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No Newsletter

I have subscribed to the newsletter for over a week and still have not received it.

Topic by Redneck2    |  last reply


I changed my email address and the newsletter stopped arriving. When I try to re-subscribe, I am taken to the create new membership page. How can I simply restart the newsletter?

Topic by Shiseiji    |  last reply

No newsletter

Last week, I haven't received a newsletter. I got the one on 8-7, but that was the last one. Looking at the collections on the homepage, tells me there's also one from 10-7, but I haven't got it.

Topic by emilyvanleemput    |  last reply


I haven't received an newsletter in ages, the last one was this one, on August 14 Who can help me?

Topic by emilyvanleemput    |  last reply


I was just wondering what day the newsletter comes out thanks.

Topic by Redneck2    |  last reply

Problem with newsletter

I just went to check the Instructables newsletter, and realized that there seemed to be a bug in the naming for one of the featured Instructables (the homemade engagement ring mis-named optimus prime costume). Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed this?

Topic by buckminsterfullerene    |  last reply

Is there a newsletter archive? Answered

Is there a newsletter archive? And if you are not subscribed to the newsletter can you still be featured in it? And the last one, if one of the moderators put your 'ible in a newsletter how can you tell if you are in it or not?

Question by JM1999    |  last reply

newsletter problem

Since christmas i have had to repeatedly sign up for the newsletter. here's what happens. i sign up say on monday, that friday i get the newsletter, then the next week comes along no newsletter. i have signed up several times (several meaning more than ten) i know it isn't going to spam because i intentionally keep my spam folder low on spam. please help

Topic by bluscreamofdeath    |  last reply

Newsletter fault?

Since recently a few newsletters aren't working on my pc I don't know what's wrong and  the nintendo and my bank newsletters are working fine. I've added a screenshot I hope someone can help me.

Topic by RoboticProgrammer    |  last reply

Newsletter Mistake?

I don't know if something's wrong with the newsletter or if my computer has just gone crazy. In an Instructables Newsletter that I got today (September 12, 2010) The instructable in the top right corner of it seems to be messed up. It shows a picture of a ring and says "Optimus Prime Costume." When clicked, it takes me here: Is this just a goof or am I missing some kind of joke here?

Topic by dark sponge    |  last reply

Newsletter Patch? Answered

This is the first time ever on instructables that I was featured on the newsletter...! I felt really happy! But I was just wondering when and how I will get my newsletter patch? Any ideas? Thanks! I will add a screen shot of the newsletter with my ible in there! The name is Zip Tie Night Light Sorry if I am being too impatient... :( Its just that its the first time so....Im really excited!

Question by vishalapr    |  last reply

Newsletter not working...

I have 2 emails and I usually recieve my newsletter in my hotmail and I also have my gmail acct. Where I also would like to receive it. For the last month, every time i receive the newsletter in my hotmail I sign up on my gmail with a "Your email has been added!" confirmation message, but at the end nothing happens. After all this time I still receive the newsletter only on my hotmail only. I've tried everything I could think of: to change the subscription at the bottom of the newsletter I recieve in hotmail (but it lets you change everything but the email itself, so...), I changed the email associated to my Instructables acct. I checked for junk mail, but it's useless... Im not receiving the newsletter on my gmail at all. Can you please help me?

Topic by cubaque    |  last reply

Newsletter {help}

Hi, I changed emails about a month or 2 ago. I did change my instructable newsletter email to the new one, but for some reason I'm not getting them. It's weird, the newsletters and my password requests are being sent to my old email even tho I changed it in my personal settings. If it helps, my old email was Yahoo! And I switched to Gmail. Maybe I'm getting the newsletters at both emails and gmail thinks they're clue. thanks P.s. This might be in the wrong forum section...sorry

Topic by Waffles Will Rule    |  last reply

Newsletter links and sign-up for newsletter overlay

Hi, last time I clicked on a link in a newsletter I got a new browser tab with the article I clicked on - so far so good. But then an overlay appeared asking me to join up for the newsletter, which I obviously already have. Please consider marking the links in your newsletter with a flag, that a clicked link will suppress the newsletter overlay.

