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Pokemon Chat

Alright this forum is to discuss decks, strategies and lots more, say that you would like to show off some of your collection please go ahead

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Pokemon Club

Hello this is Mplinnc showing you my latest club!!!! :D this is the pokemon fan club and I mplinnc need members!!!!! UPDATE: jwad09 has joined! So to join you just need to PM me telling me: Whats your favorite pokemon for Hoenn, Johto, Kanto, and Sinnoh And whats your name. and when I say pokemon I mean real pokemon. not Missing No. or glitch pokemon. ;D

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pokemon metal

Dose any body know how to make little pixel pokemon figures?

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how to put pokemon?

Taking pokemon spirits and putting any pokemon on the game

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Pokemon Ultimate Giveaway!

Time for the ultimate giveaway! I'll trade ANY Pokemon for  ANY Pokemon. That's right! You just need to meet the requirements below: 1. Game MUST be Pokemon Black or Pokemon White. 2. Must have Pal Pad. 3. Must be able to do a trade. 4. Must be able to connect to NWC. And that's all. Just give me your friend code! If you want your game cheat free, you cannot do this trade. Starts 5/13/11. Ends 6/1/11.

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Pokemon Lavender town. UPDATED

Lavender town is probably the most creepy place in Pokémon games. In 1996 Red and Blue, suicide in children supposidly spiked. So (spupidly) I decided to listen to the Lavender town music with headphones on. I now have a splitting headache and feel ill. I do not belive in most of the ''creepy pasta's'' on the internet but the headache thing is real. Listen to the music at your own risk. The images belong to me.

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Text based pokemon beta

This is a demo of a text based pokemon game i am working on. There may be some glitches or bugs. Save often in case of glitches and bugs. Do not move the .txt file that the game creates, as that is the save file. Click the file named textbasedpokemon.rar, to download the game. Use winrar to open up the file. Please comment if you like it or dislike it. Please comment if you have any suggestions or ideas. Please comment if you find any problems with the game. UPDATE! Beta V1.3: updates: 1.You can now get a potion (go find it). 2.You can now get PokeBalls (pr.oak gives you them). 3.Fixed major glitch that happens when your Pokemon faints in battle and you switch to your next Pokemon. 4.Cleaned up the Pokemon info screen. 5.General fixes and changes. Update History: Beta V1.2: updates: 1.Fixed an imbalance in the way leveling up Pokemon works. 2.Modified save and load function. 3.Fixed error in how pp is calculated. 4.Fixed error caused by being healed by your mom. Beta V1.1: updates: 1.Your Pokemon can now faint in battles. 2.Your mom will heal your Pokemon if you run out of Pokemon in battle. 3.Fixed problem with Pokemon not increasing in level. 4.Increasing in level now increases a Pokemon's max hp, its max pp, its max exp, and the max amount of damage a move does. 5.increased loading speed in battles! 6.General fixes and changes.

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Fake Pokemon GO Pro

Hello! Right now the best practice to hunt pokemon is to just walk and if the phone vibrates, you look. Thant means you have to hold the phone in hand.  I had an idea for a DIY, but no way to execute it. Idea is simple: -motor vibrator from old phone -Arduino -BT module -battery Turn all above into a braclet for your hand  I owuld need an app or something that, whenever phone vibrates, it would send a command over bluetooth to arduino to vibrate. It would need to check for phone vibrate command as the app doesnt give a notification or annything.  Is the ambition too high ? Is this harder to execute than i tought ? 

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Anyone still playing Pokemon Go?

Does anyone actually still play Pokemon Go? I got into it last summer when the craze was sweeping the world. I rather enjoyed  it as it added a little extra purpose and fun to my evening walks and trips to the park, but it became frustrating after Niantic ruined it with one bad app update after another. I understand that they did eventually fix a lot of the problems, but I'm just wondering if anyone who fell out of love with the game managed to get back into it. I recently made a new 'working' Pokeball Instructable and writing the I'ble got me thinking about Pokemon Go.émon-Poké-Ball-3d-Printed

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Pokemon Black/White Friend Code Exchange Forum

I think all of the pokefans reading this know what to do. In case you don't, Comment here on what pokemon you want to battle trade etc.

