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bbkwg2 mag? Answered

I want to build the bbkwg2, but i want a removable clip. i would like to have one that clips on with y connectors. any one willing to give me their clip or provide a choice? i'll choose a best answer by most descryptive. chopstx

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I've been reading around and i am kind of annoyed how people call magazine " clips " ( also notice how most people calling it clips are either little kids or just plain old " noobs" ) Here is a picture to show you the difference and to correct future mistakes ( pic from evike forum )

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Mags v.s clips

Seriously, why does everybody call mags clips? Is it because of hasbro? A magazine is the object that holds all the bullets, a clip is some bullets clip'd together. Why is this so hard for some people?

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New Mag Idea

So, I was thinking and I came up with a new idea for a mag.It works almost the same to the P90's mag system. So in a p90 the rifle rounds sit sideways in the mag. Then, they get rotated into the barrel and shot out. Since the bullets are sideways in the mag it can hold alot. So I was thinking if we could use that idea with a bunch of green rods sitting sideways. The olny problem is that the bullets would be fired out of the gun sideways which would decrease the range of the gun. Heres a simple pic to show you what I mean _______________mag_________________ 0000000000000 bullets 0000000000000000\ 00000000000000000000000000000000000 \--------------barrel----------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah. I know its confusing but all the little 'o's are the sideways green rods then they get pushed into the barrel and fired. The really only point of all this is to increase the mag capacity of all horizontal mag. So send me a message if you have any questions.

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knex mag problem.

I made a new bolt-action gun with a new mechanism (which doesnt effect the mag) and the ends of the rods lock together which severly decreases reliability and the gun becomes near impossible to use because the rods wont go out the magazine and the rod pusher thingy wont come out the mag easily either. is there anyway the stop this or a different type of mag that stops this?

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New mag design

A new top loading mag WITH an internal pusher. The only other i've seen that has both top loading and an internal pusher is ironman's; but his uses a bendy rod as a pusher. Just let me know what you think and any guns you might make using it. Credit goes to Ironman69 for the top loading idea.

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Opening MAG screen for self repair it

Hello im having trouble opening the Mag screen I'm trying it for a while now ive uploaded some picture of it, my problem on it is that I have very bad connection to dvi connecter (when im moving the cable, pushing it in its working when I leave it it disappears) I took out 4 screws on the corners and as u see I tried to take out the lower part of the screen but it still doesn't open I only wish to repair the bad connection, any help will be appreciated thanks ahead mike

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How can I make a mag!? Answered

Please help me!

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Nerf Longshot Magazine Mod

Hello. i was opening my longshot magazine tooo see how it worked and to deside iff i shoud mod it or not. well i unscrewwwed the ..well... screws and then the pusher spring popped ouut and i dont want to open the mag all the way because i dont wanbt to break it. does anyboody know how to openitt without breaking it? please respond because i dont want to only have 1 mag cartuner55 ps sorry for any mispellings i am typing this on my Wii

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easy knex guns? Answered

Where is some easy knex guns with mags and true trigger

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ReadyMade's archives online. For free!

One of my favorite magazines, ReadyMade, has made its archive of projects available online for all to see and use. This is awesome news. I'm a bit late in posting it, but if you haven't seen it yet, check it out.ReadyMade's archive

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New removable mag idea

The mag slides through the other layers like a rail system (see pic 2-4). Then when you fire the firing pin keeps the mag in place (pic 5). The mag also has a long hole on one side so that the mag pusher doesn't have to have a long stick going out of it. That's the new idea so anyone can use it now if they give credit to me. =)=)       (i also give credit to the jamalam)

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knex ironman mag help?

So im working on a new gun and want to use somesort of ironman mags. but instead of the large fairly bulky mag i redesignd the mechanism. so it would be slimmer offering a smaller overall gun but i cant find a way to get ironman mags to work with a yellowcon-greenrod-yellowcon. with the typical bendy rod method any ideas of what i can do?or is this just a forlorn hope. also i should be done by this will be up late friday or mid saturday.:)

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knex gun mag help? Answered

First of is there a good guide to knex gun mags and all the different types i have trouble getting the mag to be the right size for the ammo and it is either too big or too small

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New mag idea with pictures

Ok so i made this knex mag that doesnt have a pusher sticking out pictures below

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Instructables mentioned in Jane Mag

The June-July issue of Jane Mag mentions Instructables as "DIY mecca." Check out the page from the magazine here.

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single shots VS mags.......

Ok, I want an opinion on which is better: single-shots, or guns with mags?so far........6 single shots, 7 magsarguments to help outSINGLE SHOTPROS-faster to load-get better range-easy on knex parts-easy to buildCONS-you need to constantly reload after every shotMAGSPROS-more ammo-less reloadsCONS-more prone to jamming and misfiring than single shots-take longer to reloadjudging from these arguments, and ones i forgot to mention, which is better?

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Pump action crossbow with a mag

Alright, I've had this idea for like forever and I finally got a working prototype yesterday. It has a pump with two prongs on the side which catch the rubber band bow as it is fired and then pulls it back. The trigger is a triangle shape so the rubber band can slide over the top, but still be caught on the back. The system has a few kinks, but mostly it just isn't that smooth. I hope to work them out and eventually be posting.

