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k and a slide switch

I got a k and a slide switch and i dont know how to use it to connect the wires to it.

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K*bot Competition

Anyone attending this event? WHAT: 2010 K*bot World Championships This competition features robots made with K'NEX parts.  WHEN: July 19-23, 2010 WHERE: Las Vegas NV, Suncoast Hotel and Casino. WEBSITE: http://www.kbotworld.com/

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K*bot Competition

WHAT: 2010 K*bot World Championships This competition features robots made with K'NEX parts. WHEN: July 19-23, 2010 WHERE: Las Vegas NV, Suncoast Hotel and Casino. WEBSITE: http://www.kbotworld.com/

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Larger K-nex like parts for pre-K

I just discovered that the K-nex like building set I have isn't K-nex!  The pieces I have are larger and are made of a softer material.  They work well for children in the 2-5 yo range.  Would anyone know what these pieces are called?   The 1000 pieces of K-nex are going to have to wait a few years..... Thank you in advance.

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k nex bb gun

Ok im making a k nex bb gun that fires well.. bbs i just want to know if any other person tried using a rotery clip (like a revevolver and posted here if they havent im gonna make one right now (ill make one either way)

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Instructables T-shirt Giveaway (Closed)

Hey guys and recently I came in the nine runners up the K'nex toys and rods connectors contest 2014 and I have received my prize a week ago but the t-shirt that came with the K'nex set was to small for me and it wasn't the colour I thought it would be so I'am giving it away to the person that asks for it will get it. The t-shirt is purple and in size medium.

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k-line arduino project, speed and brake light

Hello. I have a simple task to achieve, I guess, but I'm stuck. I'm using the setup from the attached image. All I need to do is to read the Speed of the vehicle using data from the obd2 k-line pin, and then to send a command to blink the brake lights when a certain decrease in speed is detected (e.g. more than 2km/h/s). I can not initialize the k-line and I am not able to red anything on the serial monitor on arduino :(. After I manage to read the raw data I am planing to figure out what's the code for turning on the brake lights by just simply pressing the brake pedal. The vehicle is an 2004 BMW E60, but I guess this is not an issue. Question... Are the TX/RX pins connected as it shod on the arduino board? Thank you. Ant help would be appreciated. I need this for a school project and a have a deadline :(((

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K'nex Innovation is BACK.

No need to worry anymore. We are back.http://www.knexinnovation.net/

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KNEX Robotic Walker

Some images of a walker we just built.

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What should a k'nex Halo needler fire? Answered

Image of the needler HERE. So, what should it fire if it were to be made into a k'nex gun? I was thinking either rods, rubber bands, or special needles made of rods/connectors, but what do YOU think?

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K'nex sniper rifles

This forum is for K'nex sniper rifles that look good, can shoot atleast 50 ft, and are accurate.

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What is the best k'nex pistol?

....but preferably without black y clips or using to many pieces

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k'nex ball tower guid ? Answered

I lost my guid for my k'nex ball tower i'm looking to download the guid can anybody help me?

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K'nex Saturday Night Specials

Hey everyone, I've been working on a K'nex Colt .25.  Any one else got anything similar?

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Flying Carousel

  To those who are not subscribed yet (shame on you!). I present the flying carousel: There's more info in the youtube description or on my blog. Enjoy!

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Is it possible to make a K'nex change sorter? If so, how (post pictures)?

I want to be able to sort loose change easliy without doing it by hand.

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K'nex Claw Shield

This is something that I built awhile ago. I don't have it anymore, but I have enough pics to ,make an instructable. So, what do you think, post or no post?

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Help Needed

My son would love to build either star wars or Thunderbird models in K'nex. Does anyone have any plans or can you guide me to some designs, Many thanks.

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K'nex Quad Bike

I found this model on the net but cant find where i found it from. It parts of the quad was quite hard how they fit, we have changed the front end a litle.

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Is there any software program where i can build with K'NEX on my laptop that won't crash it?

I want to be able to build with K'NEX virtually on my laptop. Please help me!

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Cloud's Buster Sword From Final Fantasy 7 Out Of K'nex

Ok, I tried to make the Buster Sword out of Knex. It looks like a skinnier version of it, and the handle is crappy, but it looks kinda like the real thing. Just don't swing it. I will post pics later when I find my camera. But, how about some of you Final Fantasy 7 fans out the join a new group all about FF7 Knex things? It's called Knex Final Fantasy 7 Remember, ONLY Final Fantasy 7 things will be allowed to be posted in this group.

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Which one should i make? A m16 with some accessories grenade launcher maybe mag and charging handle or a true shotgun w/ mag and pump and should I post my sling shot sniper rifle with my own mech and low pieces

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Which is better K'nex or legos? Answered

I want to know this because i just want to know opinions so tell me yours thanks. If you want, please go to my page and subscribe please thanks for your time.

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Selling over 30 pounds of K'NEX

Asking $200. Pics: http://s1365.photobucket.com/user/MrMagoffin/library/KNEX For pickup in Northern Virginia or shipped at additional cost. The roller coaster tubing has been cut into sections of varying length.

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So why didn't one of you all make these?

I ran across this picture on the There, I Fixed It blog. An I'bles search for K'nex headphones turns up nothing. I'm a bit disappointed that none of the K'nexers here built this lovely work of art :-)

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I need some help with k'nex guns (sear triggers and true triggers)? Answered

Can anyone give me a tip on how to make triggers for k'nex gun,because I just made my file about a week ago,so can anyone help?

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K'nex Innovators Contest: discontinued until further notice

Can't be bothered to keep this contest going. If anyone else wants to run it or create their own, go for it. ~Point board~ Waffleman - 10 Kinetic - 9 Jollex - 4 Arjun - 3 Sharir - 3

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Is making a k'nex blowgun a good idea?

