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Sync audio to paralell port?

Hi all, i was wondering if i could sync any audio on the pc to the paralell port output. PLZ REPLY!

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Paralell port batch file?

Ok, i need to make a quick .bat file that will control some of the pins in my paralell port. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!!! Also, i really appreciate some examples! THANKZ!

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Help with chardging batterys in paralell?

I have a Nikko Super Dictator witch I replaced all the eletronics in it apart of the engines. I used an rc reciver I found lying around out of a plane. I put this in the car (it olny has one engine now because one was blowen with the eletronics when I got it). The problem is that the batterys get hot and run out very fast. Each battery is 9.6 volt, 650MAh, Ni-MH, and the chardger is 9.6V, 300Ma (the batterys are equivlent to 8xaaa batterys in series). I want to wire two batterys in paralell and tape them together. How, and what, would I chardge these batterys I have made?

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what can I do with some old iomega zip drives?

I got 3 or 4 of these lying around, gotta be some cool servos or something in them. Might be parallel or scsi connectors on back. Even have a few disks if I needed them, though they've been run thru the magnet so data retention would be doubtable.Would there be functional replacements in them for parts in this project?

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What if i use multiple mosfets in paralell??? Answered

Today my dad brought me another matshushita photocopier. it was a huge one with 10stage output. It got broken some years ago and stayed at my dad's work. When i dismantled it, it took me about 7hours. it had about 1000screws and lots of wire notches and zip ties. The gears and the motors were absolutely incredible. But when i went deeper i found a big 2200uf 400v Phillips capacitor. Needless to say that my coil gun will be very happy. When i went to the power the supply the pcb was broken. but however i found a bunch of irfp450 and 2 irfp050. they are in good conditions. And a 220uf 450v capacitor. i am wondering that if i put several irfp450 in a driver, will it increase its power output or something else will. happen. I am planning to make a driver which will drive my 1000W transformer. It will step up from 32v to 330(using it's secondary as output. I got it from another matsushita photocopier that my dad brought ten years ago) it will be used to charge my capacitors in no time. Here is a small diagram which will help. i'm doing this like so because i don't have enough money to invest in home projects.

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Would it be ok to run 2 12v 4A SLAs in parallel to give 8A and connect in series with a 12v 8ASLA for 24v 8A?

I'm building an electric go-kart from a bustup mobility scooter and the problem is this. I don't have cash around to buy batteries but do have 2 x 12v SLA @ 4A and 1 12v SLA @ 8A. Would wireing them in the diagram below work OK. Part of me is saying I missing something. The reason I need 24v above 4A is to power the S-Drive controller & 24v Motor. I'm not sure of the the motor ratings as the label is damaged and can only make out 24v Brushed. I'm also using the S-Drive as I have 3 of them lying around, they're programable and can also handle upto 45A. Any advice would be greatly apreaciated as my son is excited about the project as at the moment its just a battery issue.

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Transistors, connecting them in paralell. Will they act as one transistor to use them for higher amp? Answered

I want to build a PWM but am having trouble finding transistors powerful enough. Will they act as one if I connect them in paralell?

Question by omnibot    |  last reply

can i use capacitors in paralel/serial like resistors? Answered

I know about resistors that when u use them in serial, the ohm values should be added to eachother and then you have the total resistance, or when in paralel, count it up and divide by the number of resistors (right) what i want to know is, does this aply for capacitors as well? like when i use a 1.0 uF capacitor and a 0.1uF capacitor in series, i get 1.1uF please note that the ones im planning to use are ceramic. and if they weren't should i connect them like leds in serial? like positive of one cap to negative of the other?

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I need help connecting 2 solar panels in paralel

Hi,I'm new to Electronics but I love solar panels and hiking.S, I bought 2 of these: one of this: I connected them. I cut 2 USB Cables, connected + with + and - with - from each Cable and connected it to the DC-DC booster. The amperage is not doubled and the output Volts are lower than 5V which should be the constant output of the booster. The panels were solar oriented and the output was only 0.02 A with Bright enough sun from those 2 solar panels. The panels separately work fine, it is only when I connect them to the booster that they act weird.Is the problem in booster or is it me doing something wrong?Thank you!

