No n64 hacks!

Nobody has made anything about n64 hacks!

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Favourite N64 game.

What are your favourite n 64 games? Mine is ....................Zelda 64 Ever heard of it?

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N64 Wireless Controller

Has anyone been able to make a wireless n64 controller? I've been searching on the internet and the closest i think anyone has come is this. unfortunately, the wireless controller wasn't finished and if it was, it wasn't posted. anyway, if anyone has any information on how this can be done or, dare i say it, post an instructable i would be extremely grateful.

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N64 security screws

Does anybody know how to open up an n64 without buying a special screw driver? I'm going to make an instructable on how to make a cheap, good, desktop power supply out of the n64 powersupply. If you look at it's specs it's pretty good for it's size! 3.3 volts at 2.2 amps and 12 volts at .8 amps. I'm going to but a boost circuit in and get 5 volts too (didn't want to use a 7805, if you're going to be using the 12 volts you want all the amps you want, plus what project uses 2.2 amps of 3.3 volts?). Plus I'm going to make it so that you can still use it as a power supply for the n64, and it won't be ugly.

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N64 USB controller?

Trying to find a good and cheap schematic to convert a n64 controller into a usb i do have some experience with schematics but i must admit its been a couple years thanks

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N64 Controller to PC

Hey guys, I recently pulled out my N64 and played Mario Kart 64 for some old-time fun. It was a rush.Anyways, I saw a video on youtube of someone who hooked up their N64 controller to their PC, and all the buttons worked.Now I recently saw an instructable on something similar to this: I'm not sure if that same method would work or not.I also found this: is pretty much what I'm looking for, but I want to see if there's another way that doesn't involve the creation of a circuit with IC Chips.Anyone know? THanks.

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N64 Cartridge Mod

I was wondering if it would be possible to mod an N64 cartridge to remove the default internal memory for it and allow like an SD card or some other flash drive and be able to run homebrew games and backups... I enjoy playing the N64, i own tons of games for it but it just gets in the way lol I want to be able to backup all my games and consolidate them into a single cartridge if its possible Thanks

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fix a n64 controller cable?

i want to replace a cable on my n64 controller but i cant get the little wires out of their clips on the inside. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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How do I paint a N64 so it is shiny? Answered

 I want to custom color my n64. around on the web i have seen quite a bit of n64s that have been custom painted. And some of them are very very shiny, like the original fat PS3 finish. I was hoping to try and create such effect but don't know where to start...

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Unusually extatic N64 kid

Watch these great videos... they're great! (I think he likes his N64!)

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how to build an portable n64?

Hey i cant just open my system and i need to ask what kind of screen could be used

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Is it possible for me to make a n64 av cable? Answered

I have spent the last 3 days looking for my n64 av cable and cannot find it. I was wondering if I could make one custom so I dont have to buy one.

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Mod a GameCube remote, so it will work with an N64?

Can you do this? If so, how?

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How do I change the battery in my zelda ocarina of time n64 game?

I think its spot welded in there so how do I undo that so I can remove the battery?

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n64 to game cube plug in to wii controller mod is it possible???????????

Okay i recently saw a way to use your n64 controller on a wii by changing its plug in to the wii console to a gamecube. is there any way to salvage a game cube controller strip the wires and connect it to the n64n64.(the n64 has three wires white red black) not sure of the gamecube controller? to better understand me i got a pick off the internet and edited it to better understand me. if any one is up to it would make a perfect ible. u can buy off the net but i want to make it any suggestions

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does anyone know how to build a handheld n64?

Okay, i know people aren't always jumping to their first chance to give people their ideas but i'm not going to do anything with your work except for build my own. i am horrible with tech stuff, which is why i'm on instructables. Anyway i would just like to have one with a ps one screen and sockets for like a controller built- in. i would also like to have one with battery life. so if anyone can and would want to help that would be great and thanks for your time. 

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What type of paint should I use to paint a game controller? Answered

Specifically a N64 one I want a certain color but I know if i buy a special one like that on ebay it will cost me more for just plain old gray and hey  I might throw in a few Legend Of Zelda Logos on it too.

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Use a key board to make an N64 PC controller?

I want to know if i were to solder wires from the buttons on the N64 controller to the circuit board of the keyboard so that if i were to press A on the N64 controller it would press a on the keyboard or if i were to move the joystick it would affect WASD

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N64 Cirka Controller With mayflash = fail

Ok so I ordered a Cirka Brand Controller and a mayflash pc adapter. I first bought a blue Cirka Brand controller but when I tried to play, it would spam the start button non-stop and was deemed unplayable. I then ordered a red cirka brand controller thinking it would work fine. The red one proceeded to do the same damn thing-_-. Please help. I've tried switching the two slots in the adapter and everything

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what are the arduino pins on the uno microprocessor?

Ok, i just finnished making and was wondering, what pins on the microprocessor match to which pins on the arduino? i was also wondering, how would you make a driver out of the processing sketch on the ible above marked N64_Controller? i want it to be a driver, not a program. any ideas?

