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matrix maybe

See if found online that they have envented a extreamly wierd type of computer that works on matrix like codes which is kind of wierd so what else do you think needs matrix type codes for machines

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led matrix?

I want to build an led matrix for under 50 bucks that dose not use Arduino. is there any way to do it?

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Led Matrix

I want to make a simple led matrix out of some leds and a 5.6V phone charger, just for it to light up, no animations or any particular control to it, just a simple matrix with an on/off switch.  A link to some instructions? Much appreciated, and is there also some instructions out there to turn a basic light bulb socket to power leds?

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LED Matrix?

I tried making a LED Matrix but encountered a problem while writing the code. I thought that I would be able to light them up by applying power to rows and columns but found out that we can only light up a few LEDs at a time due to the current limit of Arduino. I now have no idea as to how I'd write the code, so I would appreciate it if someone could help me. My matrix is 5x5. I attached a picture describing how my LED's are connected. I have so far not connected the resistors and I was wondering if I could connect them on the cathodes rather than anode. So, I would like it if anyone could help me regarding the resistors and the code. Thanks.

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LED matrix?

I'm interested in making an led matrix with random effects.  I have no programming experience, so if theres a simple way to do this with a 555 timer or something of that sort please send me a link to a site or give me details. thanks. Thanks for the help everyone. I'm looking into programming microcontrollers. I guess it would be cheaper and easier than using a bunch of 555 timers

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Matrix Batch File

Please could some one write me a batch file that says makes the command prompt says Will, The Matrix has you...

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LED Matrix Logo

Hello, I am looking for help/advice with small project I am undertaking. I want to make a logo out of 50/60 single LED's as a gift to someone. I have attached a picture of the logo. Should I make it on a blank circuit board, what is the best way to connect the LED's (2.2V) and solder them, how many resistors are needed? Any information is gladly appreciated :)

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RGB Led Matrix

Sorry! I am looking on how to make a RGB Led matrix. I have found a lot of them but any of them was a RGB, so the idea is this I need to make a 6x9 RGB Led matrix and make the dots flash in different colors. I know the principle of the led matrix but not of a RGB one. So can you lend me a hand? or a sketch as possible? Thanks for reading. P.S.: Sorry for the bad english I speak spanish lol

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rewiring keyboard matrix?

I want to know if it is possible to rewire the traces that go to the numpad on a keyboard so that the numpad section can be cut out? I've seen some boards where this is done but no explanation was given of what's going on. The trace that is supposed to go to the numpad keys should be rerouted back somehow, I am guessing.

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Help With LED Matrix

Hey everyone,  I've been making LED displays for various projects now and I understand it quite well (thanks to some of the great instructables on this site) though I've only ever made a square or rectangular matrix for my projects and need to make a circular one and am completely lost. How would I go about making and wiring such a thing? Is programming odd shapes different? 

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LED Matrix Wall

Hey everyone!THe artist Erwin Redl is very well known for his "LED Matrix Wall" went to go see it this weekend, and I wanted to know how it was done, sadly noone there knew :'(So Im passing it on to Instructables! Help a newb create a wonder in his room!Now i dont get how it is set up at ALLi always thought the bottom needed to be connected to a negative...can ANYONE help describe how this works, as you can see the bottom of the line, is a so confused!Im just trying to power as many LEDS as possible, and this seemed like a better way then my drawing with a white background...

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LED matrix circuit?

So I am trying to make something like this:   to basically make an LED display on a cap. The thing is, I don't want to program anything, just light up a design, wired with a switch to turn on and off. Most instructions are how to program a display using a microcontroller and transisters, etc. My plan is to use 3mm leds and just solder them together and power it with a 9V. Would that be feasible, wiring the LEDs in parallel strands. Also, I know that I might want to use resisters to make sure the current isn't too high and burn out the bulbs but I'm not sure where to put them in the circuit or how to calculate it. (I can't make a circuit from looking at a schematic either)

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5x7 dot matrix display

Hi, I have a lot of dot matrix display 5x7 model LTP-2157AE i want use it but i don't know how do it, the product is this: Can youhelp me??