Topic by micha5104    |  last reply

Where's the newsletter gone?

I've just noticed that the newsletter signup box, which used to be at the bottom of every page, has vanished. Was that an oversight in the update, or is the newsletter being quietly retired? 

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

un-subscribe to newsletter?

I want to un-subscribe to the newsletter, Is this possible? If so then how do i do it? Answers/knowledge appreciated :)

Topic by Rabid.Fang    |  last reply

Can't subscribe to the newsletter -

I have typed my email address in the "join our Newsletter" window several times in the last few weeks - and I never get the letter. I use gmail and the newsletter is not in the spam... any idea of what is going on? thanks!

Question by ryckmans_t    |  last reply

What happened to the newsletter?

I really enjoyed the newsletter, then quit receiving it. What happened? I still get emails about the people I'm following but I liked seeing some of the new stuff without having to hunt for it through the main page.

Question by bobs51    |  last reply

How to subscribe for newsletter

Hi, I want to know how to subscribe to get newsletter? Thanks and Thanks for who are going to help 

Topic by hassanwael55    |  last reply

June 26th Newsletter? Answered

I recently received a patch for being featured in the June 26th newsletter, but when I searched for it I couldn't find the newsletter. Does anyone have any ideas?

Question by Robot Lover    |  last reply

90 copies of the newsletter?

I seem to have recieved approximately 90 copies of the most recent newletter in my email over the last couple of days. The headers and routing all look legitimate, is there a problem with the email send stuff? Gene

Topic by egbertfitzwilly    |  last reply

Newsletter Links not working.

In the  instructables newsletters I receive, links for the initial Featured item work but all the other links in "Editors Picks" do not function. (It was working before?) I have Windows 10 64 bit. I am using Firefox 44.0.02 and Thunderbird to read emails. To view the instructables that interest me I have to do a  search on the website it is annoying.   edmond

Topic by edmond    |  last reply

Can't open newsletter

I'm having a very strange problem with the Instructables newsletter. Starting a month or two ago, the newsletter arrives in my inbox (I use webmail from my ISP, Shaw Cable), but I am unable to open the message. Normally I just click on the message and it opens, but when I click on the Instructables message nothing visible happens.I normally use Firefox 3. Today I tried it using IE 8 and got a message saying that some of the content would be delivered using a non https connection, blah blah blah. I said go ahead anyway, and the message opened, but none of the images displayed.So, it appears to be related to some setting in Firefox, or perhaps some javascript thing that works in IE but not firefox, but I can't figure it out. Can you give me any tips that might help me get it working in Firefox?Thanks,Steve

Topic by sjsquirrel    |  last reply

Newsletter link fail

I receive the newsletter through Yahoo Mail and everything is OK. But this e-mail is redirected to Outlook, directly into my computer. In Outlook, only the first (main) link works. The rest doesn´t. This problem have already happened around a year ago.

Topic by osoriocj    |  last reply

No achievement for appearing in the newsletter? Answered

Hey guys, I was wondering... Don't you get an achievement anymore for appearing in the newsletter? Because I was featured with my ible "how to make a ping pong ball gun" in yesterdays newsletter and haven't received any achievement for it. It always looked cool to have one of those achievements on my profile so that's why I ask. Regards, Michel

Question by MichelMoermans    |  last reply

Newsletter links not working

Is it only me or the links in the newsletter haven't been working later? This is what I get when I click on one:  http://l.php/?;=OAQGbxk8g&s;=1 And chrome kindly telling me that "Oops! Google Chrome could not find l.php". Is the problem on my side or on instructables' side? 

Topic by deboraraquel    |  last reply

Instructables Newsletter Problems...

Am I the only one that has been getting the Instructables Newsletter only once-to-twice a week? I used to receive it everyday... I think it has been like this for the past ~2 weeks My other question is: Is the newsletter chosen automatically, By robot? Or by the Staff?

Topic by Yonatan24    |  last reply

Bad Links In Newsletter

I have been getting the message: "The URL is not syntactically valid" for all the links in your e-mails since the January 24, 2013 newsletter. I was & am using Eudora 6.2.4 on a Mac mini OS 10.4.11. The links in the January 17, 2013 newsletter, & all previous newsletters, did & still do work just fine. What changed?     Sincerely,     ~ Wolfwerx ~

Topic by Wolfwerx    |  last reply

Newsletter - How to unsubscribe?

