Laser jacket

This laser jacket by Wie-Chieh Shih reminds me of the jacket that Bono wore last year. With 200 diodes in it it is super shiny and dangerous for any eyeballs that come near it. 200 ld stage suit via Make

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Jacket help?

I'm just looking for a cool jacket to wear, as they are my favorite thing to wear, i like punk leather jackets, so anything in that area would be cool. just looking for suggestions.

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Naruto's Jacket

I made an 'ible on how to make Naruto's jacket. If you are in need of a cosplay, check it out.

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Painting a jacket

I tried painting a black cloth jacket with white acrylic paint. I painted two layers of paint on it, which I thought would be enough, but later, it started to fade. And after a wash, it was a pure disaster. So I am planning on painting another jacket, so this time, I want it to be perfect. Any tips to preserve the design, or how to paint it, blah blah??? Thanks a load (if help shows up). PS I ve added a pic of my jackets current condition

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Narutos jacket

I have been looking through instructables, and found no instructables on narutos jacket. So, I'm still trying to find the orange jacket that I need for the base of it. If anyone has any idea where to find a plain orange jacket in the Los Angeles area, please tell me. Also, I have the fabrics for the blue on the jacket, the red patch on the back, and the white patch on the left shoulder. Here are pictures of the fabrics I have for the jacket.EDIT: I'm done writing the 'ible, go check it out. I'll post pictures as soon as I find my camera.EDIT: Its published! Now go read it.

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Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof Jackets -Outdoor Scene specializes in some premium quality waterproof clothing. Our waterproofs are 100% waterproof, so don’t pay over the odds. Our products do the job perfectly well and look great. We offer a good range of men’s waterproof jackets, women’s waterproof jackets, boy’s waterproof jacket and girl’s waterproof jackets. Look no further than Outdoor scene waterproof clothing.

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Capri Sun Jacket

This packaging reuse takes 140 Capri Sun juice bags and turns them into a full-on jacket. It's an impressive bit of reuse. I can't imagine drinking that much Capri Sun myself, but if that's your thing then why not flaunt it to the rest of the world? Capri Sun Jacket

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Idea - "Living Jacket"?

Here's my idea - get two medium sized ivy vines (or some other creeper) and attach the pots to the bottom of a jacket. As the plants grow wind the vines around the jacket so they eventually cover the whole thing, sort of weaving them together. When finished, gently remove the jacket and attach the pots to a belt. Viola a living jacket! Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I know it wouldn't be very practical, but it'd probably look cool

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Windbelt powered heated jacket

Hi everyone. After reading about windbelt and looking at prototypes designed by some folks here I have got an idea. Basically use windbelt to recharge a battery -I believe li-ion polymer battery is the lightest. The battery in turn can be used to heat a jacket. Idea is to use carbon microfiber sheets which heat up when electric charge is supplied by the battery. A battery wont last long so it is important to focus heating the core- heart and lungs. If these parts are very warm that the body will divert heat to warm other parts. If you are an ultra light hiker or a racer and travel in cold windy places you will understand how cool this thing would be. Down/synthetic insulation is bulky -Now just imagine the bulk of warm sleeping pad and down/synthetic insulation gone from your pack.. This could be a possible future. Anyone interested?

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How to make a naruto jacket? Answered

Naruto Uzumaki's Jacket with all details

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Turn Signal Bike Jackets

Looks like Leah Buechley has been busy making even more Turn Signal Bike Jackets. From her Flickr post: on the steps of Shih Chien U, prototyped by me w/ parts from the taipei electronics markets & made by (awesome) Shih Chien University fashion students via CRAFT

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The Magical "Carry-on" Jacket, a Yes or a No?

