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Files for knives?

Hey, i am kind of a novice when working with knives, i hope to learn more, but, can someone tell me if i can get my knife honed on a regular file without ruining it? it is already edged, i just need to make it a bit sharper because it ha gotten dull.It is a Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops just in case you want to know.

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is this legal??? (knives) Answered

i know of switch blades(in ohio) that they must be under 3 inches (is this correct?) but i was wondering about manual knives what is there limits? also is thid knive considered a switch blade and it does have a blade over 3 inches

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are serrated pocket knives better than not serrated knives?

I would like to know which one lasts longer

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Etching a knife blade?

I am concerning etching a knife blade, by using nail polish (or something) to cover the part of the blade I do not want etched and raw  muriatic acid to etch with.  Anyone got any suggestions or recommendations.  

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I need some Info on loading a leather strop...

I just bought a Razor Renew Long Leather Sharpening Strop, Should I load the suede side or the smooth side? And should I load the entire side or just part?

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Utility knives OK for kids?

Just a thought- if knives proper are not ok for kids, than what about utility knives? shorter blades- less space to cut your fingers with?

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knives? who carries one?

Hello, i am a designer at SAIC and i am researching knives and who does and does not carry them. If you do not mind could you post your experiences with pocket knives and why you do or do not carry them? Here is a poll i am using to collect some numbers All of this data is to help me design something that could be seen in the pockets of more people as i think a knife is an incredibly valuable accessory that comes in handy on so many occasions, and its a shame more people do not carry them. Thank you so much for your help and i will post whatever progress i make on this. -Dave

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assassin creed assassin knive...

Ne body have ne ideas on how to get my blade to attach to my wrist. my knife is like 3-4 inches (blade) ad like 6-8 inches long (so not very big but effective) it flips out like most pocket knives, so i was thinking that if i attatch it to a kind of wristband or somthing i can just flip it out and go assassin on every one (jk). my problem is i cant get it to attach and be strong, without blocking the blade. mabey i should use a parachute knive or somthing... ne help wiould be appreciated.

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What is the best way to hang/ display knives and swords?

I have a fairly large blade collection and i need a way to display them for now they are clutterly on my dresser they need to br free and have room to breath. What is a good way to hand them from the wall?

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Should i worry about rust when storing pocket knives for 2 years?

I have some pocket knives that I was going to store should I wrap them in an oil soaked cloth? or is there a better way.

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how to make spring assisted knive?

They are legal in canada

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how do i build a drill bit sharpening guide?

I want ta build a bit holding guide out of a block of wood so it will give me correct angles . also one for knives

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Loose multi tool fuctions? Answered

I got a multi tool for my b-day but the blades are very loose. How do I make them Tighter? there is no bolt just a rivet of sorts or pin.

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Things we carry on us.

After reading an article in regards to what we carry in our pockets I was thinking if people wanted to post what they carry on their person it may be interesting. Responses can be things you carry on your person or things you carry in your pockets, in your packs/ purses, or even whats on your keychain (in the event you are a minimalist) whichever is your preference. They say you can tell alot by a person by going through there pockets so lets here it, whats in your pockets??? Unfortunatly its late here so my post will have to wait until the morning as it will be rather lengthy.

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where can i get THICK steel for knives? Answered

I need some steel for my knifemaking stuff.

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Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. This is an awesome site you guys n gals have here! I hope I can be of some service also.

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Thoughts on a good Bush Craft/Survival fixed blade knife.

