What to do with old bicycle rims?

OK, here they canibalize bicycles. Usually all that they throw out are old frames and rims. So your mission, chould you decide to accept it is to find something more interesting to do with a discarded bike rim than making a crab net out of it. (ps. spokes and freewheels are included with most rims)

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Oven cleaner on alloy rims

Years of filth on my Suzuki's rims. Just sprayed it on left for 15 minutes then washed it off!! Be careful obviously it caustic. Eyes and skin protection advised.

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DIY LED car rims?

Anyone know how? like to have them behing the rims so they make it glow.......?

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Need some good color combinations

Got some new wheels for my bike that were dirt cheap..Only problem is I need some good colors that will make the bike look amazing. The rims are yellow and the spokes are black. Help me out. Be creative.

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How are LED car rims powered?

Greetings, Anyone know how power is supplied to spinning car rims? http://customwheel.com/custom_wheels/product_info.php/products_id/1687 Thanks

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Wanted: Bicycle wheels w/ rims

I need bicycle tire for a fishing rod holder that i would like to sell (like the one below but without the pvc)

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glow in the dark bike

After getting hit by a car while riding at night (even though I had lights) I am considering powder-coating the frame of my bike with a glow in the dark additive. I was wondering if anyone had attempted this before, and if you had thoughts on it. Also, can you powder-coat spokes? I know powder-coating the rims is bad because it interferes with the brake pads functioning, but I'd really like my bike to be as visible as possible. 

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Cheap skate automotive painting question!?

I have a 73 volkswagen transporter type 2 microbus AKA hippy van and I am planning on painting it orange and white. I was just wondering what the best methods would be and such any advice would be much appreciated. Im planning on just sanding it down and using rustoleum to give it a nice cheap paint job 1. Can I paint the rims as well with this paint http://www.homehardware.ca/Products/index/show/product/I1821684/name/paint_alk_rust_trem_green_3_78l 2. Should I use rollers, brushes, or a spraygun to do it? 3. how would I go about prepping rims for painting?

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How do i remove rim paint Answered

So i painted my rims black with duplicolor rim paint and i did a bad job and they look like poop.. is there a way to take the paint off?

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Led light on motorcycle wheel / mag / rim ?

Hi, im new member i got here because i am looking for someone who can help me to put a Led light design on my Motorcycle wheel please can anyone help me how to do it, i have 9v battery, switch, cables, led light strips(waterproof) i wan to put cool blue design on my wheel, i am wondering how to do this because if i put it on my wheel, i dunno how to power it or where to put the battery. i want flawlessly spinning the wheel. This is my MC http://images01.olx.com.ph/ui/13/22/82/1299054572_133072082_9-for-sale-or-straight-swap-my-mio-soul-white2009-sa-raider150-or-sniper-.jpg This is i want to do: (not my video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m95ZAKd5o7s&feature;=related Please, im hoping someone can help me here

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should i replace the whole rim on my bike?

Should i replace he rim or just the cassette? i snapped it in half riding my bike fast the other day.

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spinning wires?

I need to run some wires from the axel of my car to my rims, and i need to know how to have it so the wires can spin with the wheels, is there any way to do this?

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Can I lace a MTB disc hub to a road 700c rim?

Hi there, I would like to run a disc break up front on a fixie and was wondering if I could run a MTB hub on road rim? Or would I better off looking to run a 29" MTB rim on the hub? Does anyone know some tough 29"/700c rims?  Any help would be much appreciated, Barry

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how to remove the spray paint in my motorcycle rim.?

I WANT TO repaint it .. i

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What size rim do i need for a 700 x 32c tire?

The rimm I'm replacing is 36h, the rims i see are from 25 to 36. I wondering what will fit

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Help needed to upgrade wheels on walker for all-terrain ?

