GPS route optimizer

My type-A personality never lets me stop trying to optimize everything in my life. Recently, I’ve started taking data on my commute to work: time of departure and time of arrival versus a number of different routes. This is endlessly amusing to houseguests, and a point of constant annoyance to Christy (who typically records the data while I drive; I record it myself when I bike to work). The result of all this data would be a 2-D color map that could give me an estimate of the shortest route depending on the time I was leaving. However, on further thought, I realized such a chart would only tell me about routes I already knew and would be very sensitive to my route ordering. For example, if there are three ways to get to work, how do I order them? By length? By number of turns? By my perceived annoyance of that particular route? I then got to thinking of taking time measurements between each possible node in a route. Those segments could then be built into routes I’ve never explored before. You can just imagine the look Christy gave me when I suggested this. Clearly, this is best done by a computer. So the question: has anyone seen anything like this, or a GPS unit hackable enough to permit this without carrying a laptop as well (I’d like to do this on bike, too)? Wouldn’t the final version of this be sweet?! You tell it where you’re going, and based on past experience, the time of day, and real-time traffic data it suggests the optimal route. (I’ve seen GPS + real-time traffic, but my guess is that traffic data isn’t nearly as useful as past experience data.) To everyone that can relax while commuting and not worry about 16 versus 17 minutes: I envy you.

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routing help! using Eagle

Hii am just a beginner at electronics and eagle. i am having problems routing the AVR ISP. a few tracks are trapped and i just couldn't route it to its destination. i have tried for days to make it work, but it seems too complicated. the zip file below is the whole design with a Design Rule file (.dru). any tips, comments, etc would be appreciated =] or if you would like to route it, that'd be great. thanks.

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Paper route paper canon

Hey guys, I need some suggestions. I'm wanting to build a canon type device that will toss/shoot/push out a newspaper that is rolled up, onto peoples porchs. I do paper route delivery, and getting out of the car for houses setting kind of a ways back is a pain. Or just having to get out everyime kind of sucks. I'm thinking more along the lines of something that is spring loaded. Also, one problem is when you roll up the news paper, you use rubber bands. But if I were to have a chamber where the paper when down into it, the rubber bands would affect how the paper slid out the gun, since rubber bands of course having a rubbery consistancy that would almost be like a rubbery shoe bottom stopping suddenly on a basketball court, putting a brake on it's velocity. Anyhow, and ideas would be great. PVC type canon with a spring inside seems like that might be functional, but how would the locking device work, etc. etc...

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Need Assistance Planning Route

I'm looking for some help... I will be driving from Orlando, FL to Los Angeles, CA to the San Francisco, CA east bay area in about two weeks. I'm looking for advice on what roads to take, where to avoid (certain roads at certain times) and places to stop/see to break up the trip. I greatly appreciate the help, even if it's just for a local area :D I'll be going to AAA soon to get maps and construction advisories :) My goal, in my car's current configuration, is to get 30% over EPA estimate - which is ~40 miles per gallon. EPA estimates 31mpg highway - 24 city - 27 combined (that's the updated numbers). I have a scanguage2 and have been tuning my driving skills for hypermiling (my current tank is 32mpg, 100% city driving).

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Networking, Subnets and Basic Routing - Please Explain? Answered

I have been having trouble setting up my router so that it knows about a network behind another one my routers (serving up another subnet).  I understand a little of how to configure the routing tables but I was wondering if someone could just explain the basics of how an ip network (subnets/subnet masks etc) works, as it is still a little mysterious to me (it's amazing that I have been able to get things working with my limited knowledge). I mean how does one computer talk to another on the same subnet or across the world (what is the difference between a mac address and an IP address), what is going on behind the scenes??? I don't mind technical speak as long as it's logically ordered.  Thanks so much!

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cnc milling or routing setup from old dot matrix printer?

Many years ago  I purchased a radio shack 9 pin dot matrix printer.  The thing is huge and built like a tank.  Packrat that I am, I haven't disposed of it although it has pretty much outlived its usefulness as a printer.  I was wondering if there might be a quick and/or dirty way of attatching a battery operated tool like a dremel to where the printing head is currently?

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What bit should I use for cnc routing/milling blue insulation foam with my dremel?

I'm making a desktop cnc mill using my dremel as the milling tool...what bits should I use to mill foam? How about for cutting thin(3/32 or so) plywood?

