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Btw, i think it's hilarious that "How to make a friend" is listed right before "How to sleep with a friend"

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Turn up your speakers really loud and click on this link. It's really quite funny. Link:

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lol stuff

This topic is for anything funny if it is pics, jokes, or anything just plain funny

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LOL, is this a bug?

Look at the picture:

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lol pictures

Send any funny pics you have to me please

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"LEO'PEN" lol:)

Please feel free to give tips and comments. Thanks:)

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Lol ICarly Iphone!

Lol I saw this show called Icarly the other day and I didn't think it was too good but there was a part I thought was funny. She had an iphone with a pear on the back instead of an apple! LOL

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A Foldable Gun... Lol

This is obviously a foldable gun. I was just tinkering around to see what would happen, and i made this foldable rbg. Yes, r. b. g. Rubber band gun. I didn't fell like making it a rod shooter. I'm so lazy... Lol. Anyway, I'm not gonna post this, just thought I'd put the idea out there.

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knex keyblade (LOL)

Well we all know kingdom hearts and im a big fan so i came up with soras kingdom key keyblade tell me to post or not

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MAGIC BOX pyrotechnics !! ?? lol

I would love to invite you guys to my brainstorm! I need help hahahah. I want to make a box that opens and has sparklers go off, maybe some fog via a smoke bomb? Lights... hahahah. I want this box to perform. I am going to give this to my friend with the gift inside, so I can imagine having little pointers like "light here" etc. I've tried to google this, but I am not finding any crazy magic boxes that do things kinda dangerous like this lol. Have you seen one, have you seen similar installations? My goal is to figure out the best way, and do an instructable on it, how I manage to orchestrate it. Any tips, pointers, experience would be amazing! This box will end up shoe-box size or smaller, and I may line it with aluminum to deflect the sparklers and reflect the light LOL. :D Thanks in advance! <3

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lol... I need help

For science class I got this really tough assignment and I don't even have a clue at all, any ideas or help are welcome. So we have to make a submersible that can either start floating for at least three seconds sink to the bottom and come back up and stay at the top, or start at the bottom go to the top then go back to the bottom. we can't touch the submersible after it's started, use remote controls, can't have anything touching the walls, can't contaminate the tank, or have it attatched to anything outside of the tank. already figured it out on sunday thanks for the help though :]

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Knex tower Vs. Baseball bat

Firstly, before you watch the video, its not a baseball bat. Its a metal chin-up bar :-P

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Is being an electronics engineer a good job?

It's getting about time for me to start getting ready for college and deciding what to do. I've started playing with electronics stuff, and was like this would be a cool job. Are any of you guys electronics engineers and would recommend it as a good job? What all do you have to do?

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im bored

Post youre funny vids here!

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Instantaneous combustion.

So here's the story. Me and my friend were walking home from school when suddenly he instantly combusted into a huge fireball. RIP Connor Missed by many.

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bloody batch file help lol

Okay, so im into making little batch files etc. but one thing keeps on confusing me. whenever i check out a tutorial, it comes to destructive commands. so we get to DEL C:\ okay so that clearly wipes the c drive. but when trying the command on a victims pc. it always asks for confirmation! so whats the point in making the virus in the first place if the victim has to say yes to activate it?

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Time to Strut My Stuff...LOL

Anyone else in to this song?i think its catchy...idk i was watching americas funniest home videos the other day when i heard it.. oh its the love willows- stuff my stuff

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My new toys(lol,not really)

