Alternative to L293D?

Hi all. i'm pretty new to the electronics thing, and i'm just getting started with Arduino. i've decided to move on to motorized projects, such as IP cars and such, but i can't seem to find any decent motor controllers. as far as i can see, i need an L293D chip, but can't find one anywhere in south africa. are there any alternatives i could try? my appologies for being a noob. Thanks :-)

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Wiring the L293D correctly? Answered

I bought 2 l293d's for a dollar and i wanted to use them to control a rc i have tested multiple wiring but it seems the motor doesnt move ic doesn't get hot :) and there is no response i tried with led still no response i am sure there is nothing wrong with the driver just the wiring can some please give a schematic

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L293d and extrnal battery issue !!

My main problem here that i have a doubt that tinkercad can go someway wrong ! In this connection that i think is right , the l293d burns beacuse enable pin has higher voltage than powersupply pin or vc2 . But in conncection the 9v battery is with vc2 not the enable and the multimeter shows that , is there any thing can be wrong ?? (Enable is connected to arduino directly to send pwm values )

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L293d and extrnal powersupply issue !!

My main problem here that i have a doubt that tinkercad can go somehow wrong ! In this connection that i think is right , the l293d burns beacuse enable pin has higher voltage than powersupply pin or vc2 . But in conncection the 9v battery is with vc2 not the enable and the multimeter shows that , is there any thing can be wrong ?? (Enable is connected to arduino directly to send pwm values )

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L293D with 12V motor issue? Answered

Hi,All Now i wanted to control a 12V motor with a L293D purpose is to make the motor go forward and reverse with the control of Arduino.I got a wiring from internet.but I think is incomplete wiring.the arduino uses 5v power rail and the motor uses 12v power rail.from the wiring i cannot find the GND with the 12V strange.i want to know how the 12V rail GND wire goes? Shanno.G

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Interfacing a parallel port and L293D motor drive( PWM)?

I have interfaced a L293D directly with the lpt port of my desktop. A java code in the cpu generates an output of either +5 or 0V. There is no other connection between the parallel port and the l293d. These voltages from the lpt are inputs directly to the motor drive, and the motor rotates when the code runs. My question is: Can you perform pulse width modulation, without using a micro controller? Is there a java code that can do this?

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the motor driver L293D controlling the direction of motor, i want to use limit switch to control two position of motor

I am developing a automatic gate project. I want the DC motor stopped as soon as the gate closed or opened completely. I use IC L293D to control the motor forward or backward. This project is also using Arduino. I plan to use a limit switch to control the movement of  DC motor.

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dtmf circuit problem?

This is the circuit for dtmf based robot using cd4514 for 16 outputs it has 2 l293d ic for controlling 4 motors will this work??

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Arduino starts up automatically

Hello instructables, i ran the code below in the arduino uno, (4 motors, 2 L293D driver chips) void loop() {   digitalWrite(motor_pin1,LOW);    //forward back   digitalWrite(motor_pin2,HIGH);   digitalWrite(motor_pin3,HIGH);      digitalWrite(motor_pin4,LOW);   digitalWrite(motor_pin5,LOW);    //forward front   digitalWrite(motor_pin6,HIGH);   digitalWrite(motor_pin7,HIGH);      digitalWrite(motor_pin8,LOW);   delay (5000);     digitalWrite(motor_pin1,HIGH);   //turn right    digitalWrite(motor_pin2,LOW);   digitalWrite(motor_pin3,HIGH);     digitalWrite(motor_pin4,LOW);   digitalWrite(motor_pin5,HIGH);   //turn right    digitalWrite(motor_pin6,LOW);   digitalWrite(motor_pin7,HIGH);     digitalWrite(motor_pin8,LOW);   delay (2000);     digitalWrite(motor_pin1,LOW);    //stop moving   digitalWrite(motor_pin2,LOW);   digitalWrite(motor_pin3,LOW);      digitalWrite(motor_pin4,LOW);   digitalWrite(motor_pin5,LOW);    //stop moving   digitalWrite(motor_pin6,LOW);   digitalWrite(motor_pin7,LOW);      digitalWrite(motor_pin8,LOW);     while (1); } by right, the motors should stop infinitely due to the while(1), but this is what happens instead : initial                 : loop1 12 secs later   : loop 2 1 sec later        : loop 3 1 sec later        : loop 4 .... why is it running more than once?

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Using L293D Chip for a Single 1 Amp Motor? Answered

The L293D chip outputs only 600ma of current for each channel. Can I combine its two channels to draw a total current of 1.2 A to run a single DC motor that needs 1A current?

