How to Lit a 1watt LED using a NOKIA charger

I would like to lit 1w Power LED using NOKIA Charger. Mostly, a 1watt Power LED's specification is 3v0~3v4 DC Volts and 350mA Current. Printed specification on Charger Cabinet it is for - Input 100/240v 50~60 Hz…„ Output 5.7v/800mA. For Series Resistor's Value…„ if we calculate upon Ohm's Law - for VoltageSupply, Vs 5.7v…„ ForwardVoltage, Vf 3.3v…„ ForwardCurrent, If 330mA to lit single LED. In Result we can use a Standard Value of Resistor 7.5 Ohm and because of Resistor's Power Dissipation 792 Milliwatts, can use a 1watt. In series I planted 10 Ohm 1w Resistor instead of 7.5Ω. LED lit up in normal. Neither too much nor too little shining. But…„ about two and a half hours later it was flashing. I switched it's off and checked that the charger unit also became hot. Where I made mistake…? Please HELP how to lit this 1watt LED using this NOKIA charger. I also have one another charger with printed specification on cabinet it is for - Input 100~240v 50/60Hz…„ Output 5.2v/400mA. I also want to use this for one another 1watt Power LED to lit. Please help for this too. please ignore my  bad english.

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Get Lit: 10 Great Lamp Instructables

One of the greatest DIY projects to try out is the lamp. Everyone can use a good lamp or two and here are ten different approaches to bringing light to the darkness. Redo the ideas exactly, tweak them, or even mash them up. As long as the result lights up your life and makes you happy it'll be worth the effort. Mad Scientists Light by tim-1138 The perfect touch for that lab you've been dreaming of putting together. Japanese lamp from recycled materials by PKM Put a bit of scrap materials together in this clever way and you'll be able to add a touch of class to your den. Big lamps from Ikea lampan lamps by daan These lamps are quite plain on their own, but start putting them together and you can make something amazing. Universal lamp shade polygon building kit by dan This classic Instructable uses only one cutout shape to create and extraordinarily wide array of lamp shapes. Geometric Cut Paper Table Lamp by drips Start cutting up paper to create a lamp and you'll soon see that the possibilities are endless. Keep experimenting with shapes and sizes to get the light you want. Paper Wall Lamp by naedhi One string of rope lights and a slick use of paper to diffuse the light creates a nice modern lamp. Again, you can tweak the design however you want. RGB Color Controllable High Power LED Room + Spot Lighting by dan Want some bright lights and the power to create whatever color you want? Then take the plunge into high power LEDs and see how much fun you can have. Small eco-footprint living room light by marc_alain Instead of just saying it's green, this Instructable even provides a life cycle analysis. Either way, the lamp itself looks good enough to build even if it wasn't super efficient. Audio Visual Art....FOTC Style by scooter76 Make some art and light up the room at the same time. Don't care much for the New Zealand duo? Then put whatever you want on there. Night Stand Charging Station Lamp by drocko Function meets more function with this lamp that does double duty as a charging station for all your electronic gizmos.

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LED-lit K'Nex rollercoaster

Check out this Flickr image of a long exposure LED K'Nex rollercoaster. the author:Well I got a K-NEX roller coaster for Christmas, and for fun I disassembled one of the cars and mounted an LED light on it. I then set my camera to do a 15 second exposure and TA-DA!Trainman, this is perfect for your stuff!via Evil Mad Scientist.

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LED lit knex target

Besides the name this has nothing to do with music. most people on instructables has well found out that there are two main groups of people on insructables( but there are a lot of people that like other things!). knex lovers and LED lovers(or electronic lovers). well i am a big fan of both and i found a way to combine them into one insructable. its a knex terget that light up using LEDs when you shoot it! i will post pics of it but i am having a hard time geting a good pic of it( you can only see the LEDS in a pic when it is dark and you can only see the knex when it is light.

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Lit bubble columns/bubble wall

I've been looking at these awesome bubble columns that are so wretchedly expensive and dying to get one for my office. Note, I am sure they are worth every penny, but I have few pennies. For the link-phobic, a bubble column is a clear tube several feet tall with an aerator making bubbles and multi-coloured lights from beneath the column. Some columns are interactive and others have plastic fishies or balls that sail around inside.  There is also a space-saving "bubble wall" that only runs 1L of water.  Anyone even have a clue as to where to start? No pics, sorry, I didn't want to pull them off the website. 

