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chatbot in sql?

Hi everyone my name is hanoo i'm eng. student i hope i am in right place to ask and Consult about my project first i want explain my idea i want make database for "GYM management system" and i want make interface by using php and html also when any  one open this side appears for user  small app. chatbot and this chatbot ask the user "hello in my side i am here to answer your q ,any Q do you have it you know about activity that is available here? than if the user say no the bot answer "ok,I'll tell you about 1>>>so on . the bots take information from the database so it work like quere . my Q is how i can link between those ? what is best language for make this kind of chatbots as you knew there is many language for build chatbots take ur acount i am engineer student and this project for 4 courses (database,Artificial Intelligence,html,php) this is my idea i hope it's clearly and still i have 2 week to present my project can any one help me and give me any project smiler this and any information or website I'm waiting for your advice and help thank you

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I'm trying to install SQL Server 2008 but its not working. what are the version of SQL server that is still working? Thanks God Bless

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How can I prevent SQL-injection in PHP?

If user input is inserted without modification into an SQL query, then the application becomes vulnerable to SQL Injection, like in the following example: $unsafe_variable = $_POST['user_input']; mysql_query("INSERT INTO `table` (`column`) VALUES ('$unsafe_variable')"); That's because the user can input something like value'); DROP TABLE table;--, and the query becomes: INSERT INTO `table` (`column`) VALUES('value'); DROP TABLE table;--') What can be done to prevent this from happening? Thanks!

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I had a SQL that got destroyed by someone re-initializing the disks on a RAID array and destroying the data. Answered

I have managed to restore the DB from a very old backup, and I tried replacing the MDF and LDF files with the ones that I recovered from a backup.  The problem is that the new MDF and LDF files were not detached in the copy that I have, so when I start up the SQL server EM shows the DB as Loading/Suspect.  I have tried restoring the database using sp_attach_db, sp_attach_single_file_db.  I get the error The log for database DBName is corrupt' when I use sp_attach_db, and when I use sp_attach_single_file_db I get the error 'Database 'DBName' cannot be opened because some of the files could not be activated'

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Is it good idea to change Simple Recover Model into Bulk-Logged on ETL system?

We are having an ETL process which inserts lots of data into tables. This database is set to Simple Recovery Model and the transaction log is growing a lot. I was thinking that would it help to set this database into Bulk-Logged Recovery Model? We are taking full backups on daily basis. So is there some operations which are not logged in Bulk-Logged Recovery Model compared to Simple Recovery Model?

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Is showing the user SQL error messages dangerous? Answered

If during error conditions your website shows a page full of SQL messages, does this put you at greater risk of an injection attack?

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How to install a web script php / sql

Someone explain to me how to install a web script php / sql? Wait for response. Thanks a lot.

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How do I edit a SQL database? Answered

Hey, I have recently found a clone of the Fiverr Script micro-jobs thing for free and I have no idea of how to set it up. I have set up the installation it says and step 2 says I need to import a file called 'scriptsolution.sql' into my newly created database. I know what this means, but how do I do this? I have setup a MySQL database on and I don't know how to edit it. Then, step 3 says I need to upload some specified files into my web server's public directory and I have no idea on how to do that or what that means. Step 4 says I need to CHMOD 777 the files and directories that it shows, I have no idea what that means. Lastly, step 5 says 'Setup a cron job on your server to run once every hour of every day.' and it says the commend format, I sort of know what this means but I don't know how to do this. That's all I have questions abou so PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!

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How do I display specific rows from a SQL database using $_GET? Answered

For my latest website, I have created a MySQL database to store user-submitted data. Currently for the homepage a PHP script connects to the database and selects a random row to display on the page. The table is set out like this: ID               Quote                 Author                Category 21              blah                    anonymous        Life 22              hdhshs               anonymous        Food I wanted to create a page where when a user goes to , it displays the row with the ID number of 45. That I have done successfully. But now I want to create a page where if you go to, say:, where it lists all rows under Life. But after tweaking the code for the Post page, it doesn't seem to work. Code for Post Page: $user="**********"; $password="**********";$database="**********"; $connection=mysql_connect('**********',$user,$password);@mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");  $sql = "SELECT * FROM `quotes` WHERE `id` = " . mysql_real_escape_string ( $_GET['id'] );  mysql_select_db ( $database, $connect ); if ( @mysql_query ( $sql ) )  { $query = mysql_query ( $sql );   $row = mysql_fetch_assoc ( $query );   echo '' . $row['quote'] . '#' . $row['id'] . ''; }  else { die ( mysql_error () );  }?> What do I need to change in the above code, to display a list of every row in the database with a category of whats in the URL?  This is my first time running a MySQL database, so sorry if the code is a bit squiffy.

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what O.S. and software should i run on my server?

Ok about a week ago i got a rack mount hp netserver has 2gb ram, 100gb hd (raid5), and 2x Pentium 3 900mhz from craigslist for $30. I want host my website on it but dont know what operating system or software to use. i need it to support sql and php and maybe email. i tried installing the newest ubuntu desktop edition but i keep getting an error. i tried win xp with wamp but can find out how to get it online. I'd like a linux os because the security but don't know where to start.

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Why do my Answers keep disappearing and reappearing?

No, I haven't said anything rude, irrelevant, illegal, commercial, or otherwise spammy. Is this just a strange SQL database glitch?