Here’s a link, go take a look double fast comrades. the zine "Ready made" decided to send me a copy of their Feb/March issue with an interesting article Pages 45-55 bare a article purposed to make you a better, faster, more efficient traveler. Page 53 and 52 describe the wondrous story behind a supposed "Wonder jacket" designed to replace air travel carry-on, which as we might remember, are growing increasingly heavier in fees and tags. The fruits of Scott Jordan's (an avid traveler and designer of the "Carry-on Jacket") laboring attempts to combat these fees glow proudly as his "Carry-on Jacket" comes to life. Much like a backpack, this jacket, and the many like it (like the one linked above and others on that website) have dozens of dozens of convenient pockets for all sorts of possible storage arrangements, ranging from spare change to I-pads. But how do they look? This all sounds like a great traverse breakthrough, but its totally useless if you look like a bloody tourist (which can be dangerous). Does anyone have anything like this, are there other brands. Does anyone have one in particular that they like? I need someone other than my magazine to vouch for it, or something like it, especially with a price tag like that. what about durability and comfort?

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does the jacket come with blue stripes?

So, basically my question is: is there a way to get the jacket with BLUE reflective stripes? I dunno, I just think it would look cooler. But that's probably just me.

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how to remove print from a jacket or t shirt?

Basically have a jacket with print on it but i want to turn it into a logo free jacket it rubs off slighty if you spend ages,ages and ages on it , is there any way of removing it even quicker?

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Geeky mens winter coat? Answered

Im looking for a mens Medium winter coat to wear skiing and i cant find one... I'm wearing some burton pixelated pants (I think they are the pixel waterfall pants, possibly with more white). I would like them to match those pants (just look good with them). I like the color blue, if that helps any (aquamarine blue) Thanks in advance, -A907

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Can anyone help me find a new jacket like this? Answered

I want a new photojournalist jacket, not a Safari jacket. Like this one.  I've looked all over the net and can't find a source.  I've been buying a new one everyother year and need a new one but can't find one. Maybe someone of you out there has a contact that I don't know about.

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Expressing my sincere appreciation......

I really love the jacket I just received in the mail from Instructables, it has a nice high collar to keep out the wind, and is about the correct "weight" (I rarely wear coats) for me.  It is greatly appreciated. 

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Unstitching the back of a new coat? Answered

I recently bought a long coat and it has a small stitch at the back at the bottom region. I was wondering if I am supposed to cut the small stitch to open the flap it holds shut. Please help

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how to make a cardigan out of a sweatshirt?

I would like to make a cardigan out of a sweatshirt and embellish it for the fall. I saw some at the store the other day and they were selling for $50+. I'm a medium sewer, but have never tackled anything like this. Any suggestions/help/ideas?

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How do I make a TRON: Legacy outfit?

I just saw the movie and thought: "How did they do these outfits?" and so I need help because I want to make a jacket with these lights and stuff... Oh! And also I want to make an outfit from the movie based on my vision <:)

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Wireless Turn Signals

I have toyed around with the idea of making a jacket that has the turn signals and/or brake lights on the back. However, there is a twist, I would like to see a controller box to wirelessly send the signal from a scooter to the jacket. When the turn signals and brakes are used on the scooter it sends a wireless signal to the controller in the jacket which relays that to lights on the back of the jacket. I've seen some jackets with lights wired on to them controlled with an arduino.

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how can i make a realistic green leather jacket thats size 12 trying to make a green leather jacket?

Im trying to make a green leather jacket but they are realy expensive and they are girl style im a boy im size 10 or 12 all the stores i know of can be goodwill but they don't really have kids leather jackets and i dont want the punk ones either im trying to make a ben 10 alien force costume with it and there is also a craft store where i live i have a budget of 5 to $10.00 any tips?

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Need help from you DIY wizzards who can share clothing patterns

Can anyone help me? i need a pattern to make a tuxedo jacket/ smoking jacket with a shawl lapel. pic very related

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Steampunk coat help Answered

I am making a Steampunk style costume for halloween/general cosplay, and i found this design which is perfect for what i want but is too expensive for me to buy, can anybody figure out a pattern that i can use for it? and Thank you so much

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Fashionable PFD?

