Kitty Litter Bucket Group/Sites/Ideas???

Does anyone know if there are any groups are sites that promote/share ideas for reusing Kitty Litter Buckets?  Maybe it's because we have four cats, but I find new uses for those things Buckets all the time!  I'd like to see some more varied ideas and uses...  and I had a hard time finding any 'inspiration' when I came up with the idea to use them for shelving.  Keep sharing those ideas to reuse!! Peace, Love and Joy Funcky

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Has any body built a self cleaning litterbox? Answered

 I've never actually seen one of the commercially available ones. could somebody tell me how they work and maybe even send me a picture of two of the working parts? I'm sure I don't want to spend what they cost, plus from the repair ibles, I gather they don't work great anyway.  I'm imagining they have some type of motorized sifter. What I wonder is how the screen or fingers or whatever get back through the litter to the bottom to reset for the next time. Or doesn't it even work that way?

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Can someone tell me how to make a litter box? Answered

It is for my cat in my room. I do not want to get up and step in a pile of litter. Also, ideas for a feed bowl, water bowl, or bed? I might get a kitten soon.....

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What is a good clay based cat litter to mix with water to form clay?

I have heard that some clay cat litters can be mixed with water to form mouldable clay but other clay litters are treated so that they dont break down and mix with water to form clay, Whats a good brand to make clay from?

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what are some ways I can 'dog proof' my cat litter boxes? Answered

 I have several indoor rescue cats so I need many boxes.  Even with daily cleaning, the dogs still manage to find those tasty 'snacks'. With many cats, the box needs to be easy to clean but still hard for the dogs to get into. The dogs are a 90lb Bernese Mountain Dog and a 9lb Chinese Crested

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Silica pearls - what can I use them for? Answered

Have bought 6 kilos of a kitty-litter which boasts it is made of silica pearls. It looks like and reacts like the stuff in those little bags you find in packages that says "Do not eat". What evil deeds can I use this for?

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littermaid litter box help, PLEASE

My littermaid litter box rake won't go back to the start. how do i fix this?

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Wifi litter box pooper scooper

Hello! I have a cute little Boston Terrier pup whom I've named Penny. Most of the day she has to spend indoors while I'm at work. I've trained her to use a litter box and she uses it regularly. However, if there is too much poop in the box, she won't use it. I'm wondering if there is a neat tech way to use the internet to control a robotic arm, with a video feed, to pick up the poo, and drop it in a waste bin. I'm thinking about some something like a wifi claw game that I can operate remotely, either from my computer at work, or on my iPhone.

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Cheap cat-daddy - what can I use instead of store-bought cat litter for finicky spoiled cats who insist on clay litter?

I'm getting sick of paying for basically dirt so my cats can poop in pleasure. Any suggestions. BTW, they refuse to use the green stuff or the newspaper stuff. They're all three around 13-14 years old, so they pretty much own my wife and me. I just want to spend less money to serve my masters.

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Does anyone know how to build a dog proof kitty litter box? I don't want the dogs to be able to get to it!

I need a little box that the dogs can't push aside and stick their head into, something they can't manage to paw at to get their head into the "kitty treats."   I have seen a wooden box with a top you can swing open that looks like a maze inside.  It was on an exclusive pet website and too expensive for cheap!!

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Where to buy citrus peel in bulk?

Remember that orange peel cat litter that was briefly on the market about three years ago? The cats hated the stuff, but oh how it worked in the bunny's litter box. I want to buy orange peel in bulk, since the litter company appears to have gone under. But I don't want the fancy pants potpourri or medicinal or culinary stuff. The bunny won't come in direct contact with the litter, so such properties do not matter. Citrus peel + baking soda = best DIY bunny litter. Any suggestions of websites where I could order such citrus peel would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

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Teach a cat to use a litter tray? Answered

I have two kittens that were using the litter tray, but for some reason they have now decided that the cold tiles under the toilet are a better place to relieve themselves. I am not enjoying cleaning up the mess. Does anyone know how I can stop them from using the floor and continue to encourage them in using their trays........

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how can I make a bucket cover for the cat litter buckets?

I have found bucket covers but they are for round buckets. Does anyone have a nice cover for the cat littler buckets?

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How to get my cat to get in the litter pan all the way?

