I am saving up for a xbox 360 and was wondering if it would be better to buy a used one or buy one on ebay with the RROD Answered

I don't have a job yet and i just turned 16 and i am looking for one. so i am either going to save up for a used xbox 360 from gamestop or buy one from ebay with the RROD and fix it I know how to fix the RROD and have done it on a friends xbox so repairing it is not much of a prolblem

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Thank you for telling me the 220 degrees C + temperature. With my heat gun .eletric heated pan and a IR thermometer I got the GPU off.But I think I ruined it.So will by a new one off ebay with the solder balls already fixed -Keith tait

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Xbox 360 RROD Fix: My Heat Sinks Wont Heat Up And My Fans Wont Start!! HELP!!!!?

I followed some guys instructions on how to fix rrod, my heat sinks wont heat up and when i plug in my fans they wont start, PlEASE HELP! + i live in Australia so i dont know where to get thermal compound, pleazz help!!!

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Xbox 360 RROD: I did the same thing for fixing my box shown here but only replaced one of the x-clamps a while ago?

And now my RROD is back, should I try replacing the other one, just re-applying more thermal paste or finally get a new box?

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So all 4 rings are fixable right?

Im a n00b, bought a red ringed 360 from a friend for cheap.

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Instructable idea: the Frankenbox 360

Ok, I'm working on something, and before I go through the trouble of writing an -ible for it, I would like to get a good idea of what kind of interest there is in it. I recently came into a free bricked xbox 360 (shocking I know, those are SO hard to come by.....) so, I have harvested a few parts, and am modifying my old xbox that had a bad habit of overheating by putting another of the larger heatsinks in xbox's over the gpu, changing the shape of the fan duct to accommodate the larger heatsink, and will putt the cd drive on top of the case, run the wires inside, and hook another set of the original fans to a 12v power supply and mount a switch on the case. This thing will be hideous, beautiful and will tell heat just where to go. :) So, What does everyone think??

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Single RROD Question (E-73 Error)

There are many fixes for the Xbox 360 RROD phenomenon, but all of them seem to feature the 3 light problem. Mine only has one light lit up red and I'm given the dreaded E-73 error. Will this repair instructable cover my problem as well as the 3 light RROD? Please help. I'm at my wits end about this, and can't afford a replacement at this time.

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is the xbox 360 elite (black case)repair for the rrod any different from the common repair?

Different mother board,screws, or process for the rrod repairs

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Does the xbox 360 slim burn out with thew RROD (Red Ring Of Death)? Answered

How much better is the new xbox is what I am really asking.

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How can you find a free or cheap x box 360 even with the RROD? Answered

I would like to have a X BOX 306 but i don't have much money and i would be willing to fix one if it had the RROD but i have no idea where to get one.

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xbx 360 RROD? have tried a hot air gun reflow + x-clamp replacement?

Ok so i bought some xbox's with the intention of fixing and selling them. they all have 3 red rings. i have tried using a hot air gun to reflow the board but it hasn't worked. i also added in bolts and plastic/ metal washers to all of them but still nothing. one of them turns on then beeps and goes to 3 red lights. another one goes on for about 20 seconds (with no picture or sound) then goes to 3 red lights. the other one just has 3 red lights. i was wondering what else i can do? thanks

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I followed the guide to fixing the RROD on the Xbox 360. (created by Dr.Proffessor_Jake_Biggs). NEED HELP ASAP!!

Once I reached the end and done the heat test, I proceeded to the following steps and the heat sinks got very hot quickly.   I plugged the fans in and began to tension the screws correctly to erase the red ring of death.  Upon powering up again, the heat sinks will no longer heat up at all.  Where do I go from here?? Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.  The crazy thing is, I just repaired my friends xbox last night and it worked 10 percent BETTER than perfect.  But now I can't figure out what the deal is with mine!! Please don't tell me that I'm probably just screwed! lol?

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About repairing the RROD on xbox 360's

Okay, I am thinking about getting me an xbox 360, but it is a bit over my budget so I am going to get a faulty one from ebay. But then when I look up some RROD (red ring of death) repair guides, I got suspicious about how you repair the xbox's, all  you just need to take it apart, replace the thermal paste between the heatsinks and the chips and put it all together. That just doesn't seem right... Does anyone have personal experience using this technique to repair their xbox 360?

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What is the difference between these screws? Answered

I am trying to fix my RRoD xbox and I can't figure out what kind of screw to use... It might help if I knew what the difference in them were.... I am american and metric makes no scene to me... 5x20MM Panhead Machine Screw 3/16" x 1/2" Panhead Machine Screws 12mm Cheese Head Screws Bonus points if you can find the kind of screw that Microsoft uses and the diameter and thread count, i know for the x-clamp fix it must be 1/2" in length.  Thanks...

