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Can i copy an NDS game ?

Hi, Can I copy an NDS game from the original card onto  R4 card ? If it can be done how ?

Question by donewalking  

nds lite not working

I have a nds lite console but i have been having problems with it STARTS UP READS THE GAMES,PLAYS A GAME BETWEEN 5 -30 MINS BEFORE FREEZIING, THEN CRACKLING COMES FROM THE SPEAKERS can you tell me whats wrong with it

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what's the problem with my Acekard ?

Game System: DSi XL Release Number: v1.7.1 Firmware version: AKAIO v1.7.1 Loader version: 7/13/2010 Acekard type: Acekard 2i Black PCB Acekard HWID: 81 Description of problem: White screen after setting my options and trying to save Steps to reproduce: Use a fresh copy of Akaio v1.7.1 Debugged: Formatted microSD properly

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Splicing wirez (NDS)

I've been looking around for a little while (around 30 minutes) for a tutorial on how to splice a USB extension wire to a Nintendo DS AC/DC charger. I found one, but it had poor Enlglish and blurry picturz. I was wondering if you could just splice them together like how you would a phone charger and a USB cable? (Red -> Red, Black -> Black)

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where can i buy nds case?

A store with costumer service to repair it.

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Wanting Custom Flash Game Job For NDS

Hi, looking for someone who can rip a few flash games from the net, and put them onto an DS chip, we can discuss pay outside of this site. Please consider.

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NDS-Lite shuts off randomly, sometimes 2 minutes working fine and sometimes 10 minutes then shuts off.

My NDS Lite shuts itself off at random intervals, it can run for 5 minutes very well then it shuts off, other times 1 minute before shut down, it does this randomly, can anyone suggest a solution?

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dsl is turn on and screen is also on for a second and then goes off ?if i open all the way it works fine.

My nintedo dsl lite is turn on and screen is also on for a second and then goes off . if I open it all the way it click and works fine then if i turn the screen little bit down it turn off.please let me know what i should do? I open the bottom of the nds but i scared to pull out the cable.? please explain me how to pull out that big cable

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nds lite p6 clip?

I need a diagram to a Plastic Nintendo ds lite retainer clip (p6) or another way to keep the ribbion to p6 connector down eg. glue? bubba d.

Question by bubbadamage  

How can I transfer all my original NDS game cards onto the PC and copy all onto one R4 or FireCard?

Hi I want to copy all my original NDS games onto one game card. To do this I need to be able to copy the original game cards onto the PC then transfer them on to an R4 or Firecard. Is there a NDS slot 1, R4 type reader I can buy which will allow me to do this?. Any help appreciated Thanks

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How do I copy my original NDS games cards onto the PC so I can Transfer all to one R4 or Firecard?

Hi I want to copy all my original NDS games onto one game card. To do this I need to be able to copy the original game cards onto the PC then transfer them on to an R4 or Firecard. Is there a NDS slot 1, R4 type reader I can buy which will allow me to do this?. Any help appreciated Thanks

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I got a TT card and have trans r4 files to the sd card but when I switch on the DS I get a red folder icon sayinMENU? Answered

I created the "games folder and have the _DS_MENU.DAT-- _DS_MSHL.NDS>> _system_>> moonshl all in the root of the SD card and even have my seperate "Games" folder but when I plug it in I just get a red folder saying MENU? Any help greatly appreciated!

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Is there a way to reprogram stuff like NDS or PSP to work like a computer?

I am looking for a way to reprogram something, or just to build something from absolute scratch. So if ianyone has any tipss on computer chip production, programming for an os or how the hell touch screens work

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Old NDS Lite Speakers: Reusable?

I've got an old DS here. The connector for the ribbon cable got damaged, so it's mostly just spare parts in case something goes wrong with my new one. Anywho, I was sorting through what's here, and I can't help but wonder about these little speakers. They aren't fried or anything. Could they possibly be salvaged and used in a project? If so, what? I dunno. A project that makes use out of salvaged NDS parts that doesn't necessarily involve just rebuilding a broken DS would be interesting. Any thoughts?

Topic by C-Archangelo  

Open Exe (Executable) Files on a Nintendo DS?

I am wondering if anyone knows how to open exe (executable) files on a Nintendo DS. I already have an r4 card.

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What can be a good instructables name for this ible? Answered

I will tell you about how to convert, format, manage, de-encrypt, and add the files to your USB stick so that you can make it an Multi-Gaming console! You will be able to play GBA games, NDS games, SNES games, Gamecube games and more! So what would be a good name for this Multi-Gaming console for you computer on a USB stick? I will be pleased to give a patch to the best answer!

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My son pulled out the game cartridge from his NDS Lite w/o pushing it in first to release it.

Bending the prongs and now the system won't read the any game cartridges. What to do?

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Nintendo DSi backups?

If I get a Nintendo DSi that was made for Americans (NTSC) would I be able to play PAL backups on my R4i?

