how to hack into a lan?

I hav a lan connection with my neighbourhood, i want to control their computer from my computer and i want to shutdown their computer if necessary......

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LAN Party Bag

I need to build a LAN Party Bag.  Or rather, a LAN Party Bag that needs to hold 3 monitors, along with a desktop.  I had a few metal-related ideas, but sadly, no welding equipment.  The computer weights 100+ lbs, so I can't use anything too cheap.  The monitors are 19" widescreens.  Plastic is too brittle, wood would have to be way too thick, and I don't have welding resources, materials, or equipment.  I don't expect to be wearing it, but rather rolling, then lifting into the car, and out when I arrive.  One idea is to maybe buy a hand truck, and mount sheet metal to the back (side facing wheeler), line with insulation, and put clips along the sides and bottom (the backpack-style clip-and-socket).  Any ideas are welcome.

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LAN Party Suggestions

So I'm having a new years LAN party this year. 14 hours of pure gaming should prove to be a fun night. I have a 50 inch plasma in my basement where we will be having the party. I want to make the best use of this screen by putting some "stats" (for lack of a better word) on the screen. Obviously the biggest problem with stats is that every games is different and there is no standard protocol to be used. I am looking to the instructables community for ideas as to what I can put on this screen. Some ideas that I had:  - DHCP table  - Midnight countdown (its new years)  - Starfield Screensaver Thanks!

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Games for LAN play?

So, I live in a dorm now with a few other students. We'd like to play a game together on our personal laptops, but we don't know which ones would be good to play. Requirements: 1. No internet access required. 2. 2-16 players or more. Multiplayer-only games are OK, but single player would be nice too. 3. Mainstream games are fine, but if you know of any indie games, that would be even better. 4. It doesn't have to be new. In fact, from 1990-2008 would be just fine. 5. Most of all, it has to be fun to play. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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two arduino communicate via LAN or Internet. LED on / off example?

I have two arduino uno with Internet Shield, which I want to communicate via LAN or Internet. want to set up so I can use a button on one to send information. and an LED on the other (slave?) that will turn on when the button on the "master" is enabled. I've looked back and forth on forums etc. without found any sample code for such communication. does anyone have such a code? or know where I can get such a code for this? assume there is hope to find that up in internet Hoping for good and helpful answers Best regards. Vegard

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Anyone have any WLAN/wi-fi (home) experience? Answered

I have spent 2 days trying to get a new Brother wireless printer, trying to get it to SEE my computer's wireless card. I finally got it to find my network and connect to it.   I have set up the printer from the computer end, and it seems to see the computer.  Now, all I need to do is "get it to print" something. At one point, I thought I had gotten it, and the setup on the computer end sent a connection message to the printer.  BUT, the LAN reconfigured something and now everything changed again.   They seem to see each other but I can not send a print job to the errors out. Any clues as to what I am can't be too complex and is probably obvious to someone that uses such daily.....I don't. Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks ahead of time.

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Is it possible to connect a PS2 to the internet or wi-fi? Answered

Does the PS2 have internet or connection capabilities? there is a LAN port on the back, i haven't tried it.

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How do you setup a router? Answered

 I have a 54M Wireless router here. It's a TP-Link with 5 ports at the antennae side. The first port is labeled "WAN" and it may mean "Wide Area Network" or "Wired Area Network" or "Wireless Area Network". The other ports are for wired connections. I want to use this router, but my problem is that I can't seem to secure the thing with a password (remember it's wireless). Also, the last time I tried to use it, the whole thing won't work. Well, sure the Network was setup, but the internet won't work. Where do you plug the network cable from the modem to the router, and the PC to the router.  Straightened out: How do you put a password on the router? How is it supposed to be connected? Could you disable the wireless feature? If so how? What does "WAN" mean?                                        - Thanks                                                                                                        

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Xbox remote power ON

I have a softmodded original xbox, and it is located in my basement. It is a huge pain to go downstairs just to turn it on. I am looking for a solution. Originally I had planned to do WOL (wake on lan), but the nic doesn't support it. All I have to do it have something that acts like the front button: bridges two wires momentarily. Any suggestions

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How to build a network cable certifier?