Been looking at many bush craft and survival knives lately and looking to get a couple. I want to have a smaller one that can easily hang from my neck and a larger one for the belt. I know the Mora knives are vary popular but i would like to have both knives full tang. So far i'm kind of stuck on the Gerber Bear Grylls para cord knife for the smaller and the Schrade SCHF9 for the larger. I like the para cord knife since you'll have a good bit of cord one the knife if needed. It can also be changed out for the color of your choice. Not to mention using a better weave on the par cord i can pack more onto the handle and create a more comfortable handle. Of course the price is pretty good too. The SCHF9 is great as a large knife. Seams like a great knife that can do some batoning and chopping. Price is good for it's sizes. I love Schrade blades and designs but there handles are always lacking. But it looks like i can easily remove the existing handle and create my own. Are there any other options i should be looking at here? What knives do you guys use out in the bush? Any major issues with the 2 i've been looking at? I'd like to keep the cost of each under $50 if possible. May be able to stretch to $60 for the larger knife. Trying to get a 72 hour pack together and trying to keep it affordable. I'll be looking into small ax/hatchet next.

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Steampunked Utensils

I am taking a class for 2 weeks up in Maine (Haystack Mountain School, Boris Bally will be teaching) where we will be will be using the eating ends of spoons, forks and knives to create new utensils with new handles. I would love to steam punk some of my "new" utensils. Over the years I have collected a huge amount of weird stuff that might work so if you suggest it I may actually have it. We will be using cold connections and soldering so anything goes. Any ideas are most appreciated.

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Knife making

I had made a few knives in my day, and one sword (long long ago, and no, I don't still have it). One of the places that has been around for awhile that has a good selection of supplies AND kits (for the beginner up to the master smith) is the Texas Knife Maker's Supply store Another place that looks good, although I have never dealt with them is the MidWest Knife Makers supply I also came across a place to get a Sheffield's Supply Catalog on line. And then there is always the Jantz Supply site. I hope these prove to be useful to you.  

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Knife Sheath Question

Alright, here's my question. I ordered a knife (which should be coming soon) that comes with a Nylon sheath. Though there might not be any problems with the sheath itself, I've always preferred leather sheaths. Thus, I plan on making a replica of the sheath provided except made out of leather. The problem is I've never made a sheath for a fixed blade knife before, I've made ones for other people and myself to hold folding knives, but never fixed blade. So ... how do I go about making sure that the knife blade won't cut through the leather, the leather I have is stiff as a board so there shouldn't be a problem with the sheath bending and the knife poking through. There's a picture of the knife I ordered along with the provided sheath below.

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My knife won't sharpen Answered

Back when my dad was in the Navy, he got an Edgco Buttlerfly knife in Afganistan. He gave it to me a while back. I decided to sharpen it so I could actually use it. It's not getting sharp no matter how long I scrape it on the whetstone. I can't take it to someone to get it sharpened because they're illegal in my state.

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Metal for blades and hardening techniques

Hey y'all!  need some 2 cents on another instructable...  so, i recently posted an instructable on how to make your own machete, and i have received some feedback on using tool steel, and quenching the metal before final sharpening to keep an edge longer.   does anyone have any expertise on what type of steel/metal i should get, where i could get it, and how i could go about quenching the metal? any help would be much appreciated!

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for the women of instructibles (men if you have a significant other see if they could help too!) knives vs scissors!

Earlier today i made a post asking who carries knives on them and as i suspected its pretty much only guys that will walk around with a knife in their pocket (some exceptions apply of course) but as a designer and a guy that likes it when people are prepared for anything i feel this statistic is a little sad. Why not have some sort of tool with you that you can use to open things or make stuff with? As i have been talking to a few of my female friends the idea of having folding scissors came up. Now i am curious would this be way more acceptable to have a pair of folding scissors than a folding knife? I want to hear what you folks think so chime in with your opinions and also if you could use this poll that would be amazing! As always i hope you have a great day, and be safe with all this hurricane business!

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Make some Zombie Choppers !

Time to make some real Zombie Choppers! See my 'ibles! Thanks, Triumphman

Topic by triumphman  

How can i make a forge.? Answered

How can i make a small forge. Different materials, ideas, or structures. Oh and no gas forges. Well... mabye.

