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PS1 help Answered

So I've seen a lot of topics online about installing a hard drive in a PS3. This got my wondering about what it would take to install one in a PS1. Would it be possible to run data through the Serial Port, or would I have to hardwire it in? Any sort of help would be appreciated, as well any links to other PS1 projects.

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Ps1 games(t rated)

Any sugestions

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Is there anything fun/cool/interesting I can do with a Playstation 1?

I have a dust collector in the form of a Playstation 1. Anyone have any ideas for something cool to do with it?

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How can I convert these? Answered

I want to convert a ps1 controller and a nes controller to usbwithout any fancy shmancy(yes,thats how its spelled) converting plugs. Just a straight line from the controller to a usb port.  diagrams appreciated.

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Still coming along (Steampunk PSOne)

Heres what I've got done so far. All thats left it some old military writing (M.P.S.E.U-Mobile Play Station Entertainment Unit), some leather straps, rivets, and the internal leds. It started steampunk and turned post apocalyptic, but I still like it ;) Whatcha think?

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How can i play my gamecube and ps1 through laptop screen (as cheaply as possible)? Answered

How can i play my gamecube and ps1 through laptop screen (as cheaply as possible)?

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what to do with old Playstations?

At home I have a PS1 working (just old), a PS2 (fat), drive drawer damaged and a PS2 (slim), think the laser has gone on this.  Apart from junking them what can i do? can they be cobbled together to make a complete unit?  if it fails hey no loss.  Just looking for ideas/instructions on what to do As I am working away from home this week I am unable to get any particular model details but can check when I get home if this matters

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How can I play my PS1 through my laptop screen?

I want to use my laptop screen to play my PS1 rather than a T.V. for convenience. I hang out and play games with friends and would rather not lug a T.V around.

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Wireing joystick from PS1 controller to USB for PC

I would like to wire a joystick, taken from a PS1 controller, to USB and be able to use it for my PC. The joystick has two Potentiometers ( three wires each, of course ) and a single push switch ( two wires ) I am unsure how this may be done, ( I'm sure it can be ) and also wouldn't know much about writing software for it, should it be accomplished. any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hiding a PS2 inside a PS1 case.

Hello, I have an interesting proposal for you all. I am interested in putting all of the hardware from a PS2 into a PS1 case. I want this for a friend of mine who cannot have a PS2 where he is. Is there anyone who has done this, or has any ideas that would help me? I have been told by one person that the hardware will never fit, but I've seen the crazy things people on here can do, so I thought I ask you all. Thank you

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Can you tell me the meaning of the abbreviation in this PlayStation controller ? Answered

My friend gave me this controller I'm trying to fix it but I don't know the meaning of these abbreviations, all i know is ACK = Acknowledge CLK = Clock and the Positive and Ground connection. I already searched for the color coding of the wires and try to guest it but still no luck. In case of you cant see the image clearly here are the abbreviations DO,OI,CLK,ACK,CS,Gnd,+3.7 and VDD or VDC im not sure about the VDD or VDC.

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playstation to usb adapter not working with some controllers? Answered

I bought this usb adapter, it works with a ps1 analog controller fine but not with a fanatec speedster 2 steering wheel, the lights light up and i can switch between modes

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What memory card adapter is able to work with pcsx on a raspberry pi?

I would like to make my pi have a n emulator so do I need a ps1 memory card? if so then what adapter should I use? Also see:

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Playstation 1 box?

My Friend ring wraith159 had a old PS1 and was taking it apart he didn't want the external case so he gave it to me and i'm making a box out of it like my Radio Box. any ideas as for what to put in it?

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PS1 LCD Screen into a Raspberry Pi Monitor

So i finally purchased a Model B Raspberry Pi. I'm quite enthralled by the stuff ill be able to do with it, but i figured i would start by making it a case. That idea somehow resulted in using a cigar box i had lying around to turn the whole thing into a laptop-esque build thing. The inside dimensions being 8.5" x 5.4" x 1.5", i looked around and i have a PlayStation 1 with an LCD screen. The console and screen are fine but the hinge is broken. And given the size of the screen, i thought it would be really nifty to disconnect the screen and use it as a monitor. The only problem is im not sure if i could make it HDMI or RCA compatible. Any Tech people think this could be done?

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Wanna know how to disappear and become invisible in an online game such as KILLZONE,SOCOM,....... Racing games.......(the list goes on and on.....) You will need: Ethernet Cable Small Switch Gaming system (online compatible( ps2,ps3,wii,xbox,xbox 360,) ( must be connected with a wire WIFI wont work Online Game All you have to do is cut the orange wire on the inside of the cable and put a switch there. then put the switch in the of position when you want to disappear. NOTICE: This may not work with all games. this only lasts about 7-10 seconds and then you are disconnected from the network. It is just like unplugging it but it is easier. ????: Why is there 8 wires in cat six (maybe its cat five) cable and olny four of them are used ? (waste of coper and bpa releasing plastic) Would have made an instructable but its not worth it. Yes cheating is weak I just like the disappearing part You don't disappear but nobody can see you

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how do you make a sega genisis portable?

Using the classic ps1 screen and a classic sega genisis. with batteries and speakers

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Playstation Help

Help! I have a ps1 and I need some help with when i start it up I just get a black screen and nuthin no logo or startup my uncle thinks its a video problem but I need advice HELP PLEASE!

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Can you use a wireless playstation 2 controler as a remote with arduino? Answered

I have a wireless playstation 2 controlers and was wondering if it would work using the same process as this instructable . Thanks

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whats more worth it? Answered

Custom psp themes, with extras and a newer flash player, or the ability to play psone games? i need input- its a hard desicion, i have plenty of ps1 games i can put on it, but watching videos (on the web) and custom themes sound nice too. input?