Hey guys! This is my long awaited first forum topic on my first 2 k'nex creations that I've been wanting to get a topic posted about them for quite a while, but never booked in any free time to get one posted. So today, I've had nothing to do,so I decided to go ahead and post a topic. The guns themselves are quite explanatory. One comes from a traditional firing pin system that's been on the site for ages now. The other gun is also a pin gun, but also has a slingshot mechanism integrated into it. Basically, it's a pin gun that has the ability to be given an unlimited amount of increased power as well as the ability to control pin friction. I give special thanks to Fred the penguin for the original idea. Go look it up if don't know what I'm talking about. That was one concept I used, the other one is really awesome and comes from the mighty 182515. Basically it allows a gun(whatever gun it may be) to be broken down into as many parts as possible, while also allowing a front portion of the barrel to be removable and interchangeable. Both of my guns have this concept. Anyway, enough chit-chat, onto pro's and con's for these weapons: assault rifle- Pro's: -very powerful, breaks oodammo from about 40 or 50 ft, puts holes in drywall, and leaves some very nasty dents in steel doors with certain front ends. -very high range. I can easily shoot a finned tan rod 275 ft. with 3 strong unused #64's and with the tr-18 mounted on it. -extremely versatile. can have multiple uses. - trigger requires no rubber bands and blocks the pins progress every time. -reliable -Doesn't use many pieces,but it uses enough though. Con's: - Gun may be a little hard to fire due to the trigger setup. -uses broken parts. logic bow- Pro's: -extremely powerful. I shot and killed a possum with it using sharpened fin ammo and 20#64's and actually puts holes in steel doors. 'nuff said. -extremely high range. Shoots a finned black rod up to 600 ft. with a tr. And goes up to about 700 with the nar.(Only w/ latex surgical tubing or elastic bungee cord) -extremely versatile. Does the same thing as the rifle. -no pin friction due to the ratchet holding all of the pins bands. -very reliable. -unlimited power. -Like the rifle, the trigger mechanism now operates on no rubber bands. -Trigger guard Con's: - Piece consuming - A little heavy, but nothing too serious. -uses broken parts. Well, that about wraps it up. THESE WILL BE POSTED. I'm just not sure when yet. Below are some pictures for you to drool at. **UPDATE**: I have changed these guns up some after this was published. The rifle pretty much stayed the same, I only did most of the major changes to the logic bow. It now features: A trigger that requires no rubber bands, better body design, bow limb reinforcements, handle moved up to the middle of gun, sear system type trigger or trigger that blocks behind the handle and moves only in one direction, and all the other bells and whistles. I also attached generic/basic stock butts to both guns(lol, that joke is getting old XD). I will upload the new pictures in a few days. Check for updates from me often by the way. I think we're done here. **UPDATE**  10/25/12- I have uploaded the new pictures. The last picture is of a recycled steel can getting pwned by the logic bow. Enjoy. :)

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Address LEDs on a LOL shield help... please?

