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Logging out

Is there a way to stay permanently logged in? I browse, look away for 10 mins and then I have to log back in again. Anyway to change the setting? iPad btw

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Logging out

Hello, I am having trouble staying logged in to my account. I am accessing the site on a Surface Pro running Windows 10 on the latest chrome update, and run the "HTTPS Everywhere" extension. I can log in and view my collections and profile and all that, but when I view an individual instructable I get logged out. If I click on the Log In button at the top it logs me in without prompting for a password, but it sends me back to the home page. This process seems to repeat ad infinitum, so I can't access premium features and I can't save favorites. A little annoying! Any ideas?

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Logged In or Out?

So recently, in the past week or so, I've noticed that the Instructables login/profie/status bar thing at the top right has been a little confused as to whether i'm logged in or not on various pages. For example,  (Note: I'm currently logged in throughout) > Visiting the Instructables Home page I now see the "signup / login links". > Clicking on Answers / Contests / another instructable shows that I'm logged in with "You / Inbox / Shortcuts / Log out". This used to work fine 2 weeks ago, I haven't updated my system or software - Did wonder if it's an issue with cookies or something? Mac OS X 10.6.7 Safari 5.0.4 Does anyone else have the same problem?

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Getting logged out daily

I see that over the last 8 years there have been over 50 people emailing about getting logged out.  But they get logged out during one session.  My question is why am i getting logged out daily.  All my other sites (except financial...) let me stay logged in for days at a time.  So that means my cookies are working.   Do you require us to relog in every 24 hours? atilla

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Automtically Logged out Frequently

I have not used this site in quite some time now, but I do have an account. Today as I was viewing the site, I have had to log in over 7 times while reading a single instructable on 4 pages. I keep getting automatically logged out. In one instance of logging back in, I got an error saying that my account was not found?

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Constant Logging Out - Can't Do Anything with the Site

I can't utilize the site properly at all.  Every time I click on a link to a project, it logs me out completely. I can't add to a collection, or favorite things, or anything. I'm working strictly from a desktop computer, and am a new user (just set up today). ETA:  I was trying to use the site with Google Chrome and it wasn't working.   I've now switched to Mozilla Firefox and am able to use the site.

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Log in

OK so I'm a new member. I'm trying to vote for some contests. ill be logged in and then ill go to the voting page and it will log me out. i try to log back in and nothing happens and i stay logged out. then i go to a different instructable page and log in and it works. this happens on all contest pages. I'm sure I'm using the right user name and password cause i looked and then typed and even copied and pasted. It is only on the contest page. PLS HELP THNX Sidewinder152guy

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Logging in

I don't know what is going on w/ your log in system but it takes me 5 to 6 times to be able to get logged in sometimes it is ridiculous & I'd love to be able to log in w/ out any issues lol.

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Can't log *out*?

I have my netbook set to automaticaly log me into the site when I go online. Conker-X wants to check his account, but when I hit "logout", it doesn't. My PC, though, does log out when I try.  Both machines are running FireFox 10.0.2 under XP Home edition.

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I want to comment on a particular 'ible, but can't

Because it has signed me out. Or perhaps more accurately, just doesn't register that I am signed in. Hi Everybody! The Instructable I wish to comment on is this; I have tried logging in on that page, attempting to post comment and use the prompt to sign in. Signing in elsewhere on the site and navigating to the 'ible in question, when the "You" (signed in) at the top right, turns to "Log In" (Not Signed In, Duh :/) Any ideas on what could be up? Not much more I can do except try again a little later and hope it's a transient bug. Anyhow, there you go. A bug. Swatter please! :)

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Keeps logging me out

Every time I view a new instructable or go to the home page, I have to log back in. Is this a bug right now, or is something not right with my account/computer? 

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Links logging me out.

Over roughly the last 24-36 hours, the site has started logging me out if if follow links to projects. Not every time, but I am currently having to log in three or four times per session on the site. For instance, if I am logged in and browsing the recent page in desktop view, and I click on a thumbnail, I get taken to the project, but arrive on the mobile site, and not logged in. When I switch back to desktop view, I am still not logged in. The same happens if I follow a link to a project from a "subscription update" email. It's not just "arriving on the site and having to log in", if I am already on the site and logged in, then follow a link from an email, the tabs I already have open get logged out as well. This is using an Android tablet with up-to-date browser.

