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MRI scan? Answered

Has anyone had an MRI scan? How good/bad was the experience. I have the opportunity to volunteer for a research project which is gathering MRI data from Asthmatics and I am not too sure about volunteering. I have had several Ct scans but know the MRI process is very different.

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3D Scanning a Locomotive

I know nothing about 3D scanning so hope to find suggestions here. I have a large object I wish to scan and import into Rhino 3D and eventually cut (1:120 scale) on my tabletop CNC mill. The diesel locomotive upper nose has compound curves in its shape. The red rectangles in the illustration mark the area of the locomotive that is difficult to reproduce accurately in a drawing. It is this area I would like to scan. Is there a scanning system somewhere in instructables that is capable of scanning this large area of the diesel locomotive? If so, please point me to it. Thanks much.

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DIY scanning tunnelling microscope

I caught this on the MAKE blog; the full article is at ChemHacker. Sacha De'Angeli has announced the release of "version 0.1" (proof of concept) for a do-it-yourself scanning tunnelling microscope. If you already know what an STM is, my work here is done. For the rest of you, a scanning tunnelling microscope moves a very fine ("single atom sharp") tip across a surface.Electrons can jump between the surface and tip, leading to a varying electric current which can be amplified and measured. How well the electrons can jump depends exponentially on the width of the gap. Near an atom is closer than between atoms, so by moving the tip in very small (nanometer) increments, you can image the atomic structure of the surface. With a less sharp tip, or coarser position control, you can still image surface structure, steps, defects, etc. UPDATE: Instructables user Fabio M had posted a different STM project last December.

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Cat Scan - patches available

From Tumblr, via Animal New York, via Notcot, comes The Cat Scan. It's cats. On scanners. It's weird, yet somehow obvious.  The blasted animal has fallen asleep on your scanner again, so why not try and teach it to sleep elsewhere? What's the oddest thing you have ever scanned? UPDATE I've decided to arbitrarily award patches to any scans people upload. Rules: It must be something you've scanned yourself. If it was alive at the start of the scan, it must be alive and unharmed at the end of the scan (ie don't hold frogs still be pressing down on the lid). International entries are absolutely allowed.

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Virus Scan scam on instrucables!

For the past week or so, after clicking an instrucable or step within one, I am sometimes re-directed to one of those sites that claim you have a virus and should do their free scan.  It's getting really annoying as you can't easily leave these sites.  Has someone hacked the site? Update: On 12/31/09 my security software deleted a trojan after once again being re-directed to the Virus Scan site.

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book scan - Camera Setup

Hi all, So I was scanning the book manually today using camera. Everything turned out to be ok, except the final pictures file size was staggering big(little over 1MB), which finally will compiled into a single PDF file. I was using resolution of 1600*1200 and found it to be the minimum accepted resolution in my situation. So my question was under what kind of camera setup should I get the smallest picture size but relatively clear picture. Thanks,

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Can I make a 3d scan using a dslr

Can I make a dslr to scan multiple people at the same time?what do I have to do?  if so, what are the precaucions I have to do?

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How to make a lazy susan for 3D scanning people?

I wanna ask if someone's familiar how to make a lazy susan for automatically scanning people with a 3D scanner (see the attached photo). Kind regards,

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How to make a GIANT rotating tray (lady susan) for 3Dscanning people?

What materials do I need?Can I do this with a trucks's bearing ?what thing Should I use to make it rotate, strong enough to sustain a person?What Things do I have to take precaution on?

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Make your own 3d Renderings

OK here is my proposal take: 1 machine 900, 000 concept + 2 existing instructables + common materialsa 3d scanning system Here is the concept please see it and come back: if u already saw it, in a nutshell they use 2 different forms of light but no laser BUT in these 2 instructables they do So, If we used an Amalgam of both plus:UV led's6 CHEAP webcams (x y and z )fluorescent paint We could obtain:A 3 d scanner for common objects that uses no lasers but the light sources in the demo (or even people perhaps not for animation but for other purposes) Those who did not get lost in the explanation: please contribute!Note for negative typists: Yes it is an adaptation and and I am asking for brainstorming yes, my explanations are terrible yes, yes, yes to all your negative comments.Note for those positive contributors: I will not ignore you at all please add your ideas!

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How can we Scan a wall

Is there a way we can scan a complete portion of wall vertically using lasers or any other device?

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3D scanning of small and complicated parts

I am trying to get a proper understanding of the things involved when scanning small parts with features bad for scanning, like circuit boards or things that simply are not as smooth as the test objects seen in tutorials. Due to the limitations I gave up on laser scanning for this although I still prefer it for bigger parts with less features. Photogrammetry works, well sort of... Most programs require the cam to move around the object, which is pretty much useless for parts smaller than 3cm³ in size. But even if the software claims to be able to use turntables I still struggle massively getting any usable results. I had testversions of 3D flow's Zephire and Agisoft Photoscan, both are able to use masks which helps a lot but they struggle with the camera positions. No matter what I do and how I try to cheat the cams are always located at a max of 180° but never the full 360° Agisoft would allow to enter cam positions but the algorthm behind it is beyond my understanding. So far my approach was to mask the background out and if the cam alignment failed (which it always did) to manually add reference