Beer Pong!

I'm a college kid hoping for a fun project this summer! Anyone have any neato ideas for a badass beer pong table? I will be building one this summer and I will be sure to post it! : )

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Instructables pong help?

I have been thinking about this for a long time: An insctructables version of pong.  I would like some help with it possible positions include: -Someone to download a bunch of famous instructablers profiles (Like lemonine and fungus amungus and kiteman (probably spelled all of their names wrong)) -A Java programmer to help me make an android and/or iphone/ipad app out of it. -A couple python programmers because the main language im going to do it in is python. -Possibly graphic designers. If you have any interest leave a comment or send me a message or an owl or a pigeon or use your preferred method of communication.

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Propelling a Ping Pong Ball 17 feet

We are doing a project where we have to consistently shoot a ping pong ball 17 feet into a pail. Any suggestions or ideas?

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I need help setting up a 2Mhz oscillator circuit

So here's the backstory : Last night I was poking around in our shed looking for ..... when I came across a box of old electronics. Inside was a lot of old parts, from about the 1970's, a few 555's and 741's and a big 28 pin chip I didn't recognize. After plugging the numbers on the chip into google (AY-3-8500) I found out that it was freaking pong on a chip. Apparently my dad had bought it as a kit in the 70's but never got around to make it.So I took a look around the net for schematics and found's the problem, I don't have easy access to the 90uH inductor in the schematics or a 2Mhz crystal.So how can I create the 2Mhz I need to run the chip? It's the only thing between me and pong X(

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Wireless Ping Pong Scoreboard

I want to make a scoreboard for our ping pong table. I currently have a "prototype" loaded on my arduino. It consists of an LED matrix and two momentary button switches. One button adds a point, one button subtracts a point (just in case) and displays the current score on the LED matrix. The plan is to add another LED matrix and two more push buttons, so that each player will have the buttons mounted on their side of the table, to keep their own score, with the LED matrix mounted on the wall. My question is, does anyone know anyway to make the buttons connect to the arduino wirelessly so I don't have to run a ton of wire? I also currently have implemented debouncing on the input buttons and would like to keep that to ensure that when you add or subtract one point, it really is only one point.Thanks!

Question by texpert 8 months ago

how to build a beer pong table?

Question by GATMAN_420 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

where can i get a really CHEAP ping pong table !?

 il spend like $80 max... im going to destroy it so it dosnt have to be good

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ping pong ball temperature sensor

I remember seeing an instructable where they put a temperature sensor in a ping pong ball and when it's cold out it turns blue and when it's warm its red. I've been trying to find it here and on google, but I can't find it anywhere. Has anyone seen it lately?

Topic by ravenhaker 7 years ago

Beer cap coffee table need hinges

So i want to make a coffee table/beer pong table.  like this So it is going to be 3' x 8' and i want to have 2 sets of legs underneath of it.  A short set for the coffee table and another set that are taller to use it as a beer pong table, or just a regular table for that matter.   So my main question is where can i find locking hinges for the Table legs?  I have found some, but don't seem to be very heavy duty.  I want them to be able to lock the legs in the horizontal position to hide them under the table while the other legs are locked in the vertical position. Also does anybody have any suggestions for cheap fiberglass or resin to coat the bottle caps.  Didn't realize how expensive the stuff is.  Cheaper is better.   

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Calling All Ball Machiners And Knex People! Challenge

I play ping pong ALOT, but since my brothers moved out to college I can't play anymore. I've looked all over the Internet but I can't find any knex ping pong ball thrower/shooter/whatever. So the challenge is (since I can't make one) to create an automated (gravity or motor powered) ping pong ball thrower preferably out of knex. It would be greatly appreciated. Here's some inspiration if you want itHomemade ping pong ball thrower

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Link: Some details on a DIY pong watch seen at the Maker Faire

Http:// thought some of y'all might be interested.

Topic by royalestel 11 years ago

Remote activation for LED ping pong balls

I would like some advice on how to go about putting something like this together. I would like 3 to 4 ping pong LED hooked to a remote. I would like to be able to remotely turn them on and off. I have built the Balls that stay on all the time and my children work to find them outside at night. I would like the ability to turn the on from the porch after I have hide the for more of a challenge.

Topic by wrestling 8 years ago

can someone give me a link for a very cheap ping pong table? Answered

I need one for very cheap... like 20 dollars or somthing 

Question by GianniMora 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how to turn an old Macintosh computer into a monochrome monitor (ie add composite video in) for Arduino Pong or TVout?