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i got into someone else's account without logging out or in

Well, I replied to a comment, then i clicked "you". all of a sudden, I find myself logged in to someone else's account. he has not posted any comments, even when i got in. i logged out, then logged in as radioactive to report this bug EDIT-it turns out that when i replied to the comment, i was logged in under the member. Oompa Loompa, if you read this, i do not have a second account and this actually has happened before

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Trouble logging in, and appearing to be logged out while still logged in

I tried to log in just now and when I got to the landing page it showed that I wasn't logged in. I tried again, and failed again. On the third try, I discovered that I could log in successfully by turning off "keep me signed in". So, I came here to report it. After I clicked the Forums tab, I seemed to be logged out again. I clicked to log in and I was sent to the landing page again, already logged in. I came back here and again seemed to be logged out, but I ignored that. While I'm typing this I again appear to be logged in. On the post preview I also appear to be logged in. I suppose this could be a security issue: people could think they're logged out when they aren't.

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Logged-In Homepage

Hi All, The homepage of Instructables gets a big makeover today, you may have noticed! If you're logged out, you'll continue to see the same rotator with huge, beautiful images that you know and love. If you're logged in, you're going to see your customized feed (if available) or "top picks" (if not). Top picks are the same projects that appear on the logged-out version of the homepage, so if it's the variety of fun projects that keeps you coming for more, there should be nothing lost. We've had terrific feedback on the "feed" related features -- people love the personalization of Instructables, and come back for more when we're able to show them exactly what they came for in the first place. Now, we're dialing it to 11. We know the homepage is a big driver of traffic for many new projects, so there may be concerns that projects on the homepage will get fewer views. We don't anticipate this will be substantial, since most visitors to the homepage are logged out. We hope you like it!

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Chrome Automatically logging out.

- I've been using chrome for quite some time.  - When I was running Windows XP I had no issue with getting logged out of Instructables. - When I started using My new PC (running Windows 7) I had no problem with being logged out of Instructables. - Before the only time I needed to log in was if I reset my PC. - For the last week every time I've closed chrome window I get logged out. Just curious if anyone else is having this problem with Chrome? Thanks in Advance. Alphonsus

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iOS6 logging out issues.?

I do a lot of my casual browsing on my iPod. However, since "upgrading" to iOS6, I seem to get logged out a lot. Not just here, but email pages, other forums, even Skype - if I spend too long off a page, or not actually on a Skype conversation, then I get logged out. Anybody know how to fix this?

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keep getting logged out

Hi I just signed up for an account. I can log in just fine, but as soon as I view an article I get logged out. I've closed and re-opened the browser IE11 on win 8.1 and but no joy. Also you can't press "enter" in this box???? crazy.... Thanks DS

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Weird 'log-out' bug

Hope someone can help me fix this. I just got a comment on one of my videos, it is a featured one: I went to answer it directly but couldn't log in. However,  when I go onto my other videos or straight to my page I can but as soon as I go back to that video it logs me out and won't log me in. When I press the back arrow, hey presto I'm logged in again. Any ideas oh wise Robot??? All the best, Andy

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logged in but automatically logging out

I've been reading instructables for two hours now, I can click thumbnails to see full pictures, I can download PDF's, I can write comments... but each time I go to I'm automatically logged out, I'm no longer able to enlarge thumbnails, I can't download the PDF an it doesn't even accept my correct login name and password. As soon as I go to another subject I'm logged in again automatically.

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Repeatedly logging me out

Every time I close my browser, I'm logged out of Instructables. Closing all Ibles tabs doesn't do it, but closing the whole browser does, very consistently. Does this on FF5, both XP and Win7, and I haven't changed any settings recently. The ad-filled, restricted, locked-down, freebie version of the site gets annoying when it pops up as my homepage, I think that's going to change...

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Logs out when opening PDFs

When logged in and clicking on PDFs it logs me out and suggests I buy a pro membership, which I have already! any suggestions?

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Log in problems

Ok here's the problem, I received my subscription updates and when I click on the link, I am logged out. so I log in at the top of the website, click log in and nothing happens. so I click at the image, it asks me to log in yet again so I do it and it brings me to another screen and I loose the page I was on... if I hit the Back button, it's as though I never logged. WTF is going on? this is very frustrating.

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As soon as I go to "Easy usb paracord flash drive case", I'm logged off!

And when I log back on it redirects me to the "you" page. What is this I don't even?

