nds lite not working

I have a nds lite console but i have been having problems with it STARTS UP READS THE GAMES,PLAYS A GAME BETWEEN 5 -30 MINS BEFORE FREEZIING, THEN CRACKLING COMES FROM THE SPEAKERS can you tell me whats wrong with it

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The Nintendo DS Lite

I am absoloutly thinkin' the DS look so damn fun! I just wanna hear your veiws on the cool looking handheld. Have you got one? Do you like it/ why? Best game? Why is it good? Best color to get it in? P.S - I so wanna get one!!!!

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Ultimate Frisbee Lite.

Ultimate Frisbee rules run to twenty pages, so I came up with this for my classes. I thought I'd share it, but I couldn't see the point in posting an Instructable when my school's rules require written permission from every parent involved before pictures of kids go online, so I just took advantage of Rachel fixing the topic-posting bug. Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Lite (“Indoor Lite”) 1. The play's the thing: all players and observers must keep to The Spirit Of The Game. Teams shoukd self-referee. If any dispute requires a decision by a bystander or observer, that decision is binding. 2. The game may be played with and disc agreed upon by both team captains. 3. Teams of up to 8, with a maximum of 5 players on the field. 4. The game continues for either an agreed length of time, or to an agreed score (for example, “first to five”). 5. Before play, team captains agree the end zones and playing field, and choose ends to defend. An indoor game has no “out of bounds”, and play continues as normal if the disc bounces off walls, ceiling or fixtures in the room. 6. When the opposing team gains possession of the disc, it is called a turnover. 7. Ultimate is non-contact sport – intentional obstruction of, or contact with another player will result in a turnover. If a turnover is the result of a rule-break, the disc is handed to the nearest opposing player. 8. At the start of play, each team gathers in their end zone. One captain throws the disc towards the opposing team. Nobody may enter the playing field until the disc passes the half-way mark. 9. A point is scored when the disc is caught in (or above) the opposing team's end zone. 10. After a point is scored, all players return to their own end-zone, and the player who caught the disc to score the point throws the disc to re-start the game. 11. A player in possession of the disc may not move, but may pivot on one foot. “Travelling” results in a turnover. 12. The player in possession of the disc must throw the disc within five seconds – any near-by player may count to five out loud. Holding the disc past five seconds is a turnover. 13. If the disc hits the ground, possession passes to whichever team did not touch it last – if team A throws it and nobody catches it, team B gain possession. If team A throw the disc, team B block its flight and it then hits the ground, then team A regains possession. If team A throw the disc, but team B catch the disc in the air, team B gains possession and play continues. 14. If two players catch the disc, whoever caught it first gains possession. If two players catch the disc simultaneously, a single round of rock, paper, scissors determines possession. 15. Unlimited substitutions may be made after any point is scored. House Rules. Because Indoor Lite can be played in a wide range of venues, typically school gyms or halls, some “house rules” may be developed, such as “if the disc goes through the basket ball hoop, that's a point as well” or “if the disc falls behind the vaulting horse, possession turns over and everybody goes back to their ends to start play again”. Before play begins, any new or visiting players must be made aware of the house rules. I also blogged this.

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Garden solar lites

Where can you buy ni-cd AA400 600-900mAh batterys ???

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How can I rename a DS lite?

I have been given a DS Lite. How can I rename it

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replace the on off switch on a nintendo ds lite..?

Just replaced the touch screen on my daughters ds lite.. all seemed well until whilst trying to put the case back on i broke off the tag on the switch.. can someone advise me on how easy it is to replace the switch.. thanks fat fingers..

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Ds lite keeps switching on and off within seconds

I have just changed my boys bottom ds lite screen, now testing! but now green light comes on for seconds then goes straight off, so it wont power up. help

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is there any way to play gameboy color games on a DS lite?

I have a bunch of GBC games, and i would like to be able to play them on my DS lite. Any ideas?

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I have replace the shell of our nintendo lite and now the top screen isn't working. Any ideas why?

Any ideas why the top screen of the nintendo lite isn't working after I replaced the housing?

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NDS-Lite shuts off randomly, sometimes 2 minutes working fine and sometimes 10 minutes then shuts off.

My NDS Lite shuts itself off at random intervals, it can run for 5 minutes very well then it shuts off, other times 1 minute before shut down, it does this randomly, can anyone suggest a solution?

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ive a ds lite which switches on showing the green light but wont power up the fuses and battery seem ok screens inop?