Hello, I want to unsubscribe from the instructables newsletter. Normally in case of virtually any other organization, apart from the most scummy ones, I would just click on the link somewhere at the bottom of an email and had it sorted in a second but instructables seem to make it especially difficult to unsubscribe. Perhaps I need an instructable for this too. So far I sent messages with a request to unsubscribe to the following: - reply-to address of the newsletter, -, -, - and also disabled all email alerts in the settings. None of that had any effect, what a PITA. What else can I do apart from filing a complaint to the ICO?

Topic by machinegodzilla    |  last reply

Receiving Newsletters Issue

i have changed my email addy in my instructables account, but am still receiving the newsletter in my previous email and not getting it in my new email. it did stop coming to my previous email for a little while (as i may have unsubscribed it), but then recently started up again, yet am still not getting it in my new email. i'm not about to unsubscribe (again) my previous email thru the newsletter Update Profile / Unsubscribe link till i am recieving said same newsletter in my new email. what's the deal?

Question by MelPhleg    |  last reply

Problem with the Instructables Newsletter?

Is there a reason why my project: "SpectrumLED- An INSANELY Bright 200 WATT Variable Spectrum LED Panel" was featured in the newsletter as: "Insanely Bright LED Panel"? Is it because the name is too long? Or something else?

Topic by Yonatan24    |  last reply

Email newsletter relevancy

Recently the email newsletters are becoming less and less relevant. When I first agreed to start receiving them, they seemed great. I saw great instructables and a lot of good stuff. Now the featured 'ibles are all above my crafting skills and are expensive to boot, requiring 3D printers, expensive materials, and machinery that I don't have. While they're great instructables, they make me sigh and check the delete button on the email instead of clicking through to the site to view something I could actually do. I like the featured 'ibles usually, and this might just be me whining because I don't have the resources many on this site do have, but lately I've wanted to unsubscribe from newsletters - which would mean I would only venture to this site when I actually needed to do a diy project. No more neat ideas to be in awe of for their awesomeness - just complicated ones that are beyond me.  Maybe the newsletters could have more varied 'ibles? More simple ones and less "3D/wood/metal/arduino" ones? A balance would be nice.

Topic by Kaelpe    |  last reply

Annoying Halloween Newsletters

Hi! Here in my country we do not mind about the halloween, so I think this kind of e-mail is a little boring (at least to people in other countries that don't celebrate the halloween). I'm really getting annoyed with these "halloween newsletters" every day at my inbox. I already searched how to unsubscribe from this especific newsletter but unfortunately without sucess. Thank you!

Topic by BlitzKriegBR    |  last reply

Bug in email newsletter

Some links in your newsletter aren't working. You need to change this: to that:

Topic by zozed    |  last reply

Thanksgiving newsletter patches?

The newsletter that was sent out for thanksgiving ideas and recipes last week (22nd Nov), will there be achievement patches for it? I waited a while before posting in case someone just hadn't got around to sending them, but one never came. *sobs*

Topic by Jayefuu    |  last reply

not getting weekly newsletter

I changed my e-mail address,but it still is going to my old e-mail.

Topic by Mare322    |  last reply

E-mail Newsletter

I am unable to access interesting topics from the newsletter directly.  I get this message when I click on a link: "Due to the presence of characters known to be used in Cross Site Scripting attacks, access is forbidden. This web site does not allow Urls which might include embedded HTML tags." I am using a web mail (cox) and chrome.  Your e-mail doesn't have a link on top for "if you can't see this in your browser", which would be nice as going to the home page doesn't show the current e-mail information.  ie Sonic Screwdriver by MrTinkerer   I've never seen the above warning before and it doesn't sound like one I want to see.  ;-}

Topic by Metamorph    |  last reply

Dear Newsletter editor.

