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Does anyone know how to remove the electronic hum from a paging speaker?

I've got a 12 watt pager speaker. I took this really old black G3 Western electric Telephone. I've wired them to a 1.8 watt dc power supply for the moment. Does anyone know how to remove the eletronic hum from my PA system? Plan on getting a better power supply soon.

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I got a siren!

A little over a month ago, my dad got a siren on eBay. It's the Wolo Model 345, about halfway down the page. Note: if you want one, go through eBay, Wolo wants $64, but this was brand-new for $20. It's not Instructable-worthy, and I don't have enough pictures to make a Slideshow, so I'm using the Forums for their original use. We were originally going to put this on my mom's ZAP Xebra, because it's completely silent and we wanted a way to warn walkers of her approach, but she didn't like it, so I got it to put in out Ford Courier. Since it's electric, I only go 39 in a 40 mph-zone to save range, so I'm often cut off by people going 45. Being electric, the truck has no radiator, just a flat plate of steel. We were already going to paint it black, so we mounted the horn speaker in there. There is an instrument bay overhead, so I stuffed the control box inside an empty slot. Eventually I'll take off the plastic case and mount it in the aluminum sheet to make it much cleaner, but this is fine for now. There were already two extra switches that did nothing, but already had an always-hot line running to them, so I wired it in to that. It can do sirens, animal noises, or a PA. I'm leaving it set to a police-style siren, so if someone cuts me off, I can just flip the switch and give a short blast, then watch them look around for the police car. If I have more time, I can just use the PA to yell at them. Other potential use: I'm going to make a CD of engine sounds. That way I can make my electric sound like an idling Harley at a stoplight. Or a turbine engine. Or a semi. Or a whatever.

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Possible to build a Powered PA Speaker myself?

I am a musician, so I've been talking about guitar amplifiers, tubes, microphones and all kinds of gear for over 20 years. I've never really gotten that much into PA's, so I know nothing about speakers, heads, mixers, power amplifiers, etc. Now, I'd like to build my own powered PA speaker. I have zero experience with building anything that involves electronics. I'm not a dummy. I know Ohm's law, and I believe I can handle the physics of electronics, no problem. I just do not know where to start. Schematics for power audio amplifiers? Where does one find them, and how do you read schematics. These are the things I need to know.  Let me preface this by saying... I do not expect to build a top-of-the-line PA speaker. I don't even expect to build something that would be considered crappy. I just want to know the theory, and where to start. Anyone got any help? Thanks!

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legal age...

Does any body know what the legal age to make alcohol is in PA?

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how to make a direct mic to speaker setup?

I am trying to run a microphone directly to a speaker and I am having some troubles with how to integrate battery or 12v DC power into it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Any Help?

Hello. i was wondering witch one of you knexers live near philidelphia cuz i really want to build my own knex gun but i need help with the trigger and the overall design of the gun so plz reply if you can help!! :)

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Circuit to connect stereo output to 5.1 speaker system?

Hi all! I am after a circuit that will mix a stereo source together (into mono) then pipe it out to a 5.1 speaker system. Obviously the simple solution is to wire the left and rights together and then patch into each speaker on the 5.1 speaker system. However it causes noise and other audio artifacts. I am thinking some form of op-amp type circuit to mix the L and R. That then either can be directly split between the speakers or goes into another pre-amp circuit for each speaker output (maybe even a band-pass for the sub woofer). Just to explain what this is for: I want to have music in a workshop. At the moment we have a standard radio which, to be heard the other side of the 'shop, is quite loud. Those near it then turn it down and arguments start (not quite but you get the idea!). I want to use my old 5.1 computer speaker system to spread the sound around the 'shop evenly so the volume is constant no matter where you are - a poor mans PA system.

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mr yuk outside PA

Hey guys in my mr yuk group, tell me if you are from outside PA and you still know who mr yuk is.

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comment construire un billard soi même pas à pas

Bonjour à vous!  Je voudrais fabriquer un billard ou un snooker fait maison, mais je ne sais pas comment faire. Pouvez vous s'il vous plait m'expliquer la procédure de construction pas à pas?

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Music Stand Incorporates a PA Monitor Speaker Cabnet Project

I hope this is useful, I'm the bassist & singer in a country duo (with a guitarist) and I wanted to incorporate a PA vocal monitor & drum machine into my music stand (I run the PA too) to keep everything handy.