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POV using LED matrix

Hi, I am doing a project of making and LED analog clock. The clock contains almost 300 LEDss and they are arranged in a specific pattern that looks like and analog clock. My question is how would you create a POV in this design of the clock. I have checked other projects of POV; in those projects the whole device moves along with the row of LEDs and then it created a POV effect. However, in my project, the LEDs are fixed on a plastic sheet. How would I create a POV effect on that??? Please HELP!!!

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RGB LED Strip matrix?

Can I use connected RGB L.E.D. strips in rows to make a animate-able matrix? And what program do I use to animate it? I'm working on making a deadmau5 mask that lights up, so it has to be a portable unit as I would like to wear it to shows. Thanks :)?

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Curved/Circular LED Matrix

Hey everyone,  I've been interested in making a new project using an LED display, however, I have no idea how to go about such a matrix without the proper instructions or guidelines since it is very different from a square or rectangular matrix. I was hoping someone could explain how to wire and go about making such a thing (programming advice would also be appreciated). 

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MAX7219 Matrix LED TIMER

Hello everyone!Im trying to make a simple stopwatch with Arduino using a MAX7219 Matrix module and a button. Ive seen several codes for the MAX7219 Red 8 Bit Digital Tube LED but they don't work for the Matrix.My intention is to create a stopwatch that with one press of the button activates, with a second press it stops, and with the third one it restarts. Does anyone know how to incorporate a stopwatch into the MAX7219 Matrix?Thanks!!

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Help a newbie with an led matrix.

Hello world of the internet. I have an Arduino Uno, an ICM7218DIJI, and a ton of leds. I want to make a matrix. Preferably a 64 led matrix. I pretty much need help with all of it because I really have no experience with programming, arduino, or led drivers. The best way would be to dumb everything down. Lol,

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LED text matrix strip.

Hi, I am very intressed in making a LED text strip. Any ideas how? Please see attached photo.

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red 8x8 matrix with 26 pins?

I received this matrix in the mail and I'm having problems trying to get it wired, as you can see it's it has 26 pins, the schematic has 8 pins for the rows and 8 pins for the columns but the other 10 are sitting at the bottom with the words "no pin"? I tried to wire up the rows and columns but had no success. My main goal was to have it hooked up to a couple 74HC595 shift registers (via 16 pins?) on some protoboard. Any help on how to get this wired would be appreciated!

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Ghosting in LED matrix 8x8 RED

Hello All I have problem that is Ghosting in LED matrix 8x8 RED, I try solve by software and change littel to best but not fully, where on lighting that ghosting is not show but in darkness room it is show perfect. I use PIC16F877A and 74HC595 for rows and CD4017 for columns. Best Regards hosam matar

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Arduino LED matrix - Help needed

Hello fellows! I´m doing led matrix. I managed to put this thing together: But i have one problem ... I cannot open the instuctable anymore(ERROR 500: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/common/newlayout.jspx': Can't insert page '/pages/explore/type/instructable_body.jsp' : ISO-8859-10).  I need the progams for the arduino. Can somebody e-mail me those programs from the page?   Thanks!

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LED matrix array sink and source? Answered

Looking at  matth3w instructable , as a rough guide line for hardware setup, He is just sourcing the rows with MIC2981 driver but has nothing to sink the current except the arduino. Should I also use something to sink the current like a ULN2803 or HEF4794 to protect the arduino if all the LEDs in a column are on?

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editing LED matrix code help?