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Need help with a removable horizontal mag.

Hey guys, I have a gun that needs a mag. I have lots of trouble with mags. I was thinking it would be something like Sel's, but you wouldn't have to manually load it. It would be great help if somebody could help me with this.

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how can i make a removable mag? Answered

please tell me how to make this mag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How do you open zotac mag? Answered

I would like to know how to open a zotac mag to replace the RAM in it.

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Is it possible to make a side arm firing green rods with slide and removable mag ?

I have searched the whole Internet but didn't find something useful... And of course it has to work :-)

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Does anyone have a gun where for the mag u have cartridges u clip in?? Answered

I want a gun where u have a cartridge. Then u clip it in (and it has ammo in) Then u can fire rods when its used u take it out and put another one in get the idea!

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new knex pump action

Please try to make it off of my crude drawing. If you post an ible please give me credit or tell me if it has been done. If so post link. The way it works is when you pump it the pusher hits the top most ammo. That pushes it onto the ammo lifter. When you pump forward  that pulls the string which raises the ammo lifter. That then becomes part of the bottom of the barrel. Then you cock the gun and fire. Repeat. P.S. The scriblls on the paper are not hyroglfics they are words.

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What's wrong with my Knex gun? Answered

I made a gun that has 2 mags in it that hold green rods. They fit nice and snug in the mag and i use a mag push to push them up. they get to the top and i can succesfully shoot 1 but when i go to shoot another it jams. HELP

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new stuff

I will post pics soon. but im posting a maching gun (rbg,fullauto) and a mp6 (mods to the mp5 gearmassalt rifle) and how to make the real quad blaster bullets.

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are there any knex guns with the mag on the side? Answered

Are the any knex guns with mags on the side? i think it would by pretty cool lookin,

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Mag release for Shadowninja31's MP5K

Built it, and read a comment of someone complaining about how there was no mag release... I felt like I could make one for shadowninja31, and without his consent, I did... might put up instructions (pretty easy to build) but this time I'll wait for shadowninja31's permission :)  Yes it isn't quite a "mag release" as it is more along the lines of a "mag removal helper"  just download the video under the picture bar :) I don't know how to use youtube, and furthermore, don't have time...  Link to his MP5K: 

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true mag shot assault rifle

Hello everyone I would like to tell you about my new weapon system. That uses a easy load mag like Ironman69's. It will come in 4 slightly different versions that will include. The standard version that will have a full stock, hand grip, and iron sights. Then there is the para-trooper version that will have a twiggy stock and will be a little smaller and it will have vertical fore grip and iron sights just like the standard version. Then there will be compact version that will just have a shorter barrel than the para-trooper. Then there is a special forces edition that will have a mock silencer, a longer fore grip with side rails for flash lights and laser pens,and will come with a mock scope. At the moment I do not have a date of release.

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knex RBG gun with removable mag ?

Are there any knex RBG guns with removable mags if there is how do they work and are there any pix of some ? i have been trying to make one but it is supper hard.   

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Jackal V4 mag mod help

So I made a jackal v4 mag that when you run outta ammo you can flip over for more. It also shoots two pieces of ammo =) But its not working very well because the mag pusher gets in the way of the other round. Could someone pls help? Thanks Pics are down there.

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Is there a tubular mag (also know as under barrel mag) for knex guns ? Answered

If there is then please give me name of gun its on, size, and link. Second question is there a tubular mag that loads like a pump action gun

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Are there any good knex pistols with removable mags? Answered

I was just wondering because I'm designing (what I hope to be) a pisol with a removable mag and I wanted to make sure my idea wasn't copying theirs. If there is please post a link. Thanks.

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xm8 with new mag:D

I made these guns a few weeks ago, it are two different types of the xm8 with different mags.I hope you like it. p.s. the stock is very crappy:P

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Would i be able to buy the finished pruduct?

I am a huge fan of what you make and do on the videos and I would like to ask a small favor from you. Would you be able to make me the "Mini Mag Flash Light hack" on the link below.!!/?utm_source=pdf&utm;_campaign=video The only reason why i won't make it myself is because I don't want to stuff it up and not just that but I would like it done by a person that has done it before.(professionally) P.S. I am willing to buy it for a reasonable price. Hope to hear from you in the near future.

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Do bigger rods make better ammo? Answered

Some guys here on Ibles told me that green rods make the best ammo for Knex guns, because they fly faster. Since then I always used green rods above blue or yellow ones. Others said that grey and red rods were way better because they hit harder. Which one is the best and why?

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I need a different mag fo the inferno on kl does anybody have one.

The mag on the inferno needs stronger red rods. i dont have ant does anyone have a different mag that works for the inferno?

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New Horizontal Mag Gun + Unfinished repeating sling

Here's a video of my new gun I'm working on, and some pictures of a new repeating sling that I scrapped.

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I made a sear system, mag fed skorpian!!!! Working on the collapsable stock and curved mag.

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