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Would like to wire dollhouse with led lights, going from 120v down to 12v,also be able to turn each room on and off.

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LED Wiring question

Forgive me for kind of double-posting this, but I didn't get much response before. I put up a question regarding LED wiring here: I get someone to help me out? Again, if double posting like this is wrong, feel free to remove this thread. I don't want to cause problems, I just want someone who's smarter than me to help out :)Thanks!

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LED wiring/resistor

I'm a beginner in understanding electronics so please bare with me. :) what kind of resistor should I use in lighting 4 LED's with 9 volts battery? I really need your answers. :) Thanks in advance :)

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LED Wiring Question

Prologue:  Please be gentle...once I get past V=IR and the "right-hand" rule, I'm lost to electronics.  But I can solder and follow a schematic. I have several (7) LED sets (each set = 10 LEDs with power pack containing 2 AA batteries, switch, and resistor).  Each set of LEDs are all the same color (if that makes a difference). Image attached. Question:  Is there a way to connect all LED sets to operate with a single switch and maintain each set with it's own power supply? On a lighter note, I'm building a project for some pre-schoolers and want to hide all wiring and switches from those "inquiring minds" and "wandering" hands. Thx in advance. Paul D

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how to wire led?


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LED wiring standards?

Making a wooden rangehood for my wife for our annivesary, and I want to use LEDs  for the light source. I wan to use 3 banks of 30 lights in each 4X8" oval space, and from what I have read it would seem to better to wire each set in parallel. My question is, do I need to put a resistor on each LED to adjust the voltage to the proper amount, or (since it is wired parallel) will one work for all?

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Wiring your LED

So I just built a new garage and I want to make my own LED lighting for my work bench. I was looking at 1 watt luxeon leds and I was wondering if I need a resistor with those leds? I was looking on ebay and it said that the driver is already installed? I will run these with a PC power supply rated @ 800 watts will this work? Can anyone guide me thru this? Ive been looking on here and reading as much as I can... Thank you.

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led wiring question

Okay im doing to be making an underhood light for my car and i am planning on making a design with the leds. my questions is i have a +5V voltage regulator to get the system down to 5 volts will i need to put resistors in the series of LED's like every one or 3 and if so what resistor should i use. remember im a very green beginner at electronics so please dumb it down

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Dollhouse wiring

Hi All. I'm a believer in the idea that anyone can do anything with a little info. But I'm in need of a little help.  I'm building a dollhouse for my niece and would like to add a little higher-tech slant (she won't be playing with this for a few years yet...)  I would like to add LED lights (which I will make but just have to wire for at the moment), a flicker fireplace and a door bell all on wall mounted pushbutton switches.  Feel free to suggest anything else that might be cool for a kid... The whole system will run on a 12V adapter but since I need to wire this NOW so I can continue to build, I need a drawing or schematic of how to do it. I've attached a pic of the house and have been pulling apart some of the small flicker Tealights to kitbash into the fireplace.  I have a number of white LEDs with which to make the lights but they don't have to go in right now.  I know I'll need some resistors - where do I place them?  Hide them in the walls?  On each switch? Anyways - any help is so appreciated.  She'd never get anything like this unless I made it for her - I just want it to be so cool that her brothers are impressed! Tbird

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Replacing LEDs on a LED fan? Answered

If the LEDs are the same voltage, can i just cut the wires on the LED fan, and just simply re-solder the new LEDs onto the wires? I have been looking at several Instructables about replacing the LEDs on a fan, and they all have complicated re-wiring ideas..Can't you just simply replace the LEDs with the news ones?

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Wiring Question

Ok, I recently purchased a Go-Ped for practically nothing, and I really, really, really want to fix it up. I want to mount a couple of LED powered bicycle headlights on the front, and a tail light on the back. However, I want to be able to turn them all on and off via a single switch, mounted to the handlebars.I know very little about wiring, but I do know that most bicycle lights require physical pressure to power them on or off. Maybe there's something that can go between the batteries and bulbs?Any input you can provide would be fantastic!-Ryan

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How to wire this LED Chip?

The + and - markers (top and bottom on the picture) are positioned orthoginal to the terminals (left or right). Or am I suppose to connect th wire to the bit of metal beside the + and - signs. 

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Best way to wire these LED's?

I am working on a project, basically I want to have 5 or 6 10mm green LED's hooked up to a 9 volt battery. How would I wire this up, series or parallel?

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Wiring LEDs to Corresponding Switches?

I am looking to wire a lot of 12v LEDs to a lot of LED switches. Each light up switch would light up a single corresponding LED and all would be powered by the same power source preferably. Can anyone help me map out a circuit set up for this? I am making a prop for a film and need the help of an expert!