Hi... This is an open letter.. made with a new id which i will never use again.. i promise you that my sole intention is for instructible to be better. Lately it's been very difficult for me to follow the one rule "be nice policy"... I'm still trying very hard... It's been made very hard by the newsletter editor, or whoever's job it is to choose which instructible to feature..  It's like you just choose randomly (or is this the case???), some times it's such a ridiculous ible that i can't hold my self much longer.. I want to be nasty in the comments of the ible.. But it's not the ible's writer's fault..  S/he's just making and sharing what s/he wants and i wouldn't even open the ible if it wasn't featured!!! To me, featuring means that you think it's a really nice piece and everyone should have a look at it.. it's brilliant! it's new!! it's unique! A little screening should be done prior to featuring.. Featuring doesn't mean "hey guys.. look at these random pages and see what you think.. or whatever..." Some of the ible's that was featured lately  that i dont think that everybody should see: "is my sweater blue?"  i admit it's a funny one.. well written.. yet it's pointless!  anticlimactic! i was expecting so much more only because it was featured. If i stumbled on it on my own, i wouldn't have put so much expectation and wont be too disappointed.. might even enjoy the joke..  it was 1st of march!!! Not april fools!!!!! "router hack"  more like router 101..  or how to use your router.. look at all the breach in the be-nice-policy comments... I wont even comment there..  A few was a re-post of older ible, some even a only re-make (i dont want to say plagiarism), and few more i care to remember... Were they innovative? were they interesting? were they everyone-must-see material? subjectively i say NO, NO, and NO. But if i look at the other commenting on them, mostly breaching the be nice policy, i'm not alone! I'm seriously starting to see instructible newsletter to be more junk lately.. Not like before when i got excited everytime one arrives in my inbox.. now i'm like "meh.. gotta screen to these stuff again because someone didn't do his/her job properly"... Please do something about this.. I'm worried that instructible would spiral down into the abyss, becoming flamming troll land due to the domino effect from negative comments making others feeling negative and spreading like a virus.. If it happens, there's only one to blame: unscreened newsletter featuring undeserving ibles. So i say again: please.. please.. please.. Anonym

Topic by amahtai    |  last reply

How to stop email newsletter?

Is there a way to stop getting the Instructables email newsletter?  I de-selected all the options in the email setting under my profile but I still get emails.

Topic by dfvx990mq321pl    |  last reply

Newsletter patch never received!

Hello! My Instructable was featured in the April 7th newsletter under a modified name (Look for "Portable Rickroll") but I never received a newsletter patch! I know that this is kind of ego centric but could somebody see if I was supposed to get a patch? I really like patches! They are like achievements for! Many Thanks, -XtremD

Topic by winterfresh    |  last reply

Can't unsubscribe from newsletter

There is no unsubscribe link in the email, and also no way to change subscription settings in my profile when I login (at least nothing I can readily see). How can I get removed from the email list?

Topic by TheSuitIsNOTBlack    |  last reply

New email newsletter format

I put this in "forums" and "Burning Questions" but I don't know if that's where it should go. Anyway, it's just a point of feedback about the new format in the weekly email newsletter: I don't care for it much. I liked the previous format where there were a dozen (? I think?) featured projects, and the contests listed at the bottom. This new format with only three or four projects, with big photos, is disappointing. I don't come visit the site itself nearly as often now. I did go in and change my preferences for categories, but it seems the newsletter is locked onto certain categories regardless what I signed up for. I much prefer having more featured projects to peruse, and most weeks one or more of them would get me to the site, and I'd spend more time after viewing the one, viewing more.  Just my one opinion.  threeoutside

Topic by threeoutside    |  last reply

When does the newsletter come? Answered

I signed up for instructables' newsletter, but I have never got it. I put my email in the first of this year, and I still don't have it. How long does it take to send?