Can someone explain how to add a composite video input to an old black & white Macintosh SE or Classic computer (in my case a Mac Classic II) to use as a display for Arduino Pong or other projects? For info on hooking Arduino to a TV, see Maybe you could make it switchable so you can still use the Macintosh as a Macintosh.

Question by apple-o 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Problem with compressed air, ping pong turret

Hello all, I am in the process of making a ping pong ball turret powered by an air compressor, I’m using a solenoid valve to trigger the air electronically.i have had some exact diameter steel pipe milled out which is 250mm, so the diameter of the balls are 40mm and the diameter of the pipe is roughly 40.5-41mm. And I’ve sealed off one end with a tapped out hole for a nozzle fitting. My compressor goes up to 7 bar -around 100,psi -. Do finally to the topic 0f my question, i have tested the firing of the balls by firing 7 bar through an compressor gun, and to my surprise it didn’t fire across the garage like I expected, instead it made a very high pitched noise and the ball vibrated inside the tube, eventually the ball would rise up the tube and eventually speed up towards the end of the tube but still only launched at most 1 meter. Any help on how to fix this problem would be excellent. As I expect 100psi through an exact diameter tube would fire the ping pong ball very far. Feel free to ask any questions if I haven’t been detailed enough. Cheers

Question by bashmore00 4 months ago

Miniature chainsaw, mortar and ping pong blower

(a few tiny ideas) Basically a toy chainsaw that can cut through paper. Using hobby-R/C-like parts such as those tiny light motors would be a start. Reduced size, like a cellphone at most, mountable on a figurine soldier would be great. The miniature mortar should throw marbles on "mortar trajectories", you should be able to set the angle of the launch and (optionally) somehow the speed, though this wouldn't be necessary if the angle part is done well and the power is relatively constant at all shots. For ease it should be built only for angles above 45 degrees and the angle slider (or whatever the solution) should have marks (ticks) such that a user can remember and even create tables if he so wishes, in his war against coffee cups. Simplest solutions of "powering" would be rubber bands or coils from broken toys. A ping pong blower would be a tiny but strong fan (brushless outrunner motor) that keeps a ping pong ball "levitating" in mid-air straight up, but most excitingly even blown under an angle too. This wouldn't be a problem (physics takes care of it alone) just that the mount of the fan (ducted or not) should be operated and tilted as needed. This "levitron" would be a nice display on the desk running as long there's juice in the battery or else. Sorry if I'm not posting in the right place, these are just some ideas i'd love to build but i'm too clumsy and lazy :( Though my source of inspiration is the variety of USB gadgets commercially available, i'd like these to be more "free" and simpler if possible.

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Decapitation Effect, Pong Hat, LED Blaster,...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Feb. 7, 2008 Welcome back! The Get the LED Out! Speed Challenge has been updated - now you can win $75 in LEDs in addition to the TV-B-Gone kit! Contest closes this weekend so enter now! Graffiti artists win the $15,000 VersaLaser. Read all about it here! Two new contests launched this week: Share the Love: The Valentine's Day Speed Contest is the place for those romantic Instructables, and Tool Tips Month collects practical advice for using tools of all sorts! Check out these cool instructables! LED Light Drawing Pens: Tools for drawing light doodles Light painting is fun, but getting the perfect lights for it can be tricky. Make your own and build exactly what you need. posted by unklstuart on Feb 3, 2008 LED Hat Display with Pong Pong + 5x7 LED display + hard hat = a hat that is somewhat safe and very distracting. Earn some serious geek points with this one. posted by J_Hodgie on Feb 7, 2008 How to Make "Oven" Caramel Corn There are various ways to make caramel corn, but this method is easy and the results are addictively tasty! posted by MedMisfit on Feb 3, 2008 Under $30 Light Table How to build a light table for under $30 for all your light table-ing needs. posted by Dr.GraffitiBatman on Feb 3, 2008 Make an LED Blaster Don't drop loads of cash for an official laser blaster replica. Make your own with custom sound and lighting effects! posted by finkbuilt on Feb 2, 2008 Closes this weekend! Valentine's Day contest! Spread the knowledge! Paracord Bracelet with Monkey Fist Button Make a sturdy bracelet out of paracord and a funky bead. You'll learn a cool knot and can make variations for friends. posted by Tommi Potx on Feb 5, 2008 Decapitation Effect There comes a time in every filmmaker's life when he needs to lop off a head and let some blood spurt all over. Here's how to do it cheaply. posted by indymogul on Feb 3, 2007 Get the LED out: The Invisible Costume If you want your costume to have the element of surprise, use this trick to make designs on your skin pop out from nowhere. posted by kiteman on Feb 3, 2008 Windbelt Redux 21st Century Micro Power Generation Get power from cross ventilation in your house. posted by Tool Using Animal on Feb 5, 2008 10$ WiFi 16dBi Super Antenna With some simple parts and packaging material, you can give your WiFi a serious boost. posted by hanzablast on Feb 2, 2008 Show us your yarn! There's still time to enter pictures of your yarn projects in the Lion Brand Yarn Challenge!! Here are some more of the 315 projects already entered - check them out, talk to the crafters, and get inspired! Mouse Purses Kebaya Afghan Sweater   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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Zombie Makeup, Ten Best Costumes, Arduino Pong

