Why multiple copies of menu items mac osx? Help... Answered

Why when I select "Open With," on an item on my desktop do multiple of the same options appear (I think I worded that weirdly, just look at the picture). This happens on my G3 ppc 600mhz iBook, G4 ppc dual 500mhz PowerMac, and is even worse on my 700mhz G4 ppc iMac. I don't have this problem on my intel MacMini. I'm very good with macs, but how do I solve this problem?

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How Can I Configure my xda Atom Exec Wireless Conncetion?

I have a xda Atom exec device and i am facing a problem connecting it to my wireless network at home . the device detects other networks around me but it does not see my wireless network.. who can walk me through the correct steps if there is any or , what do i need to modify in my wireless router settings , i have a TP-Link router . thank you in advance

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Power Mac G4 Freezing

Again my Power Mac G4 is acting up again.  This time it freezes usually after about an hour and a half of use.  When monitoring activity monitor, the process called SustemUIServer turns red, and the computer freezes, also the CPU's shut down completely.  If I an watching a video the sound will repeat in a little clip over and over again like a broken record.  I have downgraded the computer from 2Gb of RAM to 1.5 as one of my sticks of RAM was bad, so obviously it is not a RAM problem. Yes I have ran various RAM testing programs such as MemTest86, and that had no issues.  Also with YouTube videos the video will freeze and the mouse wont move.  I will post specs of the mac soon so you know exactly what we are working with. And for anyone wondering, it's running Mac OS 10.5.8, Leopard

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know somethen about making a webpage?

Ok so im thingking abount making a webpage but i have a question...you know those PPC (pay per click) things you can get from like google.com? well technicaly couldent somebody just click on the links 100 times and make money, or is it only a one click per person kinda thing? oh and im not trying to rip google off or anything i just had this random thought

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Is there a way to hook up a Ti-84 to my cell phone? Answered

I want to hook up a Ti-84 to my PPC-6700. i was wondering if first if this is possible and second if this is a "good" way to get programs on to it... don't ask me why i cant just hook them up to my computer... i will just say that i cant. the way it would most likely work is through both of the usb ports... (one on each device).

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Why do all iMac G5 have a monochrome screen after a few years?

I use an iMac G5 got for free from a school (still has the sticker with the school address on it). I notice it have a blue monochrome screen but all iMac G5 have this problem in different colors. Mine is a 20" iSight 2.1GHz PPC G5 made some time in 2005. I would really like to fix this problem. Is any way to do so?

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current or voltage for rail gun?

Hello i've ben wanting to make a powerful rail gun. I have ben checking out capacitors but don't know which one to buy. what my main question is, should i get a high capacitor with high voltage discharges? or should i get a high voltage capacitor? will this capacitor work? (http://nl.rs-online.com/web/p/products/7637858/?cm_mmc=NL-PPC-_-google-_-3_NL_NL_M_IP_and_E_Exact-_-cooper_bussmann%7Celectric_double_layer_capacitors&mkwid;=sagNlIMw4_dc%7Cpcrid%7C90954405920%7Cpkw%7Cxv3560+2r7407+r%7Cpmt%7Ce%7Cprd%7C&gclid;=CjwKEAiAoOvEBRDD25uyu9Lg9ycSJAD0cnByHZD584cPkCSCgOnFENsjk4lnghmHy3XmwBKaYeWquhoCukvw_wcB) and is current more important than volts in a rail gun? thanks. sorry for my bad english.

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How can I speed up my PowerMac G5?

I've got a 2003 (gosh, is it that old?) PowerMac G5 that is really starting to show its age.  Heck, my iPod and iPad play videos more smoothly than it can!  Everything from importing photos to movies to photoshop is slow.  And forget about games!  Unfortunately I'm not in a financial position at the moment to buy a new Mac (and forget about suggesting a PC, because I will refuse!), so the only thing I can do is try to squeeze a bit more speed out of the computer I have.  Got any ideas?  Here are the current specs: Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5 processors RAM maxed out at 4GB 1 TB and 500 GB hard drives installed DVD burner Mac OS X 10.5.8 (the last version that will run on PPC)

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I need a way to supercool a laptop, STAT!