I've been trying to source a rim / hub  for my e-walker project , and so far havent been succesful  in finding the exact measurments I need  7.5 " wheel / 46 mm width with 9- 10mm bearing ( SEE BELOW ) http://www.mcmaster.com/#ball-and-rolle ... gs/=9i3dx1 The spacer inside the wheel based on my measurements is 2.7 mm in length and 13 mm in diameter ( outside ) Any way , it seems the best match I can find for hub , tire so far is one of those wheels used on those razor electric scooters  here  though I do not see any bore sizes for any of them, in spite of being told there are after emailing them that its up there ( you can see for yourelf if you like ) So instead, I did websearch on the model of the scooter that correlated with the sorta wheel specs that might work - like e100 razor  and found 8mm mentioned a few times , which I assumed might be the correct diameter of the axel / bore size i need. ( I have also asked on scooter forum to confirm this ) 8 mm however is too small to fit my own  knee walker mobility device , so I was wondering - to cut a long story short  - if there is any way I can enlarge the hole in the bearings that might be realtively easy i.e. without paying someone else ( assuming this could be done easily ) or having to buy a rim with a bigger bore and using some sort of hub ring to make u the difference ( perhaps a bad idea for hun motor ) Again , if any one has any suggestion they willing to share I'd be more than greateful for your ideas and badly needed advice  :) thanks once again. hele

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how do you install new atv tires on the rims? Answered

I got some after market tires for my Honda foretraxs (and remove the old ones).

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Can someone post up an instructable to make a cardboard rim cover thing?(You'll see what I mean)

I saw this dude with a cardboard front rim and I was wondering how to do it without messing up. I also don't know how to make the circle. ( Actually a good circle ) I feel stupid for that.. Kinda like this picture.

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How can we make a arch out of discarded bike rims/wheels?

My fiance and I want to build a rounded arch out of discarded bike rims to use in our wedding ceremony next summer. We do not have welding equipment, which I imagine would be the easiest way to do this. Besides that, how could we do this? We'd love it to be rounded, but suggestions for a squared one would be ok, too. After the wedding the arch would live in our garden. Thank you in advance!

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Everytime i air up my tires they blow. Why?

Okay, when i air up my tires on my bike, the tire comes off the rim, the tube comes out and pops, even at 55-65 PSI exactly what they are supposed to be at. How do stop this? Please!! It is getting expensive!!

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i need help fixing my bike, i just posted pictures

I was riding my bike doing stupid stuff, i tighted my bolts because my rim was loose i rode around and was just messin around some more and the axel and rim came part, started clanking, wobbling around alot and noticed it..pissed me off alot, was about a mile down the road and decided t ride it anyway, stuck in 6th gear, messed up wheel that makes it go slow do not work together, so i got it up as fast as i could and it was clanking, wobbling, and squeeking SO much...IM STILL PISSED OFF!!! Pictures soon.

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what is the best way to make an induction charging system?

Using Neodymium magnets on the spokes of a bicycle rim, and coil around both forks.

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Create standstill effect with LED from hall effect sensor ?

Hi everyone, A little bit info of what I'm working on. I am trying to create a standstill effect of the spokes of the car rim. I attached a hall effect sensor and a magnet to inside of the rim . I have tried 2 different approaches : ( code for each method are also attached)              1. use the hall effect sensor to determine the RPM of the rim and then flash the led accordingly to the spokes on the rim. The problem with this approach is that the led flash quite dim and and the spoke image rift.  I cant find the right windows for flashing LED.               2. use the the hall effect sensor to detect any magnetic field and then flash whenever it is detected. This method is quite simple but the effect is blurry. The problem for this is that the magnet detection happen on the arc of the rim instead of at 1 pin point location. Hence the led is on for too long --> blurry effect. I also attache some diagram to explain my problem in case I didn't do well with words.  Do you have any suggestion, solution or comment on the approaches or the code. Please feel free to throw in. Im all ear.  Code:  Method 1: Calculating RPM then flash led : http://txt.do/5b9is I am leaning toward this method but the effect is rifting. Not entirely sure how to fix it or what could possibly cause it.  to clarify: the rifting effect happen when i use 2 magnets on the rim. with only 1 magnet, it still rift but the led very dim, almost unnoticeable.  Method 2:  Image for the 2nd approach in case the pictures didnt show on instructables the front : http://imgur.com/HwFm1lT the back : http://imgur.com/1DvWjZK the side : http://imgur.com/RHZIbfR The problem : http://imgur.com/RHZIbfR flashing LED whenever sensor detect the magnet: http://txt.do/5b9b7

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What is a moldable material that can be drilled into?

Hi all, I'm a student working on a project, and i've run into a bit of a problem finding a material such as an epoxy or resin that can be molded to fit a groove, and be drilled into once dry. I have a plastic rim that I would like to fill in the grove where the inner tube would normally be.  https://engineering.purdue.edu/ece477/Archive/2008/Spring/S08-Grp12/pics/Wheel01.jpg This picture is similar to the rim we have.  If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. 