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if we design solar water heater by two paralel cover glasses. what is the function of the outermost glasses? ?

What is the best range between two glass covers (in mm)? how to calculate the efficiency of this SWH? this swh is length, width, height 137 cm, 126 cm, and 10 cm. thanks for the answers

Question by diaz.zahara    |  last reply

3v leds x 20, leds paralel, 3v in, led calc says use 1 ohm each resistor, can I skip that since 3v led and 3v input v? Answered

I am building a led array light bulb. 3v leds x 20, leds parallel, 3v in, led calc says use 1 ohm each resistor, can I skip that since 3v led and 3v input v? Led calc also says 0 ohm / use the next standard resistor 1ohm.. does 1 ohm x 20 really needed for a 3.0- 3.2v white led with  a  3v 2000ma source> thanks in advance..

Question by celalboz    |  last reply

best way to drive 100 leds? Answered

I was gonna wire them all in paralel so it would use 2,000 ma. run it of a 3 v battery with resistors of course the leds need 1.9 v  @ 20 ma any way the wiring could be easier or how would it be easier to drive all those leds to 

Question by ismael01    |  last reply

can bridge rectifiers be combined to double the amps? Answered

Say we have 3 amp 3 rectifiers soldered would that function as 9amp rectifier or needed to be wired in a special way, series, paralel with other components? I am building an unknown power wind gen ans I gave 10   3 amp rectifiers. Thanks for sharing.. Al

Question by celalboz    |  last reply

lithium 18650 series first or parallel?

Hey all Looking at doing a lithium battery build but trying to cut down on soldering or spot welding. My idea is to use a stack of 3 18650 batteries in series pushed inside a piece of PVC pipe, thus making a 12V tube and then having multiples joined together to make the final battery Is there any reason why people mostly use a set of batteries is paralel then series?

Question by pickstock    |  last reply

How to invert 3vdc to 3vac?

I have some 3vac motors for christmas lights that i want to use to turn small mirrored disco balls. I need to invert 3vdc to 3vac for this operation.  I will be using AA batteries and I can series/paralell the batteries to have enough current to operate. Is there an IC that I could use to do this? I want to do many for a wedding and each set will be located on a table. Superbright LED's  will supply the light source for the mirrored balls. Thanks Bob

Question by BiggBob2    |  last reply

Hi I have an old toshiba laptop.It was working fine yesterday and today it wont boot up. The screen stays black. Answered

It is a project computer that I use for the paralel port on the back. It has windows 95 on it. I have tried plugging in a desktop monitor that I have used with it before. Its is black too. So I know that it is not the screen even though it has several hours. Please ask questions if you think you can help me.

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Splitting Mono to "Stereo" 2 voice coil sub Please read Details?

Hi everyone! 1- 5.1ch amp 2- 2/4ch amp 3- Wharfedalle home cinema sub with 2 voice coils I want to take the sub output from the 5.1 amp to L/R RCA input on the other amp and then hook up 1 voice coil to one ch and the other voice coil to the other channel.. to splitt the mono signal to "stereo" how should I do? can I simply solder the input wires in paralel?

Question by Exiumind    |  last reply

parallel port input?