Hi Everyone, I am a designer and product developer in Vancouver BC working on updating PFD designs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Do you find rental PFD's bulky and awkward to wear? Do you wear your PFD, or does it sit in the bottom of the boat? Have you been yearning for a modern PFD design that fits your body? When spending the day on the water with friends, are you embarrassed to take pictures while wearing your PFD? If you are not in the position too purchase your own PFD, would you choose your boating rental company based on the PDFs available? Thanks so much! Your Vancouver Designer

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Idea - DIY Heated Jackets (Need help)

I just came across a website selling heated jackets (;_ven=Compare&cm;_cat=ChannelAdvisor&cm;_pla=msn&cm;_ite=datafeed) and I started thinking it wouldn't be hard at all to make something like this. It needs three heating pads, one larger one on the upper back, and two smaller ones centered over each pectoral. Seems like it would be a good idea to have to power lines run to a battery pack in the front that could be removed and recharged (would probably also toggle the power for the jacket). And of course you could probably build in a wall plug option. ANYWAY! Does anyone know of any small, electrically powered heating pads? Or (cheap) devices with such pads in them? I found a heated cushion seat for roughly $60, but Brookstone charges roughly $200 for the jacket and $60 for one pad (even the larger back one) isn't economical. Thanks for reading,JM

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Jak Pak

The worlds first jacket that combines a jacket with a sleeping bag and a tent.From the JakPAk site:(Jakpak) Active Engineering LLC proudly introduces the JakPak, the world's first all-in-one waterproof jacket, sleeping bag and tent. Created by Active Engineering to provide safety and comfort in an unpredictable world, JakPak is the only portable personal sleeping system on the market designed for outdoors and sports enthusiasts, as well as emergency preparedness.The patent pending JakPak design incorporates a waterproof sleeping bag, minimally-structured tent and insect netting into a comfortable jacket, creating an instant dry habitat that is ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts, people living in areas prone to natural disaster, sports fans who will not be held back by a little rain, and anyone else in need of shelter.

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Making some threads (clothes)....helpz

Guys! My mother insists on me buying new clothes, but most of the stuff here is too gansta for my tastes, so i've decided to make some myself.I want some T shirts and maybe 2 or 3 jackets.oKay, so here's some of the stuff I want:An above the influence jacket. These are not sold.Some above the influence T shirts.I need help in the following things:How to make my own - Tshirts are easy enough, Ill just make some iron ons, theres ibles on this subject If I remember correctlyIts the jacket that worries me, I like the sort of jacket thats fuzzy on the outside. I would like to know if Iron ons would work on this fabric (I'll check what fabric it is later) Or if you know of any other methods.ALso, do you have any suggestions for logos that would make cool shirts?

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A sport coat that has hundreds of little lights sewn into it.

I once saw a local musician play the guitar and sing in a small venue. For one song, they dimmed the lights on the stage almost completely, and the sport coat he was wearing suddenly "switched on" and he had hundreds of tiny little light beads sewn into the jacket that you could not see before. They were not string lights, like for a Christmas tree. They seemed to be much more LED like, and bright, and most of all, small to the point of being invisible.  I hate to be a copy cat... but I want to make a jacket like this too. I do not care if it is portable. i.e. if I have to plug it in, that's fine. Anyone have any ideas for where I might start?

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Turn Signal Jacket, Soul Cycle Chopper, Ride in Style

  Turn Signal Jacket Soul Cycle Chopper Ride in Style Scraper Bike Wheels Reflector Bag Badge Bike Gear Belt Wobble Bike Bike Guide Granny Chopper Bicycle Car Horn DIY Bamboo Frame Change a Bike Tube Twisted Flower Spoke Bright Bike Mountain Bike Scooter  

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Modifying Altec Lancings "Life Jacket 2" Waterproof portable speaker.

So I got one of these portable speakers for work. Works great though it could be a touch louder. It lets you charge your phone while either using Bluetooth or direct aux input. Now there's only one problem/annoyance. Every time you power on/off the device and sync to Bluetooth, this voice confirmation plays this audio file that's much longer than it needs to be. "Powering on! Welcome to Altec Lansing" when Bluetooth kicks on "You are now paired! Enjoy!" when you turn off "Powering off!" Anyway, I was already planning on modding it by adding an amplifier to the Line In, since its much louder when a PC is connected vs a phone. I may also add more 18650's but with 15 hour battery life its not necessary. Unless I plan on turning it into a charging hub for all my co-workers phones or something. Anyway, I am here to try to get some help on disabling the voice, its only really a problem because on max volume the voice is WAYY too loud and usually startles people. Here's a review video that shows all the features. Amazingly I can't find a Youtube video of the Voice Confirmation. Here's the useless manual. Manual I Already emailed Altec Lansing to see if there's anyway to disable the voice. I have several images for you to see. I can grab more if necessary. Alternatively, would I be able to just replace the entire board with another one? Such as, an amplifier, USB charger, 18650 charger, and some hacked up Bluetooth headset (with no voice-confirmation) I ask because I rather like the case for its shock resistance capability, and the control buttons are removable so adding new controls and switches would be easy.