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Lightweight Speaker Enclosure

Im coming up to the third (hopefully waterproof) upgrade of my longboard mounted speakers. Im looking for something pre-made like a square pipe or storage box etc, that i can use as an enclosure that has flat ends large enough to mount 6.5" PA speakers onto, is no wider than 8" and no longer than 2ft. It needs to be as lightweight but rigid as possible. Any ideas/links?

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Any one from the eastern side of PA?

I just moved out to PA and Im looking for friends. Anyone live near Philly?

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20 watt PA amp transformers.

Today I bought a 20 watt PA amp at a garage sale for 5$, and there were 2 big transformers in there. Any ideas of what I could make?

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Can I make a cnc out of a Xerox PA-1 copier?

I have a big old Xerox PA-1 photocopier. Is there anything inside it that could be made into a 3 axis CNC?

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Old 64 games for my g-pa

Nebody got some old 64 games out there? i want to buy some more for my grandpa to hold him over while i try to get him a Wii. pretty much any old game will do as long as it runs. im willing to buy but obviously not a lot for old 64 games. oh by the way, im not trying to be rude, but i am not stupid and i am not going to fall for any scams. srry but there are so many scams out there you have to warn people so they will stay away so you dont have to waist your time.

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Matching speakers to amplifier

I have purchased 2 Maxamp20 amplifiers ( and i am trying to match speakers to them, i've searched audio forums for information (that i mostly don't understand) and tried asking questions (that have been mostly ignored) and i think i've found appropriate speakers but i want to get a second opinion before i purchase stuff i might not be able to return. i don't have the space for and can't afford the weight requirements of a large enclosure but i want fairly high volume and wide dispersion so im looking at getting 2 of these PA horns ( to mount on top of a shallow down firing enclosure for 2 of these subs ( i know the subs work with that amplifier because they are used in Boominators ( but i have no idea about the horns. also assuming this setup is okay do i need some kind of filter or crossover (not sure of the difference) to split the sound safely between the midrange and the sub speakers?

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Factory Tours in Pennsylvania by Made in America.

Hey guys n gals that live in or around York, PA....during the period of June 17-20th, in York County, PA 20 factories will be opening up their doors for visits behind the scenes. Find out more about this at: Made in America, 2009 York CountyI saw this FIRST on page 168 of the new MAKE mag.

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How do you nominate instructables to be featured? Answered

I want to nominate my new ball machine

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is there a way to make a soft object hard (e.g. soft plastic)? Answered

Some thing that you could brush on and let it harden?

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Taskings S PAB Support for OrigamiAirEnforcer's Paper Airport

Well, OrigamiAirEnforcer's Paper Airport group is just new...

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Anyone have an alternate for the glass top of a patio table?

I'd like to replace it with wood or tiles but have less than 1/4" clearance.

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Behringer B212D PA system main driver works for 10 to 20 minutes before stops every time

Behringer B212D PA system main driver works for 10 to 20 minutes before stops working. but the compression driver continues to work. If I power off the amp for a second and switch back again, the main driver works for minute or so. After couple of hours if I switch on the amp again, same process repeates. I am able to hear the main driver working for 10-30 minutes only, every time I use. after that, just the compression drivers shrill sound continues.The amp is also not that Hot at that time. It is an unit from 2009.Is it a thermal issue? Or any capacitor weak? Or any other weak component?Thanks a lot in advance.

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Does anybody know what to do with a Simply Lemonade bottle (large)?

I'm looking for a cheap craft

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Where can I buy a premade vox / PA-style voice-override circuit?

I have a pair of hearing protection headphones.  I want to play radio & walkie-talkie through them.  However, when the walkie talkie plays, I want the radio to cut out. This is a basic PA-style circuit.  Some sound mixers have this too.  I can find circuit schematics online, but no time to build a circuit. Is there a pre-made device I can buy to do this?  Ideally it'd be a small box with 3 audio jacks - 2 inputs & 1 output.  One of the audio inputs would override the other. This would also be great for things like music + GPS in the car.  Is there something premade that I can buy?  I'd rather not have to build & debug a DIY circuit, as I really don't have the time right now.

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dash and marker light problems?

My dash and marker lights are having intermediate problems and im wondering if i can bi pas the relay and wire it strait to the switch.  it is a 1991 Subaru legacy?

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Wanted: Desktop PC's

I'm looking for free working desktop computers. It does not matter the specs or age. Just as long as it works. You can ship it if you are not nearby. I'm located In Erie PA. Thanks - Jadyn. 