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Pedal Power LED lit night soccer

My school entered into a "pedal power video" competition, the challenge was to make a video showing how to use alternative sources of energy, so my school had a soccer game at night where we California air tools 10020c lit the field up using pedal power and generators. This was done by attaching a belt to the back wheel of a bike and hooking it up to a treadmill motor working in reverse for power. Enjoy!

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Pedal Power LED lit night soccer!

Hello,My school entered into a "pedal power video" competition, the challenge was to make a video showing how to use alternative sources of energy, so my school had a soccer game at night where we lit the field up using pedal power and generators. This was done by attaching a belt to the back wheel of a bike and hooking it up to a treadmill motor working in reverse for power. Enjoy!thanksiosman

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Using Edge-lit LCD's LED array

Hi everyone! Recently, a friend of mine managed to crack the LCD of his laptop. While he got a replacement, I took his old LCD screen apart and salvaged the LED array which edge-lit the screen. Now my question is, is there a way I can power this on? There's no information printed on the LED array about its power requirements and I'm looking for any hints / clues I can get. I've attached a few closeups of the LED array, hope to get a lead on this. Thanks in advance!

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First U.S City To Be Lit With 100% LEDs

"Ann Arbor is on its way to being the first U.S. city to light up its downtown with 100% LED-based streetlights. The city expects to install more than 1,000 LED streetlights beginning next month. The city anticipates a 3.8-year payback on its initial investment."Read More...Kudos to you, Ann Arbor!

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Pedal Power LED lit night soccer!

My school entered into a "pedal power video" competition, the challenge was to make a video showing how to use alternative sources of energy, so my school had a soccer game at night where we lit the field up using pedal power and generators. This was done by attaching a belt to the back wheel of a bike and hooking it up to a treadmill motor working in reverse for power. Enjoy!

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amount of wind (input) = number of LEDs Lit?

Good afternoon, Im making an exhibition piece that will have children working a set of bellows that are connected to a (pretend) blacksmiths forge. What I need to represent is the more the bellows are pumped the more the "embers" will glow. Im thinking a turbine tachometer that leads to an LED driver set to display as Bar so the faster the turbine spins the more LEDS are lit, or they trigger a series of LEDs to light (this thing has to get pretty bright not sure one LED per step will do it. Trouble is im good with the theory and pretty good with the practical its just the technical that is letting me down. If anyone could see there way to giving this some thought and maybe doodling a circuit diagram / shopping list that would be awesome. You can checkout some of the other things if made here

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looking for a fake fire...LED lit perhaps

Hi all, new here but love everything I'm looking at here. Great ideas. I'm a Halloween fan, and build my own Halloween props. Right now I have built some cemetery fence columns, and I want to put a fake electric fire on top somehow. I have a plastic candy dish with light up eyes, and I want to have an electric/battery powered flame for the top of it, something that will show up really well at night. Real fire would be good, but I don't want to melt anything. The first image is my column, the second image is what I'm looking for, I just don't want to spend $60 on a couple of them, I would prefer to build them myself. Hopefully someone will give me some ideas....thanks

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anybody know how to keep a lit gas from lighting the gas in a fuel tank? I'm building a hydrogen stove or burner.

I need to keep the lit hydrogen from lighting the compressed tank of hydrogen. The only things between the burner and the tank is a hose and a valve.

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Lights inside glass block

I have painted several glass blocks for a craft show.  When I put the lights inside and turn the block back over, all the lights fall right to the bottom of the block and the top of the block is not lit.  I see yours are lit and most of the ones I see are lit up top.  I tried glue dots which only stuck to my nails instead of the glass block.  Any suggestions?

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need help with an led string for a lit up version of cornhole.

I'm trying to build a lit up version of cornhole using plexiglass. I'll need a string of 140 something led lights on one circuit, for the outer perimeter. they just need to be lit solid and hopefully be able to be powered by a battery. then I'd like to have another string that will operate when triggered by a bag that goes in the hole. I want them to strobe leading up to the hole with 27 leds running up, then a group of leds going around the hole operating as the last running light. these would operate only after someone scores. I know next to nothing i need to know in order to accomplish this. Does anyone have any advice for the 140 something string first? Probably best I start with the easy stuff. I need a lot of help here, but I'll really appreciate it. When I say I need a lot of help I mean, I even forgot the basics as in resistors and voltages. I'm using 5mm leds with a max current of 20mA Continuous, 50mA peak for 10% Pulse Width.