Hi All, For a while now I've been working on a pair of LED matrix glasses. I've been following this instructable to guide me in the right direction. The code used in this instructable is ok but I want to add something to it (but don't know how obviously). I would like the code to pick a random animation (from one of the preprogrammed animations) and play it a random amount of times. It should also be possible to play the next animation by the press of a button. The maximum and minimum amount of times to play an animation will be predeterment (separately for every animation). If possible but I think this will be tricky, it would be nice to have a transition animation when switching animations. What I've got so far is: //test random animation script int TotAnim = 4;              //totaal animations int LoopTime = 1;             //times to reapeat the animation randomly selected long AnimNumb;                //animation number randomly selected int LoopCount = 0;            //times the animation played int MaxLoop = 10;             //variable to store maximum times to repeat animation int MinLoop = 20;             //variable to store minimum times to repeat animation int FrameTime = 4;            //variable to store the times to play 1 frame int Frames = 10;              //variable to store the amount of frames of the selected animation char AnimName;                //stores the selected animation name void setup(){   Serial.begin(9600);   randomSeed(analogRead(0)); } void loop(){ if (LoopTime != LoopCount){     LoopCount += 1;   //for testing   Serial.print(" loop times: ");   Serial.print(LoopTime);   Serial.print(" loop count: ");   Serial.print(LoopCount);   Serial.print(" animation: ");   Serial.print(AnimNumb);   Serial.print(" frames: ");   Serial.println(Frames);   Serial.print("run_animation_p(");   Serial.print(FrameTime);   Serial.print(", ");   Serial.print(AnimNumb);   Serial.print(", ");   Serial.print(Frames);   Serial.print(", ");   Serial.print(LoopTime);               //LoopTimes might have to be 1 in the "run_animation_P(12, rotatebox_P, 4, 30);"   Serial.print(");");   delay(70); } else if (LoopTime == LoopCount){   LoopCount = 0;   AnimNumb = random(1, TotAnim);   switch (AnimNumb){     case 1:                            //animation number //    AnimName = rain                    //name of the animation     MaxLoop = 20;                      //maximum times to repeat the loop     MinLoop = 5;                       //minimum times to repeat the loop     Frames = 10;                       //amount of frames of the animation     FrameTime = 1;                     //times to play 1 frame     goto next;                         //goto the next part     break;         case 2:                            //animation number //    AnimName = rotating_box            //name of the animation     MaxLoop = 30;                      //maximum times to repeat the loop     MinLoop = 30;                       //minimum times to repeat the loop     Frames = 20;                       //amount of frames of the animation     FrameTime = 2;                     //times to play 1 frame     goto next;                         //goto the next part     break;         case 3:                            //animation number //    AnimName = test                    //name of the animation     MaxLoop = 50;                      //maximum times to repeat the loop     MinLoop = 30;                       //minimum times to repeat the loop     Frames = 30;                       //amount of frames of the animation     FrameTime = 3;                     //times to play 1 frame     goto next;                         //goto the next part     break;         case 4:                            //animation number //    AnimName = test2                   //name of the animation     MaxLoop = 25;                      //maximum times to repeat the loop     MinLoop = 2;                       //minimum times to repeat the loop     Frames = 40;                       //amount of frames of the animation     FrameTime = 4;                     //times to play 1 frame     goto next;                         //goto the next part     break;     }     next:     LoopTime = random(MinLoop, MaxLoop); } } I'm not a good coder BUT what you see up here works! The only thing is, I can't get this into the original code. Can someone help me with the code?

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My LED matrix isn't working? Answered

Hi, I made 10x9 LED matrix so far. I wanted to make music analyzer. But I got a problem. My whole matrix is mixed up. Columns and rows are connected propertly. When i connect row 2 and column 3, for example, 10 random LEDs are light up(they are always the same.). Also, i can connect positive pole to chatode or anode, both way LEDs will light, What could be a problem? I was looking for burned LEDs and changed them(there was only two).  I'm so confused.  Thanks in advance. [pics upload don't work, so please allow imageshack:]

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Wanted: Magnetometer LED Matrix Controller

