Is it possible to DIY a new Control Pod for Logitech Z4?

I gota cracked Logitech Z4 Controller, tried to look at ebay but found nothing! Can I DIY it?

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Logitech x-530, need some fun/nice ideas

Hi!Have been looking around on google, to find some ideas to my speakers, and sub, but I can't realy find anything that could be nice.But I have been on this website before, where I found other nice stuff, so wondered if you could help me out, finding a idea, that could be cool to try.Here's how my system looks, doesn't have to be much. Just make it look different, but still nice or funny.And, if you dont mind, would yu please find a picture, of what you mean, if its a material to put around, or a toturial, if yuo got any, thanks.

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logitech t400 not left clicking?

The mouse is not left clicking i have pulled the top off and tried it with out the buttons, just pressing the circuit board and left clicking still does not work but middle and right click work fine any ideas?

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Is it possible to change the D-Pad to a Control Stick on a Logitech Precision gamepad?

I got a logitech precision gamepad from Target. It was entertaining for a while, until I wondered if it is possible to replace the D-Pad to a Control Stick?

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Logitech Pure-Fi Elite - Build a batterypack and connect it for mobile use

Hi all!I have that awesome logitech sound-system:;=de,deand I was wondering, how would I have to modify it so I can use it without a powerconnection, e.g. at a campfire ;)I could imagine a solution with build in batteries as well as an external battery-pack which I would connect to when needed outdoors.many thnx in advance for any ideas!steffen.

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How can i disassemble my logitech m315/m235? Answered

Basically, my mouse double clicks instead of a single click and i would like to fix it myself since i cannot refund or ask for a replacement because i cannot find the receipt. How can i disassemble my mouse? I can't find any screws (i have checked under the stickers and other thing) and the bottom is locked on pretty tight. I found like a latch on the back to push the top cover a bit off but something prevents it from dis-attaching itself.

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Looking for some help in converting a Logitech Dual Action game pad to a PC driving wheel.

I know my basics around wiring and soldering, but I need some help in finding the area on the Logitech Dual Action game pad circuit board I should solder the potentiometers for the Wheel and the three pedals.  Also, what Ohm Potentiometer should I use for this controller?  I have a few 100K pots left over from a guitar project, but I'm not sure if it'll be too much for the controller.   Attached are a couple of pictures of the circuit board (not mine). Thanks!

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Adding backlighting to an Ultraflat Logitech Keyboard.? Answered

I would like to add backlighting to my Ultraflat Logitech Keyboard but don't know how to do this properly, any help will be appreciated. Additional Details: USB powered, Author doesn't properly understand circuit diagrams.

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Logitech X 620 sub pinout?

Found a powered subwoofer ( Dumpster!!!) of a 6.1 computer sound system. Not the  6 smaller speakers. The front right speaker would have had the inputs and controls in it . A cable with a VGA connector had to be plugged into the amp in the back. No pinout info was found I have a similar 2.1 system (Logitech Z3), which is all I need for casual use (My real system is unusable due to neighborhood pressure...) The amp contains 2 TDA 7377 chips,and many more components than prescribed by the data sheet (some of it is the power supply)- ( Does more complicated mean better here?). 2 Options: 1) rip the TDA chips out and use one to make a 2.1 or a stereo amp with components according to the datasheet. The other one a stereo or quad for a different project. 2) find out the pinout and use the amp 'as is' (which would mean putting both all R and all L channels together (parallel?) to make a 2.1. A lot less work. (Since I am not going to use the 6.1 configuration, will the sophistication of the design still deliver?)? If anyone knows the pinout I would of course first try working with the existing circuit...

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How to fix frozen logitech mouse? Answered

About once a week the cursor/mouse on my computer at work freezes.  The only way to get things working again is to shut off the power to the harddrive and reboot everything.  This is REALLY aggravating.  Is there a less drastic way to fix this?  I am using a Logitech wireless mouse and running Windows XP.

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Logitech g110 keyboard macros not working

I am trying to get the macro keys to work using libg15 with no luck. I compiled it from the svn source. The only thing that seems to work is the testlibg15 program that says which of the g keys are pressed. I added the uinput kernel module, and the g15daemon is running and detects the keyboard, but the m keys don't light up. On post #10 here someone says that they got it working, but didn't say how. I asked for more info there but haven't got a reply yet. Logitech support doesn't help either. And their crappy keyboard doesn't come with any drivers. I am running Ubuntu 11.04 x64.

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Playstation 2 adapter to pc mod to support PS2 wireless gamepads like Logitech G-X2D11?