My cat is a 19 year old neutered male has suddenly started getting into the litter pan only partially with the business end hanging out. As result he sprays the floor.

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Lame Slideshows

The increased visibility/accessibility of the "slideshow" option seems to have resulted in a large increase in the number of useless/non-instructive/incomplete/spam/whack-a-doodle postings. I'm tired of wading through heaps of crap just to find real, honest-to-goodness Instructables: step-by-step instructions for making/doing things. I have no beef with the slideshow format itself; it is quite appropriate for some projects, but the content has recently been predominantly junk. I regard it as littering up the site and polluting the "mission" of Instructables. I'm just grumbling here, as I have no real suggestion for a solution, except that perhaps the standard for approval of postings needs to be higher.

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Is it possible to make modern looking, cubby style storage out of cat litter pails? Perhaps modular? Answered

Depending on the brand of cat litter, the pails seem very well-suited for being made into stacked, modular storage.  They are so sturdy but cannot be recycled in most areas. It would be ideal not to have to cut off anything, but the edge where the pail is intially sealed prevents the pail from laying level.  Could something as simple as  2" x 4"s help stabilize them?  But would that necessitate an overall structure or lattice holding all the pails together? (Disclaimer: I don't use clay cat litters because of environmental concerns).  And, if the lids could be included in a design, it would be a great way to store all kinds of supplies without dust getting inside.

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I have 2 cats, how can I determine which cat is causing the problem?

I have recently found solid waste in another room, nowhere near the litter box. They are able to get the litter box at all times and it is cleaned out every 1 to 2 days.

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I have 2 cats, how can I determine which cat is causing the problem

I have recently found solid waste in another room, nowhere need the litter box. They are able to get the litter box at all times and it is cleaned out every 1 to 2 days.

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Tidy Cat Boxes/Container-What should I do

I was hoping to get some of the awesome minds working on a project of mine. I keep reusing my Tidy Cat buckets. I want to find a better, maybe modular furniture way of using them. Currently they are just storage, unfortunately, I haven't gotten really good at labeling so I just wind up opening one box after another. I've tossed around wine rack, some sort of yarn or craft holder, etc. I would like to paint them, which would be neat. The label is painted on and is not tape, so if I do use plastic paint, the words may still show thru. I haven't been able to buy the litter in a bag because I am not able to get the large bag of litter to work correctly with the automated litter box because it doesn't clump well. If you could look at the image and make some suggestions, it would be great.

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What is the gross cost of making lignin water-soluble for a certain quantity(1 litter)?

Making lignin water soluble is is hard task. It involves a handsome cost. Plz tell me the cost for this. Or idea regarding cost.

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Dog treats for mother dog? Answered

Hi, people! My dog, Dale (named after Dale Evans) has had a litter of puppies in a cat/dog house! There is a sad part: All but one died because of the cold winter. That one that survived was the runt of the litter. That runt is now a chunk, because she has all the milk to her self, and she is a little bundle of cuteness! We named her Bailey..... anywho, moving right along, does anybody have a recipie for dog treats-for a nursing mother dog? I can't give them to Bailey because she is only 3 weeks old today (March 6, 2012, Born Feb. 21, 2012) and not weaned. Thanks! I might put a picture of them together.

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Nervous kitties?

Cats!! urg...A few years ago our older cat started biting and licking all his fur off..When the fur was gone he kept licking and biting! That left scabs,and blood all over.,but this was not the only thing that has happened to him. He was also very antisocial,and very skittish. At the time we only had two cats,who ended up mating...but then the mother cat gave birth to her litter she started not using her litter box..just went everywhere all over the house. So we decided to get her to someone at a farm. This is when my father cat started all the over grooming. We ended up keeping one of the male kittens from that litter. He is perfectly fine this whole time. Which ruled out mites that were effecting the Father cat...We moved to a new house a few weeks ago. I was hoping BamBam wouldnt get worse. But He is healing fine and doing great..It is his baby that is having the problems. Overgrooming.. WE DO NOT HAVE FLEAS...I de shed them daily....with a fle comb...wHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THESE POOR KITTIES?

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Why would a mother cat abandon her newly born kittens.?