I have a fairly extensive lan in my home that is constantly expanding. I want to do some custom wiring and started looking into building my own cat 6 cables. When I started shopping for the wire I noticed a lot of complaints about wiring not being capable of carrying gigabit speeds, CCA being sold as solid copper etc. Now I'm questioning the wiring I already have, wondering if it might be the culprit for random problems. I want to find a way to test my current wiring and anything I make in the future. But as anyone with experience knows a cable certifier is thousands of dollars. Then I got to thinking if i have two computers capable of gigabit speeds shouldn't I be able to run a cable between them and verify the performance of the cable? I was hoping someone here will have the experience I lack to make this a reality. Also if it was possible to make a smaller arduino based tool that would be amazing. This seems like a tool damn near everyone could use these days.

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please build a LAN Party Bag

Is there anyone who can make a bag for a set of computers? it more commonly known as Lan Party Bag. Thank You

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Dell Ibspiron 1501 lan drivers? Answered

Ok.. i re-installed winxp on my inapiton 1501 and i cant fine a dl for the driver for the nic... NOT THE WIRELESS ONE... the cat5 one. :D Can someone link me to it plz? thx.

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how do you detect whether a computer is on a lan network in a computer lab ?

And is it possible to detect pendrive insertion on main computer when on lan ?

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does anyone know how to make a usb-lan adapter that will work with the wii?

I really don't feel like spending $40 on something that seems simple enough to make. and i don't want to spend $15+ on something that might not work that i still have to pay shipping on. just need a blueprint on how to make one of these. doesn't have to be pretty, just has to work

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Need help with modding a LANchat program.?

I am trying to make Fomine LANchat more visually pleasing and so you can put in a custom username instead of the windows username that it fetches. The program im using to edit the code is Resource Hacker. Where is the variable that gets the username, how do i change it, and how can i change the colors for it? Thanx

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Man constructs 16-XBOX mobile LAN gaming center.

This giant Winnebago showed up outside our dorms today. There was a maker inside. More photos at the blog.

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Can I hack a SHARPcamcorder into a USBcam for my computer or a LANcam?

The camera: SHARP camcorder Model NO. VL-NIU. with digital video processing It's a nice little camera, but the Tape deck and view finder are broken(as in "snap") How can I hack the camera portion so that It can connect to a computer or Network via LAN/Ethernet or USB?? I have a plethora of parts/tools at my disposal. Dremel, soldering gun, circutboards, cables, raw components, a hacksaw, etc. Any Ideas? I couldn't find any Picatures of the actual camera online, but I am posting some that look very much like mine.

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How to network Windows Vista and Windows XP? Answered

OK, I have (for now)  2 Windows Vista Laptops (wireless) 2 windows xp laptops (wired) 3 Windows XP desktops (wired) 3 Windows CE compaq evo thin clients (wired) ((not necessairly important)) Well I want to network these in an file sharing fashion, so I can share media, files and printers. I am using a 8 port Netgear hub and a Linksys Wrt54GS version 7 (I think) that are bursting at the seams. Unfortuatley  my Vista laptops refuse to join my network, I have tried to make a netowrk disk from my XP computers and transfer it to my laptops but with no avail. Any help would be appreciated (with the exception of DAMN U HAVE ALOT OF COMPUTERS, that gets alittle tiring)

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Can i shutdown a computer remotely on my lan.

I used shutdown command but it dosen't work.i say access denied.please help me !!?

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Man constructs 16-XBOX mobile LAN gaming center.

This giant Winnebago showed up outside our dorms today. There was a maker inside. More photos at the blog.

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Single or dual ethernet ports in each room? Answered

I'm thinking about wiring up our house for LAN with CAT 6 ethernet cable, Is there any advantages of putting two ports in each room or should I just stick with one port?

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Can I use existing phone lines to run internet in another room of my house?

Is it possible to somehow backfeed my cable modem ethernet into my existing phone lines running throughout my house to be able to access the internet from another room? I currently have no Phone service provider as i use a cell phone instead. My house was built circa. 1975 and my ISP  is . I have a desktop with no wireless capabilities. My only option would be to crawl in my HOTT Florida attic and run 150+ feet of CAT-5... Any advice would be appreciated! Many Thanx, JCB

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How can I record sound over a LAN?

