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Ipod nano? Answered

Ok... so I have an Ipod nano 8GB. My questions are,  is there a way to put games on it without using rockbox and if not then does rockbox make it to where the normal ipod os  no longer works or will  it be an optional thing which one runs?

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Ipod nano????

My friend bought a ipod nano 2gb recently n i happen to have the same nano bought this july....but problem is his lower/bottom is made of some sort of steel whereas my nano seems to be same from both front and back!!!!but the main HUGE problem is his max volume level is way higher than mine>>>>I have tried everything in the pod to match that level=no useI want to know is there a way that i cud exchange my pod or get it modified to that levelPLZ HELP

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New Ipod Nanos

Im thinking about getting a new ipod nano I just heard about. Does anyone know much about them? All I know is they're $149 for a 4gb and now they have video. This one will be replacing my original nano, 1gb, black.

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Nano solar cells

Hey, does anyone has an instructable on how to make a nano crystalline solar cell? i am currently interested on doing it, but do not know exactly whereto make a good start, especially with the materials. So, can anyone help me out? Thank you very much.

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Arduino Nano as ISP Programmer?

I was excited to find out that an arduino could be used as an ISP programmer. But when I found out that the arduino uno does not support this feature, my dreams were crushed. I did recently buy an arduino nano and was wondering if I could use this as an ISP programmer. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help!

Topic by Robot Lover  

Creating copper nano particles

Be it conductive ink, decorations or just a special pigment for your paint project, Copper is nice.Only problem is grinding this soft metal fine enough to be of any good use.A not so well documented feature of food additives is that they often have "unwanted" side effects.In our case E300, Ascorbic Acid or just Vitamin C.So how to make copper nano particles with it you might wonder?Prepare a well saturated solution of Copper Sulphate, you find the blue crystals in the gardening section together with fertilisers.It is best to use destilled water and not plain tap water, if in doubt go at least with the demineralised stuff for batteries.Adding E300 either dissolved in water or directly as crystals will start a nice reaction.The copper solphate is reduced back to metallic copper.There are a few problems though...For best results you need a saturation copper sulphate solution, low temperatures and a magnetic stirrer.This produced the finest particles for me at around 5°C.But even warm or at room temp the constant sirring is beneficial for even particle sizes.The ascorbic acid is used up in the process as well.You can start with a little and see how much you end up with in terms of a layer of copper particles at the bottom.Adding more E300 will cause a "rain" of fine copper particles - once this no longer happens you know the copper sulphate is used up as well.A dark greenish color of the solution will indicate this as well.Getting the copper out of the glass...Keep in mind the copper is extreme fine!As long as it stays in the solution it won't oxidize or otherwise react.Once out and in contact with just water and air oxidation happens quickly, after all it is pure copper...I found removing the watery solution and then adding destilled water to repeat the process is a good start.The waste from the first round can still be usefull though...In the final round I try to remove as much water as I can and then add methyled spirit to prevent the reactions.You can use oil as well or do a quick vacuum drying and store it in a sealed and oxygen free container.What to do with it?As a condictive paint with the right binder it only needs some rubbing with a smooth tool to create a conductive cover with a low resistance.In a clear paint or resin it provides some stunning color effects.You can even dust the dry powder onto a freshly painted surface to get a copper look.Leave without a top coat and you quickly get an old copper or even green look.If you ever wanted extreme fine metal particles you will come up with more ideas...Like shielding or sintering....

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ipod touch or ipod nano?

I am going to buy a new ipod because my ipod broke last week. I dont use apps all that much but i do sometimes. I like how you can use the nano as a watch too. Should i get the ipod nano and maybe carry around a computer or psp Or  pay extra and get a bigger device?

Question by connoboarder  

Resistor for Nano Arduino circuit

I'm trying to work out what resistor to get for the Nano Arduino circuit for this mini fridge build. From the photo it looks like a 5.6K 1%, but I have no idea what wattage? In the circuit diagram it is listed as 4.7K with no other details. Any help would be great!

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Arduino Nano Every Question

I'm going to have Arduino Nano every receiving power from a breadboard, how would I wire up the gnd? The breadboard has one of its ground rows grounded, what pin could I just plug into that, if possible?I also need a wall connector for that. I'm not entirely familiar with the concept of how volts work and what-not, but does anybody know a 12v wall connector that I could plug into the breadboard for the Nano Every and 3 12v LED strips to draw power from? Would I have to convert a greater amount of volts to 12v to leave enough power for everything?

Topic by MadhanGomes    |  last reply

Rockbox on the Ipod nano 2g Answered

How do I play movies(and what format do they have to be as well as how do I convert them)? Where can I get pacman(it is not included)? Also, is there a tower defense game that I can play on Rockbox?

