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Agua-luna solar panel ripoff

I bought a manual from about making solar panels. I've been misled and ripped off. The first two solar panel technologies are not viable for home power generation. The screen printed PV panels may be. There were listings of materials and a copy of a patent application along with some hand written notes. Not much else. There's absolutely no way that a person with electrical and fabrication skills could make printed PV panels from this document. I tried there msn address, no response. I posted a message in their forums, no response. Beware.

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can you make luna clay at home?

You can make cold porcelain clay at can you make luna clay at home? 

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One year old dog will not accept my new three month old puppy?

I have a one year old female husky mix (Nova). I rescued her from the pound when she was six months old. Nova loves women and children but has been afraid of men since I have had her. Nova is usually dog aggressive.. but not always. I thought that she would do well with a puppy. Clearly, I was wrong! I picked up a three month old female husky mix (Luna) two days ago. I allowed Nova to sniff Luna's scent on a jacket. Nova seemed extremely curious and even wagged her tail. I was impressed. I held Nova by her harness while we brought Luna into our house. Nova became extremely excited! Once Nova was calm I allowed her to sniff Luna out. As soon as Luna moved her head, Nova snapped at her face? Nova will follow her around the house standing stiffly and walking tall. I am unsure if this is to show she is dominant? Probably. If Luna tries to go anywhere as in near the fire place(where Nova lays every now and then), near my children or myself, Nova steps in front of Luna being territorial. Nova has snapped at Luna multiple times and has made Luna yelp. A few times Nova attempted to play with Luna by pawing at her, but she accidently hurt Luna. All of this is still going on along with now Nova is growling at Luna. I am afraid to let them "sort it out". What can I do to help Nova accept Luna?

Question by proudmom0912  

how do i install the windows xp blue luna theme on windows 7?

I want to install the original windows xp home edition theme (i think its called Luna). and windows blinds doesn't work so i installed UXstyle core with is an in memory uxtheme.dll pitcher but after running that and putting the theme in the themes folder i don't know were to go from here any help would be appreciated

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Shoes should be added to the Craft section of Instructables

Shoemaking is such a wide category it should be its own category, rather than in the fashion sections. There's so many things you can do in the world of shoes (decorating, painting, designing, finding the best way to make soles, making your own shoes from scratch). Shoes = good. Make shoes their own category, please!

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How to make a fuelless generator? Answered

Can anyone make a more detailed tutorial of this MATERIAL: 1. Four Germanium Diodes (1N34). 2. Two 100µF 50V electrolytic capacitors. 3. Tw0 0.2µF 50V ceramic capacitors. 4. Some kinda antenna The circuit plan is at the end of the video. Can anyone make a video and show the exact steps to create this? And If possible to on a larger scale. Thanks.

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Building a computer.

Hi :DMy old computer has died and I'm planning on just ripping it apart and salvaging bits and bobs for a new build, Here's my plan:CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Desktop Processor E8600Graphics card: GeForce 9800 GX2RAM: 4GBWiFi card: some brand, i haven't researched yetCase: Jeantech JNR-105 Luna ATXMy main problem is i cant decide on which Motherboard... do motherboards come with their own power supply? I think a 500 watt power supply would be more suited than the current 300 watt. which leads me to another question, can people recommend cooling options? (not water cooling though, i dont trust it enough to have hundreds of pounds of hardware surrounded by water)

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A bit of poetry

A lot of my classes involve creating stories and stuff....My favorite is poetry,which is why I always choose it as assignement. (We get to chose how to write about a toic that the teacher gives us)Here I'll post a bit of my poetry (which is not to be considered great)Haiku:I am a pencilI leave my mistakes behindYou get the point, right?Orange Leaves fallingin a twilight autumn noonA sight to beholdThe gentle dog sits,playfully rolls around, andbows for his masterRain falling from skyThe clouds weep for a lost friendThe sun has not comeOk, I have a challenge for you. I wrote some poetry...but its in spanish....Find out what it means..WITHOUT using a translator!I'll post one today: Mi EclipseTe fuiste......te fuiste y no volviste....Me dejaste solo y desconsolado...... Me has abandonado.....Te he llorado, te he extranado..... y aun te llamoMe has dejado en la oscuridad. Como la luna, me has tapado la luz hacia el alma, y me has privado del calor en mi corazon.Camine en la oscuridad, ciego y desconsolado he caminado. Busque y busque, pero no encontrado la esperanza que buscaba...... Mi corazon apunalado ya no podr­a caminar herida era demasiado. Cansado de buscar, me sentia en la oscuridad, esperando lo que nunca iba a venir.......pidiendo lo que nunca iba a obtener.Ya no aguantaba mas..........Necesitaba ver algo. La oscuridad ya era demasiado pesada.....solo queria salir de esa pesadilla....Quise ver el dolor.......Quise ver la luz.Me corte y me rasgue......¦ Quise ver el dolor.......Quise ver la luz.Llegue al lugar, pero no vi la luz.....solo mas oscuridad. Pero esta oscuridad era diferente.....No era pesada.....Era callada....Habi­a luz.....pero no brillaba......Estaba confundido..Ahi­ vi la luz....... Ahi­ vi una luz en medio de oscuridad. Su hola aclaro el di­a y se llevo las nubes. Ahora podi­a ver......Ahora podi­a ver....Mi eclipse habi­a pasado. Ya podi­a ver la luz. Ella era mi nueva luz.Ya no te necesito, pues he encontrado un nuevo sol.I'll add more poetry later, as soon as I find my notebooks. Feel free to post your own and comment if you like.

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