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List of categories??

This is a question about the site, not about the @#$% forums! IS there a PAGE that LISTS all of the CATEGORIES for INSTRUCTABLES somewhere? I don't understand why there isn't just a button on the home it inconceivable that one might want to choose from a list of categories of instructables to look at? I don't live here so every time I visit, I'm like a new visitor and confined to the instructables that are listed in emails BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND A @#$% LIST OF CATEGORIES TO BROWSE AND CHOOSE WHAT I WANT TO LOOK AT FOR MYSELF!! #@$%!!! The concept is SO good that the inability to find a list of categories is INFURIATING!

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site navigation

Do you think that the site could be easier to navigate? i think that if you could choose how many items were listed per page e.g. instead of 20 per page, you could have 100 or more. it would make it easier because you would'nt have to click next page as many times. another thing to make the site easier to navigate would be if the names of the 'ibles, questions ect were listed in each category in alphebatical order, so that you could easily find an instructable by name.

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Page navigation

Suppose I'm on this page .At the bottom I can advance to pages 2, 3, 4, 191, or 192. How can I go to other pages easily, say page 94 or 127?

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Help Navigating

Hello, Its been a long time since I've been  on here and the site has changed too... I can't seem to find a section for Knex guns.  Before the website changed I was able to search, "Knex Gun" and then filter the subjects. I can't seem to find the filter when I search. Could anybody help?

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Navigation problem on iPad

 Drop down menus in the navigation section of your page don't seem to function on iPad running OS 6. For instance, if you click on "explore" and then  click on the drop down menu "everything,"  you can't access any of the items in this menu; you can only pull up the picture below the menu. I've tried this with the Safari and Chrome browsers. This has been happening for at least the last two months and is keeping me from using your site!  

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Site Navigation and Search

Hello everyone!  I'm having some trouble with navigating / searching the site.  When I am browsing and I select most popular, it doesn't seem to sort in particular order. When I sort by views, it shows them in descending order, but when using most popular its a hodgepodge of results.  Also, is there anyway to search the site by materials used? It would be awesome if I could say I've got these parts / pieces, what could I make with them?  Thanks! Tim

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Enhance navigation for search results

UPDATE: Kiteman points out in the comments that easier to use navigation as described below is available if you first do a search and then click the Graphical Search link on the search results page. I hereby modify my suggestion to "Make graphical search the default, or adopt the graphical search navigation for the default search results." ================ When I search the site and get multiple pages of hits, the only navigation option is a row of small linked numbers at the bottom of the page, like so: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 It takes an unnecessary amount of dexterity to navigate to the next number and click it to move to the next page of results. Two suggestions: 1) Increase the font size of the linked numbers so they provide a bigger target area for my mouse pointer. 2) Add a "Previous" link to the left of the 1 and a "Next" link to the right of the 10, to provide big, juicy targets for the most common navigation needs.

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Navigating large-response topics

As a participant in AngryRedHead's Photo challenge, I've noticed that, as the thread gets longer, navigating it to find my past comments and replies is getting... odd. Using the next and previous buttons seems mixed up.  Sometimes you don't get a new set of comments, sometimes you get a few extra comments in between the ones you already saw, sometimes nothing happens. Similar things happen on other topics with large numbers of responses. (Running XP and up-to-date FireFox)

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im new any navigating tips

Any tips on things you can do around here.

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Navigation using gps on raspberry pi

I want make robot that displays maps, when we mark a destination on the maps, it goes to that destination using gps on raspberry pi, how do I implement it thank you

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navigation buttons below comments too

I'd like to see previous/next page buttons below the comments section, in addition to at the top of the page and at the bottom of the instructions. Generally those two are sufficient, but occasionally one wants to read all the comments, and it's a tiny bit irksome to scroll up to find the buttons.

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I like the changes to the site navigation

I haven't seen it mentioned yet so I thought I might as well be the first. I think the navigation has changed for the better over the past few days: the forums are easier to find, and the top bar looks fresh and clean. I don't really understand what the things stated as 'Featured' are, though. Most of them are 'channels'... will they be rotated regularly to show off different aspects of the site? There's a different set of 'Featured' things at the bottom... the purpose of this is a bit vague. But yes, I like the navigation aspect, I think it's easier to find things now. Thumbs up to the designer(s).