Well I'm getting tired again of my mac being extremely sluggish most of the time (the hd is pretty fragmented, too lazy to get my boot disk takes a few hours to defrag). A lot of the "sluggishness" is due in part to the rather extremely hot 1.2ghz ppc processor. I've tried putting xbox heatsinks on it (like seen in my instructable, search that shit) and I even made an addition of putting a fan ontop, but at the most I might have seen a reduction of 5C, but under load the fan made no difference. I know the internal fan can cool it down from like 78C (it gets hotter playing halo) to a nice 50C in a hurry at full speed. I haven't touched it though (wanting to hardwire it badly) because it has like 9 different wires for whatever reason (ground, positive and your sensor readout is all you should need right??). Anyone have at least some half assed idea of what I could throw together in a jumble? And yes, I've thought of using a peice of plexi-glass and cutting holes in it for computer fans and making a souped up cooling pad, but I don't have the fans.

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How to copy/transfer files(songs,video,photo,dvd) from iPod to Mac/PC? ?

[b]The article includes two guides. 1. How to put DVD/video/flash to iPod touch/classic/video/nano Video MP4 on Windows and Mac? 2. How to download and convert YouTube videos to iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, etc? [/b] [b]Guide1. How to put DVD/video/flash to iPod touch/classic/video/nano Video MP4 on Windows and Mac? [/b] [b]This guide includes five parts as follow: [/b] Part 1-1: Rip [url=http://www.dvdtoipodtouch.org/] DVD to iPod touch [/url] /classic/video/nano (Windows) Part 1-2: Convert AVI, WMV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, ASF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MPG to iPod touch/classic/video/nano MP4 or H264 format (Windows) Part 1-3: Rip DVD movie to iPod touch/classic/video/nano (Mac) Part 1-4: Convert AVI, WMV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, ASF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MPG to iPod touch/classic/video/nano MP4 or H264 format (Mac) Part 3-5: Convert flash, swf to iPod touch/classic/video/nano (Windows) It is easy-to-use and the converting speed is fast! After testing, all formats to iPod touch/classic/video/nano conversion works well, the output audio and image quality is excellent! Let's view the steps. [b]Part 1-1 [/b]: How to rip DVD to iPod touch/classic/video/nano (Windows) 1. Download the latest version DVD to iPod Converter + iPod Movie/Video Converter Suite, and install it. You can download about it by referrring here. [img]http://www.dvdtoipodtouch.org/images/dvdtoipodtouchvideo-guide/dvd-to-ipod-touch-guide-1.jpg[/img] 2. Run the DVD to iPod Converter, load your DVD by clicking 'Open DVD' button or choosing 'Open DVD' from 'File' drop down menu. One or several titles appear in the list after loading DVD. 3. As usual, the longest title is the main file of the movie. You can remove the title you don't like to convert by unchecking the title. Set 'Subtitle', 'Audio Languages' to what you like. 4. To 'Output Folder', Enter the full pathname or choose the path where you want to save your video files by clicking the related button. 5. Click 'Convert' button to start the iPod DVD conversion. 6. Find the .mp4 file that DVD to iPod converter created and drag it into your iTunes library, or select 'Add File to Library' from the 'File' menu and select the encoded movies. Now you can watch it with iTunes or Quicktime Player on your PC. 7. Load the MP4 files to iPod by clicking 'File -> Update iPod'. Now, you can enjoy the movies on your fifth generation video iPod anywhere and anytime. [b]Part 1-2 [/b]: How to convert iPod touch/classic/video/nano video, such as AVI to iPod, WMV to iPod, MPEG to iPod, RM to iPod, RMVB to iPod, ASF to iPod, MPG to iPod, DivX to iPod, XviD to iPod video (Windows) 1. Download and install. 2. Run iPod Video converter component. And load the video files you'd like to convert by clicking 'Open file' button. Click 'Output' and choose the pathname where you want to save your video files. Click 'Convert' to start converting video to iPod MP4 or H264 files. Tips: Before converting, you can click 'Advance -> Video settings' to set 'Video format', 'Resolution', 'Framerate', 'Output Quality'. If you'd like to convert video to H264 files, please set 'Video format' to 'H.264 FQ Variable Bitrate'. 'MPEG4(.mp4) FQ Variable Bitrate' is the default value. Certainly, you can also set 'Audio Bitrate', 'Channels', 'Sample Rate' and 'Volume' in 'Audio Settings' page. As usual, we set "Resolution" as "320x240" (i.e. default settings), certainly you can also choose other video sizes you like. 3. After converting, you can open the output folder to check and play the iPod video files (.mp4 or .mov) using Quicktime Player . 