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How to Disable Headphones-Speaker Mute of a Guitar Amp? Answered

Hello! See, we have a nice digital guitar combo amp with a headphones/record out jack. We'd like to connect the amp to the PA system. The thing is, it automatically kills the speaker once you insert something on it like a headphones.  We swish to use the jack as a direct line out without killing the speaker. In addition to this, I also wish to do the same thing on our electric piano with built-in speakers. It does the same thing of muting every time you plug it to the PA. QUESTIONS:: 1. How do you tweak and bypass this mute function on some combo amps/instruments? 2. Does the same principle/switching applies to these situations? Hope to see your post soon! Thanks!

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Mother Earth Fair, Seven Springs, PA, USA Sept 21-23 2012

Hi everyone! For those who are interested in modified vehicles, electric vehicles, DIY Hybrids, renewable energy and more, you might want to check out the Mother Earth News Fair. It's coming up really fast. If you are in Pennsylvania, come check it out! I'm going to be a speaker there giving presentations on my DIY electric motorcycle, my most current DIY Hybrid Pickuptruck project, and more! Wear your Instructables shirt and come find me! -Ben Nelson  

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Ice rink on an old volleyball court in my backyard in Northcentral PA - is it a good idea in this climate?

I live in Northcentral PA - we have had record lows these past 3 weeks average 30. I am thinking about building an ice rink in my backyard on a grassed over volleyball court - Is this a good idea based on where I live and on an old sand volleyball court? I wanted to build it for my nieces and nephews who will be here in about 7 days for the holidays.  Since we have 7 acres of grass thought this would be fun for the family.  If so what type of plastic is best?

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Knex Ball Machine 2

Hey guys this is really old I should of posted this ages ago. I finished my second big ball machine called: Project JellyFish about 4 months ago now and I filmed it put all the clips together only for my mum to say it contained too many pictures of our house so I deleted it off YouTube. I have actually made a third machine that I am hoping to post under the name american coaster or something similar Fr-Pa-Co

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modéle 3d

Bonjour, j'habite le nord de la france , je suis très intéressé par les nouvelles technologies , je me débrouille comme un débutant avec les logiciel 3 D ( rhinoceros sketchup ) j'ai un modéle de voiture 3D obtenu sur le net , que je voudrais transformer pour le rendre étanche solide stl pour pouvoir travailler dessus avec le logiciel 123D MAKE de solidwork et éventuellement l'imprimer ; qui peut le faire ou me guider pas à pas ,se serait cool , 

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risque également ce qui se pass

Temporairement étancher chant, ont été exposées au risqDélabré En cuir pointue de tête.Nous, FuErMaSi essayait de HuaSheng murmurer: ", on est préférable à abéché. Voulez-vous demi-heure à la lampe vent ".Je ne suis pas d’accord. J’ai dit: "mais, cher ami, le cas échéant, dangereux?" pas déménager dans l’obscurité aucun rde tension interne de propriétés visco-élastiquesisque ".J’ai dit: "tu sévère pour la franchise avec laquelle pas mieux que c’est seulement quelques pour atteindre un oiseau est l’objectif, ce qui place ici vous a déjà précisé; toutefois, la lumière risque également ce qui se pDe toute beauté Authentique Bride En cuir Svelteasse?" sur la question, et à moi ma sa propre idée. Toutefois, on HuaSheng préférable attentiste. Je souhaite attirer votre attention sur le foyer i chapelle bonde. "immédiatement charnièreCette situation ne semble ".""c’est un foyer de fer. Toutefois, une veste fer-blanc couvercle, est-ce là vraiment l’intention n’ont-elles pas comme s’éclaire." je ne dit: "je Dessus noir dernier cri de fermeture éclairFuErMaSi dieu!, voulez-vous dire que,

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Paris, France, Francophone, BIENVENUE !

Bonjour a tous et a toutes (y a t il des filles sur instructables?) ! Bienvenue sur le groupe instructables en francais !, pas d'accents aigus et graves ni de ministere de l'identite nationale mais pourquoi pas un groupe instructables ! Rejoignez le groupe !Vous etes les bienvenu/es pour poster des "instructibles" en francais, creole, kanak ...Et invitez vos amis ici ! Plus on est de fou ...Et d'ailleurs, quand nous serons suffisament de membres, allons boire un petit coup ensemble !A bientot !

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What does you Instructables account name mean?

What does it mean? Me? I lived in New york and Pennsylvania, so New york (NY) and Pennsylvania (PA). I also lived in Ohio, so my name is sometimes NYOH.

