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I have a computer running Ubuntu 11.04 and it is catted into a D link. My Wife has a computer with Windows xp also catted into the same Dlink. How could I network the two computers so that they could communicate with each other for file sharing. Possibly a detailed explanation would realy help

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Linux on Wii?

Is there any linux with a GUI for the Wii? Ubuntu would be cool! -joespicnictables

Question by joespicnictables  

Linux Windows? Answered

I am a new Linux user and I want to ask a question How can I add the three buttons(minimize-maximize-exit) on the windows????

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133MHz, Linux?

Does anyone have any ideas as to a linux distro suitable for a laptop with the following specs; Cpu: 133 MHz Ram: 32 Mb HD: 1.4 Gb I have looked at puppy linux and vector linux but i can't find a download for the old version of vector and even puppy is to demanding. Any linux distro suggestions or indeed other uses suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Invisible LINUX ?

"To Jim Zemlin you need no longer care about your operating system." Full story here... "You don't buy an operating system. You buy a gadget that runs a program. The gadget and its software are one unit. I call this Invisible Linux." - Posted by Dana Blankenhorn @ 2:57 am

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Learn how to install Linux on a PSP.

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Linux help damn small linux?

Hi, dont know if anyone can help me out here but maybe someone can. i really enjoy using linux i currently have puppy linux on my laptop and ubuntu on my pc, i have just got a very old laptop and i am hoping to run damn small linux on it, i have installed damn small linux onto the machine and it boots up perfect but what i want to know is how do i install apps on to it from the damn small linux repository, i have downloaded over 50 files from the repository but have only managed to get 2 working can anyone help me out, also is there any way to get wine running on dsl. Thanks in advance. Connor.

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Linux on a gaming PC? Answered

If I were to build a gaming PC and put Linux on it (probably Ubuntu or Mint) Could I play decent games on it? such as First person shooters, strategy, and RPGs? I'm hoping for more like main-line games (COD, Halo, Age of Empires, Civilization....), not shady, third party download type games.

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Favorite Flavor of Linux?

I have used LinuxMint, Ubuntu, Slax, and Puppy. I must say, Ubuntu is my favorite, followed by LinuxMint. What's your favorite "flavor" of Linux?

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Microsoft Office for Linux

I heard last week that Microsoft will be porting their popular Office suite to Linux this year. As an avid Linux user, and a firm believer in the free software movement, I must say that this has a certain odor to it. Do we honestly think that a company that has used phrases like "a cancer that infects everything it touches," to describe Linux will just start waving the olive branch and cater to the "cancer" as a valued customer? This peace offering calls to mind a certain wooden horse I think we all know. "either the Greeks are hiding, shut inside those beams, or the horse is a battle-engine, geared to breach our walls, spy on our homes, come down on our city, overwhelm us- or some other deception's lurking deep inside it. Trojans, never trust that horse. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks, especially bearing gifts." One thing is for sure, considering how Microsoft constantly violates the privacy of their customers, rest assured that this horse WILL spy on our homes.

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linux help please?

I want to put linux on my server but don't know wich one i should choose. could someone help me please? with my server, i just basically want to store data and be able to take it out whenever i want, go on the net and run some games for example ceasar IV

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wireless help in linux...

I need some help configuring a netgear wg111 in slax linux....i know that i have to do someting with ndis wrapper, but where i get the .inf files and such, i do not know....any help is much apreciated!

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Linux, ubuntu, and the like

Ok, so I'm tired of my windows system. It is starting to get boring to look at AND VERY VERY CLUTTERED. I would like to switch to ubuntu, but I'm not sure if it will play my windows games that have a lot of code and/or are graphically intensive. I know it has dual boot, and the other thing, but idk if it will play AOE3, Risk, Itunes, Windows Media player, or any of the windows programs. One of the reasons I would like to switch to ubuntu is because they have a download just for media and music production, and me being a wanna be music superstar, that is what I want and/or need right now.

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Talk me into Linux

I've been considering the switch to linux. I have currently loaded SimplyMEPIS onto an old laptop to give it a try, I was impressed. I think I like the Ubuntu Distro a little better but I'm teetering on the edge of a complete switch. I need a push over the edge. My issues at the moment is that the old crapy laptop is just kinda, what I call, my beater book. its the laptop I don't worry about to much and use for word proccesing on the run and simple Internet tasks. SimplyMEPIS works excellent for these purposes. My concern is compatibility with my everyday computer needs....... and my not so ordinary endevors. I would consider myself an Expert when it comes to Windows XP......... a step above Expert if there is such a thing...... I know it inside and out and I can manipulate it like a dirty 5 dollar crack whore. I realize there will be a learning curve but will it be compatible with everything I use in windows? ........ I do a lot of media editing and music recording....... is this a possibility in linux? (I realize Mac pro tools is my overall best option) somebody please convince me to switch beyond a shadow of a doubt. or talk me down from the ledge.