This is the first litter of kittens that my cat has had and after 4 days she is abandoning them why is that and can anything be done to help her go back to taking care of the kittens

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How do I keep my cats out of my flower garden? They're using it as a litter box! Answered

I have just planted my flower garden with all sorts of seeds and bulbs. Unfortunately, my cats seem to think that I've dug up all of this nice dirt for them to use as a litter box. I've tried coffee grounds sprinkled on the area which I've heard are repulsive to cats and also fertilize the flowers, but my cats evidently were born at a Starbuck's. I now have sprinkled mothballs all over the flower bed but I'm afraid that they are going to burn my plants that are now coming up although they are keeping the cats out. Can anyone help me?

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Left over Campaign Signs Answered

I just heard on NPR that this year's combined electoral candidates collectively spent over 4 billion dollars on advertising this year.  I believe about half of that is on those ubiquitous road side campain signs that now litter seemingly all roadways.  Any ideas on what to make/ recycle/ upcycle them to?

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how do i stop my gerbils from making a mess?

I have 2 gerbils, and the gerbil litter i use is basically shredded paper. the only problem is, there alwasy kicking it out of their cage, and there is always a huge mess, wherever i put them. what can i do about it?

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How to apply silk span on a small stick and tissue model aitplane ? Answered

I am covering a 1/25 scale Stinson SR 7 . I am doing this for the first time . The 4th attempt for this model . I want to do it right . The learning curve is littered with 3 previous failures using tissue . Thanx ..

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Website for collaborative design

I'd like a site where people can bounce ideas off each other and work on them together, like a wiki for projects. I thought Instructables was like this, but I guess not. For instance, I posted this idea as a "collaboration": I guess collaborations are more for writing collaboratively and not collaborative design. Anyone know of anything that does fit the bill?

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Cigarette Butts into Clothing

Uh. . . Yes. Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero has topped my gross chart (and my hero chart too, I think) with her upcycled cigarette butt fashion. Started as a thesis project, Guerrero's goal was to transform the massive amounts of cigarette butts littering the beaches Chile into clean, useable material.Hear her story and see the process at TreeHugger.

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the adventurs of our gerbils there cool.

Here are some pictures of my gerbils they had a litter of 4 about 2 months ago they killed the other three named bill, socratice he was cool because he was white, abrahm lincoln, one we have left is Dave. thees are the gerbils in the pics. Palpatien the dad, A.J. the mom she has a boy name lol ,and Dave the baby. On August /1/ 07 they had another litter of 3 once they get there fur we will name them, this topic is getting big. well in the next few pictures the babys have now had there fur for about three weeks ,but I was to lazy to post some pics for a while. pic 17 the two white ones are named ed because we cant tell them apart lol I haven't rely tried yet though pic 18 same pic 19 same pic 20 I want it pic 21 I'm a cute one pic 22 this is my card board tube pic 23 never give a girble toilet paper tubes they will burn them.......not its fake. pic 24 a new power dave used last night.

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how do i get rid of fleas on our indoor kitten?

She has been seldom outsine for 2.5 months when we got her, but was picked from a litter of feral cats and had fleas then. She is over 12 months old. We use a Sergeants's flea collar and Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick drops but nothing seems to work and I hate using poisinous chemcals on her. They seem to congregate around her face and nose.Any advice will be appreciated,Thank you. 

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Three kittens, winter coming soon, Any Easy DIY House Ideas?

Winter is arriving soon. Michigan gets some nasty winters. We have three kittens, and the momma living outside. { they are not ours, they are wild cats. They are not mean, one lets me pet it . They are all from the same litter. Adorable too!} We already have two cats inside, or else I would take them in.  - I just would a nice easy simple cozy place for them. .. Any Suggestions.? ..

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Is my cat dying? Or does she need a better diet?

She's been slow moving.  Stops in mid-floor and makes and frightened yowling sound.  Losing weight alarmingly and seems to be in pain a lot.  She's taken to stopping wherever she is and urinating or defecating.  She doesn't even look for her -clean- litter box.  She simply does her business and continues pacing through the house. She seems to be in pain.  I think her toilet habits come from incontinence.  She's 16 years old, very thin, very frightened.  Her appetite is half what it was a few months ago.  She can barely see.  The vet thinks she just needs blood pressure medication and an occasional dose of pain meds. She seeks human companionship.  Holding, rubbing, massage, soft words, cuddling.  Still she will cry and burrow into the warmest part of her cuddle partner.  She sleeps close to her litter mate (healthy but overweight) when her human isn't near. I'm giving her pain meds on a regular basis, not exceeding the recommended dose on the prescription.  It helps, but I want to know what to expect.  My husband will be devastated and I have no one to ask.  I believe she's dying, but I don't know how to tell him.