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Ipod touch or Nano second gen.? Answered

I have a perfectly good ipod nano 2nd generation but my brother is getting an iphone and wants to sell me his ipod touch for 50 dollars. Is it a good enough deal?

Question by Wafflicious    |  last reply

What Mods are there for Ipod Nano Chromatic?

For example changing the menu background or other firmwares. I am very confused about it , so help is appreciated ! = )

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Ok.... So I just pushed the power button to change the song on my Ipod Nano (6th Generation) to change the song (U2's Crumbs From Your Table).  It didn't work. The button is sort of limp and doesn't click anymore like the + and - buttons for the volume. I can't turn it off or change the song. Only turn the same song's volume up or down and listen. This is the worst part - I'm in Japan as an exchange student. Not only have I lost access to lots of Western culture (keeping me sane), but this fix also has to be super cheap and easy. I'd also rather not mess this Ipod up. PLEASE HELP!!!!  - basementhacker

Topic by DELETED_DELETED_basementhacker    |  last reply

Ipod Nano 5th Generation Hacks???

I've been looking around for a hack to my Ipod nano 5th generation. Ipod Linux does not support the 5g and I havent been able to find anything else. Any suggestions???

Question by General Eggs    |  last reply

Change OS of a imitation iPod Nano?

I want to upload either a better looking OS or The OS apple uses for they're iPod Nanos I just don't know how. Reason for want to do this is it look a little weird and iTunes doesn't detect it.

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iPod nano (3rd generation) charger

There are a lot of post about Ipod chargers and I was not able to charge my ipod yet! I tried different resistors on the data lines (D- D+), 5V to Pin 13 and Ground to pin 16. It shows charging for a little and then stop. I need to have a good simple circuit diagram, with the right resistor to charge my Ipod nano 3rd generation using a 5V power supply (picture of model attached). Thanks for your help in advance! Gracias.

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Problem using LEDs with Arduino Nano

Hi,I am trying to set up some LEDs that light up in a cascading fashion when triggered by a Hall Effect sensor. They are connected to Nano's pins D2 - D12 and A1 - A5 (17 in all). It all works fine when I have a 3.7v battery via a boost to Vin (7.5v) AND a USB cable plugged in. In the non active state the voltage on the LEDs is 1.7v so they are off and get turned on one at a time with a cascade effect, it works fine. However, if I remove the USB cable and only use the battery (Vin is still 7.5v) the non active voltage on the LEDs is now 2.6v so they are lit all the time and the cascade effect is seen as a slight increase in brightness.If I switch off the battery and leave the USB connected it doesn't work at all. Any ideas as to why this only works with both voltage sources connected?

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Tim's Cybot conversion to Arduino NANO

Hi all.I'm doing a new project.Dug out my Cybot. The one built on a fortnightly issue of Real Robots back in 2001.I decided to convert it to use the Arduino NANO. With Bluetooth and Infrared Control.I haven't finished it yet, so I haven't done an instruction here, I thought I would wait until I have finished the project before doing that.However, as it's quite a lengthy project, I have started a blog on my google+. Which I am updating as I progress with the project.Here is the link: Tim's Cybot conversion to Arduino NANO Blog.Before I started I had a search on the net to see if anyone else had done this, but all I found was basic stuff controlling the drive motors.Currently I have done a rough sketch (some fine tuning still needs to be done) for it that lets you:Control it via bluetooth,Set it in line follow mode,Set it in light follow mode,Set it in avoidance modeandControl it with an Infrared Remote.I'm sure there is still a lot of these Cybots out there, so i thought their may be some interest.

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which is better the reaper crossbow or the nano cannon? Answered

I am thinking of building  the nano cannon or the reaper crossbow which should I build and why

Question by cokeman    |  last reply

Awsome lego "Ihome" mp3 dock! (nano)

I was messing around with LEGOs.

Topic by Wafflicious    |  last reply

iPod Nano 5g Video Camera Mods?

Hi, I have an iPod Nano 5g and was wondering if there was a way to make it take still photos in addition to videos? 

Question by charlie.nourse    |  last reply

iPod nano 1st gen built in speaker

Anyone add a built in speaker to an ipod nano 1st gen? Pop off the back. Cut a hole for a speaker. Do some wiring to connect the speaker?

Topic by gregdove    |  last reply

any hacks for ipod nano 2nd gen?

Ipod nano 2nd generation: sometimes it wont turn on. tried toggling hold....tried select and play together. it will turn on but sometimes got to play with it for awhile. any help appreciated!

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Transfer song from computer to iPod nano ?

Hi guys i need help i format my iPod nano and now i want to transfer my song to iPod. i tried but it doesn't show in iPod. is there is specific way to do it ? 

