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Hi! I wanted to know that if you have a code for pro membership how do you avail it? Thanks

Topic by pranjal12    |  last reply


Not ableto discontinue my membership...please do this for me or advise.....thankyou!

Topic by cat1163    |  last reply

Membership cancellation?

​I signed up for a two year membership.  It's coming up to my one year and I haven't used your site yet, it's just not met for me.  I could like to cancel my membership, what do I need to do?

Question by Tiaangie    |  last reply

Instructables Membership?

Is the istructables pro membership worth the cost?

Question by Sean_Voodoo    |  last reply

Pro Membership

Anyone who wants it.  Its a 3 month membership.  code: suppose96honor

Topic by DoStuffRight    |  last reply

Paid Membership

I have auto pay for paypal turned on and have paid but it isn't showing pro-membership on my profile page.Can you check into this?

Topic by happywreniam    |  last reply

Pro membership

Hello everybody... I have purchased pro accaunt, I mean that I have bought 1 month membership for under 2 dollars (sorry for my english) but in my new accaunt there I can see that I have purchased for 1 year?? So I have paid 20+ dollars? How is that possible? I have clicked on 1 month membership for under 2 dollars why do I have to pay for 20+ dollars? Thank you

Topic by kordy    |  last reply

Cancel Membership

How do I cancel my 'instructables' membership? as well as block emails. I tried to change my email alerts but there was an 'error' on the page???

Topic by 1crazymama    |  last reply

Pro membership

Hey! If any one of you wants a pro membership. Please tell me . It is first come first serve policy as I have only 1 left. Goodluck

Topic by pranjal12    |  last reply

canceling membership

Can someone on this site please help me understand how to cancel a non-paypal 2.95/month membership?  i really wish there was a clear way to cancel on this site.  thanks, james

Topic by truongja    |  last reply


Hi I am new to the website and have published 1 instructable and I got it featured I have heard it that if you get an instructable featued you get pro membership for 3 months. Is it correct? And if so please tell me how to avail it? Thank you

Topic by sangeeta singh    |  last reply

Pro Membership

Hi, I recently purchased a pro membership, however I'm having difficulty in finding my receipt of payment. Is there any place, or any way to find out which membership I purchased?  I am sure it was for a year but I'm already not allowed to download unless I go Pro which I already did (I want to say about three months ago).  Is this something to be addressed to AutoDesk?  Thanks.

Topic by healthyhome    |  last reply

Pro Membership

 Ok, so I went pro.... now what ?

Topic by MotaBoi    |  last reply

Pro membership

A couple of months ago, I upgraded to a pro membership. It has never been applied to my membership on mjy account. How can this be? What can be done to get the benefits of this upgrade?

Topic by DougOlinger-74    |  last reply

membership renewal

Hi:0) I am trying to renew my membership, and I get a message saying I don't have back up funds, which isn't right sinceI I use my PayPal account without any problems.  Help I want to stay Pro!!!! Love you guys.  Help please. Lyn (porcupinemamma)

Topic by porcupinemamma    |  last reply

Pro Membership

Why the change to Pro? Why are we required to pay for ideas and projects that other people thought of and put on here for free? Are the creators of all these projects getting paid? If not, why? After all wasn't this site started for people to post projects and plans for them to share with other people for FREE?

Topic by dbaum2    |  last reply

pro membership

Do you still have to be a pro member to push the view all steps and pdf buttons? cause im not and i can push them.

Topic by Dr. Who    |  last reply

Pro Membership

At 9 am CST today I paid for Pro Membership via Paypal. However when I log in and go to profile, it does not see that I am a Pro Member; therefore, I cannot download. I received an automated response to the e-mail to service but this did not answer questions. How long should it take before my account becomes a Pro Member where I can download. I want to to be patient but I also would like to get started on my project. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Gracias, Dr. Juan

Topic by jslivka    |  last reply

pro membership?

when does the pro membership from the contests kick in once there over

Question by hightekrednek2396    |  last reply

Membership Lost

Hi my name is sebastian, I had a problem with my subscription on instructables i paid 3 moths subscription, and it was gone when i change browser, because i was having trouble downloading a PDF from a walking 3D printing hexapod on safari so i go to chrome and didn't work to, so now i don't have my PDF and my subscription neither, I already  send a mail with PayPal´s payment and explain what happen to 3 different instructables mails. And now how did i know that in 3 moths ill have not to pay for something i don't have, im really worried about that they don't answer and don't know what to do, ill appreciate any kind of useful information. thanks.