Plz help me to, how can i receive signal or instruction from paralel port, how should i send current/signal to its register. what equipment should i need. actually i want to develope a system in c language to control electricity of home, doors or widows, so i need to check that if the door is open or closes. when door closed then computer should indicate me that the door is closed, and same door has opened. sir plz give me guideline. i would be very very thankfull to u. ( simply tell me how current/data/signal can be sent through parallel port, current source, equipment ets, after that i will make sensers for it my self)

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HAM radio repeater controller arduino

Is there anyone who can help me with a repeater controller, i need a little program which will switch according to input + 3 sec (or something like that) also i want to decode 4 bit paralel data (binary output from a DTMF decoder) and switch outputs accordingly (if correct code is pressed) (thins like identifier, time&date;, last transmitted message) thees functions i will make on separate boards, i just have to trigger them last transmission board needs an input from the arduino when to start, the playback will be done with one of the DTMF-code outputs any advise / code is wildly appreciated :) ps, im very new to arduino and have plenty to learn  kind regards, milan 

Topic by milanhofman    |  last reply

How can I hang a pot holder with metal ceiling joists?

I moved into an apartment complex where the ceiling joists are made of metal. I have a pot rack that I need to hang, and hanging from just anchors isn't an option as it has to support almost 100 pounds. I feel like the best thing I could do would be to find some way to have a support sit on TOP of two paralell joists, but I don't know how to install something like that without ripping the ceiling apart to get to it? Anyone have any ideas/ know of any kind of anchors that I could install without a big fuss? Thanks a lot!

Question by WPennypacker    |  last reply

How much and how efficiently can a capacitor store charge?

I recently found out all the items required to build this project: .  I don't want to buy the power bank, so I though about using rechargeable batteries. But I had none, but I had capacitors and I thought of using them.  These capacitors 1000 uf . I am thinking about soldering 5 of them in paralell so that I have 5000 uf storage capacity, But I am concerned how well it would work, if at all.   Can this store upto the amount of charge that a powerbank can? Can it actually charge up at a constant voltage if I use it?  Thanks for helping!

Question by aninda13    |  last reply

Charging capacitor from rectified mains? Answered

Recently my father brought 2 6400uf 400v phillips from his work. i want to charge it with rectiried mains. will be using them in paralell for coilgun  1) what is the voltage of 220v mains when rectified?(my voltmeter bunt) 2) when i try to charge them directly from a rectifier it melts my wire due to current. unfortunately i donot have a high power resistor to limit the current. How can i solve this without buying a high power resistor? 3) I want an led to light up when the voltage from the rectified mains is attained. 4)what will be the best. a 55 amp relay or a 75amp switch. i know that the switch can handle much more current but will the switching be quick  enough?   thanks in advance.

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Simple Electronic Help

I'm currently building a small hybrid solar panel car for a school sompetition(runs off of batteries or solar), and I need a bit of wiring help, here's my problem and some other stuff. I have 2 SPDT switches and 1 DPDT switch. I'm using one of the spdt switch for on and off, the other to switch from solar to battery, but i need help for the dpdt. There's 2 sets of solar panels (2 pairs of 3 hooked in series, for simplicity sake, I'm just going to say 2 solar panels), and I want to hook them up to the dpdt switch and the motor and the battery so that: I can turn on/off the motor (easy), switch between solar and battery (easy), and switch between paralell solarpanels or series (what I'm having problems with), any help?

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

I need help with LED's for a custom tail light project.

One ring of 20 LED's in paralell, and another ring of about 30 in parralell per tail light assy (x4). Now Its just been a long time since I went to ITT so bear with me. LED's 2.0 v x6 with a 12vdc power supply will not need any resistors since the voltage is being equally divided correct? Im trying to wire these to run as tail/stop lights. Ill be using a PWM for the tail lights. But for right now I need to get this math done correctly. If I keep thing divisible by 12volts (6 LED's) will that solve this? So I can have 18 lights in the small ring, and 24 in the large one? Any help here would be great! Again this is running off of a car electrical system 12vdc.

Question by ydeardorff    |  last reply

im building a tesla coil and have so many questions about one thing and one thing only, the capacitor bank! Answered

Im building a tesla coil at my great uncles, my parts are limited, to make the capacitor bank i only have an unlimited supply of 100uf 330v capacitors, but they cannot charge in a 60hz cycle and i dont have a converter, could i put a diode so the sign wave never goes bolow 0 and make it work with the transformer capacitor and the coils? and to actually make the capacitor bank work with 7.5-10kv how would i have to wire them up? (like....... series or paralell and how many?) thanks update: ok now i only have an unlimited supply of capacitors that are all 330v but range from 80-120uf

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LEDs as a replacement?

I've been thinking, which, for me is strange. What's stranger, i've been thinking about saving the planet. I don't believe that global warming is solely the fault of man and his machines, nor do i believe that we're all going to fry in a ten-thousand year summer, but that's not the point of this forum, and i'd appreciate no comments labelling me as a communist, or a planet-hater. What i had in mind is a new system of lighting. Say i took some LEDs (lets say 16) and connected them in paralell, and attatched them to the appropriate power source, would they be more or less efficient than a tungsten filament lamp? As for aesthetic considerations, to simulate natural sunlight during winter months, one could add blue or yellow LEDs to tune the shade of the light. Would this idea be more efficient than the lights we have? (i avoided mentioning those energy-efficient lights because they're not really that efficient, and give crap light.)

Topic by Vendigroth    |  last reply

ho to make a light display blink to audio?

What i want to make is a sort of light grid with LED's to where the lights will blink to music. im thinking of breakng it down into thirds. lights for bass, high and low range. what would i need aside from the powersource and the leds. i know that there is a power drop after a few leds are wired in either series and paralell and that the lights become dim.what type of resisters would i ues to maintain consistant voltage and what components do i need to convert sound waves into electrical impulses unfortuantely i cant read advanced wiring diagrams. but im getting there slowly. all i can really follow on is the symbols for power and some obvious things as such. any help would be appreciated. even if i can get 3 lights to blink to different wave lengths i can modd from there and i will post back to all that are intrested my results and ensue a following instructable in great detail. detail is goood

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Led Clock Feasibility - my first arduino project

Hi guys and good morning all from a total newbie to this world. The aim of this post is to ask you guys if i'm going the right direction to master the knowledge to build my project. To cut a long story short, my plan is to build a clock mixing the old style design of reclaimed pallets with a touch of modernity using LEDs to mark hours , minutes and seconds. The aim is to keep all the lights ON once the given time has passed. To be clearer, if the minutes are "18" i would like all the previous leds (0 to 17) to be all on. I'm pretty sure that the knowledge to build this resides in mastering Charlieplexing and Shift Registering (please correct me if i'm wrong). So at this point in time, i know what i have to "study" to give life to my project the way it's designed in my mind. I've already seen some clocks working this way, hence i'm pretty sure it can be done (happy days!). Point is that i've only seen clocks where this design is achieved with only 1 row of leds. My aim is to swith on 4 rows at any Tn time. So, for the minutes, once it reaches 59, i should have 59 * 4 = 236 LEDs ON simultaneously (for the minutes only... plus N for the hours). Can anyone point me to the right knowledge to be mastered to achieve this? I'm assuming is a problem of sustainable voltage (resistors, power supplies etc etc) leds in paralel/serial; multiple shift registers and so on so forth... I'm attaching a small mock-up to be understandable on what i would like to achieve (it's based on the first 5 minutes of each hour). I've marked "Ok" the first row, meaning that since i've seen something similar, i'm confident in knowing what needs to be mastered to achieve that result. The "?" refers to what i haven't been able to understand if it's achievable or not (row 2, 3 and 4). Would it be advisable to build a Matrix for each of the 4 row (with N 8-bit microcontroller such as SN74HC595, for each row) , or can be achieved with a "simple" 4 X 60 matrix? Thanks a lot in advance to everyone "wasting" their time to give a helping hand! Seeya! Ivano

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how do i build a voltage multiplier for changing 6 volts to 12 volts using diodes and capasitors?