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Old mario games on PSP

I know that you can put the original mario game from the gameboy and other old systems on the psp. My friend wont tell me, but he let me play the game (not umd). I was wondering if anybody knows how to do that and if you could tell me. Thanks.

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I need help moving some buttons on a GameBoy Color. Answered

I have been working on a modification to a GameBoy Color.  I am basically putting it into another case that I have custom designed for the project.  I was just wondering, is it possible to break off a part of a circuit board and connect it with wires? I basically just want to move the "A" and "B" buttons 1/2 inch to the right to make them fit in the case better.  I think that will be easier than designing button extensions or something like that. I included an image to show the board and how the parts are labeled.  It is pretty easy to figure out what portion is what button (thanks Nintendo). An example of a similar idea can be seen here:  Ben Heck's Portable PS1 (It is a little past halfway down the page, where he shows how the inside was wired.  From what I can tell, he broke his PS1 controller into sections.)

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Controller Camera

I'm new to this sorry. I want to make a wireless contolled camera or some thing that use either the ps1 or n64 controllers. Like if you press X it will take the photo. I want to have a display near or on the controller so it can be viewed with out the camera. As well as a usb cable so it can plug directly into the pc. I know it sounds like a lot too but I have most of the parts.

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will a vga to rca cable work to play games on a monitor? Answered

I want to play games like ps1, ps2, ps3, wii, and ps2 slim but all I have is a portable dvd player with av in fuction but I want to play it on a monitor so will a vga to rca cable work for games on my monitor? By the way my monitor is a hp, I don't know what model but I don't think that matters much.

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Where do you see video games in 20 years? Answered

Where do you see video games in 20 years? Do you think we will still be using controllers, or motion sensors? Will we still be playing Call of Duty, or will we be playing Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games(MMORPG) with graphics that will be compared to what we see in our eyes. Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) be improved, or still horrible.

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What to do with broken xbox 360's?

I was going to fix my 2 broken 360's but I have never gotten around to it. I was thinking instead of having the xbox in the case just have the motherboard on a piece of wood and see if it is sturdy enoud to get it to work.  I really dont want to waste such good parts that I could do something with.  Any Ideas? ps I also have a ps1 with no use and gamecube- these do work!

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how can u make a rapid fire controller for the ps2 on the cheap?

I want to make a rapid fire controller so my brother will play online with me he is younger and cant tap the shoot button fast enouf "R1" he said if i can make him shoot faster with the pistol in call of duty 3 heel play

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Steampunk Playstation One

Last Friday I was looking through some of my old stuff when I found my old PS1. I was wanting to try doing a case mod on an old NES but i thought this could be a bit more fun. Anyway after brainstorming some ideas for designs I settled on a steampunk-like style. So far this is about all I have done. But to explain what I'm going to do to it just mouse over the pics--\/ Let me know whatcha think.

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old video games

I have about 4 boxes full of old video games. I have xboxs ps1 NES SNEs game cubes sega genesis gn twin. I do not have any of the plugs or controllers I do not know if they are in working order So am just selling them for 5 dollars each These are AS IS This is good for people who likes to repair potential broken systems. I have about 100 system in total... REMEMBER I DO NOT BACK UP ANY OF THESE SYSTEMS THEY MIGHT NOT WORK. BUT IF YOU KNOW HOW TO REPAIRS THEM THEN YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REPAIR IF IT IS BROKEN AND MAKE SOME MONEY OFF OF THEM.. 5 DOLLARS A PIECE. please email me at

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How can I adapt my Quickshot (QS-177, Sega Genesis) to my computer's USB port using a USB-to-DB9 converter? Answered

So I found an old Quickshot (QS-177) and an old Edgeport/1 USB-to-DB9 serial converter, and was wondering if I could either set up the controller as a serial device, get custom drivers for the Edgeport, or could rewire the converter somehow to make it work like a game controller. I also happen to have a PS1-style, cheap little USB controller that I was thinking of gutting and connecting to (the disassembled remains of) the Edgeport, resulting in a USB joystick that thinks it's a gamepad.

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how can i make a bluetooth adapter?

I am having this problem with my xbox 360, the xbox 360 does not run on bluetooth but i have already gone out and bought a bluetooth headset, so i was wondering if anyone had any idea on how i could make a bluetooth adapter for my wireless headset, in simple terms i just want some that will receive sound from my wireless bluetooth headset and will send out sound through the earphone jack in the controller, dont worry about the earphone jack i have that covered i just need the adapter

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Help with wiring a 9v screen to 12v

If you are interested in what i am doing with my wii check it out ( ?... ) As you can see with my site i have a screen that uses 9v and i need it to be used along with the wii (so i only have to carry around ONE plug in) i have my amp wired to my wii using 5v and it works great. I need my screen to work alongside my wii. Ive tryed a 9volt battery before but some reason i get a blank screen but my ps1 7v power connector makes it light up good.when i plug 5v on the screen it leaves it very dim. There is 12v also there are alot of 5v points and some 3.3v points on the wii, could i combine them in some way to recieve my needed voltage or use the 12v? anything thats not to costly or spacey (need my smallage so i can have a small case) and please dont post about me NOT needed to do this thank you. if you need more info say so and ill update the question. I KNOW THE RISK INVOLED WITH WHAT IM DOING!please also note that pics are old. Just giving them for info purposes. Please ask me if you need any other details. :) thank youEDIT: fixed the link.

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