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Bicycle accident is the frame okay? Answered

I struck basically struck a curb (an unmarked road island really) going 17 mph roughly and blew out my front rim. I broke a collar bone because of the accident. Anyways I was wondering if the frame is okay I looked at it and there was no visible cracks anywhere. Its a cheap Schwinn frame and it got me wondering if it would be safe to put a new rim on and go. BTW this is a gas powered motorized bicycle not the cheap ones as shown BEFORE the crash. 

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What is a material that can be molded and drilled into once cured?

Hello, I am currently working on a project where a plastic rim needs to be filled in. The area where the inner tube would normally go needs t be completely filled in and drilled into once it is cured.  https://engineering.purdue.edu/ece477/Archive/2008/Spring/S08-Grp12/pics/Wheel01.jpg This is a picture of a rim similar to the one we are using. The material would be strong and ideally not too expensive.  if anyone has any ideas, I would very much like to hear them.  Thank you!

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How do I attach rocks and stones to fiberglass?

When a neighbor's whirlpool brokedown they decided they no longer wanted the tub. they took it up and threw it away. Being into recycling I took the tub and buried it up to the rim in the ground and using all the steps used to put in a pool liner. I have my rocks and have banked the sides so that the tub will work as a pool but now I'm not sure what is the best mortar to use to adhere the rocks to the rim and the upper foot of the tub walls. Please answer as quickly as possible as I want to finish before my family reunion this summer. Thank you.

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New K'nex wheel design

I've been working on a new ball machine for a few years and finally decided to tear it down and start anew; one thing I did save was this wheel. It uses chain for a rim to make a "perfectly" circular wheel. With grey rods on every rim connector it is quite heavy, in my ball machine I used a delay to send 3 balls onto it at once to make it spin nicely. If you want you could only use once white connector and 8 grey rods to make a lighter frame that would spin well with only one ball on it. Peace! ~IaC

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how do i reskin my calf skin drum?

I'm using a ludwig with skins that are glued to flesh hoops and the flesh hoops are tightened with wooden rims. i need to reskin one of the flesh hoops and i'm not sure how to do it!

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My tire swing tire Answered

I found an old tire in my pasture by my house. I decided to make a rope swing out of it, the only problem is the old, rusty rim is still on it! How do I get it off??

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Electricity Generator

Hi all,Quick question. If I attach Neodymium magnets to bicycle rim (separating it by waste rubber tube) and copper winding to bicycle mud guard how much electricity can be generated? What needs to be done to increase the same?ThanksViraj

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What size is the cartrige of .32 ammo?

Does anyone know what is the diameter (in millimeters) and length(once again in millimeters) .32 ammo catriges are? How about the bullets?What is its composition? What size is the rim?What is the percussion cap made of and how it is set or made?

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Bicycle Speedometer

With my customization of my bike, I just have to have a speedometer. But, I haven't found a single place on the Internet showing how to make one, just how to buy one.I know that speed = distance/time. I was thinking, since this is going on my bike, I could measure the circumference of the rim and hook up a circuit that would have a something (motion detector?) on the front brakes and another something on the rim, the one on the brakes counting the number of RPMs. I could have it hooked up to a timer, and it would have a digital read-out, which would calculate the speed, that updates every certain number of RPMs.Has anyone ever built a speedometer, or if not, do you think something like that would work?Thanks!

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Yellow Gear with 84 Teeth!

I have a large collection of K'Nex and have discovered that a few of my yellow gears have 84 teeth instead of the usual 82. The shade of yellow is paler than usual and the spokes have a narrower shoulder near the rim. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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Custom spare wheel mount?

Just wondering if there is an article on building a custom mount for your spare tire, ours (under the truck) broke and we normally just lay it down in the back, but that can make storing other stuff harder, I'd like a article on how to make a custom mount. Thanks :)

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Looking for Magnets and / or Permenent Magnet Generators 12 Volts for Africa

Hello, I am working with a couple of young men in Togo, West Africa. They sell solar panels, and because batteries are so expensive, it they did one of them bike rim windmills, and generated 12 volts, during the nights, the houses could power up LED lights. Which 12 volt generator would you recommend to buy on Ebay? Please paste a link. What specific magnets are good for the bike rim, please give me the specific link on ebay. I hope someone has done this, and does know how, I can search.. . I watch so many videos it drives me crazy, I want to replicate, and often the buying details are not included. Thanks, Andy Lee Graham Travel Writer for HoboTraveler.com Merry Christmas hoboontheroad   AT yahoo.com