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Magellan GPS 3000 "Sattellite Navigator"

It's a rare GPS system, and I have one!Here is some stuff about it![ Manual]Photo (Instructional Video Box)

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Vibromotors and GPS turn by turn navigation

Hello, for one of my university courses I have to develop a prototype that give turn by turn signals to a person by means of vibromotors. First I would like to say that my background is mechanical and I have no idea whatsoever of electronics or software. My full Idea (Don't know if feasable) is to use the turn by turn information of a smatphone navigator that uses GPS (like the one of google maps) to activate one of two vibromotors, there would be one vibromotor on the right arm and the other on the left, if a next turn is needed to be made (info from the navigator) a signal will be send to the the motor on the left arm, It will vibrate and let the user know that this next turn needs to be done. I need urgent help since I don't know which components I may need and how to develop the software or anything I will appreciate any hint.

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New Instructables Navigational Bar (UPDATE)

I guess I noticed it first, b/c when something changes or is altered someone Forum Topicifies it.SOOOThe New Navigational Bar (The Yellowish bar in between the deep Orange, and the White page background), When you roll over one of the menus (Home, You v, Explore v, Community v, and Submit v) Whichever menu you roll over, exposes a drop-down menu.Just a little heads up.:DI just noticed this too, Look where the search box is, down with the rest of the navigation bar!I like where it sits now!

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What's the best way to learn to navigate London?

                     I'm going to London this summer and I need to learn how to navigate the city, specifically how to get around using the Tube.  Any recommendations are appreciated.  Thanks!

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I like the new profile comments navigation

One thing Rachel didn't mention in her recent announcement was that they've tweaked the interface for navigating comments on your profile page.  We now have numbered pages buttons, the same way the Instructables browsing pages do.  And each one creates and shows a new page URL, not stupid hidden JavaScript tricks :-)

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Is there an easiest way to navigate only the comments of an Instructable ?

To admins: When I want to see all the comments for an instructable, that are more than one page, I click the next page and then I have to scroll down the page, through all the instructable again, to the start of the next bunch of comments. Is there an easier way? Or, do you consider to put a "go to comments" button at the beginning of the page? Thank you in advance.

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Scholarship contest idea: evolving navigation behaviors

I am interested in the evolution of complex navigation strategies. As a first step, I am using the Avida digital evolution platform ( to evolve behavior that corresponds to chemotaxis in bacteria such as E. coli. Although they are very simple organisms, bacteria like E. coli have served as model organisms for studying the molecular biology of behavior, and have been studied extensively. Such simple organisms provide a good starting point for evolving simple behaviors that may eventually serve as a platform for the emergence of more complex behavior. Chemotaxis is a simple orientation behavior, performed by many different organisms, involving moving either toward (positive chemotaxis) or away from (negative chemotaxis) the source of some particular chemical signal, by sensing and responding to the chemical gradient in the local environment.The project I am proposing for the contest would port the software evolved in Avida onto the Create robot, and demonstrate the virtually evolved capability in the real-world environment. Since performing chemotaxis in air would involve dealing with turbulent dispersal of the chemical signal, I propose to use phototaxis or thermotaxis -- orientation to a light or heat source, respectively -- as an analog to chemotaxis. This will greatly simplify the experiments, since the problem will then be one of diffusion rather than turbulence. The robot will follow the light or heat gradient, tracking toward the source.Several things will be necessary to accomplish this. In software, the virtual CPU instructions of Avida will have to be translated to the robot. Because of the runtimes for Avida experiments, the evolution would be done offline; the robot would run the program that is the result of evolution. Hardware implementation would include the addition of photosensors or infared sensors, to allow the robot to sense the light or heat gradient. Care will need to be taken, both in the digital evolution and in the robot experiments, to ensure that the real environment is similar enough to the digital environment during evolution, so that the evolved program can function in the real world environment.Although tactic behavior has been implemented in robots in the past, to my knowledge it has never been done using digital evolution. An evolutionary approach has several advantages: 1) the finished program is discovered through evolution, instead of hand-coded step-by-step; 2) evolution may find novel ways of solving the problem that a programmer might not think of; 3) because of (1) and (2), the evolved solution may be more robust and adaptive than a top-down, engineered solution.

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purpose or uses of L1, L5 and S1 band in satellite navigation

I need to know why and what are the uses of L1,L5 and S band in the satellite navigation.

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Web Page Problem - Search bar covers page navigation buttons

To whom it may concern, For some reason, the search bar that appears at the bottom of your pages often covers the page navigation buttons.  Other times, it appears above the page navigation buttons.  However, if I refresh the web page, it usually corrects itself (at least enough that I can click the "Next" button).  Maybe there's something not working quite right in your web page code? Thanks.

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3D photo-tours of LHC and detectors on the Web!

