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Question by mauricewarebee    |  last reply

SATA DVD motor control

Hi, how can I control the main motor from SATA pins directly? The point is just simply make it spin. Like this: ...or if someone can explain what bridges to make in circuit itself.

Question by Futuman    |  last reply

Rigging Laptop SSD to Desktop SATA

So I'm looking at upgrading my computer with a Solid State Drive to make it boot faster, but I don't want to pay like $200 for one off newegg. I was wondering if it's possible to rig one from say an EEE PC (which can be bough used/for parts pretty cheap on ebay/CL these days) into my regular SATA port, and what the performance would be like compared to a desktop SSD drive. Thanks!

Question by The Insomniac    |  last reply

How can I turn an Xbox 360 SATA wire into a SATA-to-USB cable?

I recently stripped my Xbox 360 HDD for an external Drive. I have a USB-to-SATA cable already, but I would like to use the wires from the 360 as a second SATA to USB wire. Any help?

Question by NativeSs    |  last reply

How can I get a Vista boot disk for a Dell Studio 1737 with the SATA drivers for the hard drive controller? Answered

P.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0.0cm; font-size: 12.0pt; font-family: Times New Roman; } div.Section1 { page: Section1; } I have been asked to do a rebuild on friends Dell laptop, unfortunately the guy who had it before me formatted the drive so I cannot create a recovery disk set &  owner has lost the recovery disk set I made her a few months ago. To make matters worse the guy who formatted it also managed to delete the recovery partition. The problem basically is that without the SATA drivers even though I can boot to a Vista disk I cannot access the hard drive as it keeps asking for the sata drive. I have tried the Dell support web site but that was no help as I have tried ALL the drivers available there to no avail & a call to them by the owner was a waste of time. I can get a replacement set from Dell but they don't really like to supply them & to be honest I would rather not have to wait weeks for them to get here before I can get the machine running again. Any ideas folks?

Question by Nostalgic Guy    |  last reply

Make a sata to usb data only cable?

I want to make a cable that is sata on one end and usb on the other for a laptop hard drive I only need data I have power all ready set up .on usb data is transfered with 2 pins and on sata with 4 pins  is their a way to interface this .

Question by oob42    |  last reply

How to change IDE jack to SATA jack?

I have IDE hardisk, but I want to change the jack become to SATA. So I don't use IDE cable for my hardisk, but I need SATA cable for my hardisk. Also my computer read in 3GB/s.

Question by advante    |  last reply


Hello Guys, I have one unused old SATA hard disk(in working condition) now i want to make this hard disk to use like external but i don't know how it is possible so, please help me for making my project i know, there are converter is available in market but i want to make it my own.... :/ so please help me guys.. Thanks in Advanced

Question by h4hardip    |  last reply

Nintendo Wii cd drive to SATA conversion

Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me out with a problem I'm having, I'm trying to use a Nintendo Wii cd drive as an external cd drive(similar to the apple superdrive) and I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to convert it to either USB or SATA, I've spent hours online looking for solutions but all I could find was an Arduino forum with some pinouts, but I don't know what they mean. If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Daniel

Topic by daniel12354    |  last reply

i would like to know is there way to make SATA/IDE To USB2.0 Adapter?

I have this old dvd burner and i would like to hock it to my laptop so i find this SATA/IDE To USB2.0 Adapter but because i dont live in USA i cant order it for my countrie that is why i would like to know if some one knows how to make one i see this adapter on this site thanks

Question by spywizard    |  last reply

Need help making Sata Power to USB - 5V.?

So basically I have a 2.5" Sata drive that I want to use with my W500. The drive itself runs at 5v 700mA and I know that USB's support 5v - what im looking to make is something similar to: or better still this:;=item46079c723d Any help would be great. 

Question by lshoesmith    |  last reply

Can i change a pata hard drive to read in a sata port?

My sata hard drive got damaged and is gone for repair. Till then i have a pata hrd drive. Is there a way, like a converter port that makes pata drives compatible on sata ports.

