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I need help finding a good mag fed non sligshot sniper rifle

Topic by legomaster50    |  last reply


Like knex? Chat about them here!

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Im selling my knex. i dont want it £30-£50'd be nice :) only people in the midlands in england please it weighs about 9kg lemme know. slow to respond as i'll be on holiday tomorrow.

Topic by j-chode!    |  last reply


How much knex should I buy and be set. I usally dont use knex but after coming here for a while I figured i need to buy them. Im talking money worth.

Topic by redsox92    |  last reply


Why whenever I search knex, Knex Wheel by Trevminster ALWAYS comes to the top? WHY??????

Topic by Bartboy    |  last reply


What Knex things do you want me to build ??

Topic by knex gun and grenade maker    |  last reply



Topic by T-man    |  last reply


What do you like building out of knex cars, guns,

Topic by TSC    |  last reply


Anybody wanna buy about 20lbs of knex?  I'm selling for $100 plus shipping.

Topic by MotaBoi    |  last reply


I just bought craploads of knex so i can build loads now. If you want to see how much here is the like to what i bought:

Topic by Millawi Legend    |  last reply


Hey everyone. Just giving you a heads up. I'm not dead, just slightly inactive. I do get on once in a while and look at what's new, but I don't build too much anymore. I still build, but its a slower process. I just graduated high school so I've been looking for jobs and what not. Anyways, I'm mainly getting my point across that I have not left this wonderful community, just production is slow due to life. I'll try to post updates soon, but again, slow process. Thanks to everyone who subscribed, looks at my posts, comments, all that good stuff, I love this community, and I love all you guys. Again thank you so much for everything, and I'll see you guys around! -SW-

Topic by Senior Waffleman    |  last reply


Why do so many people like knex!

Topic by rickick    |  last reply


I now a secret gamer5 is not really quiting knex he and i have been private messaging each other and its true and he might say im an emo but im not

Topic by Metal4God    |  last reply

Knex Pro? Answered

What  does it take and how do you become a knex pro?

Question by KnexFreak360    |  last reply

Knex kopen Answered

Weet iemand waar je goedkoop en veilig knex kan kopen in de buurt van wolvega?

Question by Merugop    |  last reply

knex instructables

Are knex instructables being overlooked. i have posted a lot of knex instructables and they take a day to come up and then the are the 7th one down on the recent list. it is the same thing with every other knex instructable. by the way i dont want comments that say anything like good ridence or i hate knex.

Topic by dsman195276    |  last reply

knex pistols

Knex pistols

Topic by knex maddo    |  last reply

knex cars? Answered

Knex dude 2000

Question by knex fr3ak    |  last reply


Lets discuss knex snipers

Topic by knex gun builder freak    |  last reply

Anything but Knex...

I understand that knex are kinda cool and they have their place here on instructables. But to me it's getting kind of ridiculous. Just trying to browse through the instructables and find a useful one is pretty difficult now. I find a few useful ones here and there but in between them all are knex instructables. I think it's rather irritating to have to scroll past hundreds of instructables all for a different way to make a knex gun. Is there any way to browse with everything but the knex instructables? To be fair.. yes i'm exaggerating it's probably more like a 50/50 knex/non-knex ratio.

Topic by daemonkrog    |  last reply

knex sword? Answered

What is the best knex sword on this site?

Question by miloazijn    |  last reply

Knex swords

Hi, knex weponary is awsome. im bored...

Topic by fazizal    |  last reply

knex artillery

Hey anyone know any gd knex artillery

Topic by jaffawarrior1    |  last reply

knex truck

Picture of my truck i just made .I hope u guys like the designed of it . plus if you want to see the video go to youtube and tpye my username a knex robot

Topic by julian2596    |  last reply

knex storage

Can some one make a knex storage 'ible??

Topic by darth acexxacer    |  last reply

knex guns

Can anyone make a knex m16 or a auto uzi.

Topic by biggunner    |  last reply

knex car?

how can I make a perfect Knex car?

Question by gtraindude    |  last reply

Knex weapons

I Want some knex models based on real weapons.

Topic by DontShoot262  

Knex ideas? Answered

Please give me some ideas to make things out of knex.

Question by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Knex Suggestions

Any knex suggestions post here, ranging from guns to anything!

Topic by hunter999    |  last reply



Topic by RandomCommenter    |  last reply

Knex Games

Does any body have any ideas for any knex carnival style games?

Topic by Nothing2it    |  last reply

Knexing on xbox

Does anybody else knex on their xbox. im writing this from my xbox right now.

Topic by TheAwesomestDude    |  last reply

Organizing knex

Do you organize your knex? (I just did) Or do you dump them in a bucket? tell everyone if you organize your knex or not.

Topic by Liberty Prime    |  last reply

knex vaccum

Hey I've been wondering on making something to organize and clean my knex all over the floor without picking everything up and crawling on my knees. I have a idea about a vaccum but i'm not sure if it might even work. I was thinking on making a turning thing that scoops up knex without all that dust since I have allergies... sadly.

Topic by rexdino5    |  last reply

Knex Stairs

Hey, I was trying to make knex stairs on my homungerous model but I can't find a actual small model scale stairs of the knex.So if anybody know how can you send me a link to a forums or just give me a small instructable or picture in your reply?

Topic by rexdino5    |  last reply

knex chainsaw

This is my knex chainsaw plz tell me if i should post and plz dont be mean

Topic by darth acexxacer    |  last reply

knex group

Can some 1 join my group

Topic by Sean_Voodoo    |  last reply

knex gun

Need help building sr-v1.

Topic by splodies    |  last reply

Knex Ceatures.


Topic by pls    |  last reply

Knex guns

For The Jamalam And a sneak-peak on my infinished mortar 2.0

Topic by therandomperson    |  last reply

Knex Tower

Hey I'm making yet another maybe medium sized tower about 4-4.5 feet and I was wondering is it best to have to two tower or one and should they be about the same size?

Topic by rexdino5    |  last reply

Knex sniper

This gun shot through a cardboard box outlined with tinfoil at a distance!!!

Topic by halo1232    |  last reply

Knex Hater

Theres a new knex hater

Topic by Metal4God    |  last reply

knex car

My knex super car is so cool but the bad thing is bad photos

Topic by julian2596    |  last reply

Knex Amory

Hey guys. Why wont anyone join my group Knex Armory? I mean, its my 1st group and all, so i just wanted a few knex freaks like myself to join. PLS comment & join.

Topic by SeMi_AuToMaTic    |  last reply

knex uzi

Someone make a knex uzi anybuddy!!!!

Topic by funwithfire325    |  last reply

Knex filter

Knex is nice and all, but is there a way to never see another Knex project while still seeing the other projects on Instructables. It just takes too much time to load the Knex thumbnails when there are other projects of interest.I'm sure others would filter out other project types. Such a filter would be most appreciated.Dave

Topic by three_d_dave    |  last reply

KNEX Help!

I always see these cool video's with a swing thing that goes down and back up and I really would like to know how to make those and should I make the tower get smaller as it goes up?

Topic by rexdino5    |  last reply

Knex Ironhide!

Here is my knex ironhide. he is 99% done. hope you like him! I made him from glitched's pics and vid. He is pretty hard to transform.

Topic by battlefront1    |  last reply