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l293d ,problem wth the output current?

Hey people , i have build a line follower robot using -(arduino,motor controller(l293d), IR modules and sensors) WELL NOW I HAVE GOT A NEW METALLIC CHASSIS(its kinda heavy).Earlier we use a cardboard box and it worked just fine . But now the motor driver is not able to give enough current to drive the cart.But when i connected it without the motor driver its able to drive the cart forward. So my conclusion is that the IC (l293d) is the cause of my problems,so i want to know how i might be able to fix it OR if  i have to use another ic like (SN754410 H-Bridge)

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Bipolar Stepper motor drivers...

Can someone please give me a schematic for controlling a BIPOLAR stepper motor (12V/2.5A) using L293D and L298 with parallel port (LPT) with Mach3

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L239D Motor Driver IC? Answered

I saw some example circuits on how to control motors using L293D and arduino , Some included a lot of capacitors and some not at all.Which way is the correct one and what are the capacitors used for in the circuit.

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need a little guidance with an arduino controlled CNC machine. help?

Ok so I am in the process of getting the axes set up, and theyre in a state that would allow me to test them. I am using the laser carriages from CD-ROM drives, so i know i wont get amazing build sizes, but that isnt the matter here. I've searched and searched and searched and have yet to really find definite instructions. The hardest part is going to be coding the arduino. I would like to use an ATmega16, but a 328 will work too. I intend on using L293D's to control my motors. they seem to work fine for on the bench testing, so with cooling in an enclosure i dont see why it wouldnt work. but I have no idea where to start with the coding. Ive seen references to GRBL, some reprap stuff, and a LOT of people being told basically "your method is stupid, buy these motor controllers and use my method", which i guess works well, but I dont have the money to buy the fancy motor controllers and the 293s seem to work fine. so, can someone point me in the right direction, or give me some pointers here please? I'd really appreciate it.

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Controlling high amp motors with arduino? Answered

Hi instructablites/instructonians/people of instructables... Despite the fact that i suck at naming things, i need to control 2 6v 3a motors, and i'd prefer to use arduino. the l293d only rates up to 1.2 amps, and i'd like to use as few components as possible. i'm relatively new to this, so please bear with my nooblishness.

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Hey there ,i have a simple problem in my controlling motor with arduino project that i send 5v to it at the top of the code but many times it gives a very small incomplete rotation (a small step i mean ) and stops the code not allowing to complete it , if i give a hand help to rotate it rotates properly and some times without help . so how to make it rotate without hand help ? and what is the idea ? thanks .(i am using l293d)

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How the motor will be connected to the motor drive ? is it L293D or L293?

How the motor will be connected to the motor drive ? is it L293D or L293? AND is it possible to use Microcontroller 8051 instead of Atmega ?

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can i use l293d instead of uln2003

As in this instructables directly connected to the parallel port for a bipolar stepper motor?

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how do you simultaneously run servo motor and dc motor with 433Mhz RF module and arduino?

Is there any way by which servo motor and dc motor can be run simultaneously by single transmitter and receiver 433Mhz RF module using arduino? i have 9g servo, a dc motor and l293d motor driver, basically i m building a RF controlled car. i have built already that can go forward or backward or right or left, but when i go forward i cannot go left or right?  can anybody help me please?  thanks in advance!!!

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Shift Mosfet and H-Bridge for Arduino Question?

Hi guys, Im Rinozen.. Im newbie on Arduino and Electronic ^_^ Anyway, can you guys please help me? Look at the schematics i've uploaded. Are there something wrong about the track? And what value for the Resistors and Capacitors for the right choice? Sorry about my english ^_^ Thanks for reply... :)

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Can you tell me the code for arduino robot that has HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor , L293D , IR receiver module and remote?

It is a arduino obstacle avoiding robot , that has arduino uno R3 , L293D motor driver , HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor , IR remote and receiver module on 2wD chassis.

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How do i power this circuit? Answered

I want to control 4 dc motors with my old laptop's parallel port, via L293D motor driver chips and 7805 voltage regulators. my question is how to set it up to run it all on one power source(batteries)? the schematic im going to use is here. i want to change the 7812 to something that will put out 3v, any suggestions? also, what batteries would be best to use, considering the 2 voltages it'll be running off(5v & 3v)? i have included the pinout diagram for the L293D

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Arduino Duemilanove with Adafruit motor shield causes piggybacked motor drivers to overheat- even with no load. Ideas? Answered

I have an Arduino Duemilanove and an Adafruit motorshield. Both work fine, but the motors I want to run require more current than the available 0.6 amps. I tried piggybacking two more drivers on top of the existing ones, but now when I turn it on one set of chips overheats immediately. It's not a soldering error, because I've tried it with many different chip configurations and the same problem occurs. The only thing I've noticed is that the new drivers I purchased have slightly different numbers under the customary L293D- but isn't that just when and where it was made? Any ideas?