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need linux help

I finally finished downloading Ark Linux Dockyard, but my computer won't boot from the cd drive! I set the BIOS to cd, and set the cd drive to slave, but I can't seem to get the computer to boot from cd! It is an old Gateway E-3000 that ran Windows 98. I have tried to install both Ark Linux and Ubuntu. Please help!

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Linux Install CD?

I have a virtual machine (in sun VirtualBox) with a customized version of ubuntu installed in it. Does anyone know how to turn it into an install CD?

Topic by munchman  

Linux on 1994 laptop?

 I recently acquired a (free!) IBM thinkpad from 1994. I do not have a charger but got it to run by hooking a power supple to where the battery hooks up. The hard drive (a nice roomy 520 megs) does not work, but it does have a working floppy drive. Here is the Question: Is their any type of linux that can can boot from a floppy disk and run on a system like this: 50 mhz processor 20 MB of RAM, previously 4 MB. I found an unused 16 MB card under the floppy drive (?!) If there isn't one you know of, is their any version of MS-DOS that I can boot from a floppy and download for free? Thanks! Update: I found a 2.1 GB HD ($20) online, which could help. I won't order it yet, though.

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Favorite Linux distros?

OK guys- time for your inner Linux zealot to come out!My PC now has two hard disks. One has working installations of XP x64 (with all my games) and Ubuntu 8.04 (with all my media stuff) which I want to leave alone. The other is a blank canvas now I've taken all my files off it, and given I have one disk with my primary OSs on it I'm thinking of chopping the empty one into a number of smaller partitions so I can have a multitude of OSs to choose from. I already know XP (32 bit) and Puppy Linux are going on to it, but I probably don't need another Ubuntu so the rest are up for grabs. Which other distros do people recommend?Criteria: they must:- be free (as in beer, not overly bothered about as in speech)- fit into a roughly 20GB partition (with an external /share for big files)- not mess with my GRUB. I'm primarily thinking of the non-Debian family major distros, but relative unknowns are welcome.Related question- I've got used to installing dual boot XP/Linux, you just install Linux second and GRUB plays nicely with XP, but does anyone have experience dual-booting the Windows 7 Beta? Does its fancy-pants new bootloader have issues that preclude easy dual-boot installs?

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Wireless help in linux? Answered

Ok so, i plugged in ma netgear wg111...i goto connect on the desktop, goto the WAN option (the second icon down) load the module (ive tried both the defualt and the ndis) and put in my password and stuff, and no dice...i think its a problem w/ puppy to my actiontec gt704wg...the wired ethernet works, and i can connect to tinker arount with that (but not with my usb dongle) ....any suggestions...i would really like to use puppy for my sisters laptop and this dongle but this is the only thin stopping me.... :(

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Linux Is The Best OS?

Question by robots199    |  last reply

Linux Terminal Basics

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an instructable teaching the basic the the linux terminal? comments appreciated

Topic by sardines454    |  last reply

fedora linux 9

The red hat linux distribution fedora just came out with version 9!! its code name is here for the details of the new releasei cant wait to get a copy, seeing as i cant seem to find my fedora 8 cd-romfor those of you in canada who want linux, go hereim pretty sure a quick google search will give good sources if your in the states

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Installing Linux on a Windows Notebook? Answered

I found a few year old laptop in our storage unit and it was OK with my dad if I could have it. But I really want the Ubuntu Linux on it. But be warned, when it comes to OS, im a n00b. Any suggestions?

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Any jobs for Linux enthusiasts? Answered

I have used Linux for more than 10 years now and I wonder if there is a niche for people like me working with Linux/Unix machines sort of a computer operator.

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What is the best version of Linux? Answered

I am going to be running a computor on a 8GB flashdrive and I was wondering which version of Linux would be the best to use. I will be using the computor for photo editing, typing documents, and surfing the web.

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Linux help please? MKII Answered

Okay here i am again. on the last question i posted (linux help please) poeple told me to use ubuntu. i tried but it says on the screen: This kernel requiresanx86-64 CPUbut only detected an i686 CPU. unable to boot- please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU. where do i get such a kernel because,maybe i didn't see it but , there are apsolutly no system requirements writen anywere on the linux OR the ubuntu website. and that is for all the os i saw on the linux website. is it so hard to modify a page to put in system requirements??? anyway could anyone show me an os for SERVERS that run on a bi-processor Intel Xeon i686 motherboard? and show me the way to a free disk burner  program to burn bootable disks? best answer to the one who give me an os that works! thanks everyone.