Zombie Makeup Ten Best Costumes Arduino Pong Wizard Staff Hot Dog Burgers Become a Zombie Realistic Wound FX Iron Man Repulsor Beam Time-Lapse Smart Phone Enclosure Toddler Costumes Open Source LED Driver Giant Spider Decoration Giant Robot Costume Candy Corn Goblin Spooky Spirit Panel - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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My paRents recently got a divorce and well custody is like ping pong hey mom ping hey dad pong ( u get the point) but they never see the kids point of view ( kids aren't aloud to play ping pong )cause they are the ball but what your point of view would u be ok leaving someone u promised to love in sickness and in health and cause some serious trama for your kids or do u think thats ok ..................................................GOOD OR BAD u decide .

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vacuum pump wanted

Hoping someone would have a vacuum pump (manual or electric) they wouldn't mind giving me, hoping to make a vacuum cannon but missing a quite essential part ha ha

Topic by ToggleSwitch 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

LED Juggling ball

Hello, I want to make some glowing juggling balls (using LED probably), but I have no idea about what ball to use, how to make it turn on and off and how to balance it. I tryed the led ping pong balls (link at the end), but they're too small and light. Any ideas? How do the glowing balls work (those that from Yo-ho, for example)? Thanks. LED Ping Pong Ball

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Vote for my instructable

Please vote for the ping pong prank in the april fool's speed contest.

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Can I set up an array of LEDs to display a simple game like pong, tetris, or space invaders? Answered

I'd like to solder together a grid of LED's, and use it to display a video game like tetris or pong. I figure the code can be easily had for the games, or I could disassemble a cheap pocket version from the toy aisle and repurpose the pixel output and controls. I think it would be interesting to hang on a wall, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing it.

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Egg Bot is here!

Apparently... Actually, this is pretty cool - it's a plotter that can draw on spherical or egg-shaped objects, from the size of a ping-pong ball to the size of a grapefruit. More details here.

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Redefining Dumpster Diving

Creatively using dumpsters in neighborhoods for different utilities and sports - a swimming pool, garden box, skate half-pipe, and ping-pong table.Check out the great pictures at Scene 360 and Trixiny.What will you add to your community?

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convert any CRT TV or monitor into a vector (XY) monitor?

