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What is Paracord?

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Place to talk and share about projects. Give ideas, or critic projects, help improve.

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Where is a really cheap source of genuine 550 paracord for cheap, like $6.00 for 100 feet

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paracord problems. Answered

I have had a sick paracord bracelet, and I have one concern..supposedly paracord shrinks when wet. wanting the keep my creation safe I was wandering if there was a why to save it if it gets wet.?

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Paracord Ends?

Where's the best place online to buy paracord ends? Preferably ones that will clean up two loose ends.

Question by Beerly Sober    |  last reply

Paracord Instructables

Ok, let me preface what I am about to say by letting you know that I am not trying to be rude in any way. I think there are way to many Instructables coming out about paracord bracelets. I frequently get Instructable newsletters in my inbox with a paracord bracelet Instructable. Paracord bracelets is a very dead horse at this point. I am not trying to be mean or rude, I am just suggesting that people should think of a different Instructable before they consider making one about paracord bracelets. Cheers! Darman12

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Paracord necklace?

I would like to make a paracord necklace that uses only one piece of paracord.  If you have any ideas please SHARE! Thank you.

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Paracord Kits

Hey there, I offer a variety of different Paracord Kits on my website. You can find them here: Use my Instructables I offer here to accompany your paracord kit projects. I currently offer: Bracelet kits Keychain kits Lanyard Kits Checkout securely using Paypal, or any Credit/Debit. If anyone is interested in trading I could do that too! Anthony

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Paracord contest

Are you into paracord?  Are you interested in survial?  Are you prepared for when the "Shumer Hits the Fan"?  Well I am a avid reader of a wonderfuly informative site that you may have heard of.  Today they have partnered up with another site with a paracord contest that I thought to share with everyone here.  The rules are simple and easy. In this giveaway, the winner will receive 6 ROLLS of 1000' paracord for FREE! We are giving these rolls away in the colors of black, coyote brown, desert sand, foliage green, olive drab, and royal blue! The retail value for all of these paracord rolls is roughly $225, but could be yours to own FREE! "We're assuming if you're here, you already love paracord, right? That's why we want you to describe to us your favorite paracord project, or list us some of your favorite uses for paracord and how you execute them. OR, if you've never used paracord but can't wait to start, what do you plan to use it for and how? what will be your use of choice? Remember, this is all personal opinion and knowledge ... there is no right or wrong answer!" Now by posting this I've probably shot my chances to win down the tubes but I feel the more that know about the contest, and both websites, the better. Find your way there and you also get a 5% off purchase coupon if you buy anything from them.  What a deal!  

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Paracord Weave

Hey guys! I'm trying to make a guitar strap with the weave in the picture. I can't find instructions for it anywhere. Does anyone know how to make this weave? Thanks.

Question by Fireman23118    |  last reply

paracord weaving?

I would like to know how to use 550 paracord to weave a ball at the end of the cord. basically making a billy jack club. thanks

Question by bgbrannon    |  last reply

water bottle?paracord ?

Question by Randy lee Powell    |  last reply

Favorite Paracord Projects

My favorite paracord project is the Woven paraocrd bracelet/watchband by Stormdrane. What is yours?

Topic by BLUEBLOBS2    |  last reply

Paracord dog tags

Anyone know where to buy college team dog tags for bracelets?

Topic by srock3    |  last reply

New Paracord Channel!

Check out the new PARACORD Channel we have added to the Outside Category! Then enter the Paracord Contest!

Topic by Penolopy Bulnick    |  last reply

paracord braid/weave

Can anyone figure out how to braid or weave this and somehow instruct me on how to do it  PLEASE

Topic by medicbowling    |  last reply

Paracord contest Prize

I see the first prize for the paracord contest in "Leatherman Juice". What is Leatherman Juice? Thanks!

Topic by kcls    |  last reply

bow strings - paracord ?

Just wandering what people think about using a few strands of paracord core as a bow string (wrapped at the nocking point flemish style)  anyone tried it, will it stretch to much?

Question by milamber    |  last reply

Selling Paracord Bracelets

Helo World, I want to get your feedback on something. I make these para cord key chains, dog collars, lanyards, and bracelets ect. and I am looking to sell them I'm probably going to sell them at school. I want your feedback on how I should sell them , where I should sell them and tips on selling them  Thanks

Topic by Nick-Smith-513    |  last reply

Paracord phone case?

I want to weave a paracord sheet, roughly about 120mm x 210mm. How mush paracord will I need? Also, the paracord will be white in colour. I will also line the paracord sheet with fabric with a design on it. The design face will come back on itself to form a pouch and the excess will form a 'lid'. When the sheet comes back on itself, i will join the sides together with elastic material. Also, I will laser cut on black acrylic an android robot, which will sit on a face of the case. How do you find my design?

Question by knektek    |  last reply

a paracord dog collar?

How to make one as a choker collar

Question by kathy854    |  last reply

Paracord project contest

Please Help! I can't seem to upload my my picture files, it keeps saying "HTTP ERROR " next to all of my files. please help.