A couple of the tutorials use the following arrays... I spent a couple hours trying to help out a friend and could not dumb the code down to address individual LEDs using the understood matrix below... uint16_t BitMap[][9] PROGMEM = { {1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {3, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {7, 3, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {15, 7, 3, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {31, 15, 7, 3, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {63, 31, 15, 7, 3, 1, 0, 0, 0}, {127, 63, 31, 15, 7, 3, 1, 0, 0}, {255, 127, 63, 31, 15, 7, 3, 1, 0}, later in the code they use the following to 'fetch' the lines... for(line = 0; line < 9; line++)       {         data = pgm_read_word_near (&BitMap;[frame][line]);   // fetch data from program memory When I try to hi-jack the above line and use my 'own' numbers: data = pgm_read_word_near (&BitMap;[frame[1][3]);... it does not function.. I'm just trying to call out individual LEDs in response to external sensors and turn them ON and OFF with delays and such... any help breaking down this code? I understand the matrix but can't seem to call it out... thanks! HERE is the sample code: #include   //This is in the Arduino library int blinkdelay = 75; //This basically controls brightness. Lower is dimmer int runspeed = 20;   //smaller = faster int pin13 =13; int pin12 =12; int pin11 =11; int pin10 =10; int pin09 =9; int pin08 =8; int pin07 =7; int pin06 =6; int pin05 =5; int pin04 =4; int pin03 =3; int pin02 =2; const int pins[] = {   pin13,pin12,pin11,pin10,pin09,pin08,pin07,pin06,pin05,pin04,pin03,pin02}; const int ledMap[126][2] ={ {pin13, pin05},{pin13, pin06},{pin13, pin07},{pin13, pin08},{pin13, pin09},{pin13, pin10},{pin13, pin11},{pin13, pin12},{pin13, pin04},{pin04, pin13},{pin13, pin03},{pin03, pin13},{pin13, pin02},{pin02, pin13}, {pin12, pin05},{pin12, pin06},{pin12, pin07},{pin12, pin08},{pin12, pin09},{pin12, pin10},{pin12, pin11},{pin12, pin13},{pin12, pin04},{pin04, pin12},{pin12, pin03},{pin03, pin12},{pin12, pin02},{pin02, pin12}, {pin11, pin05},{pin11, pin06},{pin11, pin07},{pin11, pin08},{pin11, pin09},{pin11, pin10},{pin11, pin12},{pin11, pin13},{pin11, pin04},{pin04, pin11},{pin11, pin03},{pin03, pin11},{pin11, pin02},{pin02, pin11}, {pin10, pin05},{pin10, pin06},{pin10, pin07},{pin10, pin08},{pin10, pin09},{pin10, pin11},{pin10, pin12},{pin10, pin13},{pin10, pin04},{pin04, pin10},{pin10, pin03},{pin03, pin10},{pin10, pin02},{pin02, pin10}, {pin09, pin05},{pin09, pin06},{pin09, pin07},{pin09, pin08},{pin09, pin10},{pin09, pin11},{pin09, pin12},{pin09, pin13},{pin09, pin04},{pin04, pin09},{pin09, pin03},{pin03, pin09},{pin09, pin02},{pin02, pin09}, {pin08, pin05},{pin08, pin06},{pin08, pin07},{pin08, pin09},{pin08, pin10},{pin08, pin11},{pin08, pin12},{pin08, pin13},{pin08, pin04},{pin04, pin08},{pin08, pin03},{pin03, pin08},{pin08, pin02},{pin02, pin08}, {pin07, pin05},{pin07, pin06},{pin07, pin08},{pin07, pin09},{pin07, pin10},{pin07, pin11},{pin07, pin12},{pin07, pin13},{pin07, pin04},{pin04, pin07},{pin07, pin03},{pin03, pin07},{pin07, pin02},{pin02, pin07}, {pin06, pin05},{pin06, pin07},{pin06, pin08},{pin06, pin09},{pin06, pin10},{pin06, pin11},{pin06, pin12},{pin06, pin13},{pin06, pin04},{pin04, pin06},{pin06, pin03},{pin03, pin06},{pin06, pin02},{pin02, pin06}, {pin05, pin06},{pin05, pin07},{pin05, pin08},{pin05, pin09},{pin05, pin10},{pin05, pin11},{pin05, pin12},{pin05, pin13},{pin05, pin04},{pin04, pin05},{pin05, pin03},{pin03, pin05},{pin05, pin02},{pin02, pin05} }; uint16_t BitMap[][9] PROGMEM = { {1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {3, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {7, 3, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {15, 7, 3, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {31, 