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How non-toxic is CA glue? Answered

Hi gang, I know CA glue (Krazy glue, Cyanoacrylate) is solvent based, and inhaling the solvent is bad for you, but how safe is it after the glue cures? As I understand it, after curing the glue is basically a plastic.  Can I use it in a baby's crib (Assuming it's allowed to cure)? Thanks!

Question by Morgantao    |  last reply

How can you remove krazy glue from plastic? Answered

   One of my model rocket fins was broken so I used some Krazy glue to fix it, but some of the glue got on the piece that screws into the bottom to hold in the engine so now I can't get the engine back out. -__- so I need to know how to "unglue" the two pieces. thanks every one. ThePunisher'sAprentis

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