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Animating Water Bottle Recycling Rates

Here's a neat animation of water bottle recycling rates....bottled water (in all its flavors) has become one of the most consumed, yet least recycled beverages. For example, it is estimated that in 2005 alone approximately 30 billion plastic water bottles were purchased, with only about 12% recycled (in part due to out-dated deposit laws). The remaining 25 billion bottles were either landfilled, littered or incinerated. Obviously that's a lot of bottles, but statistics involving "billions of bottles per year" can be difficult to put into perspective.

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Peeponics doggy urine nutrient cycle system

Hi, I have a dog at home who uses a litter tray. It's basically a large plastic water run off tray with some AstroTurf. Currently, I have a pump that draws off liquids and deposits them into an empty soda bottle, which I flush down the toilet. But I was wondering if there is an easy way to convert the urine into nitrates which I could use in an aquaponics, or peeponics, system? Possibly using an attractive under water garden in a 25 gallon fish tank?

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How do I clean from white sludge the pressure switch, the pressure regulator and the air hose of my air compressor? Answered

I recently bought a water trap filter for my air compressor (Black & Decker CP2525). When I unscrewed the pressure regulator and the air hose to make the connections I noticed that the air circuit was littered from white sludge (condensate + oil). I am afraid that this stuff will clog the filter quickly. Should I clean it? How can I clean it?

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Ultra-sonic teenager deterrent

I've seen kits and plans online for ultra-sonic teenager deterrent devices but I can't imagine that they are all that complicated.  There is a large group of teenagers that hang out smoke, litter, stall traffic and make a great deal of noise across the street from my home.  I believe that having one of these devices and hiding it within range of them somewhere on my own house would be a great way to get them to disperse to somewhere else.  If anyone has made one of these devices and would like to share their design I would greatly appreciate it.

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How do you motivate people to pick up trash so that roadways are safer and wild life and planet do not suffer?

I see so much trash along the highways here in Texas. It is dangerous because it draws boars (wild pigs)who get hit by cars and trucks, Lately there has been so much I fell like telling people Trash Texas instead of please do not litter or Don't Mess With Texas. How can a person motivate others to beautify the Road ways again?

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Train Pets... Where to Sneeze or Vomit.

Pets, like kids, learn where to pee n poo.  Basic courtousy and hygiene. To what degree this is training, or instinct, I dont know.   Once in a blue moon, a pet vomts, coughs up hairballs, just about anywhere in the house,  or sneezes in one's face. Since these things are much less frequent, training to do em in the litter box, or into a hanky is less likely to take. Kids eventually learn where to go when nauseous, why not so with dogs, cats, etc. Any idea of how to acheive this higher level of consideration?

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Cat acts like he is drugged up with morphine, not himself. Rat poison is mysteriously missing. Could it be? Answered

What symptoms of the standard green rat poison will be present in cats? For mild symptoms. (does anyone have experiance with this?) I have found that vitamin K is almost an antidote, although not sure. The symptoms listed here are not present, or we cannot tell for sure. No litter in the box, no noticeable bleeding yet, he has been acting funny like that all day yesterday too. I suspect it may be a very mild poisoning, but do not know what symptoms may exist for such. Thank you.

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How do I keep my cat from pooping on my bed?

I moved into a new apt about 5mo ago and my cat, Oliver, has begun pooping on my bed! I know it's stress related due to moving and being away from his sister Chloe (who now lives with my parents as she peed on everything). He doesn't do it all the time, maybe 2 times a week. If anyone knows what would make him feel more comfortable using his litter box PLEASE let me know.

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What would you do with a ton of very rusty metal?

My place of work backs onto the beach in Portsmouth harbour (UK) - the shore is littered with many pieces of very rusty metal - mostly big bolts, rods, nuts, huge washers etc - from the engineering works that used to be here, but there are also bits of old hardware that look like they came from some of the derelict barges that lie rotting in the estuary mud.It's all in pieces small enough to pick up, and there's a ton of it. Some is so rusty that it's all rust, but most is merely heavily corroded/encrusted.There's got to be something interesting that can be done with all this material, but... what?