15, 7, 3, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {63, 31, 15, 7, 3, 1, 0, 0, 0}, {127, 63, 31, 15, 7, 3, 1, 0, 0}, {255, 127, 63, 31, 15, 7, 3, 1, 0}, {511, 255, 127, 63, 31, 15, 7, 3, 1}, {1023, 511, 255, 127, 63, 31, 15, 7, 3}, {2047, 1023, 511, 255, 127, 63, 31, 15, 7}, {4095, 2047, 1023, 511, 255, 127, 63, 31, 15}, {8191, 4095, 2047, 1023, 511, 255, 127, 63, 31}, {16383, 8191, 4095, 2047, 1023, 511, 255, 127, 63}, {16383, 16383, 8191, 4095, 2047, 1023, 511, 255, 127}, {16383, 16383, 16383, 8191, 4095, 2047, 1023, 511, 255}, {16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 8191, 4095, 2047, 1023, 511}, {16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 8191, 4095, 2047, 1023}, {16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 8191, 4095, 2047}, {16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 8191, 4095}, {16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 8191}, {16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383}, {16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383}, {16382, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383}, {16380, 16382, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383}, {16376, 16380, 16382, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383}, {16368, 16376, 16380, 16382, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383}, {16352, 16368, 16376, 16380, 16382, 16383, 16383, 16383, 16383}, {16320, 16352, 16368, 16376, 16380, 16382, 16383, 16383, 16383}, {16256, 16320, 16352, 16368, 16376, 16380, 16382, 16383, 16383}, {16128, 16256, 16320, 16352, 16368, 16376, 16380, 16382, 16383}, {15872, 16128, 16256, 16320, 16352, 16368, 16376, 16380, 16382}, {15360, 15872, 16128, 16256, 16320, 16352, 16368, 16376, 16380}, {14336, 15360, 15872, 16128, 16256, 16320, 16352, 16368, 16376}, {12288, 14336, 15360, 15872, 16128, 16256, 16320, 16352, 16368}, {8192, 12288, 14336, 15360, 15872, 16128, 16256, 16320, 16352}, {0, 8192, 12288, 14336, 15360, 15872, 16128, 16256, 16320}, {0, 0, 8192, 12288, 14336, 15360, 15872, 16128, 16256}, {0, 0, 0, 8192, 12288, 14336, 15360, 15872, 16128}, {0, 0, 0, 0, 8192, 12288, 14336, 15360, 15872}, {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 8192, 12288, 14336, 15360}, {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 8192, 12288, 14336}, {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 8192, 12288}, {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 8192}, {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {18000} }; void setup() {   blinkall(2); // useful for testing } void loop() {   DisplayBitMap(); } void turnon(int led) {   int pospin = ledMap[led][0];   int negpin = ledMap[led][1];   pinMode (pospin, OUTPUT);   pinMode (negpin, OUTPUT);   digitalWrite (pospin, HIGH);   digitalWrite (negpin, LOW); } void alloff() {   DDRD = B00000010;   DDRB = B00000000; } void DisplayBitMap() {   boolean run=true;   byte frame = 0;   byte line = 0;   unsigned long data;   while(run == true) {     for(int i = 0; i < runspeed; i++)     {       for(line = 0; line < 9; line++)       {         data = pgm_read_word_near (&BitMap;[frame][line]);   // fetch data from program memory         if (data==18000){           run=false;         }         else for (byte led=0; led<14; ++led) {           if (data & (1<             turnon((line*14)+led);             delayMicroseconds(blinkdelay);             alloff();           }           else {             delayMicroseconds(blinkdelay);           }         }       }                  } frame++;    } } void blinkall(int numblink) {   alloff();   for(int n = 0;n < numblink;n++)   {     for(int i = 0; i < runspeed; i++)     {       for(int j = 0; j < 126; j++)       {         turnon(j);         delayMicroseconds(blinkdelay);         alloff();       }     }     delay(500);   } }   } }

