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The Knex PPSH

Hello there everyone,first of all I'd like to take this time to introduce myself. Sup, names Bob, I live in the UK and Building Knex is something I have recently got into.This is a topic to provide a link to my very first model, A PPSH Submachine Gun!Here is the slideshow: you could comment and rate, it would much be appreciated. I have worked hard on this and have only used one part from somebody else, (The trigger) and even that has been modded to fit my design.No instructable as of yet, but I want people to take an interest in it before I spend my time making the instructable.Thanks.

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I submitted my K'nex - 1941 PPSh-41 2 days ago but it doesn't show up?

·         It does appear in my profile ·         It does not appear when I search for it ·         It does not show up in the recent list  This is not my first instructable, I have publish others on this website and they do appear in the recent list This is the website address - If some could help me, leave comment in the box below

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looking 4 some new knex guns reward 4 best!!!

The deal is simple if you can post a cool gun that hasent been attempted yet like the kar98k mosinagent ptrs or double barrled shotgun i will sub to u on here and youtube if u hav an account and watevr else u want meh 2 do

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How to Make a precision metal tube?

I recently bought a mini metal lathe. I'm making an airsoft gun on it, and i need to make a barrel. The particular gun I'm making is the ppsh-41 (for all of you guys that play cod5, you know what i'm talking about! and for those who don't know, it's pronounced peh-peh-sha), which requires a barrel length of 270mm (found from the blueprints). This is just under a foot, and about the max my lathe can handle (but mind you it can still handle it! ). For an airsoft barrel, the inner diameter should be 6.01mm (as BB's are 6 mm in diameter and you want a tight seal for max accuracy). How can i create a precision barrel like this? My plan for the most part is to take a brass tube with an ID slightly smaller than this, and put it on my metal lathe and then fine tune the inside. The only problem is is that i would need a 1 foot long (or i suppose 6 inch long if I go from both ends, but it might affect the bb where the 2 cuts meet at the center) cutting tool that's less than 5mm (leaving some room for error) in diameter, and won't flex pretty much at all along it's 1 foot length. Or does the flex part not matter because it would flex a consistent amount the whole way? Anyone ever do something like this before?

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