Question by random_builder    |  last reply

Reveived three copies of a newsletter

Hi guys, I very much enjoy the regular updates of instructables through the newsletters I receive by email. However, upon receiving the same one for the third time today I was wondering if there is any major work being done behind the scenes or whether I stumbled upon a bug, and I though it would be a good idea to submit a bugreport. Hence, this topic. I have attached a small screenshot of my gmail account. (Leaving out the standard layout due to privacy and general negligability..) Of course, I would be more than happy to forward the series of messages to an address if requested. Likewise, I can give my email address when necessary in some private message. The emails all source from < >. I run a windows7, ubuntu dual boot and browse in chrome (version 36.0.1985.125) but these stats seem to be irrelevant as the mail server does not directly interact with them :-) PS. I also came accross a java error, but did not have the presence of mind to take a screenshot of the stack trace. It was after resetting my pasword, logging in for the first time and then browsing to the forums through the main navigation from the homepage. (This probably is not detailed enough to get anywhere, but it perhaps plants a seed of intuition in the programmer that reads it which might help when someone else makes another report ^_^), In the glance I had at it, it seemed to concern reflection and the loading of the content page, which recursed once before reaching the error. (In the sence that in the content view, a complete version of the main navigation was included, yielding a somewhat smaller header identical in shape and function to the top-level one)

Topic by mr_Eagle    |  last reply

(newsletter) Homemade Gift Ideas

Sign-up for this newsletter: Art | Craft | Food | Games | Green | Home | Kids | Life | Music | Offbeat | Outdoors | Pets | Photo | Ride | Science | Tech Happy Holidays! Avoid the Black Friday rush, and make your own gifts this year! It's a great way to give your loved ones truly personalized gifts, and far easier on the wallet. We've collected our favorite fast, fool-proof holiday gifts and decorating ideas below to make it even easier! Don't forget to document what you make, and enter our Homemade Holidays Contest and Food Contest! Recycled Paper Hawaiian Lei Hackable Christmas Card & Ornament Monster Business Card Holder Giant Sparkleball Hand Blown Glass Ornaments Make a Unique Tile Picture Spiral LED Chandelier Expandable Christmas Stocking Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes Can Art: Recycle Your Cans Ping Pong Ball Lights Make Bath Bombs Christmas Gift Guides Homemade Gifts Christmas Gift Ideas Homemade Christmas Gifts Christmas Ornaments Christmas Tree Decorations Crafts for Christmas Super Mario Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA Sign-up for this newsletter:

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Email newsletter not displaying images

The last few email newsletters I received are not showing images. Prior to maybe a month or so ago this was never an issue. I'm on Windows XP service pack 3, using Outlook 2003, my internet browser is Firefox 47.0.1 but the problem is email related. In the latest newsletter, one image actually does display. And 3 link buttons at the bottom displayed - everything else has the dreaded red X instead of the images. Screen captures below.

Topic by DesignCutters.    |  last reply

Newsletter Jan 23, 2015

I make a point of keeping all the newsletters when possible; because i like to keep ideas of things i want to do for my home or small business. And today they emailed me one, but i happen to have deleted mine on accident; could someone please post the newsletter for today if possible? i will send my email address through a pm if needed

Topic by acadena2    |  last reply

Newsletter via gmail and then into wlmail

I'd like to keep receiving e newsletters but they have always been 'bad'. They never come out correctly in my wlmail client. It is basically a series of boxes with a cross at top. When I press a cross it opens up IE which I never use (FF only) and here is the page it takes me to with various instructions as to why something went wrong. Yours is the only newsletter this happens to. here is the link. wlmailhtml:{48885E4E-20F8-40C1-884E-4419D44A59F6}mid://00000337/!x-usc: for design square I got this in IE wlmailhtml:{48885E4E-20F8-40C1-884E-4419D44A59F6}mid://00000337/!x-usc:

Topic by brit50  

Can I reduce the frequency of the newsletter ?

Hello all fellow makers ! It seems I can change the frequency of almost any other email sent from Instructables but I can't figure a way to reduce the frequency of the newsletter.  Once a week would be nice.  Is there a way ? Thanks, Guillaume

Topic by aka.guf    |  last reply

Editor's Picks Links not functioning in the Newsletter

You must have changed something because this always worked before. Starting with the Feb 11 emailed Newsletter and also evident in todays, the link for the initial Featured item works but all the ones below in "Editors Picks" do not function.    When mousing over the pictures, the link is displayed in Featured instructable, but not with the ones below. I am using the Microsoft Outlook to read emails. DGW

Topic by DGW    |  last reply