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Profile picture? Answered

Hi! I'm new and i keep trying to change my profile picture but it wont let me change it to any images. What do I do to pick my own image? Thanks!  ~<3 fritz707

Question by fritz707    |  last reply

profile problem

Everytime i click on an insructable to read it it comes up blank but when i log out then read it , it loads fine. this is very annoying. Any help would be appreciated!

Topic by morphboy    |  last reply

Spamming profile

There is, what it seems like a spamming profile, leaving the same message in every forum topic.

Topic by blkhawk    |  last reply

Incognito profile?

Hello, I have typed my name and last name at google site, and I have seen that people can see me. Its my fault that I have putted my name and last name as a user name, but is there a chance to make my profile private? I dont want to be seen from google... Thanks

Question by marko.lugovic    |  last reply

profile images

(sunday june 13, 2010. 23:46 pst) just happened to notice that if you update your profile picture it removes all previous viewable pictures (shown as thumbnails under your main profile pic) and replaces it with the most current selected. not sure if this is intended. I kind of liked seeing older pictures, but can see how this way is cleaner too.

Topic by mikeasaurus    |  last reply

Profile Glitch

Good Afternoon, I have a few issues atm. First of all if i click on the profile tab on my account all i get is a page saying ERROR 400: no member The other issue is I Published my 10th Instructable and i normally get at least 10 views in a day but ive only had 6 since publishing it but if i go to my profile it says only 9 Instructables ?? so is it published or not ??? HELP please

Topic by Capsos    |  last reply

Profile Image

Maybe it's just me, but I'm noticing their is a LOT of people with no profile image. I would love to find and/or make a profile image for somebody who needs one or wants a different one. I'll go as far to design it from scratch, or you can just have me put your username on it, or if your lazy I can just find a really neat one on the internet for you. If you want me to design one for you but don't have specific specifications for how you want it, you can simply leave a comment telling me some of your interests, and I'll try to find one that will represent you well. If you don't want to leave a comment, feel free to PM me.

Topic by LoneWolf    |  last reply

Group Profiles?

Could profiles of groups be included in the book? I really think that groups like burning questions could get people interested in the website more.

Topic by edwarben  

Linking Facebook profile to existing profile

Hi there, I've got a profile on Instructables, that's been on here since 2008, and now I've just posted an instructable using my Facebook log-in, is there anyway to link the 2 together so that I can log in via either and get to the same profile? Profile name: Blyzz Facebook login: Jim Sher Thanks Jim

Question by Jim Sher  

Looking At Other Profiles

Every time for the last few weeks when I go on the computer, I try and look at someone else's profile but I cant see their favourites, orange board, comments, etc but when I 'am using my Ipod, I can see their whole profile just fine with no problems.

Topic by Zombiekiller-93    |  last reply

Can't update profile

I want to update my profile, filled all the fields asked but when I press submit button it is not working...  Thanks so much for the help.

Topic by distractor294    |  last reply

Profile shortcut broken

Hello, I added the "profile" shortcut to the shortcuts option available in settings. It directs me to rather than my actual profile, which results in an error. 1- Windows 10 x64 2- this happens regardless of browser 3- this happens regardless where I am on the site 4- image attached 5- description above

Topic by MakinThings    |  last reply

restore nmap profiles

Hey guyz, i used to work with zenmap GUI 4 n 5 these lastest days, and i changed some profiles like the intense scan can anyone tell me how can i restore them ? or bring me the default command ? thanks !

Question by 3n!Gma    |  last reply

Myspace Music Profile

Check out my music.

Topic by Oblivitus    |  last reply

Profile Update Process

How can screen name be changed or account deleted? Please help. Happy holidays!

Topic by pucho    |  last reply

Profile Picture Problem

My profile picture suddenly turned black and when I try to upload the image again or other images, after they are uploaded, they display as black.  Anybody have any ideas?

