructibles.com (which I found on the contacts page) from my gmail account but it wouldn't go through and google sent me an email that said that the message failed permanently and that google tried to deliver the message but it was rejected by the domain instructibles.com.  I've also found that sometimes on the website when I search something in the search bar on the top then it will just direct me to the featured page and then I have to re-search that and then it will go to the right search page. Thanks, Pucksurfer

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