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RGB LED strip quiestion :)

Hi everybody, I saw a tutorial on how to make led light-bulb , , this one. I have a led strip which i can use, the only problem , the strip is RGB , and i want it to give of white light. i don't have a controller for them, and i don't really want to use one. So my question is : can i wire them in some way to give of white light ? Thanks.

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i want to control 5 common anode RGB led's with my arduino, i want them to fade throgh the color spectrum amy thoughts?

I have 5 common anode RGB led's, which i am building into a lamp setup for a present. as well as controlling them with my arduino, I would like the ability to manually adjust the color, my budget is 50 dollars, and i have 2 weeks to complete this project. i would really appreciate the help.

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I have an RGB LED / LED WIZ project, does it sound manageable?

I have a larger scale version of THIS INSTRUCTABLE, spreading out the led's more, and need some help/advice/comments. It is pretty much a 120' length that I want lit, with rbg leds spanning across. The led's will be paired(paralleled) in two's, and every other pair will be on a different channel (example: chan1, chan2, chan1, chan2) so I have separate control over every other pair. For each channel I can have 12 pairs (500ma), each pair uses 3 channels (rgb) and I have 120 pairs, so 30 channels.   I plan to use a computer power supply as a dedicated power supply for this (5v/30amp) to run it. My questions are these.  First, do you think a 14/4awg running to 12 pairs 120' away would work? Do you think this whole setup will work, and if so, whats the weakest part? Finally, do you think anyone else is crazy enough to spend this much time on it LOL? This is for a commercial project, so I am really hoping it's manageable. If anyone doesn't understand let me know and I'll draw it out for you. P.S. If 14/4 wire wouldn't work well at 120', whats the maximum length that it will work for 3.5v/500ma pulling from a 5v/30A source?

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could someone write me a circuit that would allow my to affect an LED circuit by strobing the LED's

 Ideally this circuit would have a potentiometer knob that would twist from Constantly on to long strobes with lots of room for adjustment.? I have RBG LED circuits and microcontrollers and really want to have an adjustable strobe effect. Or is this a coding sort of thing that would be much harder?

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Amps and Volts? Answered

So i have a atx pc power supply and i am going to use a pci cable to draw power from it for a led lighting system and the led light system can only take up to 12 v at 2 a, will that destroy the led light system or will it be fine? (also i cant open up the box that controls the light system to fix the blown fuse)

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i need help putting a circut together :P *im some what pathetic*

Ok so i know how every thing works for this. i will play a song and it will be split into 1 a speaker and the other a op amp to get rid of the negitave voltage whitch i feed into a micro controler to tell it what to change the colors of the RBG LED to change to with sertain parts of the song " i will do this cauze electrity gose up and down  so whe  its in middle i could have it green top red bottem blue" and then i will have the micro controler open sertain ground conections to light up the right color the RBG led eill contantly be powered. "im bad with remebering names so sry if icant tell you the name"

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how to make ambient RBG that run on computer PSU?

I plan to buy a Arduino board (Duemilanove) and that can connect to computer so I can changing color...(or changing color by itself via programming)...But I dont know wire them together to make them work. My plan is trying to make my computer tower light up at night and changing color by itself. I only need about 6 RBG leds in one Arduino board and power it by using 12v power supply ( I have Corsair HX 1000w). Please help me thank you

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Does anyone know where I could find some LED's that slowly fade from blue to green. Answered

I've looked everywhere and the best i can find is some that flash blue and green (ebay);=item1e722f3158 It's close, but it has a bout a 1 sec switch time, and it's flash not fade. I'm looking for more along the lines of 2.5 sec, 3 sec+ (hopefully for a reasonable price) It's super easy to find the RBG faders, but not ones without all the colors. I want to avoid the 3 pin led's though, I don't feel like making things more complex then they have to be. Thanks for your time, I appreciate it :)

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Know how to program a 8' x 30' RGB LED light wall? Answered

I have a unique LED lighting application that I need some help with. Attached are photos to aid my explanation. I have a custom-built light wall that is 30 feet long and 8 feet tall. It consists of 8 individual wooden panels that are approximately 4' x 8' in size. Each panel contains 16 strips of RGB LEDs that are arranged in a pattern that resembles a 16-segment digital clock matrix. Within this matrix it is possible to spell all letters and numbers. Each of these 16 individual strips of light within each panel are referred to as vectors or channels. The exact LED product currently in the boards: In order to spell out what I want to say, up until this point it has required manual blacking out of each vector with individual black plastic strips. As for color changing, each of the 8 panels is controlled by a remote that allows for 7 different individual colors or a handful of preset color changing sequences. Each of the 8 panels is controlled completely independent of the others. This was never the original vision behind the light board, however. The goal has always been to program the board to allow it to function as one dynamic unit. I need live control, perhaps through a MIDI controller, as well as the ability to run pre-set scenes and sequences. Sound reactive would be nice too. With each panel containing 16 channels, in total there are 128 channels across the entire wall. If I am not mistaken, this number seems likely to fit in well with DMX programming. As it stands now, all the channels are wired together in each board to create only one color at a time, and I am aware that the boards need to be rewired so that each vector/channel can be controlled separately. I know there are some RGB strips that allow for control of each individual diode within the strip, but I am fine with having each whole strip being capable of just one color at a time. I imagine this simplifies the programming quite a bit. In terms of the computer program, I have a couple of features that would be ideal. First is the ability to type words and have them appear live on the board, possibly even scrolling across. Being RBGs, the ability to control live color changing/blending is also a must. I am searching for both the hardware and software needed to fulfill this vision. I am capable of rewiring the boards myself, but am uncertain what specific style of plugs/connectors would be needed to connect each of the 8 panels to the master board/controller. I am also uncertain what type of board/controller is required. If you have any leads on products that are capable of fulfilling this application, please let me know. If you are capable of programming a custom program (if only a custom program would be suitable for this project) or know someone who is, again, please let me know. I'm also interested in what you think the budget would be. If there are any details I have left out that are essential to your determination process, contact me and I'll fill in whatever blanks may exist. Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you for your help.

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Looking for an RGB color table, constant intensity?

Hi, looking for a constant intensity RGB color table to use with a RGB LED. In R, I'd generate a color sequence like this: p=colorRampPalette(c("blue","cyan","green","yellow","red"))(255);data=data.frame(red=substr(gsub("#","",p),1,2),green=substr(gsub("#","",p),3,4),blue=substr(gsub("#","",p),4,5));for(j in names(data))for(i in 1:nrow(data)){data[i,j]=eval(parse(text=paste("0x",data[i,j],sep="")))};for(i in names(data))data[,i]=as.numeric(data[,i]);data$c="";for(i in 1:nrow(data))data[i,"c"]=sprintf("%03d%03d%03d",data[i,]$red,data[i,]$green,data[i,]$blue);paste(data$c,collapse="', '") giving me: 000000015', '000004079', '000008143', '000012207', '000016015', '000020079', '000024143', '000028207', '000032015', '000036079', '000040143', '000044207', '000048015', '000052079', '000056143', '000060207', '000064015', '000068079', '000072143', '000076207', '000080015', '000084079', '000088143',..... which gives me a sequence of 255 RBG ( 1-255 values). The problem is when I put that to my LED, I do get sort of the intended sequence of color, but as I am driving the LED color via PWM, I see a huge change in intensity as well as the color. Does anyone know how to create a constant intensity palette for PWM use? Do I need to work with HSV then transform back? Is there a nice existing library (R or arduino) that'll give me the values?

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