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Kicking Me Out

I'm using Windows 7 on a desktop PC with Firefox 28.0 as the browser. When I go to it shows me as being logged out and won't let me log in. When I navigate to any other page on the website, I'm logged in as usual. I've tried getting to this page via the papercraft contest as well as copying and pasting the link into my address bar.

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Constantly getting logged out by mobile site.

I keep getting logged out. I usually use my android to access instructables, but I am currently having trouble when following links. If I follow a link within the site, say, from the recent list, or in a forum topic, I get taken to the mobile version of the page (my tablet is set to always request desktop view), and logged out. If I back-page, it *looks* like I am logged in (my avatar is in the corner), but as soon as I try and do something on the page, such as making a comment, I get asked for my log-in details again. This doesn't happen when I follow links "built in" to the page (from the top tabs, or those at the bottom of the page), or from links to forum topics, just from links to instructables that are in the body of the page. (Samsung Android tablet, default browser, all up to date.)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

instructables keeps logging me out

I run the latest version of Google chrome on Linux mint 10, and after i log in, instructables soon logs me out sometimes less than an hour, i tried restarting chrome and the computer, and if i exit out the tab for instructables and reopen it from my bookmarks, im still loged in. it seems to kick me out in time. i have the "keep me logged in" checkbox enabled.

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Problem with Logging Out Too Quickly

I've noticed that the site is logging me out in just a few hours, or even an hour, versus the day or more that the cookies used to keep me logged in in the past. Is this an annoying new feature or a bug? Thanks!

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I can't seem to LOG OUT

I have been trying to log off for about 10 minutes keeps bring me back to the page I tried to log off from, or to my "home" page.  I am using FireFox at the moment....updated version I think Below is one screen shot result after publishing this topic and clicking Log Off:

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Constantly being logged out of instructables

Ubuntu linux 11.10 Chrome browser version 18.0.1025.168 How long is the timeout before you have to sign in to instructables again? I log in, have a look around, head off for a short while (as little as an hour in the last case) and I am forced to log in again. Why not allow "Log in forever"? It can't be for security reasons as autocomplete has my information and I just click login anyway, I would just rather not be forced to click login when I go to a new page, which takes me back to the homepage and forces me to go  [<-] back, [<-] back, [F5] refresh, and then click on the link I clicked in the first place.

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I keep getting signed out

Today I changed my Ibles password.Now,when I browse Instructables,I get logged out every time move to another page. Browser:Google Chrome OS:Windows XP

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Instructables automatic fricken log out time!? Answered

Instructables changed there automatic log out time. Even tho i have checked "keep me logged in" it constantly logs out after a few minutes or so. The problem, when i am putting together an ibble and it has logged out. I can still continue to wright text, but then if i go to save manually all the info i put in after the auto log out is lost at that time of manually saving. If there is an option for the log out time i can not find it. Anybody having this problem? 

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Dramatically different "total views" when logged in and not logged in

Why the difference? Which is correct? Taken at the same time after a refresh. They have been consistently far apart since the beginning. 4411 logged out 7909 logged in It doesn't seem to change when I repeatedly open the instructable, so it doesn't appear to be counting my hits.

Topic by tcollinsworth  

Comments change from logged in to logged out

I posted on this page i deleted my comment and made a new onewile logged in i see my new comment, but when logged out i see my old commentI posted the old comment before I figured out that the instructables website doesn't work with internet explorer version 6.0.29. I'm now using chrome

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how to make fireplace log out of paper?

Also using books magazines etc

Question by itsalata    |  last reply

Site will not let you log out on ipad

On my ipad in the top right corner where it says 'You' when I tap it and tap something in the list that shows up, it disappears and pulls up whatever add was in back of it. ):

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Automatically logged out for no obvious or apparent reason.

So today I was clicking around the knex section as usual, when I got a message saying "Support DIY and Instructables today and go pro" or something like that.  I'm already a pro member, so I reloaded my "you" page, and found out that I was mysteriously logged out of the system.  I did not hit the "logout" button at any given point. I did update Firefox to the newest version, but there was about a 10 minute interval between me starting up the latest version of the browser and the logout incident, during which I loaded about 5 pages, and it hasn't logged me out after past updates, so I'm not ready to rule that in as a possible cause.  I did not clear my cookies or cache.  It seems fine now, but it's still kinda odd this happened.

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Response in Answers does not show up when logged out.

