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Motorola RAZR V3?

I have an old (deactivated) Motorola RAZR V3 (Or V3m, I'm not quite sure.) That used to be connected to Verizon. I'd like to re-purpose this device somehow. Any ideas?

Question by dkop1  

how to install games on razr v3i? Answered

Installing games, installing song to itunes on razr v3i made in china

Question by watermarkd8    |  last reply

where do i get full mp3 ringtones for my razr v3r and never get billed? Answered

Remember; the only ways this is 100% ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY FREE ARE : #1 -- it never shows up on any bill that is made after the download. #2 -- the phone company (in my case, AT&T) never knows about it. #3 -- it says nowhere on the site a message such as "Standard carrier rates apply". i also need to access it from my RAZR's browser.

Question by the_TRUE_LINK_OWNZ!    |  last reply

USB Device Recharger

For efficiency has anyone tried the ZipLinq X2 model universal charger coupled to the Gomadic retractable cord with tip #37 for the Creative Zen V+. It seemed like a nice setup except it doesn't work.I also tried to use it for my Motorola Pebl and Razr with tip #28. No Joy. Wish someone would try and comment. GomadicZiplinq

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Is it possible to make a small surveillance camera out of an old cell phone camera?

Like most people, I have a few old cell phones lying around. I need a small, portable surveillance camera and was curious as to whether or not I could use my old RAZR camera for this. I have some extra jump drives too, but I don't know if that is large enough to hold video memory. I would like to make a small camera with ten or fifteen minutes worth of memory (I think the camera on the RAZR V3m is 1.3mpx). Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Question by a23kiki23    |  last reply

USB headphones

I've got a challenge. Will anyone try to figure out how to make usb headphones? i was looking at the razrs and thought about it, you'd need a driver on the phone and i wont be able to figure that part out. I was searching this site and saw posts on making headphones and thought someone could do it here. I want it so i can listen to music on my phone and razrs dont have an in/out audio.

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will a motorola lapdock 100 work with the raspberry pi?


Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

Project ideas?

I Have 2 ipod hard drives. 1 is a 20gb and the other is a 30gb. I also have a spare dvd player, a dvd drive(doesnt work but spare parts might come in handy) and an old razr phone that the screen doesnt work but the rest is fine...Any projects i can do? or anything i can make that would come in handy? I would appreciate it greatly for some tips or project ideas..thanks..

Topic by poeticsoul44  

PS3 Jailbreak 4.31 Working Please Help?

I have a ps3 4.31 and have been wanting to jailbreak it so i can mod skyrim but every jailbreak i try either needs a password that dosent work or just flat out dosent work ive been trying to do it through my droid razr android but might be getting a flash drive please help me best way would be through my phone please help.

Question by slimshaddy  

recommendations for a cell phone?

Hey everyone, I'm going to be getting a cell phone this week, but its my first one and I have no clue whats good out there. I already know that I'll be using Verizon, so I wanted to see what everyone would recommend thats available on there network. I would like a flip phone with a decent camera and text/pic messaging capabilities, but beyond that I'm not too concerned about extra features. And I refuse to get the Razr, so don't even suggest it.Here is a list of verizon's phones:VerizonThanks!

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Cell phone sim card question? Answered

I picked up a nice cell phone with a camera, bluetooth, etc, at a Thrift store today for $5.  As far as I can tell everything seems to work , but no sim card though and I have no idea who the original carrier was. I was thinking I might use it as an emergency  spare to keep in my truck and use one of the pay per minute cards, like T-Mobile or Virgin Mobile. Is it possible to get a sim card from the carriers or can I use a Network Sim card unlock attachment to activate the phone? If not, I'm gonna see what the inside of a Motorola Razr looks like.

Question by Burf    |  last reply