Question by easyway  

I burn my arduino nano 😭

This is my very very very first arduino project. I followed the attached CDI schematic and tested it on breadboard by connecting USB cable to my computer to test LCD, Button Switch, Brake switch (D2 on nano), (except the relay) everything works fine, until i solder it and test it on my bike, after i turn on the ignition key switch +12v , and pulled the brake switch, the smoke come out from the nano (overheat ??? ) , and now got 2 red led light on nano, ( i think i already killed it 😅). Not sure where i done it wrong, can you guys give me some advice so i can correct it?

Question by Diy_world    |  last reply

serial communication between arduino uno and nano

I want to build a prop/robot based of the persanality cores in portal/portal2 i want to make one of the ability is the persinality core to control a outside object via serial communications between arduinos i want to do this with a nano arduino and a arduino uno is this posible i would be really helpful 

Question by noobduino    |  last reply

which one is better nano aurdino or transistor?

I am making maze rover (line follower) for the 1st time & i dont  know anything plz help me 

Question by lachuviswan    |  last reply

ipod nano 1st gen memory upgrade

Im really sick of the small memory space on the white first gen ipod nano. then i did some research. some guy put a 200 gig hard drive on his ipod. he posted it here Does anyone have any idea on how to hook up just a normal flash drive to an ipod?

Topic by frdmrckr  

Nano-buble_ #tech_#eng_#design_@thermodinamics

Hi, I'm looking for some help to develop a nano-buble bubeling device.(thermodynamics, control logic, sensing, material technology - I touch all this subjects but in content) It will be for a good cause, like humanity, affordability, clean water at affordable costs. Also, electolisys has a higher efficiency in generation if H2o. It might not be the solution but it's still on the books/on the table. Get in touch @: or post comments on this platform. A great idea! Best wishes, ip

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Audio Jack Signal Output for Arduino Nano?

So I am kind of new at this.  I am going to be making a LED lamp that has a sound detector module on it to control the LED's. (This one to be exact ) However i wanted to see if i could make a modification. If instead of having a sound sensor, could i just hook an audio jack to the arduino and to a speaker that would be installed to the lamp. The only problem is that im pretty new to coding. I would have no clue on how to interpret that signal going to the arduino. Please help, it would be much appreciated

Question by CameronC82    |  last reply

Help... PCF8574T (Expanding "Nano's" Digital Outputs)

- When I saw my RGB Chromatograph clock my teacher built from a kit  I was so impressed with it I  jumped the gun & ordered the parts so I could make one with an arduino version, I never thought much about it, thats so simple I could do in a few hours no problem except I overlooked one simple thing.... This clock uses six 10mm RGB Leds, two for the hour, two for the minutes & two for the seconds, each led has 3 inputs & 1 ground, thats a total of 18 outputs,  thats not including a few other inputs used for status indicators, along with a few inputs for buttons, the problem is that a Nano doesnt have enough digital outputs & I completely overlooked that fact. Anyways I started looking for I/O expanders when I realized that I have a few 1602 displays & PCF8574T backpacks, I have heard some people claim that it can be used to provide an additional 16 digital outputs, if true then it that would resolve my issue very easy Has anyone done this? or example sketch how I could deploy the PCF8574 this way, for example a blink sketch that defines a pin on the PCF8574 as an outputs & turns on a LED connected to the pin Thank you much...

Question by rdlockrey    |  last reply

I have a Nano & a Belkin FM tuner When I tune it in to my std Audi unit it plays for a few secs then dies & just beeps.

Can anyone suggest how I can lock on to the frequency? Many thanks

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I have ipod nano..jus wanted to know whats a firmware n is it necessary to update one's firmware.... All i do is update my itunes when it is prompted?? is this firmware??

Topic by ipod_nano    |  last reply

Volume limit

My friend bought a ipod nano 2gb recently n i happen to have the same nano bought this july....but problem is his lower/bottom is made of some sort of steel whereas my nano seems to be same from both front and back!!!!but the main HUGE problem is his max volume level is way higher than mine>>>>I have tried everything in the pod to match that level=no useI want to know is there a way that i cud get it modified to that levelPLZ HELP

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Arduino NANO error uploading sketch. After attempted loading of NANO clone (ELEGOO) the IDE hangs -

The Com port was selected, old bootloader selected. Various error messages (will collect and add to post here). However the very strange thing is that the NANO is sending to the Serial Monitor at 115200 BPS the message"Loaded next response 1" continuously!OS is Win 10 64 bit - current version with all updates.USB Driver is USB Serial CH-340 version 3.5.2019.1 dated 1/30/2019.This appears to be a new issue that appeared after I attempted to run two instances of the IDE with two NANOs attached. One on COM4 and the other on COM11.I have deleted and reinstalled the driver - same issue.Going to try on another PC.Anyone have any ideas?