Topic by cricket1997    |  last reply

Coming Soon: Paracord Contest

Next week we'll be starting a paracord speed contest. Make anything out of paracord to win a Leatherman with a laser-etched message of your choice! You can include other materials or wrap the paracord around something else, but the main focus of the Instructable should be all about the paracord. So start thinking of some ideas soon to show off your paracord skills. (Photo credit: David J. Fred)

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

paracord shrinkage when wet

I am making paracord bracelets and came across a article saying to shrink the cord first before making by putting in water and let it dry prior to making because if not it if gets wet after being made it will shrink. can anyone please tell me if they have done this or their theory.   thanks steve

Question by steve1583    |  last reply

Paracord braided horse halter

Hi, I have challenged myself to make a braided paracord halter and I need LOTS of help.  I found one online that I really like and would like to duplicate.  I purchased a book "How to Braid Quality Custom Tack", however the halters in this book are not quite what I want.  Hoping someone will be able to give me some pointers or tell me where to find the directions I need. The picture of the halter I have attached is what I want to make.  It appears to me that you would need to start with the nose band to make this work but none of the patterns I have found start that way. Help!!

Topic by Annie7753    |  last reply

paracord bracelet d shackle

Hi, I've made a few paracord bracelets mostly with the plastic buckles. I bought some stainless d shackles and wondering if there are any dangers using the shackles? Mainly getting the bracelet caught on something. I would think the plastic buckles would break, where the metal d shackles won't. I see a lot of bracelets with the d shackles. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Topic by nightowl66    |  last reply

what is the difference between poly-rope and paracord?


Question by he145033    |  last reply

where is the best place to buy paracord not on the internert? Answered

I live in the usa in South Dakota i am trying to find a good place to buy paracord not on the internet any good suggestions

Question by Schmidty16    |  last reply

How to do a paracord bracelet with a support ribbon braided into it.?

I have been seeing some paracord bracelet's with the support ribbons in the middle of them. & was wondering if anyone knows how to do that or if they know of an tutorial on doing them.

Question by kimburton    |  last reply

Paracord contest entry not accepted yet? Answered

 Hi I entered my instructable in the paracord contest and never got a reply back. It meets all the requirements, but has still not been accepted yet. I have waited the 2 days (48 hours) but still nothing? is it  possible the people took easter off? any suggestions? 

Question by your dog    |  last reply

Oval shoelace charms (for paracord bracelets)

Greetings, I'm trying my best to find someone who is selling blank oval or circle sholace charms/pendants or they call them also photo sholace charms. All I can find is rectangle ones. Just like one on the picture below, but blank.... Thank you!

Topic by Lexa007    |  last reply

Thin blue line paracord bracelet

Hi everyone! This is my first question; I've been lurking on here for a whille now & love all of the instructables!  My question is (& I apologize if this has been posted somewhere else): does anyone have instructions on how to create a "thin blue line" paracord bracelet?  I've found several youtube videos (which I haven't viewed yet, if there's one that's better than the others, please let me know!), but I prefer written instructions if possible. Thanks so much!!

Topic by mizbirdy    |  last reply

Does instructables have an anual paracord contest?

I have many great projects, but i was too late for this paracord contest. Will there be one in the future?

Question by That One Eegit    |  last reply

Can paracord hold a 103 lbs boy

 im 103 lbs. and i want to know if some really thin paracord can support my weight!!                       -M

Topic by GianniMora    |  last reply

how do I make a paracord bracelet with three colors?

I have seen a couple of paracord bracelets with three different colors. they looked really cool and would like to make a few. 

Question by steve1583    |  last reply

What's the best way to make a Paracord survival bracelet/watchband? Answered

I really want to make a few paracord survival bracelets, and my two things to ask are what is the best kind of paracord to use for one of these bracelets, and what method on instructables is best for carrying as much cord as possible on one bracelet.

Question by Foaly7    |  last reply

Tying 2 color cobra knots for paracord bracelets?

I have reviewed the pages on how to tie one color paracord bracelets using the cobra knot but cannot find how to make them using two colors. I am brand new at making these and have yet to complete a bracelet with two colors.

Question by 04fatboy    |  last reply

how to make paracord bracelet with guitar pick closure?

I want to finish the bracelet off with a pick instead of a buckle or a knot...a young guy made some on an instructable for something else but never said how to make the guitar pick one???

Question by rockerchik050    |  last reply

who do you make it with two different colors?

I want to know who to make the paracord bracelet with two colors on color in the in the middle and one color on the outside?

Question by raperezaz    |  last reply

What is the strongest type of thread? Answered

I'm wanting to make homemade Paracord, and I want to make it as close to military grade as possible in a handmade cord. I want to use strong thread for the core and casing, but I don't know which thread is strongest.

Question by Foaly7    |  last reply

where can i get paracord?plzplzplzpzlzplz tell me Answered

Im looking for a lot of black paracord for a bullwhip but i have no idea where to get it and i dont feel like surfin the web...

Question by greymatter21    |  last reply

single ebook download page behaves as if I cannot log in

While logged in (account links look correct in upper right hand corner), I visit the "Guide-to-Paracord" page. Immidiately, it looks as though I've been logged out ("Login" appears in the upper right.) Logging in and returning to this page always has this same effect (no other ebook page [so far] does so.) When clicking the "download" link, the mini-login appears. entering my username/password only cycles the page (ending in the same result.) Maybe something wrong with the page...

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