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my maze game

Yeah download the file open it in powerpoint and have fun!!

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can somebody make a katana pls (not a knex)?

A metal katana pls

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The Best Advertisment EVER

I was sincerely moved to buy their products. Image (couldnt upload for some reason :/)

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Palin as President.

Hello everyone, i found this and thought you might like this, palin as although, what ever you do dont click this! BTW, check out my first slideshow of Classic solitaire.

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The Best of TV News Lip Slips

It just kept getting better, thank god for the internet and these news anchors with there completely embarrassing, uncomfortable, and downright amazing choice of words.The Best of TV News Lip Slips

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Embracing Failure

Some of the best advice I've received was to "fail faster." You want to get the mistakes out of the way, learn from them, and move on as quickly as possible. Don't live in fear of failure as you'll be stuck before you leave the starting gate.It's been good advice and in the spirit of embracing failure, here's a Fail blog that collects Fail images from all 'round the Internets. Enjoy. The FAIL Blogvia BoingBoing

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Most Hilarious Instructables Comments

I often find myself laughing for several minutes when reviewing various comments on Instructables. Here's one of my current favorites: are your favorites?(Submit the Instructable and comment URL together if one needs to review the Instructable to get the full context of the humor. To get the comment's URL, click the author's name, click view all comments, and search for the comment's link.)

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squirrel or cat.

Do you choose squirrel or do you choose cat or do you choose both.i choose cat sniper.

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looking for free pvc pipes

Im looking for anyone willing to give away free pvc pipes for something im build. location is preferably the palmdale california area.

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hi if I could please get some tips on photography?? Answered

Some tips or anything dealing with photography thank you guys in advance

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Guide for N00bs

Add what all n00bs should know before talking to anyone or even going out into the public, sunlight... Or the rock they came from. 'also programing language and formally called: broken english... engrish

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Knex Shotgun: Swarm

M'kay guys. You are probably woundering why my shotgun ible is gone. I will tell you. It never really go through the filters, and I PM'ed Mikeasaures to get him to pull it through. He was quite helpful, but told me in no uncertain terms that it had to be a step by step. So I took it down, and am reposting it now. Feel free to comment even if you already did on the old one, LOLZ. Oh, I have noticed there is a feature to "Share Photos or Videos." Is that the proper way to set up a slideshow? Sorry that the picture quality is lame, but they are stupid good considering the fact it was cloudy and raining when I took them. Don't worry, I will try to avoid making this mistake in the future. Swarm is a wicked indoor knex war shotgun, able to fire up to sixteen green rods, eight white rods, or four yellow rods. Now this is not my gun, just sayin'. It is KK's shotgun prototype updated with a the TR8 body, trigger, and handle. I thought I would post some nice, clear pictures so you can build it too. What really turns me away from this gun is that it is downright ugly. Some of you guys might not mind that, but I do. A lot. The good thing is this is powerful, reliable, and a shotgun, not to mention fun. Range is over sixty feet, and it is a tube and stick gun, so it will never fail. It is also a very fun gun to mess with. Swarm also has a very comfy handle, a strong stock, and nice grip. So enjoy the pictures. :D While this may not be a good primary for an indoor war, it would be very handy to have, if you have something like the ZKAR or my Epidemic to use, as reloading is a pain, unless you use yellows. Those are quick to load and hit hard. Please comment and subscribe. Feel free to leave nice long comments, as I like to read them. If you need any help, just ask. If you have any suggestions for my next project, please tell me.

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Here is a pic of me firin mah MP5K! LMFAO

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Random fun

Hi guys, just talk about anything here. Also post any funny images, vids, songs etc and have fun The Jamalam

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What is Boxxy's real name? Answered

Boxxy is an online phenominon on youtube who likes manga. Does anyone know her real name? if so tell me her name please. :)

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Hey I made an instructable about finding iron and diamonds. So I made this forum! Use it to chat frequently! Lol!

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Punched Cards Rebirth project help? Answered

I'm kinda relying on instructables lately, hmm... We have this project with my friend (not just in 'ibles), nutsandbolts_64 and we are trying to relive the past and do some stuff from the "mechanical computer" era. He did aperture cards as he wanted some form to store blueprints and stuff, i'm doing paper punched tapes. I decided to use the 2 hole tapes, the one using the international morse code system. As with many projects, i have a few problems that you may help me with: Is 10mm(w)x1000mm(L) made out of cut and spliced A4 paper good enough for that purpose? Do i still need to punch the holes in the center? (the guide holes thingy) Will a regular needle be thick enough or do i need to get something thicker? (I'm gonna punch it manually, so a needle would be easy to handle) What kind of switch can i use to "read" the data electronically? (I'll pull it manually, no need for a motor) Just in case someone has done his, can you please share your photos? Best answer will get a patch!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!1!!11!! joke, I'm not a pro member XD Thanks in advance

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Is there a way of connecting a pot or buttons to control the led lol matrix display?