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How do I keep cats and possibly rats from using my first contaner garden (food) for their own litter or home or eating?

I live in Maryland in a truly urban environment, but I would love to have some help setting up my first food container garden. I don't really want to make raised beds because I'm afraid the neighborhood cats and rats will ruin it. I really would love to grow my own culinary herbs, some peppers,onions or garlic, asian veggies maybe some tomatoes and such. Could anyone give me all the details?  Is that even possible without raised beds?I have both a front and back porch and I would love it to be organic if possible . I'm a first time gardener but I've been wanting to do this for years and I really need to get it started soon.  

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Starting to wean my pup at 3.5 weeks

Mother is drying up a little now as puppy has started nursing only 5 mins every three hours. He is refusing to lap or bottle feed, wanting mum only. He eats raw beef mince, Advance Rehydratable Kibble and tin meat - I alternate. He is not interested in water. I am concerned as I had 10 live pups - The vet and I lost 9 in the first 2 weeks as they were too weak - fading puppy syndrome am told. The remaining pup seems to play a little and barks at his mum but is not as playful as previous litter. What to do??

Question by chooselife 

my 11 year old cat has been acting strange lately Answered

My 11 year old cat has been acting strange lately. when she peed she got in her litter box but she peed on the outside out the box and when she walks shell go 3 feet then stop she usually aggressive toward others but now shell let anyone pet her or pick her up. and she seems more mellow im am scared that this is serious and that i might loose her(im really attached, ive had her since i was 3 and she was able to leave her mother) I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF SHE WILL BE OKAY

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Some Fireworks Questions? - NEED HELP

Ever since I was little, I loved fire, fireworks, guns, and I wanted to get into fireworks as a hobby. I do have some basic knowledge of chemistry, but can I get these questions answered> 1. Can Pyrodex be used as a propellent in a bottle rocket, or is it burn too fast? 2. How can I extract potassium nitrate from fertilizer, I have 20 percent. 3. What is a good sealer for rockets? I was thinking kitty litter for the clay it contains. 4. Can a homemade fuse be made with a consistent burn time? I was thinking dipping yard in lighter fuild and letting it dry. Thank you very much in advance, I appreciate it.

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I need to make some capacitor?

I need a bunch of high power capacitors and I don't have the money to buy them.  I have a couple ways I have seen and I have done one that kind of works. 2 L bottle - I don't drink enough pop to make enough of these ?pvc? - could I substitute a thin pvc pipe for the 2 litter bottle Leyden jar capacitors - I saw these cool ones that have a tube like pringles uses, al tape around the outside, and then they just push the can into it as the storage. ?pvc? - Could I also substitute pvc for this. Styrofoam cups - I have read about, but not seen this one.  Could I just wrap a cup in foil and then stack it.  Apply positive to top cup and negative to bottom

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Britain's Most Powerfull Earthquake In .... 25 Years!!!

Well Britain was hit with a massive earthquake at just before 1:00 am yesterday!It measured at 5.2 on the richter scale! Most powerfullest earthquake in 25 years!I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep, when suddenly I felt this tugging on my bed..., then the doors started to shake violently, and the bed was jolting back and forth. I sh*t myself (not litterally) thinking it what the f*** was going on.Then I found out the next day. Luckily everyone was okay in my house.And amzingly...No house damage! (yay)Oh ya, the earhquake only lasted for 5 seconds!So fellow Instructable-rs who live in Britain, how would you describe your experience? What were you doing at the time? Did you even feel it?Any damage?

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If I upgrade to Pro, will the rollover ads stop?

The rollover ads are making me crazy. I can't do anything on the pages without having to close the same rollover window 10 times, 20 if there are two rollover ads on the page. Yes, I am a bit uncoordinated. I saw in Eric's post (the one that started the flame war) that one of the ad windows goes away for Pros, but unfortunately it's not one of the windows that keeps littering my screen with expandavideos. It would be worth the cost of the Pro membership if the rollovers were just disabled. Not even gone, just prevented from activating. I don't want to cripple Java in my browser, and I don't want to hose Instructables out of ad revenue by installing a blocker, but I also don't want to pay for the upgrade and still have to dodge the stinkin' rollovers. What's the sitch, pros?

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