Topic by bf. castillo    |  last reply

Pro Membership

Ok, I have had one for a year now and it finally had expired, and I didn't know it so I went on the website and im like "When did they put up all these ads!?!?!?!?!?!?" and I realized oh, yeah. Damn I can't download anything anymore. Has anybody else have had that experience before?

Question by Captain MacTavish    |  last reply

Membership question.

I was online looking at your website and want to know why does the cheapest $1.95 / month membership get 15 digital patches while the $2.95 / month membership only gets 3?


Pro membership

I have a pro membership and it went through on my credit card but I can't download and the message says I do not have a pro membership.  How do I resolve this?

Topic by fitzfam    |  last reply

Pro Membership

I just noticed that my pro membership is not showing. I have always had my pro membership roll over when I have gift vouchers. I have plenty and it seems it did not roll over. There is also a message that someone placed on my page that my pro membership is not showing. Thanks in advance for your help and all your hard work!  sunshiine

Topic by sunshiine    |  last reply

premium membership

How long to activate after purchase?

Topic by wmasi    |  last reply

pro membership

Even though I have a pro membership,I keep getting prompted to sign in and then, each step of an instructable is in a little box.  Can someone please help?

Topic by porcupinemamma    |  last reply

Membership Invoice

I have just acquired a 2 year Pro Membership and I am just wondering if I can get an Invoice so that the school will reimburse me for the fee?? Cheers Jorge

Topic by j.viegas    |  last reply

pro membership status?

How can i check on my pro membership status

Question by redfox106    |  last reply

Double charge for membership

I was charged twice on the same day when I signed up for my membership!  How can I get this corrected?

Topic by xenagirl    |  last reply

Pro-membership gift

Hi! I received a 1 year gift membership and a 3 month gift membership that I thought would kick in this month, but I noticed on my bank account that you have debited me today for the membership fee.......why? craftydabbler

Topic by craftydabbler    |  last reply

Canceling Pro Membership

I have looked and looked and I can not find anywhere to cancel my Pro membership. Can someone help please.

Topic by rolandc    |  last reply

Pro Membership Committment

I am very confused by the membership options and can find no real explanation of what I would be committing to.  Is it possible to sign up for one month only?  I am interested in a trial basis membership but do not want to be committed to a year long membership until I can feel the site out a bit. Thank you. Kristina

Topic by kstearley    |  last reply

Pro Membership not working

I just paid for a 2 year Pro Membership, yet your site refuses to recognize my Pro status.  I'm also unable to download PDF files.

Topic by 70acres    |  last reply

Charged for Year Membership

I was charged for a full year of pro membership when I only signed up for a month of pro. I did not even select the year. So I want to know what I can do to get a refund for the year when all I wanted was a month.

Topic by Mythotical    |  last reply

Pro Membership for Egypt

Hi I would like to have Membership Pro but when I tied to enter my credit card info, Egypt was not one of the countries listed in the country field. Can you please advice on how to become a member while I am from Egypt. Thanks

Topic by vbmsa    |  last reply

Pro Membership costs

I wanted to get the Pro deciding which was the most cost effective I ran into a problem. #1 is more expensive #2 is the cheapest of the three #3 is said to be the best but in fact is the middle of the two...please explain this so I can decide what to purchase.

Topic by RickG54    |  last reply

Paypal payment, but no Membership?

Hello, I got an Paypal Invoice from Autodesk aka instructables. Wanted an pro membership but didn't hit Pay on Paypal, instead I skipped back. And now today I got an Invoice from Paypal for instructables, and wanted to check my account, and yeah no Pro Membership. So 2 options, getting a refund and no pro membership or getting an pro membership...