NOTE: I since found a couple links that might shed some light on the question... From HackIt: New uses for old CRT monitors It would be very hard to do, but it is possible a CRT could be converted to a vector monitor. Perfect for playing Asteroids, perhaps under MAME. You would have to replace all the control circuits, probably with an FPGA and three ADCs (x/y/intensity). Posted at 8:58 am on Feb 25th, 2008 by MoJo Television and PC monitor experiments old cga/vga monitor to oscilloscope ? The inquiry: Maybe I am over-simplifying but I was reading one of those examples of hacking into a CRT's horizontal & vertical yoke controls to sync to music: and had the idea that it should be possible to create a DIY XY monitor (vector display like on an oscilloscope, Vectrex, Asteroids, etc.) for an Arduino or other uC, MAME or Vectrex emulator, from any TV or CRT, once you have hacked into the electron gun's yokes. My understanding being: Raster display: the horizontal yoke (an electromagnet) sweeps the electron gun from left to right turning on the beam wherever there's a "pixel" at that line (which lights up the phosphor at that point making it visible), then it starts over at the next line (vertical yoke moves down) and draws the next line, and so on, Vector display: instead of rendering a moving image frame-by-frame using top to bottom/left to right scanning, shapes are drawn directly to the screen by positioning the horizontal & vertical yokes at the starting point, the beam turns on, and the yokes repoint to the end point, thus "drawing" the line inbetween the 2 points (I would assume this is for straight lines, not sure if circles or arcs are possible?) then the beam turns off, and the yokes get re-positioned to the next line's starting point. I'm not sure what turns the beam on & off or what kind of timing might be involved, obviously that needs to be controlled somehow. Or for color, where instead of a single white (or green, amber, etc) phosphor exists per pixel, there are multiple (red, green, blue) per pixel, and the beam hits each one at varying strengths (or for a varying length of time?) to 'mix" the primaries to the desired color? I'm not sure how that gets handled in a color vector monitor, but I would assume it's something similar to raster? So if we can hack into a CRT's X/Y yokes and move them around with an audio signal, can we control the yokes more deliberately from a microcontroller to plot specific shapes or text, hence a vector display? For those audio/TV hacks, what is the audio signal doing to the yokes that causes them to move? Whatever it is - voltage, resistance, etc - this is what our device would have to control. Possible proof of concept version: make a device to control the yokes' position etch-a-sketch style with a couple of potentiometers, and turn on the beam with a switch or button. If you see a dot of light moving across the screen then it works. I am thinking the controller might need to be "calibrated" for the individual CRT? (Maybe build some kind of calibration mode into the device.) You might dedicate a microcontroller to driving the display - it could receive text or vector shape coordinates via serial, store the shapes to draw in its own memory, and persist or refresh the image independently, freeing up processing power for whatever device it's displaying for. Another idea would be maybe add some kind of way to read light pen's coordinates, thus making the CRT an input device that can be read from the microcontroller or PC (the Vectrex had a light pen right?)  [This would be a cool mod for the Arduino composite TVout as well.] So is this idea possible without a ridiculous amount of work & parts?  I may be dead wrong about how this stuff works (I'm sure that if this was possible, someone would have done it by now?) but figured it can't hurt** to put the idea out there. I have visions of 4-player vector Arduino pong, Asteroids, Tempest, PDP-1 Spacewar!, vector NES Duck Hunt, a vector etch-a-sketch or lightpen drawing or animation program, or vector Atari Video Music. Possibly an open source color vector games system. Or just a vector display system for any Arduino or microcontroller project, made from any TV. **WARNING: maybe it CAN hurt... Evidently hacking into any CRT can be deadly, you have to discharge the CRT and capacitors properly or you can get killed. So please be careful. This definitely is NOT for kids to try at home.

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Is Table tennis a sport????

So a guy in school is slaging me because i do table tennis. He says its not even a sport. I think it is a sport because its in the Olympics. Do you think it is a sport??????

Question by K-Dawg 10 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Does anybody have any suggestions for something to use as an LED diffuser?

Needs to be bigger than a ping pong ball (ideally would be around 3-4 times the size) , but still be and light.... as I have a lot of individual leds to diffuse for a display... cheers.

Question by davivid 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

would a non-light working motion sensor be worth making? Answered

For my year nine project ( i am currently Year Eight (yes i am english, years rather than grades) ) in DT we will be making ping pong ball launchers. my idea to add a bit of uniqueness to it was to make an automated turret. i did think of making a normal light  detecting one but wanted to investigate this instead. my idea is to use a 555 timer chip to create an ossilating signal braodcatsing a few metres then a sensor tuned to the same frequency. then if a body was to enter within the signal range the signal would change and the sensor could detect this change and through an arduino could fire the turret. i just wanted your opinions on weather or not it would work.

Question by MadScientist101 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

No achievement for appearing in the newsletter? Answered

Hey guys, I was wondering... Don't you get an achievement anymore for appearing in the newsletter? Because I was featured with my ible "how to make a ping pong ball gun" in yesterdays newsletter and haven't received any achievement for it. It always looked cool to have one of those achievements on my profile so that's why I ask. Regards, Michel

Question by MichelMoermans 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Need DIY Nerf-type weapons for Christmas - Ideas??

Our Christmas tradition starts at about 10 am with a rowdy war of some sort. Unfortunately, the Nerf company can't make an unbreakable item for overgrown boys. This year, we're going with DIY weaponry. The Marshmallow shooter is too tame, and the rubber band gun is too harsh. What other options are out there? 