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DIY Edge-Lit Display, Lynne Bruning, Digital Holga Lens

DIY Edge-Lit Display Featured Author: Lynne Bruning Digital Holga Lens Filtered Pet Water Bowl A Simple Steam Engine USB Dongle Waveguide Unique String Art Paracord Earbud Sleave Father's Day Make a Cross from a Coin Wind Turbine from Scrap Wireless Hexapod Robot USB Tester Arduino 3-Axis CNC Wiring Building a Better Stirling Engine

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Light acrylic edges from top instead of edges?

I know plexiglass can be lit from the edges using LEDs, but I'm trying to create something where all 4 edges of a square piece of plexiglass are lit. Is there a way to light the edges from the top/bottom of a piece of plexiglass?

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Blue LED ciruit

I am attempting to make this device pictured here. I am looking for someone with a knowledge of LED circuits to help me develop the board used to power the 6 flashing blue LEDs which, when first switched on has LED number 1 lit, then when a non-locking button is pushed the 2nd LED lights and flashes with the first still lit and flashing, and so on until all 6 LEDs are lit. When finally the non-locking switch is pushed all 6 LEDs are switched off? Is this possible. I'm new here and would appreciate any help you could offer. Thank you

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How do LEDs evenly backlight an LCD screen?

Perhaps I'm not entering the right search parameters into Google. I'd love to know how LEDs are used to evenly backlight LCD screens, like those used in computer monitors and TVs. How do they achieve even brightness over such a large area? Are the screens edge-lit or lit from behind? Are special lenses required?

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How would I get LEDs to light up one after the other and stay lit? Answered

I wanna get a few LEDs to light one after another and stay lit until the power is switched off....this is for a computer case im building, if anyone can tell me how to do this or something i can get that already has this effect please tell me, thank you :).

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Power amp clipping problem?

I recently bought a Pyramid PTA150 1500 watt power amp, and its clipping led's always seem to be lit when my mixer is set to half volume or higher, even when the amp is unplugged. Could they be powered from the input voltage when it is high enough? Is it bad to push my amp when they are lit? and it has a high volume cooling fan so I dont think it will overheat when pushed.?

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Hypnotic ...

You're loading up a bunch of images into your library ... that waiting thing appears ... you stare at the middle of the gif thing ... it goes round ... and round ... and suddenly it gains a lit-up section!

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Lighting a background surface

 Hello everyone,  I've been looking for options to light a surface for a garment.  I would like to obtain some sort of EL panel effect with something simpler.  I have never worked with EL panels, and they seem really complicated to use for me. Is there anything I can use to make a surface lit?  Is it possible to have a surface of 10 x 15 inches lit, that's portable without huge amounts of power? Thank you for your help. All the best,  Jen.

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This is some of my breadboard circuits. I just got it in the mail so this is my first project. Its not supposed to be anything it just looks cool when its lit up.

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Old LCD Monitor converted to a light panel - how do I keep it lit?

I picked up an Acer LCD monitor that has a fault in the panel. I've stripped the panel off and want to use the remaining LED-lit screen and diffusers as an illumination panel. The panel turns on fine, but when the control board senses that there is no video source attached, it shuts the backlight down. Is there a way of 'spoofing' an input (it has VGA and HDMI ports) so that the control board thinks a monitor is connected and keeps the backlight on?

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Katy Perry shows off LED dress

Illuminated clothing has popped up several times here on Instructables. There's the turn signal jacket, EL wire, and Fire Skirt just to name a few. Now the lit up look is getting even more attention with Katy Perry sporting an LED-lit dress made by CuteCircuit. I wonder who will turn up in some bright outfit next? Katy Perry rocks a CuteCircuit (‘wearable technology’) LED dress

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Really Cool, Solar Powered, Balloon Carried, LED Lit, GPS Tracked Project

Hey everyone! I have this pretty sick idea for a project, but I need some help with the details. Basically, it's a cube tied to a balloon, and inside the cube, there is a GPS device, back up batteries, LEDs (sticking out through the sides), a noise maker (the one from Make Magazine #14, will explain later), a cell phone, a cell phone charger, and instructions. Also, I will hope to have the cube be solar powered. So, what I will do is send off the balloon with cube attached, and the wind will hopefully bring it to someone, but if it doesn't, not to worry, the LEDs and noise machiche will catch peoples attention. When someone finds it, they will read the instructions, and continue the chain. Here is what I need help with, having basically no electronics skill: 1: Where can I purchase balloons that are really thick? 2: How will I make the cube waterproof? 3: Right now, I'm pretty sure that the smallest trackable GPS device is a cell phone (being tracked by Mologogo). Is there anything smaller/easier? 4: Would a solar panel be able to power everything in the cube? 5: How can I wire it so the batteries can power the cube when there is insufficent light, and the solar panel can charge the batteries when there's light? 6: How do I put it together? 7: Is there anything I'm overlooking? 8: How's your day going?

