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Lost latest edits and revert is not working

My most recently saved version turned the step into garbage, and when I attempt to use the revert feature I get a pink box saying "sorry there was an unexpected problem". Regardless of which previous versions I attempt to rever to I get the same response. I thought perhaps there was something wrong with the website, but It's now been over 12 hours, and the response doesn't change. Could someone please tell me how to solve this?

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New I'ble single-step URLs are broken for steps 10 and later

As Jamalam posted this morning, a new bug was introduced with the overnight feature rollout.  For published Instructables, the individual steps now have human-readable URLs of the form "" (e.g., "").  This is really nice. Unfortunately, the server-side code which generates these URLs is buggy.  For two-digit steps (step10 and higher), the URL does not resolve correctly, reverting back to the intro step.  You'll see this if you follow the link above.

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