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Floppy Disk Bag, Mushroom Night Light, Giant Gummi

Floppy Disk Bag Mushroom Night Light Giant Gummi Ikea Bowl Speakers Ping Pong Ball Lights Homemade Didgeridoo 5-Minute Ice Cream Cargo Scarf String Lantern Burger Recipes How to Freeze Blueberries Domo-Kun Backpack Campfire Toasting Fork Great Mozzarella Cheese Simple Wall Illusion

Topic by randofo 8 years ago

Ajleece's first attempt at a ball machine

O.k. guys. I dont have that many peices nor do i have any chain or a knex ball (i have been using ping pong balls) but this is what i have made. all it does is goes to the top using a custom made chain lift and goes round a corner, comes back to the bottom, goes around another corner and starts again. I hope you like

Topic by ajleece 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

LED advice

I'm trying to source some LEDs, preferably from a supplier in the UK I'm going to mount them on a power kite, so they need to be bright as possible, ideally with a wide viewing angle and low forward voltage - to keep the weight of power supply down. Also, I'm considering options of mounting LEDs in clusters or using a small diffuser (like a ping pong ball, but smaller) to achieve a 360deg viewing angle. Any suggested products or ingenious solutions would be welcome

Question by davidhw 9 years ago

Toothpick San Francisco

Artist Scott Weaver has built a model of San Francisco with a twist: it is made entirely out of toothpicks and glue. He estimates he used 100,000 toothpicks on the model, which includes a track on which ping-pong balls can roll down and 'visit' the city.Surprisingly, Instructables HQ does not seem to be included--must have been an oversight.PressDemocrat via SFist via my friend Nicole.Image from core77

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My suggestion for a challenge or contest

Hello I would like to know if one of the administrators could launch a challenge or contest to bring together cool Arduino projects that require few or common parts. A few examples include, TV out library uses, the Octosynth, Arduino pong and the touchless 3d interface. These projects are perfect for beginners and veterans of the Arduino who want to whip up something cool in an hour or two. Thanks for reading. If you are in support of this challenge please back me up in the comments.

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Push Button Audio?

Hello, I am building a beer pong table and would like to have a button that when hit would cause my school's fight song to play. I am confident i can do the wiring and all i just have no idea where to begin. What i am perplexed by is how to get my fight song on some sort of chip. Any ideas of what type of chip i am looking for? I really appreciate any help on this.

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"Blinking Eyes" LED circuit. ?

A timer circuit that'll turn LEDs on and off in an approximation of eyes blinking. Ooooon-off-on-off-oooooon-off-oooooon. So, this coming Halloween, I've got a dozen or twenty of these timers, running pairs of red LEDs, about eye-width apart, that are poked through a piece of cardboard spray painted flat black and set in shadowed areas around the porch. Maybe a couple of sets of them covered with ping-pong ball halves to make the "eyes" bigger.

Question by allen 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how many psi can a 5 gallon plastic bucket (found in home depot) can take?

So im doing this for a chemistry project. My plan: to create a cannon with buckets and tubes with ping pong ball. I use dry ice and water to compress gas in the bucket and release the air through the valve. i realized that when i puff air into it and conceal it, (3 to 4 times) the bucket starts to deform.

Question by punch2dface 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Ice Cream Sandwiches, Paper Clone, Make a Mermaid Tale

Ice Cream Sandwiches Paper Clone Make a Mermaid Tail Easy Water Guns Ninja vs Zombie Shadow Cast Baked Potato Chips Make Your Eyes Larger 5 Minute Camera Case Ink Blot T-Shirt Easy Stomp Rocket Button Down Shirt Dress Personal Applause Sign Biofuel Briquettes Ping-Pong Ball Gun Simplify Dish Washing

Topic by randofo 8 years ago

Where can I find large seven segment displays?

My neighbor wants me to make a scoreboard for his ping pong table, but I'm having difficulty finding something to use as the display.  Seeed Studio has some,, but they come in individual segments.  Sparkfun has some as well, but they're on a tan colored PCB.  Where's the cheapest place to find 6"+ displays on a black background?