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please help yellow jackets have invaded our humming bird feeder

Hello everyone i have quite the question for you you see i have a humming bird feeder and for the past 3-4 years we have enjoyed humming birds all summer long but ever since the yellow jackets have found the feeder the hummers are nowhere to be found we have tried searching for the nest but no luck if anyone has any ideas please post them also see the picture below to get an idea of the type of feeder i am using thank you, fidgety

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Remember the autofitting jacket from back to the future two?

My friend and I are building a functional one for our senior engineering project. We've narrowed down the solutions to servos and cables or hydraulics. However, both of these are rather bulky. Any suggestions on what else we could do or more idealy how to shrink these systems? We we're thinking about using muscle fibers to contract a bladder instead of a pump for hydraulics, but that would be expensive and annoyingg to implement.

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I want to make a backpack

I have an old army jacket that doesn't fit me anymore, and i think it would be cool to turn into a backpack, i did the Tim Anderson and Star waterproof test on it and barely any air gets through, i also have an old backpack with broken straps i can use, what do you guys think? Any ideas are appreciated. BTW, my touchpad went out on my laptop today.

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How about...(KNex)

How about someone finding a way to make K'Nex Full Metal Jacket rounds, not expanding but fragmenting rounds? 

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How can I alter a suit after extreme weight loss?

I had breast cancer, and a double mastectomy. Lost 50 lbs in all, and now none of my clothes fit! I have several nice blouses and jackets, as well as pants, that are way too big for me now. My insurance canceled on me, so I can't go to a tailor or buy new - will have to live to 200 to pay all the medical bills! I can take up sleeves and hems, but my jackets and blouses are way too wide across the shoulders/back, and my pants? Well, I look like Bozo the clown. Can anyone assist in how to best take in for a good fit? All help appreciated! All I can wear right now are sweats... :-\

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I'm looking for help creating a jacket that blinks to sound input (sound-triggered LED)?

Sound-sensitive LED lights that respond to music, sewn into clothing. Hi there. I'm new to the boards and off to the big festival in the desert next week. Every year I make some kind of a flashing suit-- usually they are EL Wire -- which is kind of cool to dance in. I recently took an Arduino course and I thought it would be great to make a jacket that reacted to sound. Ideal: Had a pot to deal with volume (of club music vs. speaking) and was able to power a row of LED's down each arm and possibly down the side of the torso. I have a board- I don't have time to program it- I'm wondering if anyone can help? I'm happy to sew it and all that stuff. Yes, time is tight , but it doesn't have to be perfect! Let me know. There is some budget- not much but some.  

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Pimp your clothes

We need to know ways to make regular clothes look cool. We need help tricking out regular jeans, plain shirts, and jackets.

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Free Sewing Patterns

I'm trying to find a bunch of patterns for various pieces of medieval garb. The idea is that I want to make a bunch of outfits from my book, mostly as visual aids, but also as cosplay (because it's way more fun to dress up as your own characters than someone else's). If anyone can help me find the patterns, I need them for: Tunics (both laced and otherwise) Trousers Hooded cloaks Kirtles (sleeveless and long-sleeved) A buckled leather jacket (i.e. a jacket with buckles in place of buttons) (it's for a male character, by the way) I would preferrably like the patterns to be free, but, if not, I need them to at least be downloadable. The jacket will probably be a little tricky, since it's leather and not a very common design, but if anyone can find somewhere that sells them fairly cheaply, let me know. Of course, I'm not going to dump the work on everyone else and then slack off. I'm going to keep searching as well, so I can compare ideas and suggestions from everyone.