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Would you recommend a specific brand of mandolin? Answered

I'm shopping for one with an adjustable blade distance, a finger guard/food grip, and a stand. Any favorites?

Question by garnishrecipes    |  last reply

How can I prevent the rust of my X-ACTO knife?

First of all, sorry for my English! I was thinking of a way of avoid the rusting of the knives, but I had no idea how to do it! And buy a new one every week is very difficult because I live in El Salvador and do not sold knives anywhere (not to mention how expensive they are)! Do you have a way to prevent it, and keep the edge of the knives? Thanks in advance!

Question by Damnielo    |  last reply

Does anyone know what shape the knives are in Ranger's Apprentice? Answered

I've loved this book series for so long and recently I have gotten into costuming. I (obviously) want to make a Ranger costume but I don't think the covers of the book are all that accurate (the cloaks are green while in the book they're mottled grey/brown/green).  A similar question I posted when I first signed up to this website returned the answer that the Saxe Knife looks like a Bowie knife, but I don't know if that quite fits...  Any suggestions would be helpful, also any tips for the rest of the costume would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance :) UPDATE: I'd like to rephrase this slightly. Does anyone know of a blade shape that couldsuit the saxe knife? It is a costume of a fictional item, not a re-creation so I figure a stylized shape would be better.  UPD

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Which DealExtreme knife is best?

So, I am looking a cool knives on dealextreme, and I was wondering, which is the best?links:

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Black Blades

Say I wanted to make my metallic knife flat black like most military knives, how would i go about doing so.

Topic by Grim    |  last reply

bladeless multitool?

Im looking for a multi tool like a swiss army knife or something that has absolutley no blade whatsoever so i can bring it to school but iv'e searched and searched and couldn't find any thing. Does anybody know of any multitool with no blade

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Pictures of your Paper/cardboard models

Any pictures of all paper creations are allowed in this forum. It can be anything from paper knives to a cardboard guitar.

Topic by Kaiven    |  last reply

I want to build a knife without a forge.

I got a skil angle grinder and want to make a bunch of knives, but don't really know how can anyone help me?

Topic by DamascusSword247    |  last reply

How can I separate the silver 925 content from waste dust from a cutting project?

Ok, I cut sterling (.925) handles off knives sometimes.. the knives are stainless steel and the inside of the handle can be plaster, resin, sawdust..etc.  After using the larger silver part of the handle i have cut off, I still have a pile of silver/plaster/sawdust/resin dust that I really need to separate out the silver from.   Any ideas?

Question by sassquatch62    |  last reply

How do i sharpen a Bowie Knife? Because of the bow in the middle of the knife.?

Hi, I recently bought a Tanto Bowie knife over ebay, and I am wondering how you would sharpen it without doing any damage. I've been collecting knives since i was around 5years of age, and I am pretty skilled at sharpening knives, I will pick up very quickly on how to do this.Picture of knife will be displayed below in a link

Question by Muscelz    |  last reply

i was wondering, how do you make cheap protective body armor ?

It dosnt have to stop a bullet or something just gives you protection from knives and punches thnx

Question by tevon    |  last reply

Injury prone people

Share your scars here! Injury pics are awesome! Are power tools involved? Is glass involved? How about metal? Knives? Beware, I have no control over what people post, there might be some graphic stuff.

Topic by The Ideanator    |  last reply

How to re use a penknife/folding pliers?

From the bottom of my toolbox I have dug out a pen knife I bought some time ago. Its a silverline micro multi tool. I never used it because although the pliers work very well the folding knives, bottle openers etc. aren't held in place by a spring or locking mechanism. Also the rotation is far too easy, and the rotation stop sometimes slips, rendering the knives, bottle openers and everything else effectively useless (i.e. very dangerous to use). As a result I will remove the assorted knives, bottle openers and other widgets, leaving an interesting space to be filled by something else. That something else cannot really be another set of metal widgets (like knives, bottle openers, etc) because they would have the same basic problems, so my question is what would you use the two spaces for? Approximate dimensions; 9x8x55 mm internal dimensions, (one in each handle) box shaped enclosure open on one side. Openings are on opposing sides of the folding handles (see the google images link to see what I mean). Two holes near the ends of the handles which currently hold the widget axle. One idea to get the ball rolling, a mini multimeter in one side, with probes in the other. I'm looking for something practical or useful, something that could be still considered a tool of some kind, but feel free to throw in any idea's you have anyhow.