I want to record sound over a LAN so that me and my friend don't have to use skype or put a mic between us for it record (I'm using fraps as a game and sound recorder). Does anyone know how I would go about doing it/setting it up. This should cost preferably under £5.

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Transmit Video over a Local Area Network? Answered

I need  to send video from a webcam from a computer running Windows XP through my router and to another computer connected to the network. NOTE: There is no internet connected to the router! Thanks, joespicnictables... =D

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So I have bridged my lan connection and my wireless connection I cant get the internet connection to work on xbox live

But it works on the laptop... it says restart router.. did it.. still the same problem.. any advice??

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How can I speed up network transfers on windows 7?

My download speed from my linux server to my windows 7 computer is only about 8 MB/s (about 65% network usage). Before I switched from xp to windows 7  I was getting 11.5 MB/s download.  My upload speed is still 11.5 MB/s. Update:  My windows 7 machine has a Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated NIC My linux server has a Realtek RTL-8169 10/100/1000 NIC  My router is a D-Link DIR-615 with firmware 3.01

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can i use a router/modem to play minecraft lan server without internet/dsl connected,just the router ? Answered

I want to play whit my friends on minecraft at in my home, i woder can i buy a router/moden and use it without internet/dsl just as a  wireless,local,area,network?

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How to make a simple chat program in using lan?

Please help me i need guidelines..........

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Create a search engine for a local server?

I'm trying to make a web server for personal use. It will not be hosting to the internet, only in my LAN(local area network). I need to make a search engine that I can put on the main HTML5 site so I can search it. If possible could it be free? Thanks in advance! -joespicnictables

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Pesky Teachers

First off... This isnt made to insult teachers, I just needed a title to beckon people to my question. The problem I have is that the teacher at my school have a new spiffy, Anti-Slacking Device, called LAN Schools. The teacher can monitor all computers in the classroom. It also has the ability to cut off internet access to a computer. So I can no longer play my beloved flash games. Long story short. Is there any way I can play flash games on my computer through a flash drive without using internet explorer or firefox?

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How can I use my win2000 wireless laptop to connect to my original xbox live?

I tried enabling ICS, but I get an error message "internet connection sharing cannot be enabled. The lan connection selected as the private network is either not present, or is disconnected from the network. Please ensure that the LAN adapter is connected before enabling ICS" its windows 2000 and a regular xbox, help me ;-) please.

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will it boost the range if I connect the unused wires in LAN cables to my FM transmitter?

That way I will have an antenna thats 50metres long

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How can i make this program get installed to all the computers?

I have a program called lets you have access to other computers in your LAN network.. but i have to install the client side to the computers.. is there a way i can just install it to a network drive and feed off from there or do i have to install it to each and evry computers.or is there a way i can install it to other computers from my computer in that network?.. btw all the computers are in a LAN type of network

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C&C RA2 lags in Linux

I have C&C; Red Alert2 installed via WINE, and it played fine but suddenly began lagging unbelievably after a LAN match.

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Is it possible to cool a computer with Mountain Dew?

  I'm going to a con this summer and am building a computer for the LAN party.  Would it be possible to use Mountain Dew as the coolant for it?

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How could I access my website from my local server by typing a name like 'info.p' instead of the IP of the server on url

Friends,I am a beginner in linux environment.I am hosting a website in LAN. But to access my website i need to type the server IP address on the url from other computers in the network. I want to make my website accessible on the network in such a way that from other computer connected to the LAN users need to just type a name instead of the IP address of the server.So please help me out...

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This may not be the most appropriate place to ask such a question but....? Answered

 My Nintendo Wii, has an amazingly hard time playing online for some reason, I have done everything, I have added an older router as an access point to extend the range and everything (I am sure this part is done correctly, just so thats not all the suggestions I get), I have checked Nintendo's site tons of times for any help, which didn't help at all... Can anyone suggest anything that may help. I have been thinking about using of the 'ibles here about making an extender antenna. Suggestions greatly appreciated!! A little extra info on my wireless - I do have the second router set up to extend the range - The Wii says its getting full strength signal - I have used my Wii on other wireless networks with the same brand of routers (Belkin) and it works fine Thanks in advance.