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Can you use one nano running a sequence to trigger 8 other nanos to run each of their sequences? Answered

I have 8 nanos running different sequences and I want to use another nano running a sequence to trip each one of those.

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ipod nano froze at language selection after restore?

 My apple i-Pod nano ( 1st gen), froze, after I restored it. It is stuck on the language selection, and no buttons work, I have tried a reset, and a hard reset to no avail.Nor can I get it to disk mode.  If this is a flash drive problem, is there a way I can erase the flash, download from another i-pod, and reinstall.  If its a hardware problem, is there a way to fix that?

Question by drh1919    |  last reply

how can I add my e-books to my ipod nano 3g ?

I have a lot of e-books that are pdf format . I want to read them on the go on my ipod nano 3g . How can I do that ?

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The national Institute of Science and Technology and Robocup have been working on a cool thing that they're calling Nanosoccer, where nano-scale robots go around pushing a ball, ideally into a goal. It's pretty cool, it has even become a robo-nano-soccer competition. via hackaday

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A Pi-powered Portable Experimenter's Bench, PEB

We are appealing for your support for our startup project, to turn our vision into a reality.  Our vision also includes anytime, anywhere, hands-on learning for STEM topics.  STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering (Arts) and Math. We are a small startup operation building a new resource for hobbyists, or electronic hobbyists-want-to-be--a smart experimenter's platform that removes the sometimes difficult bits and bytes, and relies on your PC, tablet, or smartphones for user-interface. For instance out of the box, our PEB, allows experimentation like Measuring speed of Sound, Locating source of a sound, Determining direction and distance of a Sound, etc.  with our PEB, configured with Ras-Das-1 and Audio Explorer board, totaling for less than $150, plus shipping. See-- and our website, for details. We need to have minimum funding to get PCBs and assemblers under contract to produce them, and on  a portal  like Instructables  to help us distribute them around the world.   Please let your  members know about our product and future plans and invite their support to make it a reality.  Electronics is the gateway to science learning. Thanks for your kind consideration and support. -Steve  and team

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Playstation Portable (PSP) and iPod Nano 4th Generation

I am selling my PSP gaming system, and my iPod Nano 4th generation. Neither have many scratches (In fact, no deep scratches.), but the nano has a chip of paint missing on the side, which I would estimate to be around 1.5mm across. Very unnoticeable. I would LOVE to trade them both for an iTouch, but I would be willing to sell them. If you have any interest whatsoever, feel free to PM me for pictures/further information! Thank you!

Topic by tssguy123    |  last reply

How to upgrade a 3gen ipod nano to 16gb or 32gb!?

I have an old third gen 8gb ipod nano which i dearly love but the memory is max'ed out! Is there any way to upgrade it to 16gb memory or higher. I'm chronologically challanged in this area and could really use some help! Thanks In Advance

Question by OFandB    |  last reply

Does anyone know the weight of the Arduino Nano and the Mini?

I am working on a robot where weight is critical. I was wondering if there was a significant weight difference between the Arduino Nano and the Mini. Thanks!

Question by DELETED_afw11    |  last reply

Is arduino nano can power many sensors and IC?

Is 5V in arduino nano is enough to power up two IC555, DS1307 RTC, LM35, DHT11, 74HC595N and 74LS14 IC's. 20 x 4 LCD at the same time without affecting LCD brightness and contrast?

Question by Rajkumar2506    |  last reply

Ouput from NodeMCU pin as input to Arduino Nano Answered

I have a NodeMCU ESP-12E with D7 (output) connected in series with 220R resister to pin 12 (input) on Arduino Nano. Looks something like the image (fritzing doesn't seem to have my exact device) Is this a safe circuit? If not - what would make it safe? It seems to work but I don't want to fry anything. What I am doing is using the 5V output on the Nano to operate a relay. The NodeMCU only seems to have 3v output which does not seem to be enough to operate my relay. Maybe there's a better way to get this done? 

Question by RussellM37    |  last reply

Two arduino nano with oled check please help

Hi friends, I connected 2 arduino with i2c data, I'm doing the classic Led flashing, my question is, the master card in the project, counting from 1 to 100 counters, and initially the green LED is lit, when the counter is 80 yellow Led lights up green and 95 when yellow turns off and turns red, the system turns off. And this whole process is being copied to the sd card, the energy is cut off and the counter continues to be nosed when it is given again. Due to lack of memory the need for the second card was born. Now the Master is also on the slave card connected to the slave when it comes to burning operations (when the green LED is lit, the "system is running" while the yellow LED is running "maintenance approached" as the "service time", etc.) did the research but did not get a result. please help

Question by ErolT3