I would like to control the matrix shield with buttons and/or a potentiometer if that is possible thanks.

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Good pranks to play while trick or treating?

I need one within three days so I can plan it need some ASAP

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Would this work as a flanger pedal for a guitar? Answered

I am wondering if the would work as a flanger guitar pedal. For the variable inductor, I am planning on using a hand wound coil similar to one on an old crystal radio(quaker oat box one)

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Analog sine wave generator? (0v-5v)?

I am wondering how to create an analog (NOT digital) sine wave from 0 - +5 volts (Not -5 - +5). If you could, post a schematics diagram, or send a link to a page with the schematics. It has to have a variable pitch. Thanks, josh1324

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Some funny band name Spoofs

I posted some stuff such a long time ago on a forum topic, and I looked back at it today. It still made me smile a bit. So... here are some things I came up with (Not meaning to offend these bands)Simple Plan = Complicated IdeaMetallica = Plastallica - If you don't get it, in Metallica you see the word metal. In Plastallica you see part of the word plastic. Or plaster. Whatever you want it to beMaroon 5 = Blue 2.550 cent = 25 centScar Symmetry = Bloody ArtSpoon = ForkRed Hot Chili Peppers: Blue Cold Habanaro PicklesGuns n' Roses: Broom n' Poisen IvyScary Kids Scaring Kids: Pretty adults prettying up adultsYeah...

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New K'nex ideas and a request.

'Sup people, K'nex.X here, I got something to ask you, does anyone has any ideas for a new K'nex gun? I've practically ran dry and I'd love to have something new to work on. Don't come showing me pictures of models, I'm talking about real innovation like bolt action, lever action and/or semi auto's with a potential range over 30 feet. Next, I got an idea. What if we stop focussing on making models, replicating them as best as we can with the limited forms of k'nex pieces? We could focus on real innovation, the world needs about a 100 more Oblivitus and Kinetic's. Just check it out. Even though most have given up hopes, there are still loads of ideas to improve, perform or make. Take a look at thedunkis' forum topics, Oblivitus' concepts I'ble and Kinetic's mechs. For example, I'm now working on a bullpup, bolt action, horizontal magazine gun. Concepts are far more challenging than replicas. Just try it out for yourself.  Another thing, the veterans left. So stop making a 1001 forum topics about where everybody is, they have left. Mepain, DJRadio, Oodalumps, Zak, Shadowninja31, Coolbas, Killer-safecracker, IamCanadian, KILLERK. They all left. stop complaining, instead of whining, go out there and design something new! The red book of westmarch, Senior waffleman, Drrichtofen and all the awesome new(er) guys. You are the future of K'nex guns! Yours sincerely, Knex.X

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Are we losing you guys? LOL The organization seems a little out of balance these days. :)

Are we losing you guys? LOL The organization seems a little out of balance these days. :)

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How can i adjust the brightness on the arduino lol 9x14 matrix sheild? Answered

The other day I recently bought the lol white smd matrix shield for Arduino it to me minutes to set up, and then I wanted to adjust the brightness as it was too bright would be good to set the brighness with a pot or buttons so I turn the pot and it adjusts the brightness or press a button to change the brightness thanks for help. (Beginner in arduino not quite got my head around the programming yet.)

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Where is the best spot to put the bass pedal on guitar hero? Answered

Where is the best place to put the bass pedal so it doesn't kill your leg :P

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How Can I Get My Instructable More Popular?

I've Made An Instructable And I Want More People To See It. Have Any Tips?

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T.N.K.I.T (I think) entry

Well here is a little car I made in about a minute. Just so I could get through the first round (hopefully) because there are basically not enough entries. Yeah. Don't insult it, but it isn't anything worth building. Just to get through.

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