New Scientist reported today on an online exhibit of 3D-navigable photographs of the LHC and associated experimental detectors. Very, very cool!Even more interesting are the bizarre anamorphic images which pop up when you navigate between the pages of the exhibit. These are apparently the originals from which the navigable pages themselves are generated.

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the new instructables page.

This new page format is wierd. it was easy to navigate through instructables with the old version, but now its hard. i cant even search up things like before. can someone help me to navigate it?

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A Boat autopilot with 2 dc motors for selected navigation patterns?

Hi i have a boat with trim tabs, they can be used to steer the boat,yhe engine that move the pump is an dc 12 v with the left,righ and both function controled by 2 6 pin  switches, i need control this engine by a circuit for timed functions like circle,s and others based on time and movement of the trim tabs, or add 2 separate dc motors to controll individualli each tab similar to an rc remote with flight paterns preprogramed but instead of servos,this will control the left and right functions on the switch

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Logout error- on 'ible page

When I navigate to this 'ible page, it logs me out. It won't stay logged in no matter how many times I try. When I navigate away from the page, it logs me back in automatically. Specs: Firefox 3.6.4 (updated today) Windows 7

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Help wiring dpdt rocker switch (on-off-on)

Hi I want to install a on-off-on waterproof dpdt rocker switch into my radio controlled boat. I want to run the motor and a set of led navigation lights with on side of the switch and the motor with no navigation lights on the other side. Is this possible and if so how would I wire the switch. Many Thanks

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Where can i find free apps for my Verizon Wireless Samsung Alias (Samsung U740)?

I was interested in finding free things for my samsung alias. i'd really like a navigator/gps. that's what i am mainly looking for. thanks to anyone who can help!


Contest ideas

I want to make the Create a navigational robot. It can already navigate pretty well, but it is not very intelligent. I want to add Sharp GP2D120 IR sensors so that the robot can recognize an obstacle before it bumps into it. Then it will turn and look for a clearance before it will move ahead. This means it is very unlikely to get stuck. Currently I'm working on a CMUcam, so that when integrated onto the Create, it can follow a white line around, and might come in handy for other purposes as well. I am also toying with the idea of using GPS navigation as I have the receiver and antenna that was used for another project. If GPS is integrated, the Create will be able to move from one waypoint to the other while avoiding obstacles on its path.

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Contest ideas

I want to make the Create a navigational robot. It can already navigate pretty well, but it is not very intelligent. I want to add Sharp GP2D120 IR sensors so that the robot can recognize an obstacle before it bumps into it. Then it will turn and look for a clearance before it will move ahead. This means it is very unlikely to get stuck. Currently I'm working on a CMUcam, so that when integrated onto the Create, it can follow a white line around, and might come in handy for other purposes as well. I am also toying with the idea of using GPS navigation as I have the receiver and antenna that was used for another project. If GPS is integrated, the Create will be able to move from one waypoint to the other while avoiding obstacles on its path.

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Is there a way to get back to the page you were on before the instructable, without arrowing back through all the steps? Answered

Love, love, LOVE this site, but hate trying to navigate back to where I started after looking at an instructable.  The bacon contest, f'rinstance.  Do I REALLY have to back-arrow through all the steps I just looked at, or am I missing some better way?

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flowchart tool?

How about adding a flowchart/diagram tool that you can add from this editor?  will really help navigating some of the more complex ones.

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if I wanna make uni navigation system which language do u prefer for this purpose?some1 told me u can use prolog .

My idea for example if you wanna go to class number 45 This system will show you the direction to that room only . someone told me you can use prolog ,but I don't know about it .In this summer I'm gonna read more about it .which book do you prefer?

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I wish instructables had more categories...

I would love to see more specific categories... IE clothes, clothing, accessories, furniture, types of furniture, i don't know... the categories are so vague. When I search a key word, I'm forced to go through EVERY single page. That's too time consuming and I get bored easily. I love what they got going on here but... I wish it was easier to navigate!

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Crawlspace Buddy

A robot to navigate crawlspaces and show video. A boon to pest control or plumbing estimators. Rather than dry suiting and taking pictures (homeowners usually have at least three estimates), one could show live video of pipe leaks, festerring sewage, carpenter ants, termites, racoons or mice nesting. Perhaps the robot could carry a stun gun to drive out raccons. It has to be able to navigate the "wild" underside of homes or buildings and be waterproof. It could have an articulated arm to mount the camera and poke holes to search for termites.

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Is there any way to reset or an inside fuse to change on a TomTom navigation device? GPS 300?

The device was connected in reverse polarity. Pilot light is on but all else is dead.