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LED Case And Controller Mod N64

Hey, I was just wondering, does anybody know where on the N64's motherboard I could solder some LED lights so when the system powers on, the lights power on? Also, same thing with the controller. Where would you solder LED lights at on the controller's board? I want to do something like the Gameboy Color Mod for the system and for the controller, something like the lightup XBOX Controller. I just need to know where the solder points are so if anyone knows, please tell me!

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Connected USB cable to N64 controller

I used a stripped a USB cable and Just a usb cable no adapters I try plugging it in all it says is "USB Device Not Recognized" any driver availiable?

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Online n 64

Does anyone have the japanese thing to make the n64 online?

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How easy is it to create an N64 or SNES portable?

How long will it take? Are there any good tutorials out there?

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Nintendo 64 Controller to PC (USB)

Could sum1 pleez make an TuToRiAL, so I can learn how 2 connect a N64 controller to a pc using a USB end? I want 2 oen peepz insied off Teem Foretress 2. Title says it all. Here are some links to the pinouts: N64: USB Wire Pinouts: Green = Data+ White = Data- Black = Ground Red = +5v DC Have any ideas?

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Handhend Nintendo 64 (Nicknamed the Retro64!)

Many of you have seen my NES portable Instructable. Hopefully it was helpful to those of you wanting to make your own portables.Gathering information from (of which I am a member) I build a Nintendo64 portable. :D N64 is my favorite system, and I figured it'd provide an interesting challenge. I decided to make it the smallest while I'm at it, and this N64 portable is currently the smallest ever made.You can see the News topic here, (has much more pictures) and the 22-page WIP topic here.Just so you know in advance, I am not making an Instructable for this one. There is tons of information in the N64 section at the forums, and the N64's board is extremely well-labeled anyway.Comments? :)

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Anyone know this series?

Its on youtube and its like: super mario 64 search for luigi part 1,2,3,4 and it cuts between sm64 and ssbN64 when he jumps into the sky PLEASE HELP!!!!!! btw does anyone have any wood gun tutorials(pistols)?

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Moding Old school

Hey every one. I'm new at this site, but I want to say, killer site. I'm not very good at adding to sites, I normally need the help from them. But to my point, I would love someone for a very long time if they could show me how to play roms on a N64, or how to mod a N64 Controller to work on my PC. Thanks every one.

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Papercraft gaming

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has paper craft instuctables for gamers????

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How do I make a nintendo 64 portable? Answered

I have been looking through the the benheck forums but can't seem to find instructions on how to make a nintendo 64 portable. Does anyyone have a link? The ones in the sticky are broken.?

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is there a decent-ish nintendo64 clone i could use for portability conversion? Answered

Been looking for a Nintendo 64 (first pic, quite obviously) for a conversion project, but i don't want to use an official system for it, cus they are what they are. so i remembered when i was shopping for a new NES ( i got mine from my grandma, and it almost never works. no reflection on her, but more a reflection on the connectors used in the system) and i saw a few that were not made by Nintendo, one specifically that i saw, was the Retro-Duo (Second Pic) which can hookup super-Nintendo cartridges, and NES carts. so after i remembered that, i thought that an N64 clone would be good for a conversion experiment. anyone got an idea as to where to find them? i searched eBay, but nothing came up but clone-wars stuff

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Were you THIS excited this Christmas???

My burning question, is were you THIS excited this Christmas? Check out how mad this kid went when he realised what he got for Christmas....

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Amount of video sections and duration you can use in a single INstructable?

I intend to upload my step-by-step video guide to making a Nintendo N64 console system into a handheld portable device; am currently about 60% completed in the project and uploaded about 10 videos to YouTube to cover the project up to this point.  By the time the project finishes, I could be needing about 20-25 videos, up to 10 mins long each. My intention is to upload the videos to this site for others to see; so my question is this - would I be able to post this volume of videos to this site on one topic; or would I need to put all the videos together? I have only just joined Instructables so a noob here, so would appreciate your comments and advice.  To give an idea of the videos I have for the N64 project so far, Better I ask at this stage! Obviously I intend to upload many other videos in the future, however this biggie might be the first one I upload here.

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Is there a console that can play all games? Answered

What i mean is a console that can play ps3/xbox360/ps2/psp/DS/GBA/wii/gamecube/n64/etc games all in one box? I think one of these could save tons of money.

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Help - Battery Powered 64

I have an extra adapter for my N64 (image of adapter above) I want to run it on a 12v 600mAh battery can I do it safely by soldering the connections inside this adapter. (image shown of adapter, it has wire setup on it) I dont want to kill the thing its our only one.

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New Mod Blog

I just started a new mod blog,! "I do not claim to have perfect mods, but I am a mod purist. I strive to keep my mods looking as original as possible, unless the intention is to be specifically not original looking." Topics: Retro Nintendo Nintendo mods Retro Apple Macintosh Apple Mods Unix Music Woodworking Guitars Virtual Machines Internet of Things It is still new, and is being populated with my 'older' mods, and once up to date, will be posted with new mods. My hopes is for this to be big enough to make it worth the work, so please visit and tell your friends! Please visit me, and let me know what you think! Let me know if you are a mod purist too! Thank you! Yes, I will post Instructables of some of my creations if it is a popular request!