Topic by Common Man Survival    |  last reply

No Profile Preview in Firefox

Hiya! I've noticed that the profile preview at the top of an instructable does not show up (see: Instead, the preview shows at the bottom of the page (see: I've been able to reproduce this problem multiple times, and I find that it only occurs if I use Firefox--it doesn't happen in Chrome or Safari. I'm running Firefox 9.0.1 and OS X 10.6.8.

Topic by Superchef    |  last reply

Profile Age Bug

Bug Report: Problem: If you go to your Settings and Profile then try to change just your age and nothing else then click update profile. Then it says "Nothing Changed". So it will not update unless you edit something else with it. I use Firefox 12.0 as my web browser and I have a Mac book pro with Mac OS X 10.7.4. Solution: First obvious solution is fix the coding, but I would make it so that people can put in the day, month, and year into there profile settings and then it will automatically change the persons age on there profile that others can see.

Topic by Kris82    |  last reply

shadow profile person ?

Shado profile person cameo

Question by Chrissie67    |  last reply

Gravatars as profile pic.

 It would be awesome if instructables would add the ability to use gravatar with your profile.

Topic by action_owl    |  last reply

how to delete profile?

Question by eason boy    |  last reply

DIY DNA profiling

I was curious if there is anyway to profile dna yourself.  I understand it may be challenging but are there any low cost alternatives to the PCR method or quicker than the RFLP method?

Topic by azice    |  last reply

Missing links in profiles

Hello everyone When I open any profiles, I only get the overview link at the left side, there used to be other links like followers etc. Is there a reason that they are gone? Or is it a bug? Kind regards Laurens

Topic by Laurens-Wuyts    |  last reply

Finding a person's profile

I'm new to inscrutables today because someone told me to find their stuff on here but I can't figure out how to search for their profile.  Can someone help me?

Topic by jminshall1    |  last reply

Profile picture change

In' Edit profile' I  selected 'Change image' , I choose new Image and uploaded but still old image only appearing New image does not get loaded ?

Question by nachiketa    |  last reply

Customisable Instructables on Profiles

Please tell me if this is already possible but I had a search around and couldn't find any way to do this. On my profile, I do not feel the 6 Instructables that are shown are ones that I would like to have on there. A few are my very early Instructables which were not up to the standards I have now. I think a way to choose which Instructables go on this page would be a great addition to make your profile much better for you and for everyone. Thanks, Hiyadudez.

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

'Ibles profile ages?

This one confused me a bit, does the profile age roll over with your 'ibles birthday? Or is it another time, because mine's got the jump on my twentieth by a fair bit... But I have no recollection of having a birth date on 'ibles so hows the 'aging' determined?

Topic by killerjackalope    |  last reply

Issue with Groups and Profiles

When you look at someone's profile, all the groups they are in are presented. The problem is, that when I want to see orangeboards, I have to scroll down through all the groups they are part of. This is a problem when looking at profiles of people like Kiteman and Goodhart, who seem to be part of every single group!I think it might be a good idea to show the groups like Favorites, that is, a small portion presented, because not many people want to see all the groups someone is part of. So, it should be presented like Favorites, a small portion first, then the option to view pages that list all the groups.Any thoughts on this?

Topic by Keith-Kid    |  last reply

edit my profile

I'm trying to add my picture to my bio but I have no idea where the photos I've uploaded are going!  They seem to just disappear.  Help!

Question by Schawately    |  last reply

Facebook "Post to Profile"

Hi Guys,  I just wanted to touch base with you all about the Facebook "post to profile, that's now on the bottom of each and every  page.  I like the ability to post 'Ibles on my Facebook account... Social advertising for the author, social advertising for instructables.  Great idea!  However, It's making me nuts that it's above the comments in all the Instructables.  I often like reading peoples comments, and seeing my own facebook account there ever time, is not a lot of value added for me, and it feels sort of distracting.  I'm not the hippest person around I'll admit, and don't post every thought I have on facebook or twitter, so perhaps other users will disagree with me... But i figured I'd share my few pixels.  I DO really like this feature at the top of the page, where you have a row of other icons... Favorite, Twitter, flag, print & email...  -AlpineButterfly

