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Rainbow Dash, the pony you asked for!

I don't take any credit for these pictures I am just adding part of my collection. Thanks for the views and anti-bronies.......stay calm and flutter on! /)^3^(\ Awesome!

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Where can I get bulk synthetic hair?

I want to make a plushie My Little Pony and I'm going to need a good amount of hair to do it. The only thing I've found so far is buying hair extensions, which would get very expensive very quickly, and most places don't have the colors I need. I want the colors to match the Friendship is Magical cartoon as closely as possible. The first one I do will be Fluttershy, so I'm looking for a light pink. I would prefer to spend less than $20 on the hair since I still have to get all the other materials as well. Is that possible?

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My Little Pony: Friendship is magic

Bronies unite! How many of you are out there on here? I know PoniesSwag is one and a few more are, so yeah. Reveal your bronyhood to me and I will follow you. Discuss all ponies on this forum post.  Anything from styling fluttershy and tips on that( I will oblige!) to on if Fluttertosh is a good shipping and everywhere inbetween!  What chaos have I been missing? Continue on!

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How do I disguise my voice as another voice, like a character from a series (Specifically Twilight Sparkle)?

I want to disguise my voice on Skype as a character from My Little Pony, specifically Twilight Sparkle. Is there a specific voice changer I could use so that I can disguise my voice as Twilight Sparkle on Skype? Please help ASAP.

Question by BlazeC1    |  last reply

How can I cheaply make this golden?

I am making a Wonderbolts Badge and I am using this Instructable as my guide. I've made the badge before and I really want to make this one. I have all the materials to make it, but I want to make this a shiny gold. I can obviously use gold leaf to get the job done, but it's way to expensive. So I'm asking, how do I cover this to make it shiny and golden without breaking my wallet?

Question by Iridium7    |  last reply

How I can recycle good broken Headphones into a brand new Custom ones?

Well I have Good DJ Heaphones but I could want to create a custom one like ones of Equestria Girls Vinyl scratch wears, I have a broken sony headphones and it still packs good quality sound how I can use those in my custom headphones? Here's an image I'm using from the MLP Wiki for reference - what are some good ways to build such headphones to match hers from the movie? I know it's not Beats HD by Dre nor Sol Republic those are not the exect matches. I've look at one instructable from my ipod touch but lack some plastic to use. The Sony Headphones foam pads are so worn out I don't wanna use them! The Headphones are Sony MDR-CD60 headphones with Dynamic Stereo. The headphones are gonna be recycled in some way to have a new life onto them, I just removed the broken beams that holds the headband on them. I tore off a speaker from it's wires I'll conver them to ipod speakers soon.

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