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Things to do with an old psp

I have a 1st gen psp that I never use with a broken LAN switch and the stock memory card (32mb), Would anyone happen to know of hacking i could do to it to make some use of it?

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How do I set up a mobile wifi router (LAN), and a wifi windows machine? Answered

We are a collective of dancers and bicyclists that organize huge bicycle rallies up and down the west coast. There are dozens of bicycle sound systems on these rides, and we seek to send an airplay audio signal to everyone's smartphone with wifi. The software of choice is Airfoil.  For it to send audio, it needs to be installed on a windows or mac computer (not cell phone or tablet). Smart phones can then receive the audio signal. I need help designing a road worthy wifi router and windows machine to be the moving hub of this wifi broadcasting party. Extra points for durability, signal strength and thrift. Please be detailed, because I am only vaguely knowledgeable of wifi, and I'm not that bright. Please note that I am well versed with other options for sending an audio signal. I have reasons for being this specific. Without your help, I would acquire a used netbook with a solid state drive running windows (maybe about $200), grab a wifi router (I have a few older ones lying around) run it all on an inverter and give it a go. Because I am a mac guy, I don't know how to do anything, like how to set up a local area network.... (I usually jam in a cable from a high-speed modem).... we are not doing that on a bicycle, so I'm a bit fuzzy on that part. I am well versed with power supplies, and willing for the range to be less than ideal at first... (that can be improved later) I am just looking to get a trial of this system up and running. I am most appreciative of your help, and I plan on writing a full article on what I've learned, if successful~ Thanks!!! Tor PS, Photo not of me, but these people are obviously awesome, and will love what we are doing.

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Any projects that use the ethernet port, etc. from an old cable modem? Answered

Have several old working cable modems and I would like to see if I can reuse any of the parts inside. i.e the ethernet port magnetics to make my electronic project work over LAN.

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Can I connect a cell phone to an old touchtone landline phone?

I want to connect my cell phone to an old 70's touchtone landline phone. Can this be done. I know you can connect a reciever to a cell phone but I miss the old touchtone keypad. Any advice?

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xbox 360 problem

Ok see im trying to bridge a connection between my laptop and my xbox 36o to play on live, and when i bridge them , it says, " To create a network bridge, you must select at least 2 lan or high speed that are not being used by internet connection sharing" Any help would be deeply appreciated

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Is there a way to connect an adapter from usb to Ethernet and connect it to my router other than buying a print sever? Answered

I have a Hp all in one 3100 printer that runs off of usb and i want to connect it to my router via Ethernet. My current router is Asus RT-N12 and it has 4 LAN ports.

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Wifi Router to Wifi Router Comms? Answered

Hi all, i have my Main Wifi router Netgear Wndr4500 and i want to use it to talk to my old Dlink 2730b so i can use the LAN ports on the Dlink. PayTvBox > DLINK ----Netgear-->internet i can't use Powerline Ethernet because the surge boards muck with it.

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bridging my connections

I need help bridging my connections. everytime i try it says i must select two LAN connections that are not using internet connected sharing. i have looked all over and am pretty sure its all off, it wont let memerge the two together by highlighting them either it just moves the connection order around please please help. thank yoou!!!?

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What is wrong with BFBC2 on my PS3?

I have connected my PS3 to my internet, however, it only works about half the time.  When it doesn't work I either get the error code 80710B23, or when i press join game it says that it cannot connect to EA online.  I have spent many frustrating hours trying to find a solution for the error code, and i have tried everything, resetting, changing th MTU, etc. but nothing seems to work.  However, when i connect through LAN to my modem it works all the time, so there must be something wrong when i connect wirelessly.  I connect my PS3 to a netgear WGX102 range extender, which is then connected to a netgear XE102 through my powerline, and through a lan cable that is connected to my netgear DG834PN Modem/Router.  My ISP is telkom, and i have a 512 kbps ADSL connection.  My PS3 is a Canadian 60gb fatty. Hope thats enough info.

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