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(newsletter) TV-B-Gone kit, LED Bike Jacket, Tetrahedral Kite...

Sign-up for this newsletter: Welcome back! Get the LED Out! Contest - Enter any Instructable that involves LEDs, and win some amazing lights from Monkeylectric! Mother's Day Contest - Help decide who wins a Singer sewing machine! Vote now! The winners of the Epilog Challenge have been announced! See who won the Epilog Zing laser, and gift certificates for lasercutting by Ponoko!Coming next week...Show us an amazing sound-related project, and win an awesome set of hand-built custom speakers in our upcoming Art of Sound Contest! Make Your Own Laptop Skin Light for Life: Glowing Button Cycling Jacket TV-B-Gone Kit Make a Wire Wrapped Ring Make it glow, and win Monkeylectric lights! See who won the laser cutter! No-Solder, Funny Robot in Minutes Make Your Own 29er Bicycle! Stirling Engine Rotating LED Throwies Fancy Steampunk Blunderbuss Rifle Joule Thief Night Light Tweet-a-watt - the Twittering Power Meter Cheap Light Box Fly a Bell Tetrahedral Kite Vote for your favorites! Get the grill ready! Turning a Wine Bottle into an Oil Bottle Homemade Ripstik / Waveboard Planter from Pallets, No Nail Pull Method The Sigh Collector Sign-up for this newsletter:

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How do I make an all-in-one center out of a shirt or jacket?

It needs to use led lighting for style, a camera of sorts for secret missions, a speaker to play my favorite music for everyone to hear, some air freshener spray, a place for chips, a clock, someplace for 3-4 packs of gum, a place for a can, a calculator, and wireless connectivity(optional). EDIT: Alright, I need to rephrase this, what I want is to find or have someone else make a shirt or jacket that can do a bunch of different things. A button to switch channels or turn off the tv, a light in one of the arms, maybe some sort of generator in the arms to charge a battery so I can do stuff longer. I just was kinda inspired by the conductive fabric stuff and wanted to see someone make something really awesome out of the stuff.

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how do i make a ben 10 alien force costume?

I need help making a ben 10 alien force costume got any idieas i just need help on the jacket

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How would I go about making a Human Mounted Computer? Answered

I wish to make a computer that can be carried on the person, and used at the same time, in sort of an intergrated unit, with sort of a head mounted display, so you can see the screen through one, or both eyes, but which you can also see through, in the case of the dual eye soloution, and with enough screen size and resoloution to be able to read text. Also, perahps some sort of control system for the pointing device (mouse), yes, how would you control the mouse in this Human Mounted Computer? And maybe a second screen, sort of like a wired tablet screen, so you can show people things on your computer. Maybe the whole thing could be contained in a vest, flak jacket sort of thing? yeah, so how?

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Anyone know how to make a simple coat (jacket) out of a blanket or throw? I have seen them on people and they are really nice. They look like you basically just fold and sew, the fringe of the throw frames the collar and hem. I appreciate your help and advice! Thank you!! :-)

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Painting on leather

We'll I am about to make an instructable on painting and sewing with a leather jacket, my problem is I went to the art store and they did not have acrylic based paint markers, they only had oil based, the worker said that oil based would work fine but I am skeptical, Will oil based pain tmarkers work on leather?

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Does anyone know about an m249 style sliding stock for an m4 airsoft gun?

I was just wondering if anyone knew how to make one or where I could find one. It would have to be turned sideways for it to work, but I think it would look cool.

Question by Full Metal Jacket 

Please,can anyone tell me how I get or where I can buy a costume like the "TERMINATRIX" used on Terminator 3 ???? Answered

The costume basically have: A red leather jacket,red leather trouser,black heels and a blonde wig

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Inline mute button

I have been trying to find an inline ipod mute button. I would use it for snowboarding and other sports where quick and easy muting is necessary. should be small enough to fit in glove or attach to jacket etc. I am not very experienced with working with electronics, and would appreciate laymans terms.

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what to do with all this denim?

I was cleaning out my closet when i realized how many jeans i have collected over time but are too ripped or dont fit any more. What i want to know is if anyone has any ideas on what i can do with them. Particularly how to convert them into a cool jean jacket.

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