4. Transfer the iPod videos to iTunes by draging or clicking "File -> Add File to Library". Now, you can enjoy them on iTunes. Then hit "File -> Update iPod" to sync to your iPod. [b]Part 1-3 [/b]: How to directly convert DVD to iPod touch/classic/video/nano video (Mac OS X) DVD to iPod Converter for Mac can rip DVD movie to iPod straight with high video quality. It supports converting an entire DVD to one iPod video file, and also supports ripping any segment by setting "start time" and "end time". Download the latest Mac DVD to iPod Video Suite or Mac DVD to iPod Video Converter. Insert the DVD movie you'd like to rip into the DVD drive, click "DVD" button to load your DVD, select the output format and set the optional parameters, then hit 'Convert' to start the iPod DVD conversion process. [img]http://www.dvdtoipodtouch.org/images/dvdtoipodtouchvideo-guide/dvd-to-ipod-mac-wondershare.jpg[/img] [b]Part 1-4 [/b]: How to convert AVI, WMV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, ASF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MPG to iPod touch/classic/video/nano (Mac OS X) iPod Video Converter for Mac can not only convert AVI, MOV, MPEG, DivX, WMV, VOB, XviD to iPod video MP4, but also extract/convert media files to iPod audio M4a, MP3 on Mac. It is easy to use. Just download the latest Mac DVD to iPod Video Suite or Mac iPod Video Converter, load your video files and convert by pushing several buttons. You can know about the Mac DVD to iPod Suite software by referring here. [b]Part 1-5 [/b]: How to convert flash, swf to iPod touch/classic/video/nano 1. Download flash to iPod Converter from here, intall and run. 2. Click "Add Flash", load your Flash (.swf) movie or video files. Tips: You can play the swf file by clicking "Play" button. 3. Click "Convert Now!" to start converting swf flash to iPod mp4 video format. Tips: (optional) Before converting, you might as well set "Output folder" to somewhere you like. [b] Guide 2. How to download and convert YouTube videos to iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, etc? [/b] YouTube Mate helps you download, convert, play and manage your favorite YouTube videos... and it's very easy to use. If you're a YouTube fan, you'll certainly love YouTube Mate! It is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet. Guide [b]Part 1 [/b]: Download YouTube Videos with this YouTube Downloader [img]http://www.youtubetoipod.org/images/download-youtube-video-guide-1.gif[/img] Firstly, Free download and install it. You can know more about it from Cucusoft Youtube Mate. Then, Click "Download" button, copy the Youtube url address to cucusoft youtube Mate, then click "Ok" button. 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[b]Part 3 [/b]: Output Profiles - YouTube Converter helps you convert YouTube flv to 3GPP - 3rd Generation Partnership Project (.3gp) AAC - Advanced Audio Coding (.mp4, .aac) AC3 - Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio (.ac3) Apple TV (1280x720) H.264 Movie(.mp4) Apple TV (640x480) MPEG-4 Movie(.mp4) ASF - Advanced Streaming Format (.asf) AVI - Audio video Interleaved (.avi) DVD - DVD Format (.mpg) FLV - Flash Video Format, YouTube Video, etc. (.flv) iPhone (480x320) H.264 Movie(.mp4) iPhone (480x320) MPEG-4 Movie(.mp4) iPod MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4) -- Default for iPod iPod H.264 Movie (.mp4) iPod touch H.264 Movie(.mp4) iPod touch MPEG-4 Movie(.mp4) iPod TV Size1 (480x368) MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4) iPod video nano H.264 Movie (.mp4) iPod video nano MPEG-4 Movie(.mp4) M4A - MPEG Layer-4 Audio (.m4a) MOV - QuickTime Movie (.mov) MPEG-1 Video (.mpg) PDA - Personal Digital Assistants Device (.wmv) PPC - Pocket P.C. Device (.wmv) PSP - PSP MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4) RA - RealAudio (.ra) RM - RealVideo (.rm) SVCD - Super Video CD Format (.mpg) SWF - For Website Use , SWF Format (.swf) VCD - Video CD Format (.mpg) VOB - VOB file - MPEG2 PS Format (.vob) WMA - Windows Media Audio (.wma) WMV - Windows Media Video (.wmv) Zune TV Size1 (480x368) Windows Media (.wmv) Zune Video - MPEG-4 (.mp4) Zune Video - Windows Media 7 (.wmv) YouTube Mate can NOT ONLY download YouTube videos, convert YouTube .flv videos, BUT ALSO convert AVI, mpg, MPEG, WMV, ASF, MOV, RM/RMVB, MP4, MKV to FLV, etc all output formats. Such a powerful YouTube Video Converter, free YouTube Downloader, it's worth of owning YouTube Mate for Flash videos collecting and YouTube fans like you. Start to put [url=http://www.youtubetoipod.org/]youtube to ipod [/url] now! And, if you need [url=http://www.freedvdripper.org/]free dvd ripper[/url], i think this site can help you. Good luck!

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