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I have 55 volts, will a 56k Resistor be safe to light an LED?

Is this right? General LED needs to be lit, just wondering if this is the right value.

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acer 1716 lcd monitor

I have an acer 1716 lcd monitor that powers on ok but the screen flickers a couple of times and then just stays lit with no display signal when plugged into computer. any ideas?

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instant ice?

i watched a 3 minute clip on utube where a glass of water was pplaced on a table. next...salt was sprinkled into the water. then a straw was lit, placed into the water and removed after a few seconds. the water turned into ice. is this a camera trick or true

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Should a barbecue burner be made out of copper pipe? Will it release toxic fumes when lit?

I've replaced my bbq grill burners with some i made out of copper pipe.  Is it safe to use copper as burner material?

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can anyone tell me how to make lite up house numbers?

I want to know if anyone knows how to make a lit up house number w/ or without 110v

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will this work? - pyrotechnical ideas

I was wondering - What would happen if I lit a book of paper matches on fire? wood matches? How could i use this to start off an explosive reaction? can fire launch a model rocket engine?

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i cant get a video signal on my hacked camcorder CRT?

Im trying to make a night vision scope and i cannot get the video on my screen i can get it lit but thats about it 

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LED connection

I am doing a school project. I am charging 4 aa batteries(Ni-Mh 800mAh) with a solar panel.I want to lit 3mm white LED with the battery. how many LED I can connect to this batteries and did I need to use a resistance?

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How can I fix my machine?

I just bought a second hand F&P top loader washing machine. It works but it seems to be on Time delay as I left it on for an hour or more and it started? Any suggestions? The delay lights aren't lit ????

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Trouble with LM317?

Im having trouble in finding a heatsink for an LM317M chip and was looking for suggestions on where to find one that would be good for it. this is the datasheet for the should be the DCY Package (top view)

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Electronic Circuit- Help

Hello,My name is Daniela, I'm student and I need help to anyone who can help me :DProject goal: Control the temperature inside a closed chamberI need help to connect the all components and I don't know how because I'm new in this . I don't know how to amplify and to maintain the current, voltage so as to the whole circuit should work, what value is need for resistance, capacitors and other necessary components.I use a launchpad MSP-EXP430FR4133. I prefer to use power supply 3.3V (not 5V). To amplify the voltage I use a DC Boost Converter 2A power supply module MT3608 where the module output voltage can be adjusted.The temperature sensors it for hot side and cold side of Peltier element. A good size to have on the hot side is about 3 times as big a heatsink than on the cold side to don't find that both sides are getting hot. I have attached below a Block diagram, a List of Components, Description and What it looks like the final project. Please help me :D :) Datasheet: MSP-EXP430FR4133 : FAN-BM5115-04W-B50-L00 : : LM35DZ/NOPB : LMT86LP : TMP112AIDRLT : TEC-40-33-127 : MT3608 :

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Theme Park Holiday Light Effect

Hi, I work for a small theme park. A third party company built one of our new holiday displays.  It consists of 45 large 'ornaments ', each lit with an AC bulb. I've been asked to provide a way to control each one independently and create a pattern which will repeat.  Sometimes only one bulb is lit and sometimes up to 7 are on at the same time.  The problem is I'm looking at 45 AC plugs!  My thinking is to buy 45 solid state relays. Then can I hook them up to an Ardiuno? I know very little about Ardionos. Which model and how many? I would truly appreciate it if someone could help me get started. Thank you

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Just to make sure! 30A to charge battery?

Hey! I have an old home alarm system which is broken beyond repair. I just wanted to make sure if it is OK to charge the 12v battery at 2.1 or2.4 Ah with an ATX PSU at 30A? Will the battry just take 2A from it? If not I have the transformer that came with the Alarm, would that be safe to charge with? It's 12v BTW. Thanks. Never can be too careful. Also, I'm using it on a scanner light tube, this will be fine, yes? I have the starter, it is not a problem. It's weird though, when it is lit, you can pull out the ground on the light tube, not the starter and ut still stays lit. Weird. Thanks in advance!

