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Solution to Knex P90 magazine?

Here is what I believe the solution to a great, working P90 magazine. This magazine holds many grey and blue spacers. It also will shoot them, so its also the gun at the same time. It can launch the spacers up to 20FT using 1 rubberband. It hasn't been shot using two. But this magazine/ gun could be great used on a P90. So if anybody wants to build it and start working on a P90, have at it! I'd only like the credit for this concept, thats all. And if you successfully build the P90 I'll award you with a patch! Well anyways, tell me what you think!

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Knex P90. Need help making!

Hi. I am in process of making a Knex P90. The body is done, but the inner parts like the barrel and other stuff like the magazine and the trigger I can't make because I am not that skilled with knex guns. So if anybody would like to make the body from the pictures I added and make the inner parts by themself and post it as an Instructable, That would be so awesome. So, if you would like to make it, please tell me. And for those of you who do, there are a couple things I could ask. No string, just rubberbands, not an RBG, no gears, no motors, and semi-auto please. But if you could make it full AUTO that would be great! Thanks for reading, please tell me if you can. Fellow Instructaneer, Techdeck30P.S. Sorry, my camera quality = :(

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What would be a good airsoft semi-starter gun?

I already have and used, cheap and plastic, P90, Walther P22, G36C, MP5, mag fed scattergun, (Not a shotgun... all guns do that!) Colt.45 pistol, and two Walther P99's. These guns never got much more than 60ft. I want a full metal gun, not much more than 100 bucks.

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