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how to fix an xbox 360 cd drawer?

My dvd/ cd drawer on my xbox 360 keeps getting stuck and also i have the rrod on my 360 and tried every thing to fix it please help.

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trying to fix RROD xbox 360 xenon, j tag, & finish a case mod fan assembly, , with multi 2 part questions, thanks

Ok , i have a RROD xbox 360 xenon, ive started the case mod , adding 2 fans one intake, & outtake  makeing a v from the cpu, & 2 smaller gpu style fans at the top,,  i also cut out a window over the drive baywith a cd drive cut out,    ive seen the mod for soldering directly under the power input & am wondering if this Vpp will withstand 2X 12v fans, (2-3) leds & 2x small 1" fans, & a small 12v neon light string? , i can get the rest of the measurements if needed for the power equation & schematic diagram. can i get a schematic of the Xbox 12v power  diagram?   question 2, could some one provide with a sucessful rrod repair link, removeing the x clamp & appalying spacers,  i can thermal paste & work on electrical equipment, im 1/2% about the over heating part, & a few other posts have varied   question 3:  ive seen 2 of the j tag mods here, & if  i fix RROD , i plan on doing so, can i request a link to a solid post on it, with a schematic diagram if at all possible, i plan on using my bread board & making a plug for whats necessary as far as j tag connection on the side of the case, in case i need to "manually update"   can i solder a secondary sata port on board?   can i get a schematic of the Xbox power wiring diagram?   if not, can i use a standard sata hdd instead of the Xbox disk drive? to store "game/media" ?   & if so can i use my xbox cd drive in my pc to "aquire" a copy of my purchashed roms & bulk store & transfer data via network or external hdd? i will post pic of case mod soon with fan & wiring diagram , all other mods when completed,     sorry for the multi part question,    thank you for all the help 

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the 3 lights dont change to the 2 lights? (Not even after a Hour of running..) How to fix?

After applying the X-clamp fix (Just like the tutorial) comming to the part of overheating the Xbox. The 3 lights wont change in 2 lights (i'm running it over a hour now). Whats the solution?

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xbox 360 Question

I have a xbox 360 that used to work. My friend tried to fix  a 3 RROD on it. He said he tried many times to start the xbox up it would show a green light for a second, then turn off. I now tried starting it without the fans or heat sink, and the power brick light turns red. Can anybody help?

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Xbox 360 question Answered

I got a red ringed Xbox 360. It is green in the center for about 30 seconds then it gives a 3 part rrod. I can not turn it off either. I have replaced the heat paste. Then I unpluged and repluged the fans. Another thing is that when I hold in resart and eject I make it blink a full circle even faster than before. I have to start it up with the eject button. don't know how to fix it, but i can solder. Can anyone help ?

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(newsletter) Milk an Almond, Headless Bride, Fix an Xbox 360

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can a sata seagate xbox hard disk drive work in a laptop to increase space and as the primary drive ? ?

Can a sata seagate xbox hard disk drive work in a laptop to increase space and as the primary drive ? Heres the catch though the laptop is not sata its Ide an old gateway solo multimedia pc for commercial use like presentations slideshows ect. ? I gave the laptop to my mom and now she has ran out of space on the drive thats in it, its only a 1gb thats in it I had a xbox 360 that give up on me and got the rrod and would not even power on at all so I tore it apart and took the dvd rom and hard disk drive out I know 20gb aint much but its better than nothing Please help me I know that theres a way too But my feeble mind cant grasp the how to of doing it or even how sata works to start with sata only has 8 wires for everything data and power and thats messing with my mind email me speedjunky@windstream.net

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360 submergerd in mineral oil

Well, I seen the instructable to submerge a PC motherboard in non-conductive mineral oil to cool it and brainstormed that this could be the perfect fix for my RROD problem with a early model Elite. I have drawn up plans and already found a few problems and would like some input on them. I do not expect a expert answer but I'm sure there are people out there that can make a far better assessment on this than I. 1.) Will the oil conduct and move enough heat to be more effective than fans? 2.) The case I have designed requires roughly 2.8-3.0 Gal of mineral oil and if i was to consider         circulating it through a radiator, what would an appropriate pump size be? ( gallons or liters          per min) 3.) Also I would plan on using only wireless controllers so is there a way to solder some leads       onto the sync button and maybe to an external momentary switch so I would not need access       to the MB everytime we wanted to add another player? Thank you for any help you can provide on any of these issues. Regardless I will begin work on it tomorrow as a experiment and to challenge myself. I will be making an instructable on this when it is done. And many thanks to the original author that inspired me to take it a step further. https://www.instructables.com/id/Mineral-Oil-Submerged-PC/

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Start Fire with Air, Free Cinnamon Bread, Take Beautiful Pictures...

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