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Is it possible to independently run two NEMA 17 stepper motors on an Arduino Rev 3 with a L293D and a ULN2003APG motor driver board?

I own a single L293D chip and a ULN2003APG motor driver board and I am currently working on an Arduino-based project that requires me to CNC control two NEMA 17 stepper motors on a XY axis grid. My question is if it would be possible to run these two NEMA 17 stepper motors on both of these motor drivers? If so, any advice on how to go about doing so would be much appreciated. :)Side note: I am currently unable to purchase any other Arduino-based motor drivers.Thanks!

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how to control robot using RF module?

Hi,I'm new to robotics ...I'm building a robot which consists L293D motor driver which drives two dc motors .The problem is how to control it using RF module???

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What is the program code for arduino obstacle avoiding robot it has IR remote and receiver module with HC-SR04 sensor?

It has HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor , arduino uno R3, L293D motor driver , and Infrared remote and Infrared receiver module.

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can we use same arduino programmed sketch for different motor drivers ?

I am expecting to build a bluetooth controlled 2WD robot using arduino. i need to use a pulolu dual VNH motor driver to run the two motors. i have a programmed arduino sketch that made for L293D Motor Shield .can i use that programmed sketch on my new robot that using pulolu motor driver without making any changes to code? if i need changes, what are they.? your help will make my project possible >> L293D MotorShield >> pulolu VNH driver

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Normal motors working as a stepper motor?

Hey folks, I have an arduino(Also l293d motor control) and I was wondering if I could use my normal motor just like a stepper motor by creating a funtion and using "delay" as a mode to control the rpm of the motor

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how can i connect photo interrupter and dc motor to arduino l293d?

Im making a model of roller door garage opening system and will be using the following componentsmotor -;=motor&form;=KEYWORDinterrupter -;=interrupter&form;=KEYWORDarduino - L293dI need help inorder to connect the motor and interrupter to the arduino which should run the motor in both directions. Basically the motor should rotate the shaft in both directions to open and close the garage door, the purpose of interrupter is the let the motor know that the door is closed or open and i need suggestions as to what i should be using as sensor which could detect any object interrupting the closing of the door and stop the motor. If you suggest me a sensor please also tell me how to connect that sensor to the arduino

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Has anyone tried/been able to get a quadcopter flying using an Arduino paired with an Adafruit motor shield?

The motor shield can be found here. Its probably a dumb question as the L293D drivers can only provide 0.6A max current per motor and most of the brushless DC motors I've seen used seem to require more current.  Perhaps I'm mistaken.  Also, I've read that one can piggyback the L293Ds to get more current.  Would this be a possible solution if a single chip can't provide enough current for the job? Perhaps using conventional ESCs that can provide higher current are the only way to go?  I'm very new to tinkering with Arduinos/motors/electronics in general so any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

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My arduino's L led or pin 13 led doesnt blink and my computer (windows 7) is not even recognizing it. Answered

I need to submit it this month . i am using it for a bipedal robot.can anybody recommend me troubleshooting was working well before and the cable also works.

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Arduino to control 3V remote

Hi,  I have a remote that I'm trying to drive with an arduino.  The remote usually uses a 3V CR2032 battery.  I tried just using the 5V digital pin set on high, but that didn't work.  Then I tried using a L293D motor driver -- with the lithium battery supplying the outside power.  That didn't work either. Any ideas?

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ARDUINO not powering up!?

I have made an arduino uno robot, i have run 2 motors via the l293d ic which i've powered with a 9v battery regulated to 5v. The whole thing worked very well when run with the usb but when I plugged a 9v battery to the arduino, it did'nt work. Please suggest a sol. fast, its urgent again!!!

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CNC plotter help

Hello sir/mam My Name Rana. I am from India. I doing a Mini CNC Plotter project with Arduino Uno, L293D, Servo & 2 DVD motors, 9v external power supply. My Plotter is working good with Arduino programs but it's not working with g-code from gctrl. please help me sir this project is very very important for me. I have a faith on you.

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Can anyone help me making cnc controller??