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Hii..Could u plzz suggest me How to connect earphones to DTMF circuit?

Hii..Could u plzz suggest me How to connect earphones to DTMF circuit?..Its finding very diffult to judge wass d desire Terminal to interface to circuit..When i strip the wire one among the pair of wires, i find two thin wires with more insulated silk this a brain feeding doubt arised that among these two thin wires which wire should be judge as Tip..Nd i bought a DTMF decoder this is same as MT8870 specifications nd circuit?Plz do reply..nd if possibl plz post me circuit diagram using CS9370DGP..nd plz attach the stepwise pics that should follow while connecting the earphones to circuit..Plzzzzzz help me.......plzzz frnd:confused::(?

Question by nav.leo02  

how to make a distortion/pedal? Answered

If you could make a very easy instructble on it it will help show wiring nd ake it for a preschooler to read.

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send me a sketch of DSK plz at

Send somtthing i can read nd kinda simple no to crowded

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Is it OK to mix through hole LEDs with surface mount resistors? Answered

I was wondering if it's OK to use a surface mount resistor;;=P1.0KECT-NDwith a through hole LED;;=C503B-RBN-CX0Y0AA1-NDI've never worked with surface mount components before and don't know if there's any special instructions with their use, ie: are they more susceptible to heat, that kind of stuff. I want to keep it as small as possible but would I be better off using through hole resistors like these;;=1.0KQBK-NDAgain, that you all for your help.

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PLastic Housing

Can anyone tell me wher I can locate a manufacturer for plastic housing or a way to make a plastic housing for a fana nd battery pack

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Could u plz gimme the use of IC CS9370DGP?

1stly i went to purchase the IC MT8870 for dtmf decoder..he gav me dis cs9370DGP nd said disz is new one nd it works like i got a doubt whether it works vth the circuit built using MT8870..plz kindly gimme some suggestions.. if possibl plz provide me the circuit for mobil control robot using cs9370DGP.. Plzzzzzzzzzzz:(

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i broke the hinge of my DS phat and lost the piece that came off. i wanna fix it, but without buying a new shell.

Well, its an original DS.. thats pretty much it i guess.

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rgb led controller with ir remote

Hello to all my genious m new here but from past few months i really wanted to do some with rgb led's.....i am having 100 rgb led's, i want to control them so that i can get diffrent colour according to would be more fun for me if i would b able to control it with tv ir remote.......plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me nd giv me all the design or details so that i can make all of it at home....on a simple pcb....i live in india, nd near my home there is no pcb designing shopwould thankful to u,ur help would definately make my dream of " my ambient light room" come true.thank u guys, nd plz dnt mind for silly questions if any i askd.

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can u guys please suggest me some interesting nd cool tech projects...i'm a newbie

Hellow, its my vacation for a couple of weeks before i go to engineering school...i want to make some cool tech projects to kill time...can u please suggest some...considering me a total noob or newbie..i'm not looking for dead easy ones, but just looking for something possible to make for a newbie.. p.s. i knw basic C programming.

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Hello everyone, can anyone here give me the idea for my Control systems project?

 i'm in my 5th sems of telecom engg nd have to  submit my semester project.. :) 

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 hey we'r makin a solar powered boat for a needs to run on solar power provided by 3 500 W halogen lamps..motor is 6V..we'r usin 6 solar panels of 6.5 V and 900mA..ther's a tunnel for a distance of 400mm(4cm) which means we hv to use capacitors for charging when energy is there nd to discharge when solar cell is not workin...also wer're connecting a diode in series with the solar cell ...we'r usin 5 capacitors of 4500uf each..the problem is that the dischargin time of the capacitor is only 2 sec..i dn think tht will b sufficient for runnin in the we need to add mor capacitors or change the circuit...also suggest if we need to add mor than one motor to increase the speed .plz suggest nd giv us sum tips nd answers..plz event is only 2 days away..plz reply fast....

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how do you make it look like your in a pitcher booth.?

How do you make it look like you got your pitcher from a pitcher booth.? like the ones at the mall nd stuff.?

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Can I extract these components from old devices, SGA4286, RFMT25, CTX259-ND, where? ?

Thank you everyone here I am student, I am making a Jammer, and looking for these components: SGA4286 RFMT25 CTX259-ND (MXO45HST-80.000) Please help me if you can tell Which devices I may find them or any of them? Just thinking for extracting and re use them in my project. I am planning to get them even if I buy, but i couldn't find them in one web-store, I have to buy them from different stores this will make shipping cost so high for my budget. Thank you again Mar M.

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can my wii brick up if i mess up while installing homebrew channel ??

Can my wii brick up if i mess up installing homebrew channel ??  and will it function normally aft installing ? nd can i update my wii without hassles aft i install it ??