Question by didgitalpunk    |  last reply

Linux on HP iPAQ rx3700

I have just got this little pocket computer, and I am not satisfied with the old windows mobile system on it. That's why I want to install Linux on it, but I haven't been able to find an instruction that would be possible for a software newbie like me.  It's a HP iPAQ rx3700 and I don't care about which Linux edition that is installed on it. All I know is that I have to put some files on the SD card I have - put it in the device - and boot Linux on the device. I hope that it isn't an impossible task :-) PS. A little inspiration..

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Need more linux help!

Ok. my computer boots the install disk, fine. Asks for timezone and language. But when it gets to the partitioning, I get a hole bunch of script that says Logical error 1, Logical error 2, etc. It does this for Ubuntu, Ark Linux, and Mandriva. Help me!

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The Image Uploader hates Linux?

For some reason on the Flash version of the image uploader, I cannot get it to work. I've tested it on Ubuntu 10.04 and Fedora 13, using a combination of Firefox, Chrome and SeaMonkey but it doesn't seem to work. But on my Windows partition it works fine.  So is there any meaning behind the "Server (IO) Error"?

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origional xbox as linux pc?

Is there anyway that you know of to convert an origional xbox to a pc, i have a second HDD the sam type as is in the xbox but i don't know where to get a mod chip or how to install one, also what steps would i need to do to fully convert it into a fully working pc?

Question by The Rusted Workman    |  last reply

You crazy Linux users!

I can't believe what some people will do to try to invent their own OS. Why can't you just stick to UNIX?!?!

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Linux App Install Issues

I've spent most of the afternoon trying to get Supertux 2 (a.k.a. 0.3.1) running on my computer. Put simply, I didn't really get anywhere. The obvious first option for me is Synaptic, but it only had the original 0.1.3 release. So... I've got to try to install something with a command line. Not something I've sucessfully done before. If it helps any, I'm running Knoppix 6 on a cheapo Acer netbook. So... first I got the .tar.bz2 file. easy enough. Uncompressed it. Everything I can find says I'm supposed to only have to use four command-line instructions: cd /home/knoppix/supertux-0.3.1 ./configure make make install but wait... after trying this it became apparent that make wasn't on my system (what kind of system is that?). So, with the help of Synaptic, I got make on there, tried it again, and it still didn't work. After looking at the Supertux docs it turned out it wanted cmake. Well, no problem, right? I've got Synaptic, right? Wrong. The server was down or something and Synaptic couldn't help me. So, I look in the docs again, and it says something called jam is supposed to work in basically the same way. So I get that with Synaptic (successfully), but on the third line ("jam") it it tells me ./Jamconfig: No such file or directory Couldn't find config. Please run 'configure' first. What? What's ./Jamconfig? Didn't I just run configure? I'm clueless. Any idea what's going on here?

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How to partition Windows and Linux?

Okay, on my custom built PC, I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) installed fully on my 1 TB harddrive. What I would like to do is to partition my harddrive with Windows 7. How may I go about doing this. I have never partitioned like this before. I always had Windows previously installed and then used Ubuntu's built-in partitioning option. However, I also know very little about partitioning in general. Can anybody please help me figure this out? It would be MUCH appreciated. (By the way, I would like to allot something like 600 GB to Windows with about 400 GB to Ubuntu)

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Who here runs linux?

Anyone here run linux? If so what kernel? Do you use it a lot? Got any cool apps? I run Ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn.

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Questions About Linux Installation

I have a question about the installation of Ubuntu 7.04. When I installed Ubuntu on my laptop. My hard drives were prepartitioned. When I got to the partition step of installation I just chose to use the separate blank partition. Now heres the question. My friend decided to install Ubuntu on his computer. He has only one drive: C. If he partitions the C drive in linux to make a separate partition for linux will windows be deleted or messed up?

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deleting a linux pen drive? Answered

Ok so through work i got a usb pen that updates a terminal upon insertion. i think it runs linux/unix or something like that im not so technical there. well we were told if we insert it into a windows pc it will mess it up. is this right and is there anyway of wiping the pen drive so i can put normal documents on it?

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help with linux (dual-booting)

I have ubuntu currently installed. it is working fine, its just that i wanna use slackware too, i know that they can be dual booted together and all that fancy stuff. so i guess what i wanna know is how to dual boot them together. and if you could add some pictures that would be a real help. but if you cant than can you make your directions as specific as possible that would work. Thanks.