Topic by Ploedman    |  last reply

Pro Membership not working

Good Morning/Afternoon, I recently signed up for a Pro Membership ($49.95 USD) and did the email confirmation. I've cleared my browser cache but when I try to download an Instructable a message box pops up saying that is a pro feature. Please help. Username: mslorach Kind Regards, Mark Slorach.

Topic by mslorach    |  last reply

pro membership failure

I signed up for a pro membership yesterday, and received confirmation email yesterday. I was able to download pdfs yesterday, and generally use pro features. However, it is failing to work today.  In particular, access to pdfs of instructables is not working. Also the patch send link given in the pro membership confirmation email   takes me to a page where I am told "Sorry, you don't have any patches left to send! We'll make it easy for you to purchase extra patches in the future. For now, you'll have to wait until your Pro membership subscription renews." This is despite my never having used any patches. Please assist. thanks, Matt

Topic by doctormatt    |  last reply

Free pro membership

I have 2 pro memberships(3 months) to give to anyone :) waiting for your answers!

Topic by Giulia Art    |  last reply

Lifetime Pro membership

Do you or would you consider offering a Lifetime Pro membership option?  I for one would be very interested in this.  Thank you.

Topic by Nneil    |  last reply

Free pro memberships

I have 2 free pro memberships of 3 months to give to anybody who vote and favorite my two featured ibles :)

Topic by Giulia Art    |  last reply

Pro membership help

Just a quick thing here. My knex binder got featured on the front page, and i got a 3 month pro membership for it. I have already redeemed, but i dont know if it has worked. My membership ending date has not changed, and i have not gained any more patches to give away. Is this right? Thanks for any help =)

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Pro Membership not working

10 days ago I bought a Pro Membership via Paypal. It did not. Ever since then I have emailed twice to you, and also written on the community without receiving any response. I would appreciate a response from you how I can get access to what I paid for. Kind Regards Jonas Sevelin

Topic by Jonsev    |  last reply

Pro Membership Giveaway

Hey everyone! In the spirit of the season I'm giving away 10 free 3-month pro memberships. If you'd like one just leave a comment and I'll send you a code in a private message!

Topic by M3G    |  last reply

Pro Membership - NO ADVERTS ???

Am I right in assuming that a Pro Membership should mean I see no adverts when visiting Instructables ?? If not why NOT ?? Paying for Pro should entitle any user to not be hassled by lowbrow spam put on the website :(

Topic by JarJarTee    |  last reply

Pro memberships not expiring

Greetings ibles! So I've got a current pro membership that should be expired, and was about to redeem a new code - but it is still showing my expired membership as my current, my upcoming as still upcoming (even though it should be active by now) - and an unredeemed as it should.  See attached.  The existing membership expired at June 8, 2012...and it's August 2012 (in case anyone is reading this from the future). Am I okay with it being indefinite pro...sure...but dues where they're due, I like the motivation to crank out new projects! -Jamie (Frollard) PS: in case it is at all browser/OS specific: Firefox 5.0.1 portable on Win XP pro SP3 in the 'pro membership' tab.

Topic by frollard    |  last reply

Pro membership gift

I just wanted to thank you guys at instructables for my 1 year membership for my instructable "Small-vival kit". It really meant a lot to me to feel important on this website since I love it here so much. Thank you all and have a nice year, you'll be seeing more of me!!!

Topic by trans4mation    |  last reply

Free Pro Membership

Hi, I was luck enough to be given a free pro code for my recent instructable Here it is for the first that would like it. flag36fewer If you feel you want to say thanks please pop a comment on my blog Cheers!

Topic by G S Haydon    |  last reply

Pro membership question? Answered

Hi. I currently have pro mambership but it will run out in July. Someone else is going to be buying me a pro membership in a couple of days. Will the one he is buying me automatically take over or do I have to activate it manually when my current one runs out. Also does my autorenew setting have anything to do with it. If I have to activate it manually when mine runs out is there any way of making sure it is legit before I activate it. Any explanation would be apreciated. Thanks

Question by nurdee1    |  last reply