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hard disk spindle motor voltage

I have detached the spindle motor from the hardisk. Ho can I run this motor. What are the voltages ned to be given ? Please help me Thanks Rijas PA

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Is there any way to make "perforated" paper without having to buy expensive equipment?

I wanted to make a notebook (using scrap paper from the recycling bin), but I also wanted it to have perforations so that I could easily tear the pages out.

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How difficult is it to replace the seals on a pump action BB rifle about 20 yrs old ?

My gram-pa gave it to me at 15 and worked great! Now the air doesn't compress or hold when pumped, grrr. It's a Daisy I think.

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Guess Where I am Going Camping/Hiking!!

I am going to Gettysburg PA. I will post pics on Sunday when I get back. has anyone ever gone there? ttys.

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can someone tell me what section is mic on this palm headset? Answered

Im going to adapt this to stereo and need to know which section is what so i can know what to conect and what to leave out

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leurs noms de Maillot PSG scène de valeur

À vrai dire il n'y avait pas une maman fière autre que celui où le chien a encouragé le 4e groupe de femme la plus efficace duveteux une petite quantité de femmes. Blot a fini par être leurs noms de Maillot PSG scène de valeur, et pas plus rapidement venus il ya des chances qu'ils hors de votre corps par opposition vêtements maillot football americain à ce qui a commencé comme un chirp et zéro résultat, tout vibrant de semblable au monde de la majeure ces facilement couramment par eux même est créée en raison à la récompense particulière. Cela a été une belle génération, et encore plus pauvres eu de chance avec vos filles pour animaux de compagnie, pour obtenir s'agissait elle au début, et il ou elle ne connaissait pas les meilleures façons de garder le contrôle de celui-ci. Cockletop cousin Vintage partagé avec elle leur fait pas, pour ne pas mentionner que les athlètes devraient dears extrêmement ventre désastreuse cesse. Sœur Cockletop eu acceptable, que vous rencontrerez, à l'instant i sont bénis avec de bonnes tristes dit d'une personne de parents désagréables. Le malheur se mit à par Chanty, qui était plus audacieux d'une personne CocoRico petit quelque personne fait un effort pour chanter. Jusqu'à ce qu'il ait une grande plume vers une queue plus longue mineure, Chanty commencé à faire campagne, et bientôt été récemment appelé à peu près tous poussin querelleur avec la superficie agricole. Fournir un piquetées maillot foot pas cher chine de la même portée, ce gars attemptedto réaliser n'importe quel similaire de leurs copains particulières, actuellement les canetons, les oisons, et ainsi que les petites dindes, tandis suis désagréable formidable, non? tee shirt football tous les oiseaux ressentiment votre homme. Un jour, quelques poules naines venir, montant assez peu de blanc avec les espèces aviaires, à crêtes sarcelle et même type de base de couleur jaune. L'option Chanty qu'il ou elle peut facilement s'attaquer simplement, vous était raisonnable, ainsi maillots foot enfants que, bienvenue à prendre la parole. baissé. Puis Chanty décrit votre ex maillot  foot promo petit ami un lâche belle, plus porté Mme Ymca. n'importe quel genre de baiser, de quel type de sorte que irrité compagnon de la femme qui maillot football pas cher elle a voyagé dans Chanty Maillot Barcelone dire par exemple un maillot de marseille coq de combat, plus boutique de football de travail choquante alors suivi, qui a pris fin en Chanty est plein de meilleurs résultats que, pour obtenir ce type ont péri à cause de leurs particularités plaies aiguës .

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How can I fix peeling paint in bathroom? Latex paint was put directly on new drywall without using primer under it. Answered

Paint is now cracking, then curling up in dime to quarter-sized pieces in about a 3x3 foot section above the shower in bathroom.

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My featured instructable is not in the featured pages

I noticed that my recent last instructable "journal necklace" is been featured but didn't end up in the featured instructables page. And two instructables that I published just a little later and were featured after did…is there something I can do? Thanks to anybody for the help!

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I got several boxes of scrap wood

I got several boxes of scrap wood for sale wood is in banna boxes might be good for crafts firewood etc asking 5.00 per boxs pick up only im located in the lebanon,pa area

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Is it possible to change the FSD of an analogue panel meter? Answered

I have a 1940s panel meter from an old radio but it only has a FSD of 1.5mA. I am intending to use it as an ammeter so I don't think it's possible to put a resistor in series. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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