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2014 Halloween Postcards -en route

Trick or treat!  Halloween is a celebration of DIY costumery, candy consumption, and pumpkin butchery. Every year, we send out postcards to as many people as possible to mark our favorite holiday. We're doing it again this year. Last year we sent approximately 3000 cards. This year, we'd like to send even more. (Looks like 3,780 so far. I expect some attrition, though.) Since you've requested to receive a postcard, you've already commented here before Friday October 10th. We've sent you an address request through our prize claim system. We're also sending a special prize pack with a new limited-edition Halloween t-shirt to 10 randomly selected people from the comments below. Happy Halloween, and we're looking forward to seeing your Halloween projects! Halloween cards are on their way to a mailbox near you! Depending on your address, you ought to receive your postcard before Friday. (Later if you are in Albania, Azerbaijan, or further afield than North America.) Later still if you reside in Middle Earth where the orcs devour 7/8ths of all mail and 100% of captured mail carriers.

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Looking for: Laser and CNC etching services in Los Angeles or other

Hi- looking for laser cutting/CNC service to make some simple stamps to use with ink to make cards etc. Not looking to make my own laser cutter or cnc machine. I can use rubber or wood or whatever stamp material does not matter to me. I could do local or create file and send it to someone to produce the stamp. I can handle the mounting etc. I got the idea from here: One of the stamps I want to make is like the Insta Stamp 45 here for making QSL cards from postcards, index cards, etc.- Thanks- C

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Is there an easy way to identify routes between airports ?

I've had a fairly good look for a way of doing this, it might be the way I'm asking the question but.... I've been looking for a way to identify routes out of any given airport. I don't want to book flight with any specific airline, I want to explore possible routes, the way I want to take them, without having to enter my itenary in a dozen airline websites. Somewhere I can see say "Honolulu - Serves LA Sandiego New York, Calgary Paris....." "Manchester UK - serves Paris, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta....." Thanks for any tips ! Steve

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iPod Question - Re-routing button switches?

I had a wonderful idea, one which, thanks to Kiteman's Law, will be made into an Instructable if all turns out. For this, I am using an iPod Shuffle, second generation. I will remove the aluminum case, so as to expose the circuit board and battery, etc. I figure since the iPod is small, the buttons that are on it will be surface mounted, like a cell phone. Does anyone know if (and how) these could be modified/hacked so as to enable me to use my own push-button switch? So as to give you a somewhat vague idea of what I am creating, I am virtually super-sizing the iPod. Thanks y'all!

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Mach3 not following code? Answered

I am trying to mill PCBs, but when i do so, some traces vanish because the cnc moves along the same y-coordinate twice instead of leaving a trace. its always the same traces and only some of them. Does anyone know what's going on?

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PCB Milling: Eagle, Visolate, Lazycam, Mach3?

Has anyone figured this out? I make a gcode file using visolate for traces and pcbgcode plugin for holes. I then load the gcode from Mach3 to LCam to adjust the two gcode files so they are "matching." Problem is, the drill file (or holes) don't show up on lazycam. Also tried doing this using a dxf from eagle to lcam, but it puts the holes as big circles (I need points) and the "drill selected circles" command doesn't work... Anyone know what to do?  I feel like I've been hitting my head against the wall for hours...

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How to Re-route 9 Volt Batterie from Smoke Detector

Hello, We have 14 feet high ceilings and smoke detectors in 4 rooms at that height. Not wanting to crawl up the ladder to switch the 9 Volt batteries, one would think you could simplify this task. Use a 9 volt battery connector to connect to the battery ports in the smoke detectors, a wire each to a central point in the house, such as a hall closet, where each wire ends in a 9 volt battery box. I can find various 9 volt battery connectors to purchase, have umpteen yards of low voltage wire (from sprinkler system installation). What I don't know is, is there a limitation on the length of wire I can have a 9 volt battery on one end, and the smoke detector on the other end? Thank you. Stefan

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What is the best route to adding a USB power source to a guitar amplifier?

My girlfriend has a Fishman Loudbox Mini amp which has a 3.5mm auxiliary input on the back. She bought a cheapo bluetooth audio receiver that is powered by USB and outputs through its own 3.5mm jack. It works great but it takes up two wall outlets, and drastically reduces the distance it can be from the wall due to a short audio cable. So I need an easier power source for the USB dongle. I had imagined a coupler that would sit between the amp and its power cable. I could frankenstein a USB-wall-outlet connector into this coupler to provide a USB power source close to the aux input. However it may be easier to find a 5V source inside the amp and just add a usb port. I'm not sure, which is why I'm creating this post.