Question by furrysalamander 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Differences between a 75 and 65 watt power supply? Answered

The problem is this: I found another laptop power supply rated at the same voltage but slightly different amperes and wattage. Specs: Acer 19 V 3.42 A 65 Watts (guessing due to V x A = W) HP 19 V 3.95 A 75 Watts I tested both and their voltage seems fine and nothing wrong with the older 75 watt power supply with two pongs. Will there be an issue with the wattage differences? And will the amperes be a problem if my laptop is rated for 19 V, 3.42 A?

Question by BIO Wolf 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Ible didn't appear t'ill today due to contest but is now on page 4 of recent?!

Hello all, Saturday I made an instructable called "How to make a ping pong ball gun" for the "DadCanDO Family Fun" contest. You can find it here: As I said it was made saturday july 10 but since I entered it into the "DadCanDO Family Fun" contest it did not appear on the site itself that day but was kept on hold until it could be moderated for entry in the contest. I look today and my entry has been accepted, I'm very happy with that but when you browse ibles by recent you can't find it untill page 4 because it was released saturday! Now that kinda bothers me since  my ible will get less views and it wasn't visible for the last few days. So my suggestion in this matter would be that either your ible does not appear on the site untill it's accepted but that when it's accepted the ible takes that release date so it get's on page 1. Or that when you enter an ible in a contest it always immediatly appears on the site and get's enterd in the contest later. I would like to hear some other peoples thoughts on this problem. I know it's not the biggest one we have but it seems that this one could be solved pretty simple and without a lot of work for the staff. Regards, Michel

Topic by MichelMoermans 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Call for Arduino 'ibles with common parts

Hello I am attempting to compile a list of the amazing Arduino builds that require few or common parts. The builds that I have are below. 2 Player Pong Twitter Mood Lamp Original from O'Reilly's Getting Started With Arduino Touchless Interface from Make magazine Octosynth A perfect example of what I am looking for TV out So many uses Android voice controlled servo Needs a bit more work and explanations There are probably a few cool ones out there using the TV out library or Android. If you know of a project similar to these, please drop its link in the comments. Thanks

Topic by mechatr0nix 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

PCB Help: Need to make new dial or short out for coffee grinder

I just followed a great post to hack my Delonghi Coffee Grinder here: However in the process I shamefully snapped off one of the knobs and part of the circuit board attached to it snapped. I'm wondering if there's a more or less easy way to fix this, such as a short circuit around the timer, or perhaps even create a new makeshift dial. I'm a PCB novice, so any tips or re-directions would be great. Thanks!

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Arduino Jam 2012 Landing Page

Arduino Jam was an 48 hour event held at Timelab in Ghent, Belgium. 18 jammers started friday the 3th of february with a brainstorm session. The only restriction they had was that the projects needed to be powered by Arduino. 7 projects emerged from their brains. They teamed up and started on their projects to make their ideas come true. *   #1: Xtreme Buzzwire-4-2 *   Nipkow pong  & RGBCMY resolution test & 16 million color niptokowduino *   Kinect face follower *   Duck n jump Tv out game *   Bleeber - A physical layer between data and action *   Capgemini sound to light modulator Thanks to our sponsors that made this event happen:

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Follow up on the Arduino Jam Belgium

Arduino Jam was an 48 hour event held at the timelab in Ghent, Belgium. 18 jammers started friday the 3th of february with a brainstorm session. The only restriction they had is that the projects needed to be powered by Arduino. 7 projects emerged from their brains. They teamed up and started on their projects to make their ideas come true.   Here is an overview of the projects: - #1: Xtreme Buzzwire-4-2  article on hackaday - Reversed geo cache with only direction no distance. - Nipkow pong & RGBCMY resolution test & 16 million color nipkowduino - Kinect face follower - Duck n jump Tv out game - Bleeber - A physical layer between data and action - Capgemini sound to light modulator Thanks for our Sponsor who made this Jam possible:  

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2" LCD pocket-TV, any ideas for projects? Answered

Rummaging through the attic I recently found my old pocket LCD-TV from the 90's. Since television in Sweden has become digital and It being of the analog persuasion I have no current use for it. What project can I use it for?Specs are :2" colour LCD-screen, very low resolution. Enough to watch TV or play PONG but not enough for a C64.Composite Video input & Analog audio input (mono), via 3,5mm audiojack.3,5mm audio output (mono)Runs on 6v (4 AA batteries)I nicked this image from Frank's handheld-TV pages . Thank you and hope you don't mind, Frank.

Question by omnibot 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago