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Dear Sir, I would like to ask a question of one of your contributors but the login keeps failing

Topic by frankboase    |  last reply

Delay in Login

Again I'm experiencing 2 - 3 minute delays in logging on (and this when my browser remembers my ID and password).  What's going on (or not going on)?

Topic by hartpete    |  last reply

Login trouble

Any reason I can't login in from the laptop and a PC in the same house.  Will not take the passphrase I KNOW is correct!

Topic by jmbenim    |  last reply

Login problem

Hi there, i have just joined Instructables and signed in via My Twitter account.   Your site shows me as logged in and I can view my profile.   Then I downloaded the Apple app and when I trynto login it tells me it cannot find my account.  What am I doing wrong? yvonne

Topic by BohoYve    |  last reply

Login broken

Hi folks, the login function is broken. First my 1Password app wouldn't work with the little login at the top of individual instructables pages anymore, which was unusual, and now it takes multiple tries to log in even by my kludge solution which was hitting the login button without anything filled in and going to the actual login page, where the 1Password app will work. And it's odder than that - some places I appear to be logged in, and in others I am not. Such as here, where I am logged in. I think it's related to the facebook login. Just FYI I never want to log into anything but facebook with my facebook login . . . not instructables, not anywhere. EVER. But I still love instructables, just not this facebook login folderol. Thanks, Bett

Topic by bettbee    |  last reply

Facebook login

When I click on the Facebook login button nothing happens.  I have tried it in 3 different browsers and it still will not work.  Sometimes the button will not even show up on the screen.  What do I need to do?

Topic by gduren51    |  last reply

Login problems? Answered

So, when I come onto instructibles for the first time of the day I am logged out of course, but I usually forget and find something cool, click reply and discover I am not logged in after 10 seconds to 2 minutes.  Some times the prompt will come up with the login thing, or sometimes I will just wait, and wait, and wait until I realize I am not logged in, then after completing the login information an error comes up saying username password match not found or something along those lines, but I still logs me in anyway, sometimes just to test it I type in my username and then a nunshuch password and still get logged in.

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Login failure

I use FireFox (8.1.0). When I enter the instructables site, the login links are in the upper right corner. When I click the login (not Facebook, the regular one) the entire set of login links disappear, but the login dialog does not appear. To get the login to appear, I click the favorites icon to get it to show me the logon dialog. Is it Firefox, or you? BlueGull

Topic by BlueGull    |  last reply

Login Hard

When I try to login to the website I found it difficult to click on the password box. It was covered with tabs "Answers" "Contests". Please fix

Topic by enoted    |  last reply

Login Problems

Two issues I've noticed in the last week or so: --When I login, it's persistent for approx one hour. If I happen to be replying or posting and go over that time limit, the post is lost. Basically, I need to login multiple times a day on the same computer. Before this changed, I was able to login and it would "stick" until there was a Firefox update. --If I go to "view all" under the community forums, the banner at the top tells me I'm not logged in. But I am--if I go to most other pages, the normal strip of "You / Inbox / Shortcuts / Logout" is there...

Topic by gmoon    |  last reply

Login Problem

I login on the front page, then go into an instructable, say the valentines day contest winners, and it'll have me logged back out again! I am using the latest version of firefox, and windows 7 home premium. As far as i'm aware, I'm accepting cookies from (is there a way to check?). I haven't done or clicked anything to disable them. 

Topic by kcls    |  last reply

Login Screwup

I searched around the site for 5 - 10 minutes looking for HELP because I tried logging in several times and the system wasn't recognizing me.  So I finally get here and all of a sudden I'm logged in.  What's going on?  First of all, HELP should be easier to find.  Second, if login is failing, one should be directed to a screen that offers assistance.  Do we need an Instructables tip for Instructables or what?

Topic by hartpete    |  last reply

Login with email

Can we have the option to sign in with the email address associated with our account, instead of our username? I'm constantly forgetting my username since the few sites that I use that don't allow signing in with an email address have different restrictions on usernames and special characters, so I don't have a go-to username.

Topic by nicole.allard    |  last reply

Login issues

I just joined and for some reason I can't log in. I've reset my password maybe five times in the last 5 minutes. I know that I am using the right password, but the only way I can log in is by resetting my password which automatically logs me in. Help anyone? It sucks to have to reset my password just to post a comment.

Topic by Emiliogiz    |  last reply


My old user name used to be Macky D, but I wanted to change it. I entered my new username on my iPod as ~•smart•~, but it showed up as ~â₵smarâ₵t~, and it is almost impossible to enter it on a computer because • isn't on the normal computer keyboard, so i have to enter the symbol on Word, copy it, then paste it into the login! I would like to be able to change my username one more tome to ~smart~.  Thank you.

Topic by ~•SMART•~    |  last reply

Login troubles

Running Win7 64 ultimate, using FF in the latest version.I noticed that the login information somethine seem to get lost.When trying to reply I get messages stating I need to be logged in to do this.Trying to check my inbox ends in a loop where the page tries to find content.Manually logging out and then logging back in fixes this.

Topic by Downunder35m    |  last reply

Login Error

Computer Specs: Windows 7 64 bit Using Google Chrome latest version Have tried with the new crash happy flash and 10.* Version Problem: Every day I come onto instructibles after school, and start surfing, eventually I reach the point of commenting and click the comment/reply button.  Sometimes after some delay I am prompted to give my username and password, sometimes I am not.  This is all ok except for when I have a brain fart and sit for a good minute or two trying to figure out why nothing is happening.  The biggest thing is that when I log in with the correct username, and any password I feel like typing I get an error message stating something along the lines of username password problem, but it still logs me in anyway.  The only major concern I have is that someone might be able to use my username without needing to know my password.   Photos: Will post them tomorrow when it happens again.

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Login broken

Every time I finally get logged in here, my login works for about a week or so, then it stops working. Then no matter what I type in for a password (ie. the correct one), I get told invalid blah blah blah. I have to tell it I forgot my password, which I did not, to get my account activated, yet again. Can someone please fix this? It's not rocket science people, it's a login. Almost everyone else is getting it right, so why am I paying here to be told I have forgotten my password every week?

Topic by MisterD88    |  last reply

Login in Issues

Ok right now I am having another issue other then the not downloading one when I try to log in with my instructables account the login button on the login page is not able to be pressed so I have to log on with facebook or google which is fine but it a bit anoying any one got some help

Topic by wnorman    |  last reply

Login process

I have been a member for 10 yrs. When I select Login it still presents me with the Username: and Password: spaces however my Username is automatically up there but I still have to type in my Password, Why? Note: I still get my automatic email newsletter.

Question by craftyv    |  last reply

Facebook login

Hi, I can't seem to get this to work. When I hit 'connect' it loads the permission page on facebook then closes it again in a nano second...or a very small second at least :. Help? 

Topic by marshmallowhail    |  last reply

Login troubles

Hello. I apologize in advance for my English :-) I have the following problem. I discovered an interesting topic, and found that I did not authorize. Clicked "Login" - "Google +" and logged in. Then I went back to an interesting topic, and it looked like I was not authorized. So I was not able to add the topic to the collection :-( On other topics and the whole site everything looks fine (authorized).

Topic by ArtemR1    |  last reply

Can't Login

I can't login.  Yes I'm sure my username and password are right, my browser was even catching them. If I'm viewing an instructable and click Add Comment, the login box pops up, I enter valid login details, and it just goes back to the instructable page without my being logged in.  If I try to do the same again, the cycle keeps repeating. I don't feel there's anything I need to do, that the site has a problem.  I wanted to just notify site staff but when I click the contact link at the bottom of a page it takes me to the forum, which is yet another site bug... I don't want a forum when I click a contact link, I don't want help, I want to CONTACT site staff so they can fix the site problem.

Topic by ac-dc    |  last reply

login glitch

I am having a problem with the search feature and the log-in.  I log in to my account and then search for something.  When I choose the instructable or question I wish to view and it loads I am no longer logged in.  I log back in and it navigates me back to home page and then I search again.  Again, it shows me not logged in and asks me to log in.  Repeat over and over and same results.  Was wondering if this is just with me or anyone else having this problem?

Topic by J.Reynolds09    |  last reply

Login Successful

Every Friday night at 7 P.M. EST has a show that talks about recent events so don't miss it. Because of technical difficulties we have moved the show to tonight at 7 P.M. EST. Your probably asking what is Well, it is a growing forum and live web cast. So be sure to tune in to night at 7 P.M. EST on!

Topic by irish death1    |  last reply

Login troubles

I have recently noticed a change in the behavior of Firefox (10.0.1) on my Ubuntu 11.04 system. "Normally," meaning a few weeks ago, when I first opened the Instructables home page I would select a subject, click on the link and go to that page in a new tab.  I have set preferences to put all the instructions on one page for me, but to to this I need to be logged in.In the upper right corner of my browser window is a link "log in." I clicked the log in link and was (normally) able to see all the pages on one page... but now, when I click the log in button I am taken away from the page I am trying to see, logged in, but not taken back to the page I have chosen. Here is a screenshot of the unwanted destination: p.s. minor nuisance... but a bug is a bug! Thanks!

Topic by stringstretcher    |  last reply

Eliminate login to xp?

I would like to eliminate the login when I turn on my pc. Up until about two weeks ago I was able to turn on my pc and use it without a login. Now I have to click enter (with no password entered) when a login window comes up on startup. Is there a way to disable the login? I am running XP Pro SP3. Thanks

Question by fourforfore    |  last reply

Login doesn't work

I wanted to comment on a project, so it asks me to login. Lastpass fills in the login fields for me, and I click login, the popup dissapears, but it doesn't log me in. Firefox 27.0.1  (and Lastpass) Ubuntu 12.10 The old (non-popup) version of the login did work.

Topic by Aud1073cH    |  last reply

facebook login not working?

Goes to unknown proxy

Question by fran52    |  last reply

Facebook login error

Hey, I got an error when i try to login to instructables using facebook.

Topic by ashley van steenacker  

Can't login in app

Great site but I am unable to login with Facebook or email from within the app. 

Topic by ssouthern    |  last reply

multiple requests to login

I am receiving login requests multiple times every time I am on the site. This has only happened in the last few days. Previously, once I logged on, I was on. Now, I logon. I go to any instructable, click on a picture to get a larger image, and get a login request. So I login again. Next time I want to see a larger image, I get another login request. Or if I want to post a question, or see answers to a question, or look at my own profile, etc., I get another request to logon. The whole time, the "keep me logged on" box is checked, but I am not staying logged on even for a few minutes. What's up?

Topic by artisandyke    |  last reply

Facebook login fixed!

Hi! We've just released a fix which restores the ability of users to log in using facebook. There were a few other bug fixes, etc. so please let us know if anything isn't working properly.

Topic by dworley  

Login and voting issues

Apparently my husband has been having issues with logging in. He pretty much only logs in to vote for my ibles, as he's very sweet and supportive. When he goes to login, it tells him that his password is wrong. He tells it to reset his password and it will work for only one login attempt. If he logs out and attempts to log back in immediately or over time with that password, it again tells him that his password is wrong. This happens in both Chrome and Explorer.  On top of that, when he gets logged in, the vote buttons on my ibles don't work if he's using Chrome (his default browser). They act like images instead of buttons. So, after he's already reset his password in Chrome (because he forgot he needs to use Explorer), he has to switch to Explorer and reset it again before he can vote.

Topic by Brooklyntonia    |  last reply

Facebook Login issues

Browser: Firefox OS Win 7 I have a Facebook account and an instructables account. I login into instructables and go to link to Facebook ->a quick popup happens. The app for instructables is created in Facebook. Logout out of instructables. try logging into instructables with Facebook button and nothing happens (i.e. the screen reloads and I'm still not logged in) I have emptied cookies and tried redoing the whole process the result is the same.

Topic by SteamOrchid    |  last reply

New Login released

Hi! We've just released an update to the site. It doesn't do too much, but now the login should be a pretty window that pops up and looks a little better than the previous one. There's also a new design for the Go Pro page, but if you're reading this then you're probably never going to see that page. As always, please message me directly or post to the support forums for help or if you notice any problems.

Topic by dworley    |  last reply

Facebook login ...not run !

Hi, are some days that pressing the button "FBlogin" is no longer authenticated using my FB account, I tried to log in having opened another tab on FB but nothing changes. I normally use Chrome, but I tried with Explorer and Firefox, on Windows 7 and XP ... but it is still the same problem. Blame for the crisis here in Italy? :-)

Topic by pellyx  

Auto login problem

Since I linked my instructables account with my facebook account autologin doesn't work. I checked my browser and keychain and the problem isn't there. Can you help me?

Topic by odvratno.zgodan    |  last reply

Instructables login issues

The site seems to be logging me out as I am browsing the instructables. I tried to re-log in but it wouldn't let me. I am using firefox, just downloaded it to my computer last week since I saw that the site is best viewed with that browser. Really kind of annoying because then I can't view a whole instructable on one page. Dennis

Topic by foothillfrontier    |  last reply

What is going on with the login?

I cannot stay logged in. If I am on an instructable page and log in to view all steps on one page (the only way I will view an 'ible, period), once I successfully log in it redirects me to my 'you' page. If I navigate to any other page, such as an instructable I wish to view, it forgets my login and I am logged out. If I try to simply log in with the login form at the top of every page, it doesn't do a thing at all, I do not get logged in, the page isn't redirected, I don't get any errors... nothing happens at all! I tried Firefox, Chrome, and even exploder. I checked cookie status and cache (cleared both, made sure it is allowing cookies, etc.), and nothing changed. So what the heck is going on?!?!?!

Topic by karossii    |  last reply

Login redirect annoyance...

Annoyance: Forgetting to login to instructables, and then not being able to redirect to the instructable I was  viewing without having to find it again.  I login at work and have to wipe the browser whenever I leave.  When I come back and find a really spiffy instructable that I want to look deeper into, I have to log in.  That directs my browser to my profile page, instead of staying where I was with the mini login.  When I click "Back" on the browser, I am prompted to login again.  GRR!  Is there a fix for me?

Question by Sockhatguy    |  last reply

Alternate Login Bug

I just found this bug today when I used the logout button to check something. I tried to log back in using the bar at the top and it did not work, I tried this multiple times. Then I went to a random forum topic to post a topic to see if I could log in from there, it did not work. Then I clicked on a link I had for my "You" page and I was able to get to it. I then left my "You" page to go to the forums and I was instantly logged out again. I tried this multiple times to log back in and eventually I tried closing my browser (latest version of FireFox) and opening it up again and going to the login page to see if it would work and it did. So, can anyone explain this because I am not sure what is going on, I think it has to do with the login cookie that keeps members logged in. Anyone want to help? UPDATE (2/8): The problems seems to have gone, it must be one of the bugs that people get every once in a while.

Topic by n8man    |  last reply

Facebook Login Error

I am using Google Chrome version: 20.0.1132.57 (up to date) When attempting to log in with the facebook button, I am taken to: at which time, I receive the following error: An error occurred with tesla 12345. Please try again later. I can log in with the regular log in button, and once logged in, my fb picture is updated on my instructables profile.  I assume the issue is limited to Chrome, as I can find only one other complaint, in German with no responses. Thank you in advance, Shane

Topic by GhettoEngineer    |  last reply

Funny login bug!

Today I had to log out and back in again to do replies, despite all showing I am still logged in.So this "older" bug is still going around here.What was new though was tha after the login I ended on Rick's page instead of mine.As I am nice and also know him I did not do anything I might regred, but I had full access until clicking on the community pages - from there on I was me again.Landing on a wrong profile is one things but being able to check private messages and more until leaving this are could be a potential security problem.I mean, I could have changed the Email and Password and just taken Ricks account over today... ;)

Topic by Downunder35m    |  last reply

Facebook login is here!

I've just pushed out a rather large set of changes.  I'd like to present to you, the ability to log in using your Facebook account.  If you already have an existing Instructables account, you may link up your Facebook account to it on your You screen.  Watch upcoming releases for the ability to post automatically to your Wall, use your Facebook pictures, and more.  We will be rolling them out one by one as we get them complete and tested.  It's pretty hard to test this integration before it's live, so it's quite likely we'll find issues -- please bear with us (For example, we don't handle non-Latin alphabets in user names right quite yet).  Tell us when something goes wrong by filing a bug in the Bugs Forum. Another significant change is to the layout of Instructables.  We've made it easier to read with a slightly bigger font size, and put the pictures above the text which many users have been asking us to do for some time.  The editor has also had some improvements - bigger size text area and a cleaner look too. And of course we've fixed a bunch of bugs.  Notably, the problem some users were having with featuring, and the image notes not displaying right.  At least, they looked fixed when we tried them - if you are still seeing these or other issues, and you've cleared your browser cache to get rid of old javascript or CSS, let us know!

Topic by rachel  

Firefox 12 login loop

I am running Firefox 12.0.  I click the link from your emails, and it takes me to the instructable page.  Issue one: firefox never remembers my username.  Issue 2:  When I click login at the top right of page, enter my info, and click login, it never logs me in!  I only see the Signup, Login and Facebook on the top right of the page.  I can't access my account, and I'm not able to Favorite any articles.  I couldn't even login to post this bug!  I would go to the bug section, click new topic, sign in, click new topic again, and I'm brought back to the login screen.  I'm also not sure if its supposed to have it or not, but the popup/splash screen to login has no "Keep me singed in" check box.  Everything works fine in IE 7 though.

Topic by alljunkandcrap    |  last reply

Login only via Facebook?

Hello! I created an Instrucables-account with facebook. Now I want to log in without my facebook-account, but this doesn´t work. Is it possible in any way? What should I do? (Sorry, my english is not so good..) Thanks!

Topic by anießen    |  last reply

Bug report - login issues

Late last night (12-1:30 AM Central) and this morning (8:41 AM Central) I was unable to login. It would not accept my password and username. One time I got an invalid password error, but mostly it simply refreshed the page and did nothing. Happily, the problem resolved itself at approximately 8:59 AM Central time this morning. Just FYI. I'm using Chrome on Vista.

Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply

i want a login screen!!!!

I have just changed the administrator account password with a CMD, but now the problem is, instead of showing any login thingie (like typing user password or the click user==> enter password) it just starts straight up to a guest account, how can i disable this (i cannot do alot on this PC, no configuration screen or users...)?

Question by godofal  

Unable to login with Google account

Device - Moto e 2nd generation (Android 6.0) Browser - Chrome (version 54.0.2840.85) Opened site through below link. Tried to sign in through Google account. Gives an error which I have attached. Repeatedly occurs How many ever times I try. Link URL - Later also when I tried to sign in through my Google account from instructable main site also couldn't login. Yet another instance was when I tried to enroll for the led course.

Topic by DivyeshN    |  last reply