Ds lite has suffered a broken hinge ,green light shows but it wont power up fuses and battery seem ok also it charges up ok

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bought a tocco lite but can't watch you tube clearly. do i need to do something or is the phone just rubbish?

 The phone came with the You Tube "app" but  when i select a video, it plays but is blurred. Do i need to do something or throw it away?

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What repair does my ds lite need? The problem is with the bottom screen when playing any puzzle solving game Answered

The screen rolls so it shows the top of the page along the bottom at the same time (like an old tv when the vertical hold goes) The words jump till you can't read them and the screen goes a greenish color. This started as an occasional problem but always corrected its self but it is now constant. I can still play the likes of Lara Croft with only the odd bit of trouble which sorts its self.

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Is there a way to replace the prongs that read your cards?

My DS lite wont read games. I think one of the prongs is messed up.

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isnt powering on?

Have replaced a ds shell, but the power button dosnt work it feels as if it should have grip of something as it feels to free,?

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dsl is turn on and screen is also on for a second and then goes off ?if i open all the way it works fine.

My nintedo dsl lite is turn on and screen is also on for a second and then goes off . if I open it all the way it click and works fine then if i turn the screen little bit down it turn off.please let me know what i should do? I open the bottom of the nds but i scared to pull out the cable.? please explain me how to pull out that big cable

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help do i have water damage?

I can't tell if i have water damage i let someone use it and now it doesn't work.. it turn orange when i plug it in but won't turn it on..

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nds lite p6 clip?

I need a diagram to a Plastic Nintendo ds lite retainer clip (p6) or another way to keep the ribbion to p6 connector down eg. glue? bubba d.

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Nintendo DS Lite Not Working

So, I have had my Nintendo DS Lite for a few years and used to play it a lot until 2011-2012. I finally decided to start playing it again a few days ago when it stopped working. I know it isn't dead because I charged it completely before trying to use it. When I turn it on, the green light turns on but the screen remains black. Also, the screen has turned on once or twice but it's currently not working.

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LED Lite String Question?

So I have these cool LED Xmas lite strings which have 20 LEDs and run off of 3xAA batteries. Within the battery pack, where the power switch is, is a single resistor, 5.1 ohms (green / brown / gold / gold). I want to splice on another length of 20 LEDs to the existing set but would like to run all 40 off of the original 3xAA battery configuration. Do I just divide the resistor rating in half since I doubled the load (work being done) ? The project needs to conserve space, which is why I'm not using both battery packs.

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Luminodot: Next Gen Lite Brite

The humble Lite-Brite has long been overdue for a modern reboot. We made our own Giant Lite-Brite, but Bandai is now coming out with the Luminodot which has a 70x50 grid, closely packed lights, and the ability to animate the backlight. The cost is $100 and sadly it's only available in Japan. Link

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Want to know how to repair DS Lites?

Do you have a ds lite that doesn't turn on at all? does your ds try to turn on but a screen flashes then it turns off? Does it not charge at all? are games not recognised? No sound? Mic not working? Do you feel you can do repairs successfully if you had the know how? Then email me.  dslrepairman@hotmail.co.uk

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my nintendo ds lite does not power up.

It has a new battery, the red light turns on after being plugged in but shuts off after a few seconds?

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DS lite does not recognize games in either slot?

I replaced the bottom touch screen following videos and instructables. It works perfectly. Now the unit does not recognize any game in either slot. What could be wrong? How do I fix?

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bought a brand new DS LITE but its not charging at all

The orange light does not come on and there is no other sign of the battery being charged. It has never been used

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hi,just need to know if i can fix my daughters ds lite.

Hi,i need to know if it is possible to fix my daughters ds lite,she dropped it in water. i dried it out and it now turns on and you can hear the sounds but the screen is blank.She had only had it fot 2 weeks so i realy do not want to have to replace it.hope you can help?

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Nintendo DS lite - bottom screen shows only top half (bottom half mirrors top half).

However, touch items on bottom half (that I can't see) still work, e.g., settings. Recalibrating touch screen does nothing. Do I need a new touch screen, LCD screen or both? Or can I fix this another way?

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I'm thinking about buying a DS

 I'm thinking about buying a DS Lite but I was wondering if I should wait till the DSi XL comes out and hope for a DS LIte price drop.  Does anyone know if this will happen or not? Thanks

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Nintendo DS will not turn on, it got wet?

My Nintendo DS Lite got wet and now when plugged into the charger i just get the orange charge light on and nothing else, it wont even power up. Can anyone help PLEASE?

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I have become the proud (?) owner (co-owner) of a....

My wife bought the thing (DS Lite) on Ebay at about a $40 discount......well, so far it works....she got it to do the Brain Age games. Opinions, comments, over-ripe tomatoes, welcome :-)

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just a thought... (ds projector)

Just a thought i had when i saw all of these led projectors on here. and then i saw a ds sitting on the table then i though, what if there was a such a thing as a ndsl projector?! how i believe it would be contructed, at  least the case anyways, would be to detach the top screen from the bottom. then to use the screen as you would any other in a diy projector, keeping in mind that it has to stay connected to the ds. then build half a ds arcade stand for the ds, and build the rest of the projector. would this be plausible? or would it be impossible?

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Da-lite Silver-lite manual projector screen: Repair help!

So today I totally scored at Goodwill with not one but TWO projector screens!  One is your typical matte white but the other is a silver screen by Da-lite!  (well, both are da-lite) And I was DALITEd (see what I did there?) to find them so cheaply!  So purchased them I did.  But getting home I discovered the silver screen projector (the case a beautiful teal color!) had some rips.  Luckily not across the main viewing portion but along the rails that A-roll it up and B-keep it from going into the case.  I managed to fix the tears along B but A I'm aware has some sort of tension spring dohickey that is only kept wound by the end caps!  And to fix that tear I'll definitely have to completely disassemble the thing.  (to fix the tears I've used a combination of hand sewing and shoe-goo on the underside, since it repairs vinyl.) I can't quite find a repair/replace/fix guide that even comes close.  I was hoping to come across a guide replacing the material at least but that was a no-go.  Closest thing I found was to carefully take off the ends and with the screen rolled up screw back one end (left) and wind the rod back with the other (right) before screwing it back in.  Guide didn't really specify my model though or even go into detail about the specific tension mechanism, so I'm doubtful at best on wanting to try it out. (and heaven forbid lose a finger!)  Not to mention mine pulls up instead of pulls down, so orientation seems like a toss up. Anyone have any suggestions for a DIY approach to this?

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Nintendo ds-ds lite-dsi.

Nintendo ds, ds lite and dsi. What do you think? Which one is the best?

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How to fix a Wet Nintenod DS lite?

My son dropped soda on he's DS lite, I power it down and removed the battery as quick as possible and wait for 3 days but now only turns the green light for a second beeps and flashes the top screen at the same time and then the green light turns off nothing else happens, I replaced the battery with my daughters DS with same result could anybody advice if this can be repaired or is it just better to keep it for parts? Thanks you guys!!

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ds lite wont recognise there is a game card in slot. even if i remove it.

My new ds lite doesnt register the game card is in the slot. I have tried all my games, even wiggled them and nothing? anybody know what to do. I tried blowing in the area where the games go.

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She was playing with it then turned it off and it would not power back on.

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DS Lite turns on, BUT, Both Screens Turn Red...Please, would someone HELP ME?

I think my daughter dropped her DL LIte and now when you turn it on, both screens turn red. The volume still works and it does turn on and stay on. I do hear something loose inside, but I do not have the right tool to look inside to see what it might be. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this and can help me out here?

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Anyone know how to make a Nintendo Ds Lite wifi booster? Answered

something like a parabolic reflector would work, tinfoil solutions are OK.

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can you put dsi ware on a ds lite?

Hi (again :P), I am wondering if it is possible to put dsi ware on a ds lite, more specifically, flipnote.  Any help would be great! Thanks in advance! :D

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Peggy: Like Lite-Brite with LEDs

Evil Mad Scientist has been really putting out the LED projects lately. They were selling a Mooninite kit, then they had pink LEDs (yum), and now they have info on how to make Peggy, an LED display where you simply plug them in and watch them glow. This 25 x 25 grid allows you to worry about what image you want to glow instead of how they're going to be wired up. Evil Mad Scientist page

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Free Game: Nuke Ladder LITE

Here is a free Game Nox game. Nuke Ladder LITE. The full version hasn't been realesed yet.

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nintendo ds lite has shaky screen?

I have a nintendo ds lite and the bottom screen is now shaking is this fixable and if so what part would i need

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nintendo ds lite help please

Well, recently my DS's hinge cracked (just a tiny bit) now 5 times out of 7 the screens won't turn on

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