I have an idea for a light grid control module for home usage, based upon the assumption that a grid of LEDs will be used as overhead lighting in a room, not to dissimilar to this instrucable: The materials should roughly include:   - a ferrous plate (copper, or alloy to possibly reduce cost) - magnets (could be non-rare earth, to keep cost down) - magnetometer sensors and a circuit to determine magnetic field strength (example:  - transformers (possibly) My thought is that either one or, most likely, a grid of magnetometers could be arranged in such a way that it is placed in a circuit that resides almost directly behind a ferrous plate.  When magnets of varying field strength and size are placed onto the plate, sensors would detect the field strength and given the relative location of the field based upon which sensor(s) is/are activated, send a value that will cause a controller to allow however much current to that respective light and (possibly linear) falloff to neighboring lights in order to create a low-resolution (think 8-bit) "spot gradient". In the off state, all magnets would be removed from the plate, or power to the circuit would be disabled, or power to the lights would be disabled. Ideally this controller would be mounted in the place of a wall switch, with some kind of reservoir for the magnets to reside when they are not attached to the ferrous plate. It should have the most simplest setup possible to reduce cost.  It could be done with a regular circuit or an arduino-based controller, I think. All input welcome.  Unfortunately I am not an EE and have only a rudimentary of electronics, but I think this is totally possible.

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Can I convert This project below " 10x8 LED Matrix + Arduino" into " 8 X 8 LED Matrix " what will i need ?

Hi  check please this project i liked it but the problem is my teacher doesn't  want me to work with Arduino . she said try to find like this project " Matrix LED" but by using   parallel port + db25 cable + microprocessor    i want to ask you what Material will i need ?  i have to submit the report tmw :(  help me please :( :) thank you 

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24 x 24 LED Matrix Project

I would like to share with you all an awesome project and some doubts and questions related to the same. This is a 24 x 24 LED Matrix project taken from here. All the data is taken from the same link. 24×24 LED dot matrix -->   This is pretty old circuit but I found it interesting to describe here. 24×24 LED display is formed by using 9 8×8 Dot LED matrix displays, that are connected to AT90S2313 MCU. MCU scans an indicator lines in series. Special PC program is written which allows drawing images on screen and transfer them via COM port to device. You can send images in series what gives an animation effect.   Circuit is was built using obsolete AT90S2313 MCU which can be replaced by Attiny2313 MCU with minor modifications of firmware. To make program work you event don’t need to connect device to computer COM port. You can store images in other master MCU EEPROM memory Each received byte from UART is immediately sent to 8 LEDs, second byte to next 8 LEDs and so on. Bytes has to be sent one by one without delay. USART is working at 115200 baud, 8bits, no parity. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PROBLEMS >1>I really dont know if the circuit is good or not tell me if it is going to work. >2>I cant get 8x8 dot matrix displays so i am going to normal leds to a 24x24 one. >3>I have never worked with bus before (the bold red lines in the circuit) so i dont know how to connect it. >4>The schems are segmented i am finding it hard to figure out how to connect some of the segments. >5>Also i need to know how to hook it up to my pc. >6>I have never done programming so i need to know how to program the ic. THANK YOU I couldnt get the images uploaded nicely so i linked them. 1 2  

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Question about LED matrix in general - how odes it work ??? Answered

Hi ... I had a look at this instructable  and there is this picture with the schematic how to create the matrix My question is how does it work, because I can't understand it. I'll give an example : Imagine, you turn on 4 leds : LED1, LED8, LED57, LED64. And my question is, how are you going to turn OFF just ONE LED without affecting other LED's ??? When I'm looking at the schematic and I'm trying to TURN OFF LED 1 ... well if I turn off the ROW1 then I automatically switch off the LED8 as well...or NOT ??? Am I missing something or am I right ??? Thank you

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can we made led dotmatrix diplay up to the knowledge of 3rd B.Tech student and how(clue)?

Myself is a B.Tech student in ECE I'd like to show to my juniors how can use our knowledege till this day in implementing projects if possible products. For I have planed for a led dot matrix display in my campus and that display must cross the knowledge of my juniors standard even if it cost more than as it is in market Because as a first year student I have studied some much only for marks but I want to see those in practicles. no one is guided me. Myself want to be a gudie to my juniors those who have faced problems like me Pease send your valuable suggestions to move further in this thank you

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how to detect sensor position with arduino uno

Hi Guys recently i started use arduino UNO and with simple programs to read from analogue pins wasn't hard. now i'm facing a challenge, as i have a sensor mat 16x16 (rows and columns) i want to read 4 rows and 4 columns i'm trying to use the analogue pins as input for rows and digital pins from (8 to 11) as output i want the program to detect the position of the sensing area such as (row1 colum 4, for example) and give me the number that measured over this area. my code is very bad but i'm trying, specially my background wasn't programming or science. any ideas will be great.

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help code problems i want to pause each word after is scrolls in for about half a sec or so

I believe this is the section of code that needs to be altered? // Plot each character of the message one column at a time, updated the display, shift bitmap left. void AlphabetSoup1() {   char msg[] = "  Enjoy the Vittles  ";   for (int charIndex=0; charIndex < (sizeof(msg)-1); charIndex++)   {     int alphabetIndex = msg[charIndex] - ' ';     if (alphabetIndex < 0) alphabetIndex=0;         //-- Draw one character of the message --     // Each character is only 5 columns wide, but I loop two more times to create 2 pixel space betwen characters     for (int col = 0; col < 6; col++)     {       for (int row = 0; row < 8; row++)       {         // Set the pixel to what the alphabet say for columns 0 thru 4, but always leave columns 5 and 6 blank.         bool isOn = 0;         if (col<5) isOn = bitRead( alphabets[alphabetIndex][col], 7-row ) == 1;         Plot( numCols-1, row, isOn); // We ALWAYS draw on the rightmost column, the shift loop below will scroll it leftward.       }            //-- The more times you repeat this loop, the slower we would scroll --       for (int refreshCount=0; refreshCount < 10; refreshCount++)         RefreshDisplay();       //-- Shift the bitmap one column to left --       for (int row=0; row<8; row++)       {         for (int zone=0; zone < numZones; zone++)         {           // This right shift would show as a left scroll on display because leftmost column is represented by least significant bit of the byte.           bitmap[row][zone] = bitmap[row][zone] >> 1;                     // Roll over lowest bit from the next zone as highest bit of this zone.           if (zone < maxZoneIndex) bitWrite(bitmap[row][zone], 4, bitRead(bitmap[row][zone+1],0));                   }       }     }   } }

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they use matrix to send the volt to led it can affect the other leds in the matrix led projects?

I am see the matrix led project in this project .. we use row and column .. one row can affect to another column on that display..... why it will be not affected in this project

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Best instructable to make LED MATRIX Scrolling.?

In example 24*6 or anything that size.

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Arduino LED matrix for text and a audio spectrum?

Still running off my daft punk helmets, I had the idea of installing the ability to give the 8x40 LED matrix that will be installed into one of them the ability to be a real-time audio spectrum. Doing that on its own is something I can stumble through and get working, but my issue came in with the fact I also want to be able to change it to be able to display text. I'm thinking I can "change modes" between using some sort of EQ shield/setup to run the matrix verses pulling info for text, but this is one of the dark areas for me that I need a little bit of help on. Basically: I need to know if I could set up a switch to swap between EQ and text.  EDIT: I've already answered my question! However, this lead to a second question. If I use this code, how hard would it be to edit it to either duplicate or stretch it out over an 8x40 LED matrix verses the 8x8 its on? Thanks! 

Question by DoctorWoo  


Https:// I have successfully made a 24 * 9 led matrix following the instructions on above link, which when I use with an arduino from a serial monitor I am able to display a scrolling text. However l want when one types a text and or numbers -maximum seven, they should be displayed permanently or stationary except of course if one decides to change the text and send again from the serial monitor. Kindly can someone send a full code for the task. I suppose you will change and update the code from the above link. My email address is :

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high power LED matrix; is it possible and how?