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Does anyone know this knife ? Answered

My brother just gave me this knife for my B'day. i would like to know where its from. The markings are very worn. It says on the right side of the blade "MO or MC-----" and more, but unreadable. The left says " P----", also unreadable. Here is a picture of both sides too. It looks like a Gurhka style knife. Its 14.5 " OA  and the blade is 9.75 ". Blade is 1/4 " thick. It has a full tang handle too. I thought it was a bayonet but it has no rifle barrel hole on top nor does it have any attachment point. Any help identifying this knife will be deeply appreciated! Thanks, Triumphman

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How do I build a folding knife?

I am a beginner knife maker but so far I have only made knives with fixed handles. Does anyone know how to build a folding AND locking mechanism for a knife? All help appreciated.

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Where can I find a loose leaf spring? Answered

I am interested in making knives, and the only place I can think of finding leaf springs is in a salvage yard still intact. Can anyone tell me other places to find them?

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Knife blade tip repair...

Aye well, someone dropped BOTH of my best knives, and now I have a bent, chipped knife blade tip. I've got a standard knife sharpener, and small whetstone I need to learn how to use, and advice? Here's some pics of the damage

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Whats a good beginner Balisong?

As the title suggest, i am looking for a good beginner balisong that could last me a long time. I have no skill in balisong tricks whatsoever and is eager to learn.I've been looking at the model 62 but that thing cost a small fortune!. Any ideas?

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Grill forge

I have read most of the homemade forge instructables posted here, but I don't think any of them would work for me, because in my fascist city, you are not allowed to burn ANYTHING except for cooking purposes (technically even fire pits are illegal). My idea was to get a cheap grill lid that I can put on my charcoal grill. I would then cut holes in it for air flow (a hairdryer, of course) and an opening. Would this be an effective forge? I need it for detempering, annealing and tempering blades. Also, what fuel would you recommend using (as in, a certain kind of charcoal/wood)? I am making throwing knives and I have every other thing I need. I'll probably make a slideshow when I'm done, as making knives is a pretty well 'ibled subject.

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Airsoft Knife? PLZ REED KTHX

When you have an airsoft war, do you use knives? I don't mean real knives, of course, I mean something that you could use to simulate a silent melee attack.'Cause I have an idea. What if you made a thingy, that when you push it against an object (an enemy, in this case) it would let loose an airsoft BB, "killing" the target, like a knife? Huh, huh? Good idea, right?Also, check out my new slideshow.Airsoft Gun SilencerAlso also, when/if you play airsoft, what exactly counts as a kill? One shot, anywhere? And do you know you've died when you get hit (when you feel the sting)? Do you use the honor system?

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How can I recive hand-to-hand and close-quarters combat training?

I want to learn usuage with combat knives, and fists. Some blocking teq's, more offensive punches/stabs/slice.

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DIY Halloween 2007 Contest is Closed!

OK, all of the entries are in and our judges are going to be sifting through all of the Instructables and photos and videos to see who will be winning the trip to Maker Faire 2008 as well as all of the other awesome prizes. Personally, I want a set of those knives. That would make all of our cooking so much easier.

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Knife sharpening at i3detroit

I attended a free i3 class on how to sharpen and hone your knives (I was the new kid with the hat) and I took some video. I will do a more through writeup in the ible when I get around to it, but when I do, who do I credit/link to? Also I learned a lot at the class, thanks guys!

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