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What kind of Linux would work on this old hp I found? Answered

 I managed to obtain a working Hp pavilion xt856 with Windows ME. I was hoping to use it as a database to sort my electronic components and to hold files for my electronic projects in my lab.  I've never tried linux but heard it's a good OS for an old computer and i'm willing to try my luck with something new.  After looking around i found some specifications on the computer I also found out that the computer's RAM has been upgraded to 383MB from the 128 standard. Any Help would be appreciated :) 

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C&C RA2 lags in Linux

I have C&C; Red Alert2 installed via WINE, and it played fine but suddenly began lagging unbelievably after a LAN match.

Question by S1ko_shadoe    |  last reply

Whats the best linux os for torrents?

Ive been using ubuntu for day to day activities and i jus wanted to know what would be the best Linux distro for downloading torrents!! Im looking for a quick setup that will be run through web ui. im still pretty new to the linux scene been on and off for about 2years!  So all help appreciated! PS iburst sux for south african users dont subscribe to them bad customer care and billing department.

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Get battery charge level in Linux

I have a small all-in-one motherboard that runs Linux ( It only needs 18V to power up and the battery from my Black and Decker drill is 18V. I am able to get the board  to power on by holding some wires on the leads of the battery. My question is, can Linux detect how much charge is left through a DC jack? Or would that take some extra circuitry? My goal is for the user to see a percentage of battery life left (like on a laptop) and maybe to shut the board down if the charge gets too low. Any advice is appreciated.

Topic by bwallen    |  last reply

wich linux works best on ibook

My school threw away 4 ibooks but i salvaged them from the trash 3 of them just need a OS so what is a good Linux distro for ibooks?

Topic by Tanners    |  last reply

Linux Virtual Machine on Flash Drive? Answered

For a while, I've been trying to figure out a way to run Linux without taking up a lot of hard drive space or deleting my Windows installation. Is it possible to install a virtual machine on a flash drive or USB drive and run it on one computer? Please help! Thank you!

Question by megakacktus    |  last reply

How to Put Linux on a USB flashdrive

Check out my new instructable on putting linux on a flashdrive to take your computer anywhere with you. Don't know what linux is? Read the instructable to find out. Just. Click on this line

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What really happened with Apple and Linux?

                   As a faithful Linux user, I know that I am obligated to disparage and insult Apple every time I receive the opportunity to do so.  What I want to know is why this is so.  I understand the fact that their computers are built really tight and that they (like Microsoft) cater to a market of users that I'm supposed to feel superior to because I can take my computer apart and put it back together.  I generally get a bad, anti-modding vibe from their devices as well.  However, I really have no idea why Apple is so disliked amongst the open-source community.  If anyone could explain what all of this is about (specifically Apple's use of Unix), I would much appreciate it. 

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What is a good PVR program for Linux? Answered

I have a Linux compatible TV card from this computer (WinTV), and I was wondering what good PVR programs there are for Linux (openSUSE). Also, is there a good cable "guide" program out there? (It would be best if the PVR and "guide" programs were combined) Thanks -Shadow Ops P.S. While I'm asking Linux questions, what is a good strong firewall for Linux? I need one for a computer I'm using as a firewall to my router.

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CrunchBang Linux Persistence Help, Please...

I have setup CrunchBang Linux on a flash drive with with persistence setup, but I can't get it to save my changes every time I shutdown. If anyone could help me, that would be great! If you need any additional information about my system or setup/flash drive, feel free to ask me. Thanks to all you Instructablers for everything!

Question by account3r2  

Linux is corrupt! please help [answered]

Linux got corrupt on me when i booted up please help... all i did was originally; try to make a live DVD (openSuS linux) but all my computer did was boot up in Linux mint like normal. i restarted it again, same thing, it started to boot up in mint. but a blank screen came up and it looked like some sort of recovery mode and then tells me I'm missing a file "init= bootary" no init found. try passing init= bootary Busybox v1.15.3 (unbuntu 1:1.15.3-1ubuntu5) built in shell (ash) enter 'help' for a list of commands eventually,after trying out almost every command, i resort to placing the original mint live CD in it, it works, until I try to install the live cd to the hard-drive. i get to a certain point in the install wizard, then it freezes up. PLEASE HELP this is the second time my computer truly upset me!

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Linux Partition? Help me please.

I have an HP Touchsmart Tm2 and I have a pretty decent sized hard drive. I want to partition it so that I can boot either into Win7 or linuxOS of my choice. How do I go about doing this safely and hopefully for free? My computer has been reformatted since I got it so there is none of that evil HP software on it anymore. I have over 400 gig of free space and nothing to fill it with. Please help!

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dell imspiron 2200 umbutu help

I have an old inspiron 2200 i put umbutu linux on but i cant get the wifi card to work anyone got any help thanks

Question by nonamesleft    |  last reply