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hot water side smells all of a sudden -

On a well with a Hydrogen Peroxide and water softener system.  Warm water side smells sulfury or nasty all of a sudden.  Plenty of salt in softener and plenty of Hydrogen Peroxide being pumped into system.  Due to softener, the watre heaters never had their anode rods installed - so not coming from there.   What is causing the recent smella nd how to remove? 

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ipod touch authorisation?

So my friend gave me this ipod touch with all his stuff on it but he left to go to america nd im in australia but i rly want to get his apps off onto my comp but when i sync it it sais that the following apps need authorisation. does anyone know how i can get authorisationwhen i cant access my friend?

Question by knexcthulu    |  last reply

how to make a cheap programable rgb led tube light in india?

How to make a cheap programable rgb led tube light in india? which can be conected to 230 v ac supply................... actually i want to connect 100-500 leds.plz tel me formula with wich i can change my resisto nd capacitor etc specification according to the number of rgb led. thnk you

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What to do with an old pc case? Answered

Have an old pc case sitting around that i dont use!! Nd i want to get started in case modding but with a twist this one is modded into soethin else not a a pc but sumthing cool and weired!! So far i have coffe machine mini greenhouse and fish tank!! any ideas you guys mught have?

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Any help with my speaker building questions?

I'm not sure you'll be able to answer this. I was hoping to put one massive woofer (15") and send all low frequencies to it, and then put in two tweeters, hoping that it would somehow overcome the most likely overpowering bass. Is this a viable setup? Ideally, I plan on building these speakers for parties, where I just throw this in the car, drive there, and we're ready to go, don't need to deal with tiny crap speakers anymore. So, ideally, I want to create stereo sound on my tweeters, but just let it go for the woofer, since bass would obviously have no need for stereo. Would I need two crossovers, or just one? In my head, I imagine that I only need one crossover, followed by a stereo amp for the tweeters and a mono amp for the sub. I'm not 100% sure on that circuit though.I plan on using these parts:woofer:;=296-24635-1-NDwoofer amp:;=296-24635-1-NDtweeter amp:;=296-18033-5-NDSo, with that in mind, I'd love your help. Other Miscellaneous Curiosities:1) If you have any links as to where I can figure out the most audio efficient layout in order to achieve the best sound with this, that'd be a help too.2) Do I need a mid to help beat the woofer?3) In order to figure out the required power from the supply, I just need to add the max possible wattage from all the drivers, right?Thank you, Instructibles community.

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I have COPD and need O2 at home.How to lift cylinders up using the outside wall.House is reinforced concrete Answered

The delivery guy says he needs help to get my cylinders up my stairs, which is a very fair comment.I live in the Philippines where a block a nd tackle are unknown!I guess an electric motor with a cable is the answer.I am not a technical sort so help me please, thank you                 the picture shows the layout but where the cylinders go is to the right.I will remove 2 balustrades for cylinders.

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4 wire touchscreen

Hello, I'm currently trying to use a touchscreen that has 4 wires but 8 pins. I have a connector with 8 outputs, but I read some topics about touchscreens and everybody uses just 4 of them. So, right now, I'm using just 4 pins (It works with some noises) and my question is: If I use the 8 pins it will be better? If yes, how to connect them? Here is the touchscreen model: I'm putting the screen configuration as an attachment.

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How do you make a Gameboy Advance to Gamecube wire?

I have been looking around for wires, and most places, I check don't have it, or Ebay, and Amazon is too expensive for what I am willing to pay.  I have GBA connector wires, and GCN extender cords.  Can I use these to "make" a gameboy advance to gamecube wire, and how would I go about doing this. -On a side note, could I also make an edit to supply it to a NDS?

Question by Zinyin  

Did I choose the right relay? Answered

I am building a circuit in which a photoresistor triggers a relay which then powers a motor. The motor runs on a max of .75 amps and uses 4.5 VDC, while the photoresistor side must use a max of a few milliamps and can use anywhere from 1.5-6 VDC. This is the relay I am thinking of: . I am pretty sure it's the right one, but I wanted to make sure. Is this the right relay for my purposes, and if not, what's wrong with it?

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Reducing Current While Leaving Voltage the Same

Hey, I have a power source that puts out 5V at about 2A. I need to reduce the current to 1A while maintaining 5V. How would I go about doing this? I thought about a resistor, but since the voltage drop is 0, how would I calculate what value I would need?EDIT: I was also looking at regulators, like this one. It says it limits current to 1A, but I'm not sure if it would be useful for what I need...;=MCP1826-5002E/AT-ND

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Will a switching regulator charge an Ipod? Answered

I have a 16 gb Ipod Touch and I wanted to be able to charge it from an old laptop battery that is 14 volts. I did not like the idea of using a 7805 because it is so wasteful, so I was thinking of using a switching regulator like this one because it has an efficiency of 85% @ 14 volts.;=LM2591HVT-5.0-ND Something in me is just worried that because its switching on and off really fast to achieve the voltage that it will not work for charging my Ipod, so I came here to ask "will it work and is it the best option?"

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