Question by SnehilSensei    |  last reply

How can i add a sata plug to my desk top?

My computer is a dell optiplex 320 and there is no sata plugs in it and i have a dvd burner that works off of sata is there any way i can add one?

Question by maxpower49    |  last reply

Raspberry Pi NAS, what should I buy to connect the hard drive? Answered

So my friend's family's desktop died in July and they got rid of it and kept the hard drive.  Recently, they sent it to me to get the files off of it.  It was pretty straight forward, the hard drive had a bad sector and I had the thing up and fully operational within about 15 minutes.  Since they got rid of the desktop, they all got laptops.  I'm going to transfer the files over to their individual laptops, then format the hard drive, and set up a Raspberry Pi based NAS at their house.  At this point, I'm not sure what I should buy to connect the hard drive.  It doesn't need to be fast, just for files and sharing between the laptops.  I'm going for minimum price, and I'm going to be using a Model A Raspberry Pi when they are released in the US.  This will then be running owncloud.  Any suggestions for connecting the hard drive would be great.  I forgot to mention this, but the hard drive is a 320 gig SATA hard drive.

Question by furrysalamander    |  last reply

URGENT Need Hard Drive Converter Recommendation SATA --> IDE

My parent's laptop took a crap on them. I'm 60% sure it is hardware related (well, not the HD that is).Unfortunately, they never backed up their photos and our family trip to Mexico is on there (the photos :P). What really sucks (kinda) is that the HD is SATA. It sucks because I don't have a SATA enclosure (but I do have an IDE).So do I go with a SATA to USB2 converterSATA to USB2 converter -- or a SATA to IDE converterSATA to IDE converter?This is urgent because I need to determine if its the HD or some other component so that it can be sent in for warranty repairs. Crossing fingers that its some sort of hardware.

Topic by trebuchet03    |  last reply

Can an IDE hdd be replaced with a SATA hdd (both internal)? Answered

I have a pentium 4 pc whose hdd recently crashed, this had this 40GB IDE hard disk, now a days u IDE's arent available in market so i was thinking is it possible to connect an internal SATA hardisk to the same port where the IDE was connected? i  mean will it work fine without any problems? Or any other solution to my problem?

Question by ankur2893    |  last reply

Multiple HDDs with Orange Pi NAS Expansion Board?

Hi. I'm a total NOOB with orange pi. I have never owned or used one, but I'd like to get started. I am trying to build a NAS(Network Attached Storage) to back up a few computers. I was planning on using the orange pi zero NAS Expansion Board, which has 1 SATA and 1 MSATA port. I would like to use at least 2 if not 3 or more SATA drives that I have lying around. Is there any way to do this with the Orange Pi? I think I saw somewhere that I cant use a SATA port multiplier like this is that true? I was also thinking of using an MSATA to SATA adapter like this so that I can use both the SATA and MSATA connectors, but that still only gives me 2 SATA connectors. The SATA and MSATA connectors on the expansion board are both connected through USB and they disable the onboard USB ports. Would it be better to just use a USB to SATA adaptor instead of the expansion board? Would one with multiple SATA ports work? What would be the best solution? Also, what would be the best OS for this? Thanks!

Question by Gadgets_and_Gear  

Can you Soft-mod a Xbox if you have SATA ports?

I do have an IDE slot but it's empty, so I don't know what to do!

Question by atlantic44    |  last reply

How do you take a Seagate laptop sata hard drive and convert it to run in my xbox 360 ellite slim?

How do you take a Seagate laptop sata hard drive and convert it to run in my xbox 360 ellite slim? ive already heard of hddhakr something like that but i heard it wont work on a sea gate is there any other way to do this

Question by ebayboy98    |  last reply

Can I use a 3.5" hardrive enclosure for 2.5" harddisks (SATA)?

Will it damage my harddrive if I use a 3.5" hardrive enclosure for 2.5" harddisks (SATA)? The connectors are the same...

Question by Fypsigon    |  last reply

can a sata seagate xbox hard disk drive work in a laptop to increase space and as the primary drive ? ?