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why is pokemon so friend eliminating? my friends think im wierd!!! what's their problem?

I told my friend i played pokemon, and all of a sudden he said,      "pokemon, is stupid. you put animals in balls and throw them at other animals in balls. they make a drawing, that looks like a real animal, and spell its name backwards and call it a pokeman." whats so bad about that?!

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Game maker 8 Pokemon game Help

Hi I am making a pokemon game in Game maker 8 Pro Version.  I am hopeless at scripting with the GML ( with other types of scripting as well ). I can make the backgrounds but I have no Idea on how to make the battle scenes. So if you go into the grass it chooses a random number between one and 5 and if it is 1 a pidgey will apear 2 a caterpie will appear etc. etc etc.. Then Also the EXP and Health the PP and the pokemon attack moves themselves. I guess what I'm trying to ask is : Does anyone know what I should do ? Thanks  Nathan

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does anyone know a pokemon RPG game?

If anyone does tell me

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how do i change the battery in a pokemon ruby cartridge?

The rechargeable battery in my pokemon ruby game died. i can still play the game, but because of the battery problem, time doesn't change ( no day into night, no high/low tide, etc.). please help!

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Contest idea

Hi, I think it would be awesome if their was a Pokemon contest. Everyone is starting to get back in the Pokemon mood and I really think it would be a good idea.

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How to make cubone's skull mask?

I wanna be cubone for haloween but i need help on how to go upon making the skull?

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Is there a way that I can hack a tamagochy and make my own monster?

I wanted to make a pokemon tamagochy hack, since it seems like something not so hard to do. I know it probably wouldnt take too much time for a programer to do the program itself, but im completelly clueless about this stuff. but doesnt that seem like a cool idea for a present to my little brother? :D i was gonna gut the tamagochy and make a pokeball shapped case for it, and make it so the little charmander eventually evolves to charmillion then charizard. and since the new tamagochys hagve that wireless communication, maybe one could get crazy and make a little battling system kinda think. that just seems to awesome to happen sometime soon, but i was wondering if someone had a way to get it done. dfosafjdsijfds w00t w00t!

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Pokeball Tutu Design help

I'm not much of a crafty person and I haven't really ever made anything before so I'm not sure how I'd go about making this tutu. I found it on ebay, but it's expensive and it won't be done and shipped by the time I need it; April 6th. Needless to say I'm in a bit of a hurry (today is March 26th). Please help!

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Pokesav Codes

Hey PKMN Fans im making Pokesav codes for pokemon Diamond and pearl and wanted to now If any one wanted some codes. All you have to do is make sure you have a DS action replay and Either diamond or pearl then tell me all the characteristics you want your pokemon to have. Then I will make it then post the code in the comments for you and others to use. These codes will not work for the GBA games. Here is the code for my ultimate Rayquaza. Diamond: 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000304 000000EC 53332F06 3D060000 39DECAD6 8E8EEBFB 5A75143F 27060332 B3A20E5A 518B6AF6 9C01C887 C49482B9 E9675111 B1E6F764 BD7D0CC0 2E4CDDB8 AB511D8E E9CF6DAF 721BF23A 5B20D6EB 85D77B29 485D4BE9 CF072415 C79DC84A 66728577 F0CB878C 10F579FB 071844B7 E8279DEF 7B2D55A8 5DEEA3E6 25C69A8E 5BE816A2 C4EDBB6F F5ABA2A1 978C187B 2192E9C3 C969B273 8C5FD893 2A7F45A5 FC9A788D 5E95FF0F F6947A37 723FCA58 AC83F121 570FDBFC F5865A15 68BE28F2 F7B312DB 60097FA1 0E5EDF8B BEB4D16F 7FBD203F F7D28197 E8CFAE0A D842CD40 837A9328 F37CA0CA AAF31276 188D6E6A 4262B224 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pearl: 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000304 000000EC 53332F06 3D060000 39DECAD6 8E8EEBFB 5A75143F 27060332 B3A20E5A 518B6AF6 9C01C887 C49482B9 E9675111 B1E6F764 BD7D0CC0 2E4CDDB8 AB511D8E E9CF6DAF 721BF23A 5B20D6EB 85D77B29 485D4BE9 CF072415 C79DC84A 66728577 F0CB878C 10F579FB 071844B7 E8279DEF 7B2D55A8 5DEEA3E6 25C69A8E 5BE816A2 C4EDBB6F F5ABA2A1 978C187B 2192E9C3 C969B273 8C5FD893 2A7F45A5 FC9A788D 5E95FF0F F6947A37 723FCA58 AC83F121 570FDBFC F5865A15 68BE28F2 F7B312DB 60097FA1 0E5EDF8B BEB4D16F 7FBD203F F7D28197 E8CFAE0A D842CD40 837A9328 F37CA0CA AAF31276 188D6E6A 4262B224 00000000 D2000000 00000000

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How do I get other people's Pokemon sprites on my computer ?

I'm a spriter and I want to get aquablade11 from youtube's sprites

Question by legomaster2000  

Life size Pokemon in a toy Pokeball could be possible!

Oh how I cried when I realised that I would never catch a Pikachu. I should probably collect my used Pokeballs... Anyway, I was out in the woods looking for wild Pokemon, when I had a eurika moment, (I had actualy fallen down a rabbite hole full of moss), for some strange reason I thought of those auto pumping whoppie cushions (probably the spongy moss) and then realised: If I could create a fabric Pikachu or buy an inflatable , I could fill it with foam then scrunch it up as small as possible, and put it inside a Pokeball! I think it might work, so I'll give it a try!

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Advice on making this custom coffee table?

Hey guys. My dad was telling me about making this custom coffee table, with all family photos on top. Now I think thats kinda lame, I want something cooler, Pokemon cards. I don't care the condition of the actual table, it's all about the top of it.  Any advice on doing it? I was thinking you could just arrange the cards, then put a piece of glass on top. Or, if there was some way you could glue them down, then use a special sort of lacquer? Would that ruin the cards? Any advice would be appreciated :)

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Who Stole my Pokémon GO name??

I tried scoochmaroo, scooch, and even scoochie (which I find less favorable) — no luck. Who else in the world would call themselves scoochmaroo? And what should I call myself now? In other news, what level are you on? Have you been reading all the crazy news about it? One guy's house was tagged as a gym and people are lingering outside to train at all hours! What's the funniest thing you've encountered so far? 

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Kingdom Heart [Disney] copied a little bit from Final Fantasy and Pokemon copied a little bit from Final Fantasy.

Kingdom Heart [Disney] and Pokemon [Game Freak] copied Final Fantasy [Square Enix] a little bit.

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Are YOU affected by Pokemon seizures? ( Watch at your own risk! )

So, as many of you have known, the animated TV show Pokemon is famous for causing over 700 Japanese kids seizures via continuously flashing red and blue lights. Now, I am proposing you a challenge, can YOU endure the infamous red and blue lights? I can. only feel a bit dizzy, but nothing close to seizures. No YouTube viewers are affected by it ( although few felt dizzy ). So, are YOU affected by Pokemon seizures? Or are Japanese kids wussies? Find out by watching the video!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK, YOU WILL NOT HELD ME RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GOT SEIZURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I need to buy an R4i card for my nintendo 3DS to play the new Pokemon X/Y

Hi eveybody, I need to buy an R4 card for my nintendo 3DS XL to play the new Pokemon Y which one should I buy please? Can I play pokemon y and animal crossing with this r4i card please? and what is the FW version 3dsXL is on8.1.0-19u now

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A new profile picture for Fungus Amungus...

Who thinks Fungus Amungus should change his profile pic to the two Pokemon that share his name? The two Pokemon are Foongus and Amoonguss. Just thought this would be fitting for him.

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R4 and Supercards

I have heard of this cool feature called pokesav for pokemon diamond and I looked into it. Unfortunatly the chip I need, called an R4 or a Super Card, I have no idea about. I know you need a micro sd, but that is it. Can someone give me some information on it?