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Basic LED swticher

Hello instructable forum. I had a qick question about a project I'm thinking of doing. So I wanted to make a poker table. I know how I'm going to do that, but I wanted to make a built-in dealer chip. So I was planning to put 8 LEDs (One for each station/person) And at one station there would be an Push button. I want one LED to be lit up at a time, and when the button is pushed, I want the power to transfer to the LED to the right of where it previously was. Again: I only want ONE LED to by lit at a time. I'll include a basic pitcure for a visual. I think I'll need a demultiplexer and a counter, but not too sure how to use them. thanks, Jusstice  

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Sky Lantern

Has anyone built anything like this, or know of an instructable that could help to design something like these floating, hot air balloons that are popular in Thailand?I am looking for, in particular, the method of obtaining or creating the fire-proof paper or fabric that is used for the balloon itself. Also of interest is the object at the opening of the balloon that is lit and provides the heat. It doesn't look like a small candle, like I thought it might be. But rather, it's a small pad, about the size of a note card (3x5") that is flammable and completely burns. I think I could figure out the metal loop and bamboo skewer cross-bracing that holds the base of the balloon open and that holds the lit pad in place.You may send responses to my email, as well...uncleplayground (at) yahoo (dot) comThanks!Sky Lantern

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gas wall heater

The pilot light will not stay lit? i have replaced the "generator " which is what they call it rather then a thermo coupler . wondering if i should pull the gas valve ? I'm not exactly sure on how the generator keeps the pilot gas on? anyone have any ideas?

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XML Controlled Lights

I am looking to build a 3 light "stop light" setup that could be controlled by XML. ..  something like the below.  Where whichever of the 3 fields has the "Y" that is which light would be lit up.  It can be desktop sized, but any help would be appreciated!! Y N N

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fixing display on cell phone

I have 2 flip cell phones.(motorola and sony ericcson). i dropped both of them and now the display will light up as usual; however i cannot read or see anything but a blank lit up display. is there anyway to fix the inside display on cell phones?

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Powering a 16x2 LCD Screen? Answered

Hey all I am relatively new to the Arduino platform and learning as I go. I have a 16x2 LCD screen that I am trying to learn how to use. I hooked my positive lead to pin 2 and the Ground to pin1 and nothing lit up. I then hooked a potentiometer up to pin 3 to try and adjust the contrast still nothing lit up. Does this mean my LCD screen is broken? I haven't sent any code to it so I am not expecting it to "say" anything, but i thought when the power was on it would at least light up? Please let me know if i need todo anything else to make it light up or if I need to buy a new LCD. Thanks!

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Can I replace a 3V watch type battery with two 1.5V AA batteries? Answered

I'm building an edge lit card like the one in the link, but in a frame. I have an LED that came with one of those LED "candles" but it's powered by a 3V watch battery. I want to use the LED and noise circuit, which makes the LED flicker, from the candle and attach it to a solar panel I got from an LED garden light and 2 AA batteries. Can I just hook it up to the LED or do I need a resistor? Shoud I hook it up in series or parallel? How should I hook up the solar panel to charge the batteries? It's similar to a sun jar principal. Thanks.

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Delay before each led lights ?

I'm using: 12V supply, 3mm or maybe 5mm blue leds 3.1v (20mA) (288 pcs) 470ohm(?) resistors(288pcs) I want one led to light and stay lit, then I need a 6 hundredths of a second delay before 2nd led lights and stays lit then delay and  third light, and so on, and so on. All lights to remain on  as it goes... and until completed... then all off in order to begin a new cycle. (Approximate cycle time is 20 sec to light all 288 leds) Trying to create the illusion of handwriting with leds.What capacitors and other resistors do I need to cause the delays?  Wiring diagram plz. I'm a newbie. What size Fuse and its location? Thanks for not slapping me around to much. And thanks for helping.

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my camcorder doesnt have 0-lux capability, but sees the infared bulb lit, but not the light it emits, what is it seeing? Answered

My camcorder is a vixia hv30 and it can sense the strobe of an infared source (ie the tv remote) but not the light it emits. is there an invisible light source i can use with this camera?

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