I've been getting into arduino lately and recently discovered the LED matrix.  I also saw some high power LEDs controlled by arduino using transistors to handle the power.  I wondered if the same idea could be applied to a matrix.  It seemed relatively simple, but when I built the circuit in a simulator (everycircuit- an excellent app), I quickly realized some issues with it.  The attached picture is the circuit in the simulator.  You should get an idea of the flaws of the circuit.  I know it would be pretty simple to use relays instead of transistors, but does anyone have any ideas on how to do it with transistors?  NPN or PNP or both.  I can't figure it out how to do it, but I figured that the collective mind of the brilliant members of instructables could probably manage to come up with something.

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Help with LED matrix (daft punk) table Answered

Ok, so im still relatively new to electronics so please bare with me.  But say i were to make this table with an 8x8 matrix, as far as the wiring is concerned, is it really as simple as making the matrix and programming it with an arduino? 

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Looking for a small LCD to use with and LED matrix

I'd like to make my own small HDR display. I'm having a little trouble googling a transparent monochrome LCD screen to overlay on an LED matrix. Anyone know a good cheap source? Here's the basic concept: the powerpoint and skip to the display section.I figure I can use this cheap LED matrix to at least get some color: know a better color LED matrix?(I'd prefer an Isometric array myself)I'm principally trying to find a transparent monochrome LCD screen to modulate the LED matrix.

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Google review stars on LED matrix display

Does anybody know if there is a project available to display the number of Google Review stars on a LED matrix display?I know there are projects that do this for Facebook and YouTube, but haven’t been able to find any for Google.Help really appreciated.

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Arduino LED matrix scoreboard with buttons code?

The project I want to make is an scoreboard for my Airhockey table that counts score with arcade buttons. I found some examples but have not anything that is exactly like I want to do. What I have bought is: Arduino Uno starter kit with all basic stuff and three 8x8 LED Matrix with MAX7219 drive. I think I should use 5 buttons, 4 for up and down score and 1 for start and reset.  I'am a newbie in Arduino coding and need some help with inputs how I should do. Do someone of you have any code for this or can help me where I can find? I searched on here and Github but I find no one that I think was for me. Here is how I will set it up:

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LED Matrix & POV PCBs up for grabs!

Boy do I have a deal for you! I've been working on an uber-clock project recently (it's going to be really really awesome!), and it entails a very interesting display -- a 5x16 array of SMD LEDs.I tried making a homemade PCB, but it was impossible to use, so I'm sending my order out to a fabhouse for some real ones. While I'm at it, I'm offering you, instructablonians, the chance of a lifetime: Owning one of these awesome* boards!For $18, you get the PCB and 100 red SMD LED's! (LEDs courtesy of T3hMuffinator) -- this price pretty much covers the cost of the board & shipping.For an extra 5 bucks, I'll stuff the board with the LEDs for you.(The 5 bucks is to cover the solder paste, and the labor involved :P)It definantly needsto be stuffed with solder paste, the parts are very close together. It is litterally just the LED matrix, there are spots for it to be connected to a controller board, where the resistors would lay.EDIT: Heres the schematic, sch file, and the board.EDIT2: New board design, much much more compact! 3.15" x 1.20"! EDIT3: Just in case we get a flood of replies, I'll repeat 'Muff.He's supplying the LEDs. They're avaliable in red, white, yellow, and 1 other color. They're from [ Select Technology] (eBay UMO88)EDIT4: I also have controller boards availible. They're basically an AtMega8, resistors, header pins, power, etc all on a board the same size as the array. (not an easy task!) They're $18, PM me fore more detailsI also have some POV boards availible. They are uber-compact, at only 0.8"x0.6"! They come with 10 SMD LEDs. They cost $5 a piece. Just add the Attiny13 & power!For $15, you get the POV PCB, the LEDs, 11 Male & 5 Female header pins, a DB-25 connector, an Attiny13, and its socket. Its everything you need to use this PCB. (Note: you need a parallel port on the back of your computer in order to use this board to program the uC)Its a very self-explaintory PCB, which makes it great. Its compact size is great for a few different thingsAn instructable is coming really soon on making/stuffing/using it, so don't dispair!---All three boards distributed by Rethinker Industries and liscenced under by-nc-sa.