Can a sata seagate xbox hard disk drive work in a laptop to increase space and as the primary drive ? Heres the catch though the laptop is not sata its Ide an old gateway solo multimedia pc for commercial use like presentations slideshows ect. ? I gave the laptop to my mom and now she has ran out of space on the drive thats in it, its only a 1gb thats in it I had a xbox 360 that give up on me and got the rrod and would not even power on at all so I tore it apart and took the dvd rom and hard disk drive out I know 20gb aint much but its better than nothing Please help me I know that theres a way too But my feeble mind cant grasp the how to of doing it or even how sata works to start with sata only has 8 wires for everything data and power and thats messing with my mind email me

Question by rayfalcon    |  last reply

Is it Possible to Soft-Mod a xbox with a vista computer?

If so how? I have IDE and SATA drive slots, and the instructions on this website are pretty old.

Question by atlantic44    |  last reply

IDE dock?

Anyone have ideas on how to make a hard drive swapping dock for IDE drives? The only ones I've been able to find are all for SATA, except a Sharkoon SATA with an IDE port, and that seems to be available only in the UK.

Question by brandegor    |  last reply

Externalize a hard drive?

I've found many instructables, but they all require an expensive SATA to USB adapter. Are there any projects that don't require this item? It would also be acceptable to find one that would let me wire multiple drives to the same SATA port.

Question by metalshiflet    |  last reply

30GB 1.8" IDE, 160GB 2.5" SATA and a 3.5" 180GB HDD and I want to power them all from the SAME power supply, how? Answered

I am not looking for how to build the enclosure because that part isn't electrical (an area of expertise where I'm lacking), just how do I power them all because I am fairly certain that the USB port is not strong enough on it's own. Thanks all!

Question by ralegg    |  last reply

8 Track Player External HDD?

Parts 1) broken lacie 500 gig eHDD or multibay sata - USB/firewire 2) old 8 track recorder I wanted to use the 8 track recorder as a eHDD enclosure. Does anyone know where I can buy just the sata - usb multibay / power boards? I basically need everything for a multibay enclosure except for the enclosure. I just don't know what they are called. THANKS!

Question by heartxcore803    |  last reply

is it possible to make a plug that connects to a sata Hard Drive then splits into two cords?

What i want to do have it so that i can have one hard drive that can be used on two computers at once. problem is the hard drive is used for the OS on the Desktop. so i want to some how split the connector to the Hard drive. one connector needs to be a SATA and the other a USB so i can connect it to another computer most likley my laptop. i'm will to make the cord but im not 100% how to or if its possible?

Question by Alex400    |  last reply

I want to turn a NES into a NESDrive that uses 2.5" SATA cartridge as a backup device. Thoughts?

I want to utilize the original cart pins for USB and maybe since there is lots of room and since we don't need the guts install a USB hub for things like a memory card reader.

Question by schuchwun    |  last reply

Need help upgrading dell xps 15 notebook. Answered

I have a dell xps 15 (l501x) notebook . It only has sata 2 (l502x has sata 3).  I want to put a ssd hard drive in my notebook. I was thinking about 256 gb crucial or samsung ssd.  Question # 1 Can i put a ssd with 500 mb write speed in my notebook and live with a little less speed because of sata 2 ? Question # 2 Can i put my existing hard drive (toshiba 7200 rpm 640 gb) in a caddy in my dvd slot and obtain full speed? Thnx in advance.

Question by la-main    |  last reply

is there an 'ible that would allow you to put a usb cable on a laptop hdd that's sata, instead of getting an adapter?

I have an old sata laptop hdd that has a female plug where the pins are on a "normal" hdd, so my adapter I bought that will connect a usb port to an ata, or laptop hdd with pins is useless. just wanted to know if anyone knew which pins(holes on the female plug) I'd need to connect to, to make it work? Thanks, Instructors! Doug

Question by fireguard    |  last reply

recovering data from or saving a failed hard drive?