In the Answers section, I left an answer in this post. I just noticed, however, that if I am logged out, my answer does not show up, log back in and it is there again. I also noticed that top level there is no indication that any responses have been posted, but when logged in, my response is there. I'm using Firefox 3.6.9 on an Ubuntu 10.04 Linux OS. UPDATE:  09/13/2010   Now it shows up whether I am logged in or not. I wonder if others can now see it too?

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Why is the Stats "Total Views" wildly different when logged in vs. logged out?

I see dramatically different "total views" when logged in and not logged in. Why the difference? Which is correct? 614 logged out 3513 logged in It doesn't seem to change when I repeatedly open the instructable, so it doesn't appear to be counting my hits.

Question by tcollinsworth    |  last reply

Locked out of Vista laptop Answered

Sony Vaio running Windows Vista Home. I bought a mac and didnt use the Sony for almost a year. Tried to log on and password is not accepted. This is the ADMIN user account. There are no other users. Please help. I own it, It's not stolen.

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Get logged out switching between mobile and desktop views.

This is using my Android tablet, using the default browser: If I copy/paste normal links into the address bar, or follow links from collections, they switch to mobile view. If I then request the desktop, I am immediately logged out, and have to log back in. Since I tend to do that a lot, from forum topics and PMs, that's quite irritating...

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Log out problem (slightly different than the one by Frollard)

The case: I log in at Instructables, then I view a couple of other sites (e.g. Google). When I return to Instructables, I can see from the top right hand side of the page that I am logged out. However, when I click on a random Instructable, the Instructable opens and in  the right corner of the screen it says I'm logged in. OSX 10.5.8 Safari 5.0.3

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Sending private messages account logs me out

Hi, I found a post I like and wanted to ask the owner a question. As soon as I click on the persons profile it signs me out and wont let me sign back in. I need to be signed in to write her. Please help!

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iPod bug - randomly getting logged out and shut down

I'm browsing the site on my iPod, iOS 5, Safari browser. Twice in the last ten minutes, the browser has shut down with no warning, and when I re-start it, I have. Been logged out and have to log in again. This brings another issue, not exactly a bug, but an annoyance - no matter what page I am on, if I use the "log in" button at the top-right of the page, after I log in I always get redirected to the submit page. Sorry, no screen shot from the iPod, but the last time it happened I was trying to type an answer to the question about CO2 breathing animals.

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Number of "views" of my Instructable differs when I am logged out.

When I view my latest Instructable (while I'm logged in) I see a number of views (# 1092). When I log out and view the Instructable again, the numner is now 628.

Topic by bertus52x11    |  last reply

I'm having a very hard time logging in and staying logged in

Hey guys, Wondering if anyone else has a hard time logging in. My browser (google chrome latest version) stores my password and username but I can't get myself logged in! It keeps sending me to the how to share page (the one's with the explenation for step by step, movie etc) without actually logging me in. So every time I press log in with all my saved username and password ready I get send there. Only after fiddeling around with it until I didn't log in with the pop up screen but with one in the normal screen it logged me in but even then it logs me out after a few pages. Don't really know what's happening but hoped you guys would know :) Michel

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Updates/corretions to my Instructables not showing when logged out

I've made some corrections to my Instructables. While I can see them updated while I'm logged in, the contents go back to the original version when I log out. I suspect that pages are cached. Is there a way to override/refresh the cache, so that my corrections can be seen by the general public? Thank you, Aki

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Favorite button disappears when logged in

Something weird has been happening to my account for the last couple of months. When I'm logged in, I can't see the button to mark an 'ible as "Favorite" at the top of the page, but when I'm logged out, it appears! Does anyone have a clue why this happens? I'm using Google Chrome with Adblock Plus. See attached screenshot. Logged out is on the left, logged in is on the right.

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K'nex war log entry 2.

Here it is. 10/4/09 (continued) The SR-v2 men were ready to attack, but the KI army was still laying ammo like rain. I shot my sniper ( O.S.S.R ) at the army. I took out one guy. The leader of the group of IN ( KILLERK )shouted a FIRE and all 34 SR-v2 men pulled the trigger. It was amazing. The WHOLE frontline was severely damaged and the medics took them out. Our guys didn't have a big loss of people, just a couple of newcomers. Then a weird thing happened. The youtube guns came out. You can imagine how well they fared. The outside world laughed at our conflict. They don't even know how hard it was. Some guys took one in the eye and got blinded. To be continued...

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