I want to make a cnc, I have bipolar stepper motors and l293d ics can anyone help me making the pcb layout board for bipolar cnc controller with db25 connector(printer port). I have tried making my own but it didn't work. So plz help me out. 

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I want to ask - Is it possible to run bipolar stepper motor with uln2003 or uln2803 ic??

I want to ask - Is it possible to run bipolar stepper motor with uln2003 or uln2803 ic??, because l293d ic is very costly here. If yes then can you plz post a schematic here. I have searched over the net and found no useful information about it. plz HELP?

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Dear friends i want to make a simple remote operated door can anybody help me, soon with circuit diagram? please help !

Friends i m using a simple IR pair , and want to usde 8051 micro controller with l293d  stepper motor ic. please frnds help i m not able to construct its circuit diagram. send me the circuit diagram .......please.

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Maze solver with arduino

Hi guys..I want to make a LFR maze solver with arduino.i am gonna use a l293d IC for the motors,IR sensors,arduino uno,12 v battery and can travel in any route from start to finish,but it must return in the shortest distance from finish to start..plz help me with the coding part..mainly in the reverse route from finish to start

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arduino wiring ( Help me please ) ? Answered

*Note : Thats not my own device , im copying it and this device copyrights still for ardumotive_com < other meaning im not stealing cuz i mentioned that .. Hi instructables !! My name is Yousif , I'm a 16 Y/O arduino lover .. well .. i've been watching this guide about ( CnC plotter device ) , and thanks to ardumotive_com ,, TBH I'm not a perfect arduino programmer , i know a lot of things but it could never be enough about arduino .. So im making the same device . Here I'm trying to make my own changes to the devices .. I almost completed the device , then i stopped making it cuz i have some trouble that stops me .. those are the changes that im gonna make and i need some hlep with'em :- i've changed the motors to 2.3Kg*cm Bipolar stepper motor .. . The motor driver : Ardumotive_com used a L293D motor driver to control both of the motors , the question is : can i use it with this new motors ( look above ) ? , gonna need for an external power source with a new board ? , and how could i connect it to this chip without destroying the chip .. I'm gonna change the pen to a dramel with extender ( avoiding high weight and size ) , so i decided to use this tool .. . I already have a lab power supplay with two wires( i mean red and black wires at the top , with adjustable voltage ( 12,14,16,18,20 ) ( thats all what i have ) .. how can i use it with the L293D chip ? At the end i could never do it without ardumotive_com , and please somenoe help me cuz i have less than a week to do it .. if u wanted anything about my device , u already can visit this link , becuase i almost used the same .. and thanks !! , gonna be waiting !

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Need urgent help regarding the use of bluetooth with arduino to control four motors wireless Answered

I am planning to buy this bluetooth module so that I can wirelessly control 3 motors with the arduino. Can I use two L293D IC to control the 3 motors wirelessly?

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ITS URGENT! Arduino not working with external power supply?

I have made arduino uno u3 robot, i have used 2 geared motors via a l293d using one 9v battery and tried power the arduino with a 9v battery, then with 9v adapter but it did'nt work, I also tried powering the board via the Vin pin, also through the usb cable using the 9v batterg and adapter, but it didnt work either.when i plug it to the laptop with usb everything works very fine. Please give me a sol. soon urgent i hav the exhibition after 3 days!!

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Different types of motors on the same arduino?

So I am still learning Arduino but I've already built quite a few robots. I'm stepping things up a notch by building a robot with several motors. I am using 9g servos, stepper motors, standard servos, and regular dc motors with l293d ic. I am also using 2 ultrasonic distance sensors. There will be 14 motors in all but I think Arduino Uno can only handle 12? I will be using an Arduino Mega, so will that be ok? I also want to know if you can put all these different motor types on the same Arduino and if it is possible, would writing a code be really complex?

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My First Arduino Object Avoiding Robot!!!

Hey guys I am making my very first robot and have been researching for a while now......i have the parts but i am blank on what to do with them. I have:  2 DC motors 1 Ultrasonic sensor Arduino Uno 1 L293D (IC) 1 breadboard jumper cables 1 mini servo a power source for 4 AA batteries Robot chasis I want that the robot goes front and stops when object is near then looks right and left and moves accordingly..... Now keep in mind that i have 2 DC motors and NOT SERVOS so how should i program this or connect all the parts so that it works......PLZZZ do help its urgent.

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c++ code hElp?