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Navigation lights for boats? 112.5 degree - Port/Starboard (red/green) side lights & 360 degree white stern lights

Small boats under power are required to have a 112.5 degree lighting on the sides and an all-round white light on the stern. The light on the left or port side is red, while the right or starboard sidelight is green. At night, these lights must be visible for 1 mile, while the stern (rear) white light must be visible for 2 miles (minimum). These lights indicate direction... course. Led navigation lights are very expensive. LEDs are very cheap... So, why not build 'um yourself? My small craft uses a 12 volt battery operated trolling motor for power, and therefore, the idea low power consumption LEDS is very appealing. I've never built and LED lights, but I'd love to see some ides for small electric (or gas powered) powered water craft. Thanks

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Embed SWF

A few years ago I did a project that was in the Instructables format. The only thing is that it's a SWF file and I wanted to embed it into my instructable. I've added it to my file library but it will only show up as an attachment. I know I can upload as a slideshow or video, but the project has it's own navigation. The link to the actual content I'd like to put up is here. The only question I really have is if I can embed this swf directly to page 1 of the instructable so that the navigation is intact and still functional. Thanks for any help!

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Radio Snark DIY popup

The popup for the Radio Snark DIY site forbids navigation between steps on the 'ibles.  I am using an android tablet. I have visited the sponsor's site.  Please let me finish my work.

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Feature Request (I): Simple URLs to get to new profile sections

The new profile display is very nice looking, and (as has been commented elsewhere) a good reduction in bandwidth for highly active users.Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any simple way to get directly to a particular display. Several of us have noted that we would prefer to have the list of recent comments as the first thing we see. It would be trivial to do this if the navigation links produced proper URLs (e.g. if the value of the "show=" argument were actually visible). Instead, the navigation appears to be done via JavaScript in such a way that users have no access to the underlying query URLs. Could this please be fixed?

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Instructables APP for Android (on Nexus 7) - All I get is the intro pictures.?

Just installed the Instructables App on a Nexus 7.  All I see is the four intro pictures "Explore, Share, Make".  How do get past these and navigate to the site?

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Main Featured Nav Broken Link (Gardening links to wrong page)

There appears to be an incorrect URL for the "Gardening" section of the top 33 featured channels. Windows 10, Chrome 49.0.2 (problem also occurs in Firefox and seems to be browser-independent) Steps to Reproduce: 1) Visit 2) Click "Explore" (next to the search box) 3) Click "featured" 4) Hover over "everything" 5) From "Top Channels" click "Gardening" (see "navigation" screenshot: Clicking the link will result in reaching this page: However, that gardening page only has 3 entries and is listed under the "Workshop" category. It seems to be the incorrect result given that the list of top 33 channels is based on the total number of entries in a channel, and the gardening channel under the "Home" category has approximately 5,900 entries as opposed to 3 :) Thus, the correct URL for the "Gardening" link in the Top 33 navigation should be: The location where the link should be updated in the source is line 158 when viewing with the Chrome source viewer (see "source" screenshot:

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Broken Screen on an Ipod (Full Size)

Ok so i have this full size Ipod that has a broke screen on it. (pictures can be supllied if needed) I was wondering if anyone had an idea or a way to fix it long enough to navigate the menus. Thanks all

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robot motor question.

I would like to ask if what motor can you suggest so that our intended user can know that our robot is moving? our intended users are the visually impaired so our robot will help them to navigate. our robot is an obstacle detection robot thanks

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Parser error

Almost finishing a long instructable I got repeteadly the following error message: There's been a problem updating your                         Instructable                         parsererror        SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad              character in string literal I am using Windows XP Navigator: Firefox 12.0 I can not edit the instructable to finish and publish it.

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Viewing my concept instructables possible?

Hi, Was just wondering; I saved an instructable I was working on without actually publishing it. Somehow I can't seem to find the draft/concept version of the instructable I made. How can I find them / navigate to them on the website? thanks in advance, Joost

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Best garmin hiking gps???

I want to know the best garmin gps for hiking and the best place to get it. I want easy navigation, accuracy, cheapness, ability to upload free maps, and color. I was thinking garmin etrex 20. I'd also like the cheapest place to buy it, used or new. thanx, theboygenius

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New Email form

What is with the new E-mail form i get when I want to send something to someone? I can't get it to work with the computer at the library.  Why change?  It was so easy to use.  I'm not happy with what is happening to this site. All the new and improved things take longer and navigating is harder too.

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New site set-up question

Have you noticed the new set-up for viewing instructables?, i have, but i like the old way better, but it won't stay that way, if i navigate away from the page it goes back to the new way, i was wondering if you could save it in your preferences the view allsteps feature...

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