Topic by AlpineButterfly    |  last reply

Profile Page Updates

Hello Everyone! Many of you have noticed and commented on the site updates that went live on Thursday, October 20, which included substantial design changes to the member profile page. The profile page is near to many of your hearts as the front door to your substantial investments in Instructables, and while some have found these changes disturbing, we believe that they're very much in the community's best interests. I wanted to reach out just to let you know that we have given the new design a great deal of thought and attention, and to share with you some of the reasons behind the changes. First, to clear up some ambiguity about the current state of affairs: The public member profile is stage one of two major changes to the site that will work together. Stage two, which is well underway but not released yet, involves the private profile page (currently the "you" page) and will make access to aspects of your presence on the site much more accessible. Full lists of your own content will soon be available on a full-featured (and much more beautiful) private view of the member page; meanwhile, this content is all available in the "you" section. So the sense that your own content has gone missing is temporary. Second, the High-Level Goals: Clearer, more accessible design. Our old member page, say what you will, had a lot of buttons and options. On the whole, we know that most people don't take the trouble to drill down into the various categories. We want to help you all build large audiences of new appreciators, and while an infinitely detailed catalog of an author's content is appropriate for some, the breadth of activity on Instructables can make it difficult for new users encountering the site for the first time to understand what Instructables is about. Fundamentally this is what the new design is for: to help people understand, at a glance, what a given author is up to on Instructables. Highlighting Engagement vs Cataloguing Activity. Different people interact with Instructables in different ways, but our member page has never reflected this subtlety. It has always presented the most recent Instructables and comments, even for authors who contribute exclusively to the forums, or through favoriting and following other users. We felt that your activity on Instructables should be presented front and center, because it more evenly describes the way in which you participate in the community. Many members participating in this very discussion have benefitted from this choice, even as they challenge it. Forum posts used to live buried under a tab on the left; now, the contribution of a forum topic can appear right at the top if that's how the author participates in the community. We wanted to see how authors engage, and we felt it was ultimately more important than being able to drill through every piece of historical content hierarchically. Audience vs Self. The old profile page served "my view of me" and "my audience's view of me" somewhat evenly. With the changes we've made, and the changes in the pipeline, we're taking a stance. The public page is for my audience, the private page is for me. We're confident the new design better serves authors' audiences, even if it has some weaknesses for the author's own view. The author-centric side is coming, please hang in there! Surfacing Older Content. At HQ, we have frequent discussions about the "evergreen-ness" of the Instructables authors post. A great project from 2009 is still a great project, even though the wider internet has a strong preference for "new" over "good". But it's a struggle for us: we can't put every good project on the homepage forever, or new projects wouldn't have a chance. So we have to strike a balance. The new member page helps in this regard: if your old-but-awesome project still gets some attention and activity, it'll show up in your timeline as people favoriting the old project. So your profile becomes a place of discovery, where I can see "whoa, look at that cool thing that this person made 3 years ago!". Previously, the old project would have been buried under several clicks from the landing page, generating almost zero traffic. Add to that the new ability to select "top projects", and you can see that we're trying to help you keep your best projects in the limelight. See new features below. Third, New Features to Help Authors: Top-Five Projects. DIY Projects are at the core of the Instructables experience, and we listened to authors who make different kinds of things, but want to treat their Instructables Profile like a Portfolio. Randofo is one of the community's best-known and prolific Arduino Gurus, but it's a fact that an Arduino Project of his is a much bigger time investment than some of his smaller food projects. In fact, did you know that he's authored 38 food projects? Now, randofo has the opportunity to present his most-relevant work first, rather than leaving it to his audience to figure out. Right now, he seems to be all about Halloween. Activity Feed. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay. We felt that having an activity feed on the member page was the most effective way to answer the most important question for a member page to answer: How does this member participate in the community? While that information was certainly available in the old layout, divining it required an audience member to click through all the tabs, reading every piece of content to completion. There was nothing "glanceable" about the information architecture, except perhaps the achievements (which we've kept). We believe that the activity feed, with the "top Instructables" feature in particular, makes it much easier to determine at a glance how a member participates. Fourth, It's a Living Document: We're watching your comments and feedback closely, and I expect that you'll see some pieces that you're missing return. I can't comment on specifics right now, but I know there are some statistics and counters that may have value. We agree, and we'll respond. But there was a whole lot of "extra" information on the page to begin with, and we wanted to start over as cleanly as possible. UX & Bugs. With a big feature like this, there are bound to be growing pains. Hopefully, you've already seen some improvement with regard to the delay in setting your "top Instructables" and having those reflected on your page. There's still a little blip, but it's down to about 10 seconds now, vs the 20 minutes when we first released it. Sorry about that! We'll also be looking carefully at how the page looks, making sure that we aggregate activity events such that no one event type (ahem, favorites!) takes over, etc. That's all for now. Hope having a little context helps put the changes in context. If it can't bring everyone onto the same page, we at least hope that it'll make them a little less out-of-the-blue. Thank you to you all who have written your comments, and who care so deeply for the community of Instructables!