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How do you properly set up a transfer pak in Project64's N-Rage's Direct-Input8 V2 1.80a Plugin?

I am running Project 64, and recently got Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Yellow (I know it's for the Gameboy, and have the emulator.) For the love, I have no idea how to properly set up the transfer pak to run with the software and make the game playable. I am using theN-Rage's Direct-Input8 V2 1.80a Plugin. Could anyone who knows how to do this give me instructions?

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Can someone suggest any costume pieces that could be integrated into casual clothing?

I was surfing some instructables and came across one for Sonic's shoes. This got me thinking: what if there were parts of characters from games, stories or movies that could be added to t-shirts, hats, pants, shoes, accessories, etc. I have always been a huge fan of dressing up, but have done it less and less so that i don't seem look to crazy or childish (even though thats how I act most of the time anyway :P). Franchises that i like are Halo, Bioshock, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Pokemon, Death Note, Star Wars, Gears of War, Lord of the Rings, etc. I am heavily into Fantasy and First-Person Shooters. I was thinking that objects such as a drill bracelet (bioshock), COG necklace (Gears of War)  or Ash Ketchum hat (Pokemon) could be subtly incorporated into my attire that could go a long way to expressing myself and my interests. Any links to instructables, websites or just general ideas will be appreciated. 

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How can I record VisualBoyAdvance gameplay with Fraps?

Hey guys I have been playing pokemon with visualboyadvance emulator and I wanted to know how I could record the games with Fraps.  I cant get it to work the way I have it set up.

Question by EncasedDeath  

how do i download pokesav for my laptop for pokemon diamond or pearl?

I do not know where to download pokesav 

Question by ciaran fanning    |  last reply

paint brushes

What kind of paint brush do you use i use all of them. i use the pencil for editing Pokemon sprites.

Topic by Mplinnc  

Anyone know how to make an Env 2 play a .jar game?

I know someone who had done it. i would like to figure how. i have a .jar game, i just don't where to put it in my memory card or how to get the phone to read it. i also heard that the env 2 from verizon doesn't read that file type. but i know they got it to work somehow! and its pokemon yellow version, so i know its not a bought brew game. lol thanks in advance for any help.

Question by 4isspecial  

Broken Electonics and Stuff

I am looking for Broken electronics like video games systems, mp3 players, cameras. I am also looking for Pokemon cards but only the original set like 1-151 new no card crap.

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Has anyone uploaded or found any Manga or Anime Instructables?

I have been searching instructables but i cant find any that relate to manga or anime other then "how to draw" instructables. I am looking for costume and weapon ideas as well as general conversations/forums involving anime/manga such as Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon and Dragon Ball. I know there are a couple on Naruto, but I have not yet seen the anime or read the manga so i dont really care about that. Please post a link or just an idea for costumes, props or weapon instructables. Thanks and I hope that if you havnt read manga or watched anime before, you should get into it.

Question by Splicer02    |  last reply

Good Nitendo DS games(action/rpg)?

Hi everyone. I am looking for the best action rpgs on the DS. I have Chrono Trigger, some FFs, Dragon Quest and Pokemons. Thanks in advance! :)

Question by chrizw123    |  last reply

RPG-Style Stat Bar for Every Day Life?

If the title alone didn't cover it, does any one have any ideas on how it would be possible to make a Status bar like the ones in most video games as a real object? I'm thinking it needs to be able to change, be relatively useful, small, and battery powered. Any thoughts on the subject are appreciated! 

Question by Numbuh1Nerd    |  last reply

DS Screenshots?

     Video game blogs- I envy them. They have high-res screenshots of Pokemon Platinum! And I look all over, but I can't find any useful info about how. So. Can ANYONE tell me how? PLEEEEEASE? Thankyou!

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What do you think I should give my boyfriend?

I have boyfriend who is pretty quiet and is very obedient and I need something to get him that is easily homemade and resembles Love. He hates Naruto and Pokemon.

Question by Mplinnc    |  last reply

I need help coming up with ideas for a TCG. Any Ideas?