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classic game controller buttons

So, I have a bunch of old game controller buttons form sega, gamecube, n64, xbox, and snes controllers, and really want to make use of them but dont know what to do with them. Any ideas? I have already made some into pushpins

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Post the Nintendo game systems you have owned!

What Ninty game systems have you owned?I have owned:Gameboy Colour x2 *Gameboy Advance *Gameboy Advance SPNintendo DSNintendo DS Lite *and a Wii. *I'm pretty new to Nintendo consoles, but I've been through many handhelds. * means I still own.

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Playlists! (What Games Are You Playing Now, part two)

OK, now give each game you're playing a score. Out of five, ten, whatever, I don't care.Halo 3 - Xbox 360 - 5/5Guitar Hero 2 - Xbox 360 - 5/5Guitar Hero 3 - Xbox 360 - 5/5Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - GameCube - 2/5Oh man, Ubi Shanghai really dropped the ball on Pandora Tomorrow. Also, it's the GameCube version. GameCube versions of Splinter Cell always suck.Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for Xbox, soon hopefully (getting it cheap (used) off Amazon).

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Can someone make a video of them making a portable nes and post it on youtube and give me a link?

I've seached hundreds of websites trying to find one and i can't find one single video exept that dumb system video for n64 that's really chunky. Can someone make a video or at least help me find one? I want it kind of like this but for the nes not snes.

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How to achieve professional glossy paint job on my NES? Answered

I want to achieve a really great gloss finish on my NES, but I'm not sure the best way to do so. For the most part the NES is completely smooth, but has very minor textures on it . I'm also not sure if there is a particular type of gloss paint that would work better to achieve the results I'm looking for while working with ABS plastic. I've included photos of the results I'd like to achieve. Photos are of CustomNesGuy's work.

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Simple Game Console?

Does anyone know a super simple game console hook-up? I don't really know much about circuit boards, and electronics, but I'd like to learn. What I mean by simple is: a power supply plug for it, AV cable plugin, an on/off switch, controller ports, and game cartridge port. To be specific, I'd like to be able to build a smaller, simpler version of a Sega Genesis, or N64, or whatever.                                                             --- Thanks!!

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Simple Hook-up?

Does anyone know a super simple game console hook-up? I don't really know much about circuit boards, and electronics, but I'd like to learn. What I mean by simple is: a power supply plug for it, AV cable plugin, an on/off switch, controller ports, and game cartridge port. To be specific, I'd like to be able to build a smaller, simpler version of a Sega Genesis, or N64, or whatever.                                                             --- Thanks!!

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Controller Camera

I'm new to this sorry. I want to make a wireless contolled camera or some thing that use either the ps1 or n64 controllers. Like if you press X it will take the photo. I want to have a display near or on the controller so it can be viewed with out the camera. As well as a usb cable so it can plug directly into the pc. I know it sounds like a lot too but I have most of the parts.

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how to rip 3D models from an emulator ROM?

I have seen stuff like that online, where people have stuff from N64 emulators in editing programs, i would like to know how that works, and/or how to do it.

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i need a game engine Answered

I need a game engine simaler to, or exactly the same as The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Majoras Mask, Wind Waker, And both versions of Twilight Princess, my plan is to modify , and combine them into a better engine, if not i will make my own from scratch that will be almost the same, but i figure  it will be easier to combine the existing engines, than to write one from scratch

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Why do people never do research about consoles before insulting/ talking about consoles? Answered

On AVGN new video about the Atari Jag, I don't know how many people i see saying PS2 is 128 bit and PS3 is 256 (they also say the GC is 128 bit - but if the wii is weaker then 360 how is it 256 bit) 1) PS2 is 64 bit with extensions to make it more powerful 2) very few supercomputers are 128 bit 3) NO CONSOLES SAY BITS ANYMORE!!!! - it's all drivers and stuff I hate these people who don't do research then they argue that your wrong, then they say they are to lazy to research - YOUR AT A COMPUTER WITH INTERNET IT'S NOT HARD! - my soon to next question is how do we get anything done with people who cant click a mouse or type 1 sentence.

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PS3 controller mod help for PC?

I have one of my brother's old PS3 and one of the controllers that he left behind and my dad wants a controller for the emulator that he's playing on is there a way to mod/hardware hack the PS3,the controller and the laptop computer or our desktop computer to make it so that the PS3 controller works as a "joystick" controller for the computer? if so is there an instructable for it?if there isn't an instructable for it can someone make one for me? extra info: my dad's playing the emulator project64 as the N64 which does support joysticks....i think

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Fixing A CRT TV

I am planning on buying some classic consoles soon, (NES,SNES,SEGA Genesis,N64, etc) and I want to be able to play them on the kind of screen they were made for, a CRT. I have one that a friend gave me, but due to being moved a lot, and probably not gently, the picture has fallen out of alignment. Specifically it cuts off a large portion of the screen on the left, (leaving a thick space of black on the right) and is at a slight angle. It is not all that big of a shift, but it is a real pain in games with items in that section, because ammo counts, health bars, treasure chests, and even chunks of text can be hidden in that space. Could anyone tell me how to fix this issue? And how hard it is to do?

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