Topic by pseaton    |  last reply

Wrong profile is displayed on commentator's profile hover display

While in the comments section of a post, the user's own profile is displayed when hovering over the profile picture of another user's comment. Precondition: logged-in Steps: 1- Select a post with comments. 2- Scroll down to the comment section. 3- On a comment, hover over the user's profile picture. Expectation: - Commentator's profile is displayed Result: - The user's own profile is displayed instead of the commentator's profile Extra Details: Browser: Google Chrome - Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) Post used in pictures :  

Topic by alexskills    |  last reply

Could not change profile image

Hello *.*, I want to update my profile image. For this I login, klick on You and Edit Profile. After this I click Upload New Photo. After this I see, that the Upload new Image dialog fades in. But this happens behind the Edit Profile dialog. With the Chrome Debugger I moved the dialog by changing the css, so I can send a screenshot. If I click in the upload dialog then the edit dialog disappered. An upload does not change the profile image after this. I tired this with the actual Chrome and Firefox browser. In both the same. Any idea for me? Thanks Mark

Topic by DoItMark    |  last reply

Broken &quot;enter key&quot; on profile

I don't know if this is just my safari browser but htings have been acting up lately. Recently, I updated my profile and I had "enters" or spaces between paragraphs. like this but when it updated, the spaces dissapeared and it turned into one long paragraph. I don't know if this is happening to anyone else but...

Topic by patriots8888    |  last reply

Cannot delete profile photo

I cannot delete my profile photo... I've tried deleting it from the image library, the "change image" location, and from the profile settings page.  It always looks like it's deleting, but it doesn't. How do I remove *all* profile photos? Thanks

Topic by brianoboatright    |  last reply

Mobile site profile view

I was directing a friend to my profile page. He had never seen Instructables before and I whatsapp'd him the link. He said he liked my projects and then mentioned some which weren't mine. Confused, I opened the link I sent him. On the mobile, obviously the mobile version popped up which goes like ''. In the mobile version, the favourite instructables appear on the top while after scrolling a bit, we come to the instructables which the person has published. Shouldn't it be the other way round, so the person's instructables appear on top as soon as someone views the profile?

Topic by Antzy Carmasaic    |  last reply

More infos on profile pages.

Hello everybody. What I would like to see, is more infos on users' profiles. Currently there are: Instructables (very good), Views (completely not important I think), Comments (somewhat important if We want to check if user is active). And that's it. Nothing more.  What is missing is: - Instructables User made - super important, right after list of instructables created. I am very surprised it is not there!!! - Some basic info where particular user is from. Description page is not enough. People most often leave it empty or They don't put any usefull infos. - Links to User's YouTube channels or other social media profiles. We don't live only in Instructables. Cheers Radek

Topic by zolv    |  last reply

The link to my profile is not working

If I try to get to my own profile through the menu at the top of the page (see screenshot) I always end up on an error page that says 'ERROR 400: no member: - ERROR 400: no member:' Looks like the URL in that link is malformatted. Screenshot shows the error message as well as the menu entry I clicked to get there.

Topic by Moem    |  last reply

No featured banner for profile pages.