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Author stats and some other fixes

The author stats are back and are updated daily. See how many people have read your Instructable today, this month, and in total. Look for the stats in the upper left of your Instructables. With the author stats working again, you can sort the Instructables by pageviews. This can give you a sense of the popularity of various projects. Among other small fixes, we've found and removed the main culprit in the SQL deadlock issue. I haven't seen one in a few days, so we're cautiously declaring success. If you try to post a comment or save a step of an Instructable and get an SQL deadlock, send me an email. More fun stuff and fixes are on the way. Thanks for sharing your awesome projects and being patient while we grow.

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How do i add password to website?

How do I add a feature where a person could add a user, and login? I am an expert at html, i know a fair bit of php, and i figured i could do this with mySQL. So i have 2 questions... How could i add such a feature to my website And if it is possible with SQLServer 2005, and how? (Note) I do host my own site, and I'm obviously on a windows-based platform

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mysql matching? Answered

I don't really know how to phrase the question. i'm making a Lotto game in PHP. i have numbers 1 - 100 grouped in lots of 10 (ie. 5-15-25-35-45-55-65-75-85-95) and i want to match them against the "house" numbers (ie. 7-15-22-35-49-55-65-75-85-99) then count how many matches in each group and put that into a column (matches) "USER" 5-15-25-35-45-55-65-75-85-95 vs "HOUSE" 7-15-22-35-49-55-65-75-85-99 = 6 matches. then i can count how many matches to determine "payout" i can do this in excel easily. SQL is harder to do.

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send mq7 or other sensors data to mysql of local website via NodeMcu-esp8266

Hi guys im doing a project about uploading sensors data to database of my local site in the internet (via NodeMcu) i install nodemcu libraries to my arduino IDE & can upload easily arduino examples and running well, but don't know how can read sensors data and send it to my website host in .txt format or sql to access it in host & show it on my website. I try this process with one mq7 gas sensor to know what should i do and after success that example continue it, but i stuck in first step. please help me MASTER guys:(((

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Help with an instructable based on xAMP/WAMP server and Arduino?

Hey friends! I and our friends are working on this instructable for our school project. : Using fingerprint sensor for time attendance in combination with xAMP solution                    But i'm a beginner in arduino and want someone's help. I posted to the author but i think he is also new to instructables so he seldom comes online. Anyways. So there are many things i want to learn. Plz someone help me. The project we are working on will first enroll the fingerprints of students (atleast 50-60 in a class of our school) and then upload the data to the xAMP (or WAMP) database. And there will be 3 pairs of 7 segment led mounted on a board like given in the image, which will display the real-time data of Present and Absent students. First i want to know is this fingerprint sensor compatible with the program given in the above instructable, because it looks a bit different from the one and comes without jack and wire. Also im unable to download the registreer.php file given by the author and i dont know how to use it and the sql file. At last is there a way to use serial or bluetooth communication instead of wifi to make this project because it is going out of our budget. Plz help anyone. i will be very obliged. thanks in advance..... :)

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Digita Media Enthusiast/Tech Support Specialist

Job description ABOUT PAI PAI is a community rich in culture and diversity, distinguished by its high level of job satisfaction. We believe that our team members are our most valuable assets, so we recognize and reward great performance. We believe in open communication and foster an environment of creativity, loyalty and respect both for employees and clients alike. THE BIG PICTURE Do you like to get into in-depth trouble-shooting that would revolve around TiVo, DVR, or multiple types of digital video media? Do you excel in communicating with people in both a technical and non-technical way? Are you known for thinking outside the box when it comes to creative trouble-shooting solutions? If so, there’s a strong possibility you’d fit in well with an exciting new project at PAI. As Team Leader, you’ll assist in providing first-and second-level customer support for the full line of video media software products for our newest client. You and your team will interface with customers via telephone and email to provide troubleshooting, patches and/or bug fixes, version upgrades and software use tips. Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction is key, and will be measured by providing quality issue resolution within the established response time intervals and service level standards. DESIRED EXPERIENCE/QUALIFICATIONS • Basic professional understanding of video standards such as NTSC and PAL, frames and fields, and frame rate and basic video signals such as composite, S-video, Component, SDI and DV. • Basic understanding of broadcast digital video formats and compression such as Standard Definition, High Definition, MPEG-2, GOP Structure, Program and Transport Stream, as well as popular internet streaming, and download and desktop media formats such as Windows Media, Real Networks, QuickTime, MPEG-l, MP3, MPEG-4, etc. • Understanding of audio channels, digital audio sample size sample rates. • Understanding of non-linear video editing concepts. • Familiarity or use of a content management system or digital asset repository THE EVERYDAY VIEW • Phone, Email, and Remote Desktop support to resolve client issues, • Lead a professional team in providing world class support to leading industry customers • Verify and escalate bug reports to Engineering for resolution • Document problems/resolutions for internal/external knowledge base articles. • Effectively communicate with customers, both written and orally, to manage expectations through the trouble-shooting and issue resolution process. WE’RE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WITH: • Excellent trouble-shooting/problem solving skills with high attention to details and good follow-through. • Excellent written and oral communication skills. • Ability to install and configure Windows Operating Systems. • Basic hardware, software, operating system and device driver troubleshooting skills. • Basic understanding of MS SQL and/or Oracle server installation and configuration. • Basic Linux/Unix installation and administration skills. • Understanding of Windows File Systems, configuring IIS, JBOSS, Apache, File permissions and Disk management. • Ability to troubleshoot basic networking and connectivity issues including TCP/IP, DHCP and DNS. • Ability to effectively work with a variety of personalities and occasional stressful situations. • Ability to multi-task under time constraints. • Able to work Evening and Late Night shifts. • Experience providing support within a Network Operations Center environment, • Digital Media or related Software or Production Service or 2+ years Digital Media Encoding/Production Experience.  To apply:  Cindy Law HR Manager 858-495-3525

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