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Anemometer and the diameter vs circumference

Various Instructables have been created for building a wind speed anemometer, and nearly all use a bicycle speedometer for the read out. My question is, regardless of the actual diameter, the sensor can be close to the outer rim, or close to the hub, because one revolution is going to be one revolution and register as such on the speedometer. So, setting the speedometer to whatever rim size you desire, the readout would be correct. If you set the tire size to 24", then each time the sensor is tripped, it will show the speed for that tire size.  The same with 27" or 28" tires. The reason I'm asking is because I'm putting together a 'gopher chaser' from Harbor Freight (on sale last weekend for $1.50) which measures 17 3/8". I have no desire to cut new blades from sheet metal.... Thanks for any input on the issue.

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How do i build one of those new light up skateboards?

Mmk so i've been seeing these skateboard with LED lights around the bottom rim of the deck and i know for a fact that it would cost less than what they charge to make one. anyone have any ideas?

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wind mill blade design?

Im currently building a windmill, and For the blade design I was thinking about going with something like this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Ted-Baer-s-Bicycle-Wheel-Windmill/  and I could use some help with figuring what the actual shape of the blades would have to be cut into, to fit onto the rim. thanks:D

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Faraday generator for your bicycle led light

I'm looking for a way to make a Faraday generator of some sort to put on my bikes rear wheel to power my led lights( a 56LED 3-1.5v AA's and 26LED 3-1.5v AAA's. I found something close that may work with some design changes. I found a magnet site with a magnet that could work with the wheel. I would mount it to the rim itself and put the copper coil attached to the bike. The problem is winding the coil of copper wire, gauge and what type of direction to make it. And the possible use of ultra capacitors or a built in charging system for the batteries. I would need a minimum voltage of 9 volts for the lights to run. The way the example light works is with a fly wheel and the bike's rim would take that place. The design is pretty simple and should work fine. The hub is 1.5" diameter and .5" deep with room across for the bundle of wound wires. Just looking for input and if anyone has thought of this before. Thanks.

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What can i do with lots of rubber tires?

I have come across a pile of deserted rubber tires.  I'm not sure what they were originally used for but they are fairly high quality. to be clear, these are just the rubber part, no rim.  There a bunch of different kinds but most are over 20 in. in diameter and the width is about 6 in. For what could i possibly use these?

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How can I turn my recumbent bike into a spinning wheel?

I spin wool into yarn. I have an old recumbent bike. I would like to know how to turn the recumbent bike into a spinning wheel. Would consider using an old bike tire rim for the wheel. Need to be able to control the speed ratio.

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if my sway bar link bushing n bolt broke off would the left suspension (control arms) be lowered?

Im missing the bolt n bushing on the sway bar link the upper n lower control arms are now lowered and the nut on the lower ball joint is riding on the inside of the rim. well sitting on it, im not drivin it would this be the cause? 2001 Mercury mountaineer

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anyone knos how to remove a bike cassete without special tool?

Okay i got this mountain bike and i want to make the back rim single speed but i cant take out the cassete. i search on youtube but it says need a special tool but i cant find one in town. so if anyone knos how to remove a casset without the special tool HUM:)

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High Resolution view of Victoria Crater on Mars

NASA has released a beautiful high resolution picture of Victoria Crater (below) taken from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. If you zoom in on the full resolution image, you can see the Opportunity rover's tracks and stopping points (faint lines with bright dots) around the left part of the rim.The photo was taken in July 2009, so many of Opportunity's tracks have already been obscured by wind and sand.

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can i make homemade .22 blank gun?

I am making a small gun for a R/C tank i am building. i want it to shoot .22 rim-fire blanks too make it well...awesome. is there any way i can do this with materials such as aluminum or copper? or does this have to be made from steel to keep the pressures from breaking the gun. also, is the force from a blank the same force as a regular bullet.

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Painting a Lawnmower?

Hey guys, I have an older lawn mower that I want to paint the handlebars, wheel rims, and some plastic pieces blaze orange. It's a gift for my girlfriends little brother who's birthday is in a couple weeks. I was wondering what paint I should use for it? I don't have a lot of money to play with so that is definitely a factor. I have a home depot, lowes, value home, and sears near where I live. Thanks for any help!

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