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LED wiring - Does it matter? Answered

I've got some LEDs that I'm going to be wiring in parallel with separate resistors. Does it matter which leg of the LED the resistor is on? Is there a standard practice? I'm going to be soldering all of the legs on one side together so that I only need to have one 'ground', does it matter which leg? Thanks.

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How to wire up this LED?

Hello there, I've bought this cluster of red LED's from Maplins and I'm unsure how I should go about making a circuit that lights them up using a 9 volt battery. (I also have a simple switch). The forward voltage of the LED is 2.5v and the forward current is 30mA. According to my calculations I would need to put a 1/2W or greater 220 ohm resistor in the circuit. Is this correct?Also how do I go about wiring the cluster up as they are in fact 6 individual led's. Do I need a resistor for each? My knowledge of electric circuits is limited. Many thanks, Julian

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How to wire leds together?

How might I wire 25 LEDs ( total 60v) together? Right now I'm planing to wire them in one series connected to seven 9v batteries (63v) wired in a series (LOL?). I'm using the batteries because I don't want to have to deal with AC and I would like to be able to use the LEDs if the power goes out. I will add a 150 ohm .6 watt resistor and a switch in the circuit. Am I doing this right, or is there a better and/ or safer way to do this?  

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LED and wiring help :D

I am planning on making a small plant grow light for a locker but could use some assistance with some electrical components and wiring. I wanted to run a fair some of LEDs off of a battery to help grow a plant in an otherwise enclosed space. I need to find an appropriate arrangement so that I am not changing batteries all the time. I would also like the lights to turn on and off every 12 or so hours. How would I go about setting up the LEDs but even more than that how and what would I use to set up a battery powered timer?

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LED driving and wiring question? Answered

I have read and read and read, and am still confused no where seems to be able to give me a straight answer, so i've come to the instructables forum for help.  I am planing on wiring 16 leds in series driven by a driver. The constant current driver's specs are' in   -  85-277V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A MAx  out -  650mA, 30-60V, 40W The 3W leds run at 750mA, 3.2-4.0V so each led circut should require 52.1v-65.5v,  and 48W. I was hoping to under drive them to increase their lifespan, as i had a different project fail when one led blew and killed the entire line.   My questions are; 1) can i run 3 of these circuits off of one standard north american  plug 125V?  2) will this work? and did i miss anything?  3) can anyone recommend any simple improvements? I've done as much research as i can, but i never have been good at electronics and circuits. and half of the things i find are contradictory. That's why i went into chemistry.  Thank you for reading this, and thank you for responding and helping me!

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Wiring high powered leds.

How can I wire 60 2.5v ,350mA and 20 3.5v ,350mA leds. The 2 different leds can have seperate power supplies? Trying to build a grow light for indoor vegatables. Thanks for any help

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Help wiring an LED array

I'd like to buy some LEDs off ebay and build some LED arrays but I'm confused as to how to wire it. For example, lets say I have 100 watts of LEDs (aka 1 watt x 100 LEDs or 10 watts x 10 LEDs) as an extreme example and each LED has a max voltage of 12 volts. Then lets say I have a power supply that provides 100 watts at 12 volts. How would I wire it? I'm worried that if I hook it up, lots of LEDs will just burn out. Just help me understand what I need to watch out for here. I'm obviously a super novice. Have pity.

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LED on the spark plug wire?

I would like to attach a string of LED's to run off of the spark plug wires on a motorcycle but I don't know where to start, but it would look awesome flashing under the tank at night, any takers?

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Multiple LED wiring - help!

I am not to familiar with wiring and leds and recently have taken an intrest. My desires however are hindered by my lack of wiring knowledge. For a project I am working on i wish to have either 12 or 24 leds. I have read that a series/parallel matrix might be my best bet but I dont know how to go about setting it up. I dont know what leds to choose or what resistors are needed. I also want them to constanly change color but dont know how to do that either. This all needs to plug into a wall socket. If anyone can be of help I would greatly appreciate it!

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wiring help

Im working on a fireworks show and i just bought 25 toggle switches and led's from a garage sale for 5 bucks.. never opened still in packaging. how would i wire all this up to show when its armed a light would show on each channel.. im using this thing to ignite the bigger fire works (2 per switch)... i got around 360' of extra red insulated wire laying around from the shop i work at in the summer becasue they are throwing/giving away. any advice i also got a few rca and 1/8' male and femail jacks and a few push buttons from salvaged things... could i also use the thingys from cameras that put out 330 volts i have a few of those. you can contact me on meesenger also

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washing LED's?

I want to weave a rag rug, and include LED's in the rug. Ideally, I would like to weave the wiring and LED's into the rug so that they are concealed in the rug- and not removable. But most people like rag rugs because they are machine washable. If I were to soak a LED wired rug in soapy water, rinse by hand and only use the machine to spin the excess water out, then line dry the rug, would the LED's still work, or does water destroy them and the connections? Thank you for sharing your expertise!