I'm new at instructables and I have been trying to figure out a good k'nex instructable. I noticed that most of the k'nex instructables are guns. I have posted a k'nex rubberband gun, but I started thinking about posting a k'nex blow gun. Is this a good idea?

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K'nex shotgun

Hey, ages ago i made a k'nex shotgun but took it apart, does anyone know if the instructable was removed, or if they know which one im on about could they post a link? all i can remember was that it had a sort of magazene at the end, was fired using a firing pin mechanism, and fired 2 blue rods at a time thanks.

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AR 4 Commando v3 help

Https://www.instructables.com/id/AR-4-Commando-v3/ i just love this gun put i dont have the parts for it can someone post a part list and some other "shortcuts" to sorta cut down on the resources needed, like idc bout the look  more just the range i want really...

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New Tab for K'nex??

 Does anyone else think that the instructables team should make a new tab for all the K'nex ibles?? i was just wondering this. I think it would be awesome to have a K'nex Catagory, it would be filled almost instantly. If any other Members/Pros feel this way please tell.   Please also think about it Instructables!

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My new group I made K'Nex Halo Weapons

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!) Ok, I did it. I made a group SOLELY for instructables on how to make Halo weapons out of K'Nex. Any one who likes Halo or just wants to see what the weapons would look like made of K'Nex are welcome to join.

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How to Exclude K'NEX Forum Topics In Search?

I'm subscribed to the Forum RSS Feed but I hate getting K'NEX gun topics all the time. And I can't just put "-k'nex" in the search box and subscribe to that because a lot of them just say gun and not k'nex at all, even though they are k'nex gun topics. How would I exclude k'nex topics in a search then?

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K'nex UZI

Designing an Uzi. I did, and it was jammy, bulky and ugly. Here are a couple of pics. The main problem with an Uzi is the magazine is the handle, and u have to have the trigger before the handle. I ended up making one, using a small flexi rod, but it is weak and it wasn't autocock. The magazine was good, but it had a really flimsy connection. Would anyone else try and make an Uzi??? (I'll add more pictures real soon)

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A K'nex Revolver????

What would you guys think of a working K'nex revolver replica? I mean like a 6-shooter?With a chamber and everything? I'm still trying to find something to do for my first Instructable but I don't want it to have been done before. So far as I know there isn't one. There are a couple of revolvers but they are not based on any real guns. Or I am just a weird-o and have never seen an 8-shooter.

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Ball Tower Name Contest!

I will give a patch to the person who can think of the best name for this tower! After 17 months it is almost complete! It stands 6' 10" and has 8 tracks. This is my first ball tower,but my brother and I built a Ferris wheel that was about 8' 6" tall. You can suggest as many names as you want. The contest ends on June 11 at 12:00 P.M. CST.  Thanks!!!

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Duncan's Easy, Random Pistol

Meh, I was on a building spree and kept morphing a gun until I eventually came to this. After I was all done, I finally realized that I pretty much wasted my time because I accomplished nothing. Meh, it's a cool and different gun nonetheless, but it's nothing to get hyped over either. I was bored so I made a video for it anyways seeing how I haven't done that in a while. Enjoy. <br>

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How do i make a removeabe k'nex magisine without all of the pecies falling out when i take it out of the gun?

I am trying to make a pump action k'nex gun but my magisine doesnt run smothley. I want it to be a dropdown mag with a resenanable amount of shots. also i want to be able to remove it so i can reload quickley & change the magisine. when i finish i will try to post instructions so the person who came up with the mag can use the gun also!

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Indoor War- What weapons?

I've observed that the majority of people think range (and reliability though this seems to be taken way too seriously) wins wars outdoors. So what would you choose for a weapon if it were indoors with a few walls and corners, tables and other cover, and probably the largest room being no larger than 20x20 meters? Just curious. I was thinking that for this reason, I'd like to come up with a shotgun. I have an idea floating in my head if anyone wants to hear it as I can't build it for the obvious usual reasons.

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Which motor has the most torque? (K'nex)? Answered

Hi there I'm in the process of developing a K'nex new ball machine lift, but the current motor I am using (the TT one 2 speed- the one below) does not have enough torque to drive the axle. I was wondering which motor is best suitable and has a larger amount of torque. I was thinking the 12V one with the adapter, but since I don't own one yet, I cannot test one. So my question is which motor has the most torque?

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The "What are you working on?" thread

Well it's getting kind of annoying to go around asking people or just not being in the know of who's doing what so I had the bestest idea evah!!! Make a thread!! Lik ZOMG!!! Anyways, yeah just post whenever you're making something new and talk about the following. -What you're making -What features it'll have -If and when it'll be posted -And finally any pictures you may have (not required though) And keep it to K'nex please. This is the K'nex forum after all so I'd think that's obvious.

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K'nex Concepts 14

Turret-Fed Shotgun: A 3 barreled shotgun, each barrel capable of 50 feet of range, that strikes 3 rounds out of a TR-18 turret simultaneously. One trigger pulls all the blocks at the same time during firing. One master pin pulls back the 3 firing pins. It is also important to note that the blocks should just barely touch the firing pins because there will be 3 times as much pressure for the trigger to overcome as a typical gun because there are 3 blocks. -by Oblivitus This concept has also been posted to: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts/

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What kind of K'nex gun would you like to see?

I was just wondering what kind of K'nex gun you would like to see next. I've been wanting to make a gun people would like to see, but I never really have any inspiration. So I decided to ask y'all what you want. I might just be able to make something out of it. And also just for other people to see what you want ofcourse. Cause i think we all agree about the fact we don't need any more regular pistols.

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