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What changes need to be made to a 3d printer and or software to mill/route with it?

I have a Robo 3D R1+, and am about to mount a rotary tool flex shaft on the carriage, other than mounting the dremel what other changes need to be done.  My biggest concern is the software, mattercontrol is what I'm using atm (the stock software that came with it). some of you may wonder why or what I'm going to do with it, yes,  1) because 2) whatever I can do with it.  (to clarify further, will I be milling pcbs or making neet figurines out of brass, aluminum or wood?, yes to those as well)

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Steps to setup routing for VLANs of a layer 3 switch connected to a home router for internet access? Answered

I have been searching the web for detailed steps on how to setup routing ( static / NAT ) for vlans ( Virtual LAN's) created on a layer 3 switch that is connected to a wired/wireless router at home for internet access to all the vlans thru the switch.   It would be convenient if it includes detailed explanation combined with diagrams, IP address information and steps to followed on each device and troubleshooting steps in case of issues.

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Maze solver with arduino

Hi guys..I want to make a LFR maze solver with arduino.i am gonna use a l293d IC for the motors,IR sensors,arduino uno,12 v battery and can travel in any route from start to finish,but it must return in the shortest distance from finish to start..plz help me with the coding part..mainly in the reverse route from finish to start

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What's the best way to boost the wi-fi signal coming from my wireless route?

My wireless router is in my basement and I have an iPod touch and an xbox 360 that I would like to get a better signal for.

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Bike Rides in SF

I am looking for some good bike rides in SF, Marin, or San Mateo county. From the image you can see what routes I have biked so far (I have mostly just been getting familiar with the city). If you make a good suggestion, I will ride it, post a picture of the route mapped out on google earth, and give a short description. If you want I can even take some pictures from along the way.

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How do I make an interactive flash map like this ""?

I have the images for a bus route based in a vity and I want to make an interactive flash map similar like the one shown in the link. I want to add zoom and things like that. I'm trying to do it with flash but its a pain in the @$$. How do I get about doing it?

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My Daughter's Marriage Invitation

Dear honorable members and staff at Instructables, My family and myself cordially invite you all at the marriage of our daughter Anita Christy with Mr. Anandha Bharathi On Monday, 09th June 2014 at 09:00 AM at "Our Lady of Lourdes Church", Kayathar, Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu, India. Route: Chennai (Tamil Nadu) - Madurai - Thirumangalam - Kovil Patty – Kayathar (Distance from Madurai : 130 kms) Reception at Bride's home-town on 13th June 2014 at 04:30 PM at K.K.S. Mahal, Uthamapalayam, Theni District, Tamil Nadu Route from Chennai (Distance 530 kms) Chennai - Tiruchirapalli - Dindukal - Theni - Chinnamanur - Uthamapalayam Route from Madurai (Distance 110 kms) Madurai - Usilampatty - Andipatty - Theni - Chinnamanur - Uthamapalayam Nearest Airport and Rail-head : Madurai With Regards Antoni Raj & Mrs. Josephine Raj Jose Xavier Anand (younger brother to Anita Christy) Alice Niraimathy (younger sister to Anita Christy)

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90 copies of the newsletter?

I seem to have recieved approximately 90 copies of the most recent newletter in my email over the last couple of days. The headers and routing all look legitimate, is there a problem with the email send stuff? Gene

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Website bug

I was idling on this page:  When chrome automatically re-routed to this page, no interaction, no new tab or window: Dodgy advertisers?

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Kids Robotics

I want to work with my daughter to build a fun robot but it seems like there are some many choices out there for platforms, controllers, software etc. I think I'm leaning towards a platform from DFrobot.;=37_111&product;_id=97#.VaL4sZNVhBc And an Arduino based controller like this,;=35_104&product;_id=1176#.VaL45pNVhBc To control and make it move I'm thinking that Ardublock could be a good choice. I'm curious if this community has any thoughts on my choices... or alternative ideas. Thanks, Phil

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Easiest route for me to take in the hopes of making a completely waterproof guitar hero/rock band controller(wireless)?