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LED Snake

I made a new Instructables, my 4. Its called the LED Snake . Its made up of lot and lots and lots of LEDs in different colors, red, green and yellow. It can serve as any kind of decoration, or you can attach it to your car or bike and lots more.The LED Snake can be modified and hacked to blink , fade ... The lenght of the LED Snake is up to you, mine is 1m long! You can make this project under $ 10!To see how it is made and how you can make ti visit the instructables!

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led help????

Ok im a noob when it comes to leds and electricity, but i was told someone heremight could help with my delima. what im trying to do: drill holes into tail light on my ninja and put yellow leds in the hole and wire them to the existing blinker wires. the problem: messured the voltage coming off of the wire and it pulses from 0vdc to 7.22 vdc i have been looking on ebay at prewired 12v leds but dont know what im needing. any help wouldbe greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

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single wire LEDs - why don't they exist?

Because such a thing would totally solve my LED jewelry problems. I'd love to able to just solder an LED onto a necklace chain without needing to slice the chain. So why can't I? Curious.

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Resisters and LEDs? Answered

I was wondering when i wire LEDs together does there have to be a resister for every LED? (i making an arc reactor with 7 LEDs)

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Does anyone have any informational sites and or plans to wire up leds to scan back and forth like on the knight rider car?

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Wiring Arduino Help

I included 2 images of the wiring I have. What seems to be the problem, when I push 1 button it changes the input of both of them. What's wrong? I'm almost 100% this is a wiring issue. I put an LED behind the bottom button, but when I push the top button, the LED turns off.

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single led light bulbs?

I have some single led light bulbs. I want to string 113 of them. they're 1.5 watts each and 12dcv. what transformer and gauge of wire should I use? G4 socket. there's 24 led's in each light. they're pretty small.

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Need help with an LED project Answered

I've almost collected all of the necessary parts to start experimenting. Just enough for simple experimentation. Though I'm curious what type of wire I'll need to find to connect everything. I'm using a breadboard. Also, I have a multimeter, is there a way I can test the voltage of the LEDs to make sure I pick the right transistor?

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what kind of wire(s)?

hello- beginner question: what kind of wire should i get for wiring led? and is there a good universal wire or set of wires i can get? thanks!

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LED question

I just bought some LED's that i plan to run through a wire on a 9 volt with a push button on/off i plan to run 6 at a time. the green are 525nm 8000mcd and the blue (A SEPARATE SET) are 472nm 2500mcd

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LED Voltage? Answered

So recently I had an idea to make a steam gun by heating steam with a NiChrome wire driven by a 9v battery, anyway, to keep it safe and so i knew when it was on, i decided to add an LED to the circuit. I went to to see which resistor i needed. From what i understand, the resistor limits the CURRENT across the circuit. So, what i want to know is whether the Led will work with the first attached circuit and not bun out from the voltage, and whether the nichrome wire and led will work in circuit 2. EDIITTT: Well, after a few answers, i'm realising i cant run this off of a 9volt, so, what small powersupply could i use?

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LED Belt

Would 4x AA batteries, light up 9 LED's in Parallel?(With a resistor of course) The LED's are 3 volt. I am making an LED belt for my Friend. I wired it up and only the red LED's lit up for some reason.( The colors used are red, green, and 1 blue) is there a problem in amperage or is there a short or something?

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LED Mouse Mod?

Ive been trying to do a mouse mod where an LED lights up everytime I click. Can someone please post an instructable? or else i will when i get it figured out. what i figured was that i would have an led with a resister hooked up to the 5v part of the circuit board on one of the legs.. then i would have the other leg soldered to a wire and to make the LED light up, the circuit would have to be completed by clicking the mouse down. But the problem is i cant do that without messin up the clicking function. when i tested it the mouse click would be stuck. So i will post an instructable when i figure this out if noone else does. please leave a comment if you figure something out.

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Led Help

I have a whelen white vertex led light head. Normally there is a 12 volt dc controller already attached to the light it self that controls the flash pattern which you can change. However some one cut the light head off the controller part and the controller cant be found so now i have just a light head with 3 wires red black and green red being power green and black being ground. there are a total of 6 leds 3 off the green wire and 3 off the black and a common power wire. my problem is i cannot figure out the proper voltage and ampures needed to power the lights. i have tried to ohm the leds (and yes i tried every which way with the leads) but i suppose my fluke 115 does not have the range needed for these lights. i connected a known working light and controller to 12 volts and mesured the power going to that light which read which read about 3.7 volts at .36 amps and each set of 3 leds being .18 amps and with out any leds connected i got 5.2 volts i just want to make sure this is correct before i put 5 volts and a resistor to them and they blow. ill post pics and a crappy diagram of what i think is in the light head