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Rgb matrix, looking for some advice/guidance.?

Hi, its been quite some time since Ive been here. And I still have the same two projects in mind. However, the project im more focused on, is a 32x16 RGB led matrix. Made up of four sections. Im following the project by the two guys over at They arent very active and speak a different language so their english explanations arent as thorough as Im looking for so I figure id ask the people here :) So, the main questions I have: 1. What kind of material can I use to put the leds on? its like they use thick cardboard or wood. they drill all four holes per led so the legs go through. I want one big board instead of two.  2. What spacing would be good to make it look uniform, yet give enough space to solder?  3. How can I make the 4 controller boards to run it? - They sell them, but they arent cheap. And they dont deliver or sell to the US. So Ill have to make them somehow. I can provide images/part list of what they used.  4. What type of solder/soldering iron would I need? Obviously various temp. But what temps would be safe?  5. What power supply can I use? Ok so, any other info: -They used common anode LED's  -They connect the boards together via ethernet cable.  -They connect the led's together in four sections of 8x16, The anode is connected on each of the 8 rows. And the anodes on all the led's are connected on the 16 rows. If that doesnt make sense, the anodes are connected vertically, and all the cathodes are connected horizontally. -They connect the 48 cathode wires to ribbon cable, that goes to the controller board, same with the anode wires.   -They connect the boards to a Usb to UART connector -Lastly, Part list of one controller board:  HEXFET IRF7314 x4 TLC5940NT x 3 28 Pin IC-Socket 300mil x 4 Resistor SMD 0,25W 1% 10K x 10 Resistor SMD 0,25W 1% 2K2 x 8 Resistor SMD 0,25W 1% 2K x 3 Resistor SMD 0,25W 1% 220R x 2 Resisitor SMD 0,25W 1% 1K x 3 AtMega 328P x 1 74HC138 SMD x 1 Ceramic Capacitor 22pF, 20% x 2 Oscillator 16,0 MHz x 1 Pinheader 2x8 Pitch 2.54mm x 4 Jumper x 3 Pinheader 1x2 Pitch 2,54mm x 7 Modular Jack x 2 Ceramic Capacitor 100N, 20% x 5 Electrolytic Capacitor 680uF x 1 LED 5mm blue x 1 LED 5mm green x 1 Screw terminal 5.08mm x 1 If theres ANY more info required please ask. It said to be as detailed as possible.

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How to figure out schematic of 8x8 LED matrix? Answered

I don't have a datasheet for the bicolor LED matrix that I got on eBay. It has 24 (12x12) pins, but no way for me to tell which one is pin 1. Any clues? :)

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How do they do the 4 coin matrix magic trick?

I have watch a vid showing a soin trick called 4 coin matrix magic trick. ive been wondering how do they do that trick?

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code vision programming in dot matrix...... a-z alphabet

Help me in the programming of dot matrix in code vision avr

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i need to simply run a dot matrix printer motor with a 5v battery?

I ve got a motor of printer with 5v rating and 50 mh  i need to simply run it using 5v dc battery can i do so. it has 5 wires of different colours, please tell me how to do so?

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How can I make my homemade 3x3 matrix show numbers like 2, 3, and 5 like the are shown on a dice?

I made a 3x3 matrix with my arduino, with transistors on the collums and the rows hooked up with wire, going to the output. I have a arduino, with 6 PWN outputs, luckily, and 14 total digital pins, and also 6 analog pins. So I need help having a 2 show up on my display, because it looks like a 4. and this is shown like it is on a standard dice. Soo... what am I doing wrong? I am just turning the collums and rows on and off to show lights and stuff. So ... help!

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Nokia 8110

How could I make my Nokia 8110 spring-loaded like the phone in The Matrix?

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