I am making a trading card game that is supposed to be a mix of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas, can anyone help?!?!? When you submit this keep in mind that i am asking if i can have your idea for the monster, making it mine. Also i am not looking for anything from Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, or the internet. IT MUST BE YOUR OWN IDEA!!! HP ATK and DEF must all add up to 100 for Basic Monsters, 200 for 2nd and 3rd Elaborations (Evolves), and 400 for Gods, For Upgrade cards which add HP ATK or DEF to your monster be reasonable. Please keep all posts appropriate. Here's the fill out sheet: Name: HP: ATK: DEF: Ability: Thank you so much and post any questions you have!!!!

Question by MaKaShinobi2    |  last reply

Woodpunk Lamp, 3D Stereoscope Camera, Optimus Prime Costume

Woodpunk Lamp 3D Stereoscope Camera Optimus Prime Costume Delicious Fruit Tart Pokemon Snuggie Costume RC Quadrotor Dark Knight Joker Makeup Make Hard Cider DIY Suspension Bridge Arduino RGB LED Tutorial Halloween Robotic Top Hat Homemade Tofu Simple Animatronic Hand Gorilla Tape Gorilla Mask Green Lantern Prop

Topic by randofo  

What is the best and the worstest game?

Have your say on one of the game: A B C D E F Final Fantasy F1 [EA] Football [EA] Fittness Coach G Grand Theft Auto Gran Turismo H Heatseeker I J Jackass K L Little Big Plantnet M Mario N Need For Speed Nanuto O P Pokemon Q R Red Ball Challange S Sonic Sim City Super Smash Bros. Street Fighter Scribble Nount Star Wars T The Sims The Bible Story The Simpson U V W Wii Fit Wii Sport X Y Z  

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"Summer Sewing" or just "Sewing" contest

As an un-indicted co-conspirator on one of the finalist entries, I hate to seem like a sore loser, but I think the judges missed the boat on a few of the winners. Considering it was a "Summer Sewing Contest" that was looking for "Summery" projects that were "celebrating summer", Upcycled Quilts and Pokemon Snuggie Costumes, without even a hint of summer theme, seem a little out of spirit. Fine instructables to be sure, but best saved for the next iterations of SEW SCARY and SEW WARM. To give credit where credit is due, the Grand Prize winner could not have been more appropriate. It was unquestionably "Summery", most definitely a sewing project, and very well done.  I hope the judges will weigh more heavily the theme of the contest in the future.

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Games with Wi-Fi connection: Post your Friend Codes, IDs, etc. here so we can play together!

The main point of this topic is for I'blers to share their gaming Friend Codes, IDs or the like so that we all can play games together. Any games are fine, as long as it has Wi-FI capabilities. X-Box Live GamerTags and the like are also welcome.My gaming IDs:Pokemon Platinum: 4812 4433 2036 (IZANAGI)PS3 GamerTag: LovestoospoogeWell, that's it for now, I'm not really that big of a Wi-Fi competitor myself, but maybe you guys are, so post your Wi-FI gamer IDs and FCs here!

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Could Anyone give me some game Ideas? Answered

I have been thinking about designing a game. here are some ideas I've been kicking around: Post-apocalyptic themed RPG: Based loosely on Discovery's new series, The Colony, you would play a character and experience his struggles to survive a cruel and lawless world. Final fantasy styled game. Zelda Platformer: It would incorporate the 'hoppy-jumpy' gameplay of the Mario Bros. Platform games with the dungeon-questing and puzzle-solving of the Legend of Zelda Titles. Mario RTS: Simply combine the gameplay of C&C with the themes of the Mario Brothers. nothing more to say. I am using Game Maker 7 Lite. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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What color(s) should I paint my cigar box guitar (for children ages 6-12)?

As part of my training as a children teacher I'm making music instruments out of recycled materials (scrapwood, left over bottles...) I have made 4 of these cigarbox guitars. Now I want to paint them but have absolutly no idea what colors to chose. Included you see a picture of the guitar I made. So give me some idea's :) Remember the kids I'm currently teaching are 10 years old but if possible I would like something that children ages 6-12 all will like. Also no fads like pokemon or something, I want something that I don't need to repaint every year to keep up with the trends ;) Thanks in advance :) Michel

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