The hard drive got pulled out of my computer while it was on sleep mode and when I tried to turn it back on, it seemed like it was gonna work but a few seconds after windows (7) loaded it crashed, now every time i get the blue screen but it wont show long enough for me to get any info off of it. As far as I can tell it seems to still work but it cant load windows. If i can't save it, is there any cheap way I can recover data off of it? (pictures/music/minecraft saves)  It is a WD Caviar Black 500gb Model is WD5001AALS

Question by Jimmy Proton    |  last reply

How can I add a second hard drive to my computer?

I recently bought a computer that uses a SATA hard drive, I would like to add a second hard drive inside the tower. I have a few SATA plugs available but my issue is that it seems that there is only one slot for a hard drive. I would like to have it internal and hopefully not look like crap. Is there something I can buy or build to hold the hard drive inside the tower? I've added a picture of the top of the tower where the original hard drive is. Thanks for any assistance you can help with.

Question by bofthe951    |  last reply

Which is the better laptop?

I am looking for a laptop for school. Which will deliver the better overall performance? Acer Aspire v3 Processor Type: Intel Processor Model: i7-3630QM Processor Speed: 2.4GHz Processor Core: Quad-core Cache: 6MB Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit System Memory (RAM): 6GB Type of Memory (RAM): DDR3 Hard Drive Type: SATA Graphics: GeForce GT 730M Video Memory: 2GB or Dell Inspiron 17R 5721 Processor:    Intel Core 3rd Generation i7-3537U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.1 GHz) Memory:    8GB RAM at 1600MHz HardDrive:    1x1TB SATA Hard Drive VideoCard:    Intel® HD Graphics 4000

Question by cardboarddude    |  last reply

Can I put Laptop HDD in a custom build and use same OS?

I have a 2.5 sata harddrive with an OS from an HP laptop. Can I plug this drive into a new custom build so that I don't have to buy a new hard drive and OS

Question by amireles2    |  last reply

How can i make a USB external hard drive enclosure from scrach?

For SATA drives to use in Win XP / Vista before any one starts they go for about 350 of Brazilian money thats about 175 USD and I am very capable of making one my self

Question by cassiorichiniti    |  last reply

Computer Not Working

I unplugged my SATA HD to take to my friends to reformat. When we plugged it in it gave him the blue screen. He told me to take it home and see if it still works on my PC. I plugged the HD and my moniter responded by going into power saver. I checked both sides of my VGA cable so it isn't that. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Topic by sharkbait34    |  last reply

Most Requested Mods and FUTURE Features for iPod/Phone

Post YOU ideas for mods or future features here: Mild: 1) better battery life 2) built in speaker 3) Bluetooth 4) WiFi WILD: 1) HDMI output 2) SATA connectors for TB Drives 3) Optical audio Out 4) 5.1 Audio ERCK

Topic by erckgillis    |  last reply

Internal Hard disk to external without a kit ... ?

How can I convert an enternal Sata Hard Disk out a HP Pavilion taplet pc (tx1419nr) to an external hard disk with out buying a kit?? I already have a cable with USB end took it of a mouse .. Anyone do have information on how to achieve this hack???!!!!

Question by Habayeb    |  last reply

Hard drive won't mount?