Is this a feature or a bug? On member pages, there used to be featured banners. Now there are not. I really liked to see which instructables got featured, not just a percentage. My Hat and Contest instructables were featured. FF 3.6.6 w/ Windows 7 Home Premium. Thanks!

Topic by kcls    |  last reply

Request for notepad in profile pages

I come up with ideas all of the time and I, unfortunately, tend to forget what I had come up with.  I am certain that a lot of good ideas are lost this way.  I was mulling this over and I thought "What if instructables had a Notepad in the profiles page.  Allow it to be public or private.  This will allow a simple way for members to keep track of their idea backlogs and share them with others.  Just a simple list.  I know that the forums and the profile "About me" can be used this way but neither are optimized for this purpose.  I think this feature would likely get a lot of use.  Just a thought.  PS:  Thanks for the great site.  I get a lot of inspiration and motivation here.  I hit it all the time with StumbleUpon but I never payed attention to the site when I would hit a random project.

Topic by critterfluffy    |  last reply

Onoz our Facebook profile!

Looks like there is an internal error of some kind over at Facebook. Our profile isn't available at the moment! 

Topic by Culturespy  

Twitter and Facebook Links in Profiles

There is no "Suggestions" category, so I'll stick this in here. I think it'll be cool if on the profile pages were Twitter and Facebook buttons, and in the Settings you can specify the links to your profiles profiles, and people can contact you via them.  I don't usually check my Instructables inbox, and I always give replies to FB first.

Topic by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl  

Discussion-link @ profile is dead

- i go to my own profile- Click on my "Discussions" (Link = it takes me back to fix

Topic by Orngrimm    |  last reply

Unable to upload photos on profile

Hi, I have been trying to upload a new profile picture, but the page doesn't respond.  When I click 'edit profile picture', I get a new page where I can upload a photo. The moment I click the orange button 'choose files', nothing happens, and all the other links on that page don't respond anymore (even the menu on top of the page). I have to close that tab and revisit the homepage of instructables. The browser I use is Safari. Any idea how I can fix this? Thank you! Birgit

Topic by B Takes a Bite  

Bug: Profil "about" part

I have recently updated my Profile but the “about” part is not displayed correctly. There are some &´s and semicolons that shouldn´t be there. That happens every time I have used an apostrophe in my text (That what an apostrophe looks like know: Hey I&acute;m). What can I do to change that? Does anyone else has the same problem? Thank you very much for your help!

Topic by He Se    |  last reply

Rearranging 'ibles on profile page Answered

Hi! I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out with this... I remember that I used to be able to rearrange instructables on my profile page, and choose maybe 5 or so that I want people to see right away. If anyone knows how to do this, or if it's not an option anymore please let me know!

Question by 38ren    |  last reply

More Extensive Profile Customization

I think it would be fun to be able to personalize our public profile pages. Uploading custom images to use as backgrounds adds so much personality to a profile. Changing the "color theme" lets users put out clear messages like "I'm professional", "I'm cool", or "I love colors so much omg". All of those are valid messages. Thoughts? Might this be possible? UPDATE: Kiteman has pointed out that choosing which six projects show up on our overview pages would be awesome.

Topic by Sadi789    |  last reply

Instructables profile picture spreading across all my profiles EVERYWHERE

Hi, I have uploaded a profile picture to Instructables that is a bit humorous.  However, now this picture is spreading across all of my accounts on the internet!  I know that the ONLY site to which I uploaded this picture is Instructables.  The picture was appropriate for Instructables but is inappropriate for many of my other accounts. Somehow, my image has "escaped" and is being automatically captured by other websites. I am attempting to stop this profile picture from spreading any further. Can you PLEASE let me know how this picture could be spreading across all of my accounts!? Thanks in advance, Nathan.

Topic by njkeng    |  last reply

Is it possible to change my profile name? Answered

Is it possible to change my profile name? note: i am a pro member. I would appreciate any answers! 

Question by Team Dogoman RC    |  last reply

how do you remove a profile form instructbles? Answered

I am geting out of school and i have no computer.

Question by yo man    |  last reply