Hi. My ps2 to pc adapter has 5V directly from usb, and my logitech wireless gamepad needs 3.5, if I plug it now the light in the reciever stays blinking and no signal but it works correctly with wired controllers, so can anyone tell me what do I need to lower the voltage from the ps2 adapter to 3.5 so my wireless controller work.? Thanks.

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Anyone know how best to adapt Logitech QuickCam Connect E 2500 so that it mounts onto a camera tripod

May be somewhat similar to posted file for "Tripod Meets Logitech Webcam" ?. It seems more difficult to remove the two parts of the casing with the E2500 than for the posted QuickCam Messenger?

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Exactly how to remove the IR filter from an older Logitech digital camera:

I want to tweak one or more older Logitech cameras by removing the IR filter in front of the sensing chip. I want the cameras to be sensitive to a wider portion of the spectrum. Night shots outside come to mind. I wrote up my best guess here: Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Pro, QuickCam Express or QuickCam Chat Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. thanks, Jerry Whiting JetCityOrange / Seattle

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how to open logitech T400 wireless mouse?

The upper portion of my mouse i.e the right and left click button portion is displaced and has come slightly upwards .  please reply asap. thanks  with regards  Avinish Dhaka

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PC Game Controller Question

I want to buy the Logitech ChillStream PC game controller. I want this specific controller because it has the same layout as the Xbox 360 controller, but is much cheaper (from Ebay).  My computer is running Windows 7. I was wondering if there was a program that I can download, or that comes with the controller that lets me customize it for use with different games. Maybe let me navigate the computer with it, then choose or customize a new profile to play the new Split/Second PC game.

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Webcam (Logitech QuickCam communicateSTX) How can I install without software? (not wireless)

I have a webcam (as above) but the disc is missing so I want help to install it please. I want to use it as is and also to show my counted cross-stitch patterns on screen to make it easier to find and count the stitches. The patterns are very small print. Thank's in advance.

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i have an old logitech usb webcam that doesnt work with windows vista. Anyone have any ideas on what i could do with it Answered

All i can think of is cutting off the usb cord and putting it on something else, but that seems like a waste. There has to be something i can do with the camera. M/N V-UM14 P/N861092-0020

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how do i make my logitech clear chat style headset compatible with my ps3? Answered

I have a ps3 but it cost a lot of sisters old headphones is the only headphone comunicator i could find.ive played Battlefield BC2 and the online is sick,with the bluetooth headphone sicker!But i only have a normal cabled headphones.....anyway i could make it work with my ps3?

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remote control a webcam?

Trying to make my old Logitech wireless controller control my webcam. Like focus, up down, left right. Is this possible?

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Post your gaming rig (or any other rig) specs here

I figured there must be some PC gamers on here, so i think it's time we show how macho (or not) we are by posting the specs of our gaming rigs. I'll start:Pentium 4 @ 3.00ghz2gb DDR2 RAMPoint Of View 7600GT 256mb DDR3 PCI-E Graphics CardLogitech G15 Gaming keyboardLogitech G3 laser mouseGeneric HeadsetThis caseSo go ahead and post your rig.

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Is there software to adapt a PS3 controller to PC?

My Logitech controller shorted out, and I have this PS3 controller already, which has that USB cable... But I still want to be able to use it on PS3 later.

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Z-5500 Led's blink to music [HELP]

Hi! I got a question about led's beating on music. I got 3 of the same sound systems (logitech z-5500) and i want to add some led's for effect. I've seen some tutorials about soldering it to the + and - but i dont want to do that with the sub because of the music quality. I want to add 60 led's. orange, blue and white and i want them to work from a external power suply. How should i do this? Cause i cant find any instructable on how to do it with a mic. Thanks!

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Instructables 1st Ever Live Halloween Workshop by Logitech Oct 21st!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who came out, i'll be posting videos as we have them, but for now here is some photos from the event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Instructablers! This Thursday October 21st we are having a special event with nixie (from and logitech. it will be the first ever live streaming project building! It will be from 7:30-9:30 PST The projects we will be doing are the following: So go grab those supplies! To find the show Thursday night go here: See you all there! Greggawatt

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USB headset Speakers?

I hate playing socom with a headset when friends are around because they cant hear what the other people are saying. Is there anyway to make it so my Logitech headset can be wired to speakers but maintain the microphone function?

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can i get a micro inovations wireless laser mouse to work with a logitech receiver?

I have a micro innovations wireless laser mouse and keyboard but don't have the receiver for it. I do have a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse receiver that i am using for my wireless keyboard. What i am wondering is if there is any way to get the mouse to work on the receiver as well?or can i convert the receiver to work with the micro mouse and keyboard? Is it possible to cord the mouse? i am not toally electronically inclined but i am no noob either.....Just curious if any one knows of anything like this or if i need to try and find a receiver from micro innovations?

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Does the new XInput code for the USB Host Shield support the Logitech F710?

I would like to get a USB Host Shield, but, for gamepads, it might not be a perfect idea to get a DualShock 3. Has anyone tried the F710 with the new XInput code?

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i have an old joystick and game-pad for the PC that i need to be able to run on my newer computer

I have an old joystick and game-pad for the PC that i need to be able to run on my newer computer, i got them both from abandoned storage bins, and they use 15 pin connectors, but unfortunately my PC does not have those connections, i have recently started to try my hand at video-game programming and i either need a new joystick, an XBOX 360 controller, or a way to hook the controllers i have up to USB for as cheap or free as possible. i would like any help people can give me. P.S. And yes, i know about the adapters @;=1316209342&sr;=8-17 P.P.S. i am leaning towards the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick (second Pic), but i'm not sure if it's the best, any suggestions?

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legs for keyboard

Hello all, i just purchasec a new logitech illuminated keyboard, which has the shortest "legs" i've ever seen. i loved the steampunk-keyboard idea, but, until i can afford one, does anyone have an idrea on how to raise the back of the keyboard (not books or batteries - i've tried them...) ? thank you.

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What can I do with a wireless mouse? Answered

I want to use parts from a wireless mouse to make a wireless usb hub. I have a wireless Logitech mouse that has a tiny usb to plug into the computer. I want to know if it possible to disassemble this and use the wireless parts for a usb hub instead.

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[HELP] Rapid Fire Mod For wireless mouse

Hi. I have followed this instructable HERE but i cant get it to work. My mouse is a logitech M310 1.5v I have purchased a LMC555CN that work with 1.5v but i will still not work.. any help will be appreciated :-)

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recommended cameras for FTIR?

Hi Everyone, Need some wisdom on a good camera to get for a multi-touch ftir screen. i've destroyed two cameras so far trying to making this thing work (to no avail) :-( #1 was a Logitech quickcam pro 9000 (had to rip apart the AF mechanism to get to the IR filter) #2 was a Logitech quickcam chat, which i successfully converted (ie pulling the IR filter and putting in a visible light filter - film), but the thing would work in low light levels to save its own soul, and turns out CMOS sensors are no good for this kind of application from what I'm reading. So if anyone out there has a camera that they've had particularly good luck with that they'd like to share the name of with me, I'd be ever so grateful. Eviscerating cameras has started to become an expensive proposition for me, so the fewer the better! Thanks!

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can you make a subwoofer from computer audio system go boom booom boooom in a car without adding an amplifier?

I have a spare logitech g51 speaker system and want to use the subwoofer in my car instead of purchasing an entire car designed subwoofer, box, amp, wires, crossovers, etc., etc.

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Cannibalizing old electronics

I am taking apart and desolder some vintage Mac Powerbooks and I found this Logitech 9215H IC on the trackballs PCB. I wonder. All datasheets I find say it is for a floppy.. Anyone has informations about that IC? I would love to use it in any kind of project. The Powerbook is thisone

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DIY Bluetooth speaker build, advice please

Hi all Apologies for the newbie questions, I've decided to build my first portable speaker system. I was hoping to make my own version of the 'Vintage Audio Suitcase Speaker' e.g. I have found some second hand 6.5 inch 'Response' woofers for a cheap price and I have two spare satellite speakers from my Logitech Z-5500 system. Suitcase should be relatively easy to source. What I'm struggling with is the amp and battery choice. I'd like this to be able to run for a few hours on battery, and be easy to recharge via mains or USB. I don't mind spending a bit of money on the amp as I'd like this to last a good few years. The tricky part is, with my current speaker plan, it would need to run 4 speakers that are rated at 70wrms each. Plus the Logitechs are 8 ohm and the Response woofers are 4 ohm. Is this possible? Advice much appreciated.

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Does This Desktop Spec Compliment the Price? = - )

This is a Desktop computer package from a company called "Cube247" . I am really considering this deal. ( Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of fast memory, massive 500GB hard disk, DVD rewriter, huge 19” widescreen TFT panel and Microsoft Vista – all for £449!!Microsoft Windows Vista HomeIntel Core 2 Duo E4500 Processor2048MB DDR II 667 Memory500GB SATA II Seagate Data Storage < ----------------------------Awsome!!!!!! Half a Terrabyte.NEC 7200 Multi Format DVD/CD ReWriterIntel 950 128MB GMA Graphics7.1 High Definition Surround SoundIntel Core 2 Duo Motherboard19” Widescreen TFT 5MS Flat Panel ScreenLogitech Wireless Multimedia KeyboardLogitech Wireless Optical MouseLogitech S220 2.1 Speaker System10/100 Ethernet LAN8x USB2 Ports All for £449.00 .Does it sound like a good deal ???Also I have a few queries......:The computer doesn't have dedicated graphics, it has intergrated. Will I be able to upgrade the desktop to be fitted in with a graphics card later on.Also the the graphics are: Intel 950 128MB GMA Graphics. What kind of games will I be able to play on the desktop with this graphic spec....if any at all..... = S.The OS this package comes with is " Vista Home Basic " , It only takes £20 more to upgrade the OS to " Vista Home Premium " do you think I should go for it . Does Premium Make a good difference?Thank you Please help.

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Two 4" Drivers in one enclosure?

I want  a very deep Bass as i am getting in my logitech z103...(image attached) I am plannin' to build a sealed 10" cube outta 0.5" thick Plywood and put in em two 4" subwoofer drivers. will i be getting the thing i want???? if not what should be the dimensions???? THnaks in advance!!!

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Needed sound fx and voiceover Animation programs?

Firstly I do not want a complicated or high end professional stop motion program. I also do not want to spend more than say $80 dollars. I want it to have sound capability such as sound fx and voiceover. I do not want to have to export to another program to add sounds. It is for windows use by the way not mac.I will be using it with a Logitech Pro 9000 webcam.All your suggestion helps me to take decision !!

Topic by johnmartyn 

How to connect a PS/2 keyboard to a USB port? Answered

I have a Logitech 250 keyboard with a PS/2 connector and would like to connect it to a USB port on my laptop. I bought a keyboard PS/2 to USB adapter, but it did not work. So, I bought a combined keyboard/mouse PS/2 to USB adpater and this did work. I no longer have it and it was quite bulky. So, I bought a USB plug, cut the PS/2 connector off the cable and carefully soldered the USB plug in its place. I checked the colour coding of the wires inside the keyboard: Vcc + is red, Data 1 is yellow, Data 2 is green, 0 v is white and Screen is black. I looked up the USB pin outs on Wikipedia and made sure that the Vcc and O v wires were in the correct positions on the USB plug by carefully metering the pins on the laptop USB port. I tried connecting the yellow wire to pin 2 and green wire to pin 3 on the USB plug and the reverse, but neither worked. Logitech support offered me a discount on a USB keyboard, but I'm intrigued to know why it does not work, when the combined keyboard/mouse PS/2 to USB adpater did work. Can anyone enlighten me and hopefully tell me how to make it work?

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usb question

Hey i saw some videos on diy usb fan, thought it was a great idea, so i tried to make one too for funso i took my old broken logitech usb mouse and cut it open, however when i opened it i saw black, white, red, green, a string, and a copper wire - like the picture on the imageshack link (sorry for the blurr) i still only use the red and black wire right? and in what conditions should i not use the usb for powering (such as the product uses more than 500 milliamp?)and just out of curiosity does any1 know whats that copper wire with no shielding is for?thanks

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diy usb problem

Hey i saw some videos on diy usb fan, thought it was a great idea, so i tried to make one too for funso i took my old broken logitech usb mouse and cut it open, however when i opened it i saw black, white, red, green, a string, and a copper wire - like the picture on the imageshack link (sorry for the blurr) i still only use the red and black wire right? and in what conditions should i not use the usb for powering (such as the product uses more than 500 milliamp?)and just out of curiosity does any1 know whats that copper wire with no shielding is for?thanks

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Bluetooth Trackball for the spinal cord injured.

Bluetooth Trackball for the spinal cord injured. I'm a quadriplegic and I'm looking for a Bluetooth trackball like the old ones from Kensington or Logitech. They were the larger trackballs that have 4 buttons. I know there is a large population of people with disabilities who would greatly appreciate help in locating someone to design, engineer, and produce. There is definitely a large demand for one of this type. I know there are wireless USB units currently on the market however moving from computer to computer I'm afraid that I will lose the USB receiver plug. Something like the link below… If there is somebody out there brave enough to help, please let me know. Thanks for your help! Steve

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AUDIOPHILE? I have bad distortion/feedback?

Made a ghetto beats boombox from a old logitech surround sound system i had. And my issue is distortion in the subwoofer mostly and when i touch the wires going from the amp to the sub level knob i get really bad feedback through the sub and it will cut out also. I know the wiring is a cluster fudge and this was just a "going to wire it up to see if it works then protect it all later" kinda job. Do you think non insulated wire could be the culprit? Any input is appreciated. Def a newb when it comes to custom audio. I know car audio but this is def different. And on another note, I was thinking about just getting another amp to simplify it. Any suggestions?

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sync bass with subwoofer

Hello, I thing this is the right /r/ to ask this. I have a HTiB and I want to make 2 led strips with ~6 meters blink with bass. I have done some tests with my old subwoofer (logitech z5500) and I noticed that as the bass goes deeper, I got distorsions... I have read that we can use an amp to store energy (? :S) but it could start a fire due the heat. Can someone help me? Obviously I can use the leds directly conected to the subwoofer and dont turn the subwoofer volume to high and everything will be ok, but I really want to make something cool and safe. The HTiB this an Onkyo HT-S9700THX, and the subwoofer is powered directly to current, the amp just pass signals. I thing this is called a pre-amp subwoofer, correct if Im wrong please. Regards and thanks!

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Strange problems with the mouse and keyboard? Answered

Must be bad karma for the new year but both my mouse and my keyboard are playing games with me on the PC. Of course they are wireless, mouse is a Logitech, keyboard some very old Aldi brand. After many years of good service they started to fail at the same time. And yes, I tried fresh batteries several times with no luck ;) Here are the current symptoms: 1. Keyboard Randomly keys I press fail to show up although the blinking on the receiver indicates an action was received. When typing a bit faster, and for me that is the two-finger-best-hope method a lot gets lost. My speed is slow enough to make a bad typist laugh in tears LOL In some rare cases I also get totally wrong results, usually somethe graphical character that otherwise need and ascii input to appear. 2. Mouse At times when the keyboard plays up the little rodent does the same. Here it means the pointer disappears or moves in jumps. Also mouse clicks on let's say a tab in the bowser often grab the tab or are not registered at all. It is now starting to annoy me, mainly bcause I failed to rectify this problem in any good way. Only system change in or before the problems started was the usual Windows 7 monthly update, but that came about a week before it all started. To make things worse the mouse uses Logitechs old wireles tech while the keyboard is in a totally different frequency and as said dirt cheap. I also fail to replicate the problem consistently or find a common cause. Funny thing: If used on my old Nexus tablet both perform just fine even from over 5m away. Would love to hear some thoughts on things to try or check... But so you know: Tried the drivers, different ports relocating the receivers and even a rollback of Windows to a state from Nov last year. Everything else connected to the USB ports performs fine. Am at the stage where I even accept weird things to try, so fire up please!

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Solve feedback from speakers, similar to mobile phone.

Only very recently i've been hearing a sound in my headphones and it sounds exactly like when i would recieve a text message or a phone call(with a much older pair of headphones). The difference being there is no phone anywhere near me and i've never experienced this with my current pair (wirelss Logitech F540's) and i've had them over a year, even when i'm using my phone right beside them. Its recently also being happening to my housemate who lives accross the hall from me, we've both tried turning our phones off and asked for our housemates living below us to do the same, but the problem persists. Could there be some device that is causing the problem inside or outside of the house that i havn't thought of? And is there a method of fixing the headphones/speakers themselves. I'd like to get to the bottom of it! :D Cheers.

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How would a stronger magnet impact the performance of a speaker, and what impacts the overall quality of a speaker? Answered

Okay, so I had decided to build a sub-woofer for a speech topic for school, and I was wondering what it was that made speakers, or sub-woofers so loud an efficient. Granted, I know mine is far from great, while being made from ply-wood, duct-tape, and everything, but why is it that professionally manufactured speakers are so loud by them-selves with minimal power? I am using the circuits from my Logitech X-240 system, and the sub-woofer is always way louder than that of my home-made speaekr, with a significantly smaller ceramic magnet, it seems. Is it the geometry of the speaker itself, or what? What do manufacturers do in construction which improves the sound, or quality of speakers, and would using a neodymium magnet be better than using ceramic magnets? Any help is appreciated, and thank you in advance.

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high end logitech  keyboard broken wire at stress grommet ?

My logitech usb lighted  keyboard developed an intermittent open at the entrance to the keyboard, inside the stress grommet. i opened it up and found the open,.   however i am not sure i can do the splice since the wire there is  so thin and i already broke the copper foilwrap. if i had a butt splice connector i could probably do it, i do not know if they make the butt connectors this small.i am worried if i try to get the insulation off of the broken red wire to splice, i will do more damage.  i have plenty of usb cords and cheaper keyboards ,  so if i know at the usb connection to keyboard is a better place to do the fix, i will open it up further. speaking of keyboards, i spilt a cup of black, no sugar coffee on my wireless laser one, i flipped it and ran some fresh water into it, but a couple keys don't work., wondering if trying to pour water or  rubbing alcohol into it  may be worth a try ?

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