This is the code for mobile operated robot found from this site can somebody explain this code i didnt understand  the line which is Italic and Bold like this (DDRD=0xff;  DDRB=0×00) somebody plz tell me what the lines are CODE /* DTMF Controlled Robot PORTD pin 0,1,2,3 goes to motor driver l293d PORTB pin 0,1,2,3 is connected to output of CM8870 DTMF decoder IC */ #include #include int main(void) { DDRD=0xff; DDRB=0×00; while(1) { switch(PINB&0b00001111) { case 0b0010://Key 2 { PORTD=0x0A ;      //1010 both motor front continue; } case 0b0100://Key 4 { PORTD=0×02;    //0010 right motor front continue; } case 0b0101://Key 5 { PORTD=0x0F;//1111 SUDDEN STOP continue; } case 0b0110://Key 6 { PORTD=0×08;  //1000 left motor front continue; } case 0b1000://Key 8 { PORTD=0×05; continue; } default: continue; } }//end of switch return 0; } // // // //

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I have a question about Arduino Uno R3 stacking shields for a project

I just started on a Arduino UNO R3 project, Its basically a vehicle (a tank) with 2 separate DC Motors, that controls its movement. Another part of the tank would be a Camera dock, which would be made up of 2 Servo motors which basically moves the camera Up, Down, Left, Right. To control the Vehicle i would use an Xbox 360 wireless controller. So far the only thing i figured out is that i would require two shields, One would be the Motor shield (Controls Both dc gears and Servos:;=item41639e1f33), The other shield would be the USB Host shield (;=item4d0722b59f - this would be used for the 360 wireless receiver) . The thing is is it possible to combine all three, if not what would be alternative solutions?, thank you

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How to make a homemade z board using arduino uno?

Hey Frnds! Well the quetion is clear from the heading. There is going to be a science exhibition in our school and we think that a homemade zboard can be a very good thing because noone knows about it in our school. (how sad it is....).           I'm a beginner in arduino but i figured out that we will store the values of S1 and S2 in two different varibles. Then test for which one is bigger. Then if S1 is bigger then we'll turn the motor forward else it will be turned backward. I know there is some mistake in this program because how we'll stop it if we want to. And i also dont know about the hardware of the z board. Can any one plz help. Like with the Motor Specifications, Force sensor values, powersupply, wheels ( are the rear wheels both free of each other or they are joined). Plz comment if you knwo any thing. I am in real help. Moreover i was going to buy a motor driver sheild from here :  Is it compatible with arduino uno? Is it the same that is on 

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How to control 100 bidirectional DC motors?

Hi,  I'm trying to control 100 DC motors using a microcontroller (Arduino Mega) The motors run on 1.5V and have a operational current of 40mA. 1) Each motor must be able to rotate clockwise and counter clockwise 2) The motors must be able to move independently     (though direction of the motors at any one time will be the same)      eg. at time = 0; motor 1,20, 30, 45 will rotate CW            at time = 10; motor 20, 35, 80 will rotate CCW 3) Using minimum amount of pins from the Arduino (Shift Register ?) How should i go about doing this ? I have tried using L293D H-Bridge, but in order to control 100 motors,  i will need 50 H-Bridges and 200 digital output pins I'm thinking of a simpler circuitry (image attached) to control the motors. Digital output pins from the Arduino will contol the relay switches, and the DPDT relay will change the polarity of the the voltage supply. Will this work ?  Are there any smaller alternatives to the mechanical relay (transistor ?)  Can a transistor allow current flow in both directions ? I would really appreciate if you could provide some inputs and ideas as to how you would go about controlling a large amount of motors. Cheers!

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I am willing to PayPal $30 for someone to write this Sketch.

I am willing to PayPal $30 for someone to write this Sketch. I have an Uno board, a motor control board L293D Motor Drive Shield and a 5 volt 4 wire motor NEMA17 Stepper Motor. I'm using #include . I can make the motor run any speed in both directions in a loop. That's all the further I've got in two weeks. I would like it to start idle (hold) and when I touch (momentarily) power to a pin, I need it to run in reverse until another pin is contacted, a switch, and stop (or run forward a small amount). Let's call that home. Then I would like to touch power to a different pin and have it reverse to home and then run forward 200 steppes. 3 more like that, 200 steps, 400 steppes, 600 and 700 steppes. So, i need 4 pins, one the run the motor to home. The 3 others will run the motor down to home and the up to a predetermined spot. The "Stop and stay home" can be a couple steppes up from the home switch. Think of it as running blinds full open & closed with 3 available open positions in between. If you can do that, I'll pay $30. But I don't want 10 people to make it and each expect to get payed. How do we do this? Scott Goldsborough Thank you!

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