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led curtain

Please excuse me but I definately am a novice here.I am a DJ and have found this product;=Lighting_DISCONTINUEDand thought I could make it alot cheaper than $550.00Could anyone give me any starting advice. I know where to purchase the led's cheaply and the fabric but wiring and or buying a controller is a different story. any advice or links would be greatly appreciated..Thanks, Chaz

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LED advice

So, i'm a pretty avid fan of our local roller derby team (HKRG BABY!), and i belong to a group of super fans who focus on doing a lot of weird crafting and costuming and other such insantiy for the bouts. so, i'm wanting to make some pretty fancy signs for next year's derby season that will  light up. i've got some plans to use some EL wire/tape and the accompanying equipment but i've also got some other sign plans that would probably be cheaper/easier to make using LEDs instead. so, basic premise is to have a sign that would be able to light up some cut out letters separately and sequentially. i know how to make the sign itself so that's not the issue, what i need is a method to cheaply and easily make the letters light up in sequence. so it's a 3 letter sequence (let's use D O A as an example) that progresses at the normal speed that you would imagine a large group of people chanting a 3 letter call sign to go. so the D would lights up for a second or two, one-two second pause, O lights up for a second or two, one or two second pause, then the A for a second or two, lather rinse repeat. i'm imagining that each group of LEDs for each letter would be wired in series, then each group would be wired to whatever circuit would be needed to make the lights cycle. i'm not sure exactly how many leds will be needed per letter, but maybe between 10-20 of them per segment? i'm going to have several of these types of signs (all 3 syllable chants) so i'd like it to be something that's easy to repeat and not terribly expensive (i'm a derby nut, but there is a line where cost kind of gets stupid)

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Easy wiring projects

I have seen beginner electronics projects but most of the things that they make arent really functional theyre just kinda display things like led throwers or custom made circuit board. I want to learn electronics but not by reading a guide but by doing the diy projects that create electronics items that are functional....does anyone know of any?

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I'm gonna wire 90 IR LEDs Answered

It'll powered with 9v Battery I dont know how to do it it has 9x10 trim please help me if the you can wire them corectly please show me I really need it

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LED question for you LED guru's

I'm trying to build LED engel eyes for my motorcycle. The already existing lead wires have 12V with 5K ohms resistance. Will this be enough to run 4 LED's in series?

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Help with ground wiring?

Ok, I am extremely new to doing anything with electronics. I'm working on a project where I am connecting some LEDs and some toggle switches. On some instructables I was looking at it mentions having a ground wire. What do I use for a ground wire? Is it a special type of wire? Anything specific I need to know? Thanks for your help in advance.

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Wiring the L293D correctly? Answered

I bought 2 l293d's for a dollar and i wanted to use them to control a rc i have tested multiple wiring but it seems the motor doesnt move ic doesn't get hot :) and there is no response i tried with led still no response i am sure there is nothing wrong with the driver just the wiring can some please give a schematic

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Is it better to run 120v wiring to each pot, or run 2 wire 18 gauge cable to a central box. LED's are 12v 3w dimable. I would like to dim from 2 to 10 pots per switch. Where would I put the transformer. Could you suggest a  wiring diagram.

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How do I wire these LEDs?

I'm need to wire 4 blue LEDs (3.4v) and 2 ultra bright red LEDs (1.9v), I would like to limit the current to 10ma and wire all the LEDs to a single wallwart. The wallwart I was planning on using is 12v DC 100ma. I'm pretty new to LEDs so I'm not quite sure how to do this, I was thinking about wiring the 2 reds and 1 blue in series and wiring the other 3 blues together in series and then wiring the 2 sets together in parallel. But I'm not sure if that will work because I read somewhere that if you're wiring in parallel all the LEDs must have the same voltage. So if anyone could explain how I could wire this up (and maybe even draw up a simple diagram) that would be great.

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DiY Led Wiring in brake lights

I just got on the site and love it, because I love to make my own stuff as well as learn but anyways.. UPDATE: I got 50, 5mm LEDS wired and working in my taillights. The results are so good so far. Thanks for any help.

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Wiring 10w leds to 12 volts

OK, I have some 10 watt - appr. 900 lumen leds that I want to use for a video room.  I have low voltage wiring in the walls and have a 12 volt 96 watt dimmer that I plan to power with a deep cycle 12 volt battery.  The leds are 3.4 - 3.6 forward voltage and 350ma.  I want to use 3 of these on each side of the room and was just hoping to get away with wiring each side in series and then connecting both sides to the dimmer. Am I looking for trouble wiring them directly without any resistors?  I really don't want to get into resistors, etc. if possible. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and suggestions. 

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