So, I've had a toshiba 2.5" SATA 250 GB internal HD for a while now. I got it from an old toshiba laptop. I finally got an enclosure for it, and I plugged it in. windows made the sound it makes when you plug something in, and in device manager the usb port said a usb mass storage device was plugged in, but it didn't show up in my computer, nor did it show up in disk management. I searched the net for hours trying to find the problem, reading about how you might need to assign it a letter in disk management, and other more "grim" outlooks on how it might be dead. I listened to it closely, and heard it making very VERY soft ticking noises at a regular rate. I immediately thought the worst, and came to the conclusion that it was dead. The next day, I decided to take it into school with me, as my teacher was pretty smart when it came to computers, and maybe she could provide the tiniest shred of hope. She asked me to plug it into one of the school's desktops. I plugged it in began running like normal. It showed up  on my computer, and showed the correct disk size, as well as a document I'd put on there long ago. I couldn't believe it!  When I got home, I plugged it into my computer, but surprisingly encountered the same problem. I decided to do a bit of experimenting, and I started plugging it into various computers we had around the house, and lined up all the facts I had: It didn't work on my laptop. (runs windows 7 home premium) It DID work on my mom's laptop. (also runs windows 7 home premium) It didn't work on my old desktop. (runs windows xp home edition, but I don't trust it. It's been acting very weird lately) It DID work on my school's desktop. (runs windows 7 enterprise) It DID work on my sister's laptop. (runs windows 7 home premium) I was stumped, to say the least. Can any of you tell me WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?!?! The strongest lead I have is that it might not be working correctly on my computer because the usb ports can't provide enough power to mount it. But if my laptop can't mount it, why should my mom's or my sisters be able to? Please provide any other theories you may think are plausible too! 

Question by tylervitale    |  last reply

Which computer is better? Answered

Hey, I'm trying to figure out which computer I should buy. One is an HP Pavilion HPE H8 with an Intel i7 third generation quad core at 3.4Ghz. The other has an AMD FX100 Hex core processor at 3.5Ghz. It sounds like the AMD is the winner, but I just want to be sure. I plan on running games such as Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Saints Row 3, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed World, and about 7 or 8 other smaller games. The computer with the AMD processor has 8GB RAM and the i7 processor has 10GB, both have 1TB sata 7200rpm HDD. Which is faster? Which will run best?

Question by knexpert1700    |  last reply

Addressable RGB Strip via USB?

Hi All, Im currently looking into RGB Addressable LED strips for my computer and the only option I can find is the NZXT Hue+ which is riddled with issues. Does anyone have information on how I would possibly control these via USB from inside my computer, or if that makes life complicated, over WiFi but powered from a SATA power cable?

Topic by K20Evo    |  last reply

Are laptop hard drives interchangeable? Answered

I am looking for a cheap, small size laptop on ebay and I am considering the Thinkpad T60-2007. It does not come with a hard drive but I want to install one from a Windows 7 Dell laptop, and possibly install Linux at a later point. Would this work? I have the driver discs from the Dell. The Dell one is 2.5", SATA HD and I believe the T60 is also.

Question by Arya42    |  last reply

Win8.1 Lost Plug & Play ?

I am using WIN 8.1 and recently purchased a USB 2.0 SATA 2.5" HD HDD Hard Disk Drive Enclosure External Case Box and it stopped working. It may be due to losing my Plug and Play software and does not recognize the attachment. I am also using FireFox  and MS IE. I would appreciate your help assisting the input in restoring my Plug and Play. Thanks for the site it is a great assist.

Question by mjp88keys    |  last reply

windows 7 is worth it, right? Answered

Hi, i am building myself a new pc and was planning on installing windows 7 the specs are: -3.2GHz pentium D -No sata hdd yet... -ATI radeon 256mb PCI-E Graphics card -2 Gigs of ram -and a dvd burner too i was wondering, should i install windows 7, or just install good old windows xp? PS: i plan on playing lots of games on this computer. (like trackmania, rainbow six lockdown, etc...)

Question by zack247    |  last reply

Transplant SSD from Netbook into my Desktop

So random question, I'm looking at putting a SSD drive into my desktop solely to run windows off of so it boots faster/has better performance, but don't really want to shell out a crap ton of cash for a standard sata SSD Drive. Is it possible to transfer an SSD drive out of like say an ASUS EEE PC into a regular desktop, and would there really be that much performance gain? Thanks

Topic by The Insomniac  

I put my laptop hard drive into my desktop as a second drive, how do I make it a bootable drive?

Desktop OS=Vista Home Basic, laptop drive= Vista Home Premium. Laptop drive is a SATA so it hooked right up, it is showing up in the Computer window and I can access the files on it. I want to be able to run the programs on it so need to be able to boot it up.

Question by Dale Glazebrook    |  last reply