Hi, since my last question failed miserable resulting in me wasting a bunch of good dollars on a useless , and at the time what was described as a "voltage multiplier", uln2003an darlington transitor array which doent seem to do anything like i was told, i am going oldschool and building a voltage multiplier so i can switch a 12v relay card from here, to power 2 motors via remote control using a 9 amp 12 volt current (10 bats X 1.2v X 3A )X 3 sets in paralell , for my r/c tank which i have used a receiver from a toy car which i have increased its remote control signal to up to 100m away (its a 40mhz remote from china nothing special). anyway i am trying to aquire a 12 volt current ( any amperage above what seems to be less that 5 ma according to the relay cards description) from my receiver that gives me 6 volts 700ma from the motor and 4 volts 900ma for the servo. recently i lost a diode for one of the 4 relay cards i am using so i sent my mother to buy me a uln2003an from jaycar and a single 1n4148 diode from jaycar as well, somehow she was tricked into buying a 100 bulk pack (wich she payed twice for despite getting only 1 bulk pack) but did get me the diode i needed for the relay to work without blowing the "on " led rendeing the relay for somereason inoperable. i have 99 1n4148 diodes now and i want to know if i can make these into a voltage multiplier for the relay to get turned on at 12 volts, using capasitors as well, i know it can be doen, i just dont know what kind of capastor to use or how to assemble it once i have the capasitor. please help em i have een stuck with this for ages and the answer is no i dont know how to use a transistor to switch the relay all i see is 4 ports 12v in 12 v out (for switching relay on) and the switcing part wich is conected to relay contacts;=1n4148&form;=KEYWORD;=relay+kit&form;=KEYWORD links to the diodes i have and the relay ard also heres the transistor i have;=uln2003&form;=KEYWORD despite description it says uln2003an on the chip

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Music box concept + Guitar guts = Player Guitar

Don't know if this specifically needs to go in music but, whatever. for christmas i made my brother a (somewhat poorly constructed) lap steel guitar. seriously, it wasn't that good, but it worked and it was more of a "can i do this project" kind of thing, plus he has a friend who is an ACTUAL luthier so he's going to "redo it".... anywho, i made said guitar using zither pins for the tuning pegs and it got me to thinking. with the zither pins you could theoretcially have a guitar string of any length and use the pin to set that string to any given tone on any particular scale (say the functional length of the string was only 3 could still theoretically set the tune on that string to a semi permanent desired tone). so, with a bunch of short lengths of various guage strings you could create a guitar music box (probably more of a music barrel but, whatever). now, normal music box has the tone pins (not sure what they're called...but the tuned slivers of metal) stationary along one (or more) fixed planes and a revolving "picking" drum that strikes each pin to make the tone in the order that it needs to be in a piece of music. for whatever reason. so, combine these two ideas and you get a player guitar, or a guitar based music box, whatever. so, obviously this could be acoustic or electric. my personal preference is to lean towards electric, so that's where the question comes in. a normal guitar pickup has 4, 6, or whatever magnets fixed within it's coils so that you can pickup the signal from 4, 6, or whatever strings that are strung paralell(ish) across the guitar. for the music box concept to work (as opposed to a true player guitar that plays across the strings) the individual string pieces (that are all individually tuned etc) wouldn't be able to be parallell to each other like a normal guitar. they'd either be in line on the same plane or spaced out in odd ways (i've got an odd concept for the actual construction...where the strings do the moving and the "strummers" stay put). so, does a single magnet pickup exist? that could just be wired up into the rest of a normal electric guitar's circuitry? or would i have to build such a thing from scratch (and subsequently how would i do that)? would a normal electric guitar's circuitry be able to work the same with more than 6 pickups in play (thinking of a cheap one from a pawn shop...that's what i built the slide guitar from)? also, taking song suggestions and subsequent individual string tuning plans *i do know that there are "better" ways to make a self playing guitar that uses the normal guitar form factor and robotics and such....but this seems more fun. plus, i might make it into a wind powerd thing...electric guitar windchimes anyone?

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