I've been looking for waterproof momentary switches, and the such, and was planning on a sort of plexiglass/silicon enclosure for the main electronics. It just has to be playable, not looking to set any records on it, more of just something cool to play with than a rock band expert's ultimate plaything. This is for use inside of a pool at a friend of mine's pool parties (shallow end) on the projector screen. Every other part of the electronics setup is directly poolside, a safe distance away, and raise away from the pool slightly. I'm tech savvy, and could probably figure this out, but as any DIYer knows, sometimes other people see an easier way that should have been apparent from the get-go, haha.

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Does this circuit work in reality?

I have a project (designed in CircuitMaker2000), i wanted to see if it works in real... (track the OUTPUT routes to the 3-inptut gate)

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Schematic capture / artworking software.

There are a dozen or so free electronic schematic capture and layout packages around (as node-limited versions of commercial packages). I've briefly tried a few (PCB Elegance, 123 and a couple more) but is there one which is head and shoulders above the rest? I'm looking for good library search and easy component placement and routing. Standard generic symbols as well as specifics, and autorouting and placement. Also ability to save as GIF or JPG. What would other users recommend? Incredible - When I was in electronic design for a living (a fair few years ago) my company spent hundreds of thousands of Pounds on a schematic capture and routing package and the SparcStations to run it on.

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What job can my son get? Answered

I live in Canada Ontario and I have a fourteen year old son who is desperate for money. I tried the paper route but he told me that it was not enough money. So, any suggestions? 

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does anyone have a good resource for introduction to microcontrollers? Answered

I'm talking absolute idiot here. like, imbecile. dumb.  I'm going to need to start from scratch. I just want to know the easiest and quickest route to this, be it a website, a book, or a class.

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Rear view camera?

I'm trying to figure out the best route to make a wired rear view camera for a project I'm working on, it'll essentially work exactly like a rear view camera just like a car, just button activated and small and simple. Any ideas?

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Putting RGB LEDs in paper lanterns for live music performance visuals, need help deciding what route to take?

So I have some paper lanterns, 8" in diameter, and I ordered some RGB LEDs to put in them, gonna wire it to an arduino and then to a computer so I can control them from offstage. I'm realizing that I probably need more light power (lumens?) than 3-5 RGB LEDs in each lantern.. :( So should I get a strip of LEDs or something? What's gonna give me some fire power for not too much dough? Also any other suggestions are more than welcome.

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Has anybody come across "PocketScope"?

I've been browsing this website, and I quite fancy one of their pocket microscopes.However, I have had no response from email or letter.Has anybody encountered the company or microscope through a different route?

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What to do about asbestos ceiling tiles in an old house?

My daughter just bought an old house that has asbestos ceiling tiles.  What's the best route? Cover them with a sealant, add a new dropped ceiling or W H A T?   Help

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How do I put together several DXF files?

How do I put together several .dxf files to one single file so that it can be routed in one take? Is there like a piece of software out there what I have missed? Thanks Simon

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Getting my comp to see my arduino uno clone ? The same ol windows route shown everywhere aint werkin'!!?

XP pro -sp3 -  ...I've tried installing the official USB2.0 driver, I've  tried the Virtual com port and the FTDI  drivers from the official sites...NOTHIN'!! I keep getting FOUND NEW HARDWARE -USB2.0-SERIAL...I go through all the steps found everywhere on how to "normally" get the comp and UNO to show up in sys' properties and hardware profiles etc etc....problem is I dont get any of the results nor devices these how-tos are showing. I know my way around a comp and windows...I'm just not getting past the NEW HARDWARE USB2.0  issue..let alone even seeing UNO as a device. The virtual port drivers dont do anything at more ports show up, no option to create one.... I've installed the arduino drivers incl. USB and the UNO love either I've uninstalled and installed in the root dir. luck.. I even changed the ATmega from the 8A it came with to a ATm328 w/ bootloader and blink sketch already installed on  my Arduino as well. ANYONE have this issue that has found a solution?.... other than throwing my comp out the window and using the UNOs as fancy paper weights?

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What is the best way to get your own design on a blank t-shirt?

A couple friends and I are hoping to make hand-made t-shirts for our band, I am not really fond of the photo transfer paper route. Is there any long-lasting, creative ways of getting our own designs on a blank shirt?

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What's the best way to create wind/air?

I'm looking for a controllable source of air/wind that is very responsive for an art project. I could take the air compressor route, but is too expensive and loud for my needs and fans aren't responsive enough and air pumps for fish tanks don't have enough power. Any thoughts?

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Is Calcium Chloride safe to use on roof or gutter ice dams? Answered

In cold climes, snow buildup on roofs often leads to ice dams, usually at the gutter. When the snow melts, the dam can route water under roof shingles and cause roof damage.Is Calcium Chloride safe to use on roofs? (Sodium Chloride is not, due to it's corrosiveness.)

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How can I accurately scale up an A4 drawing onto a much bigger canvas, without a projector?

I have a few line drawings I want to reproduce but on a much larger scale, but without the whole route of clear plastic + overhead projector (no such tools available). Any ideas?!

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Router bit question

I'm trying to make some crooked furniture.  I'm looking to route a ledge in my MDF to set my bendy board into. However, the surface I want to route is curved, so I can't use a router table and a fence to achieve what I want. I have no idea the terms for what I want to do, so I can't seem to google the solution.  I think I can do it with a binding router bit set, but that's $100.  So I would like to leave that as a last resort The curvy looking thing is the profile of the box I'm making.  I will then be attaching bendy board.  I want the bendy board to set inside a ledge to get a seamless edge look that won't fray over time. The box is approx 2'x7' so I need a bit or jig that I can setup on the router, the table isn't really practical. Any advice on what do use to make that ledge? Thanks!

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How to attach gps to network?

Hello All, I am Robert i am doing phd and fro that i have to make an project of which one is gps detection. Now query is:- I have an gps device how do i connect it to net and see where my car to which i have attached the gps device is presently at and on which route is it going? Please help

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Hopefully it's a hiccup, but something appears to be broken. I was trying to post a comment on Eric's Hallowe'en card topic, and the "timed out" message appeared behind the processing icon. The page then switched to: 403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules. All my usual routes into the site (bookmarks, typing it in, history) gave the same message. The "fault" only lasted a couple of minutes, but could it be symptomatic of something worse? No, I haven't broken the internet again.

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Filming 1 drop every second for 24 hours

Hi there! I need to be able to control the dripping of water to around 1 drip every second or so. What are my possible solutions? Is it worth trying to go down the home made drip kit route? Or would it be better to try and get my hands on a medical IV drip and regulator? Any ideas? Thanks :D

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What sort of temperatures can a fog machine reach? Answered

I'm looking to create a full-body fog/smoke cloak, but need to know the kind of temperatures I'd need, since I don't really want to actually smoke myself! If traditional fog machines run too hot, can anyone suggest anything cooler? (and I'm NOT going the Dry Ice route!)

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Can you use an alternator on an axle to recharge batteries? Answered

If you have a battery powered vehicle of some sort, can you put an alternator/generator or something on the axles to generate electricity to recharge the batteries the vehicle runs on? When the axle turns, the brushes pass over the coil generating electricity which is then routed back to the batteries thereby recharging the batteries. Please pardon the bad Paint drawing, but something like this.

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How can I transfer an image onto a wine bottle? Answered

I want to hand engrave a wine bottle with my Dremel but can't seem to find a way to transfer an image onto it. I don't want to go the stencil and chemical etching route. I haven't been successful sliding the print of the image inside the bottle and doing it that way either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Do some spiders leave a scent trail ? Answered

 I didn't think so but a colleague told me of his recent experience; He was in the living room watching TV and a huge spider came in along the floor. He is scared of spiders and sat there transfixed. He said it was the biggest spider that  he had ever seen.  He and his partner squashed it, ( stupid humans), and threw it in the bin. The next day he was in the same place and a big, (but not as big ), spider came along and did the exact same route through the room. He said that it was a very unusual route to take but he knew that it was identical because he had studied both of them with absolute fear-based attention. So apart from making him feel guilty about killing the first one he wondered if spiders leave a scent. I can't find any answer on google so I'm asking anyone who may have knowledge of spiders? Thank you. I can't seem to find a suitable channel so I've chosen camping in the hope that some outdoor type will know.

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What is the easiest way to recharge a capacitor? Answered

I'm in need of a way to recharge a capacitor ( or more ). The disposable cameras circut is trashed ( it didn't work even before then w/ the right setup ), and I can't afford another. Is there some way to avoid the circut in favor of a more direct route? I need to recharge it for use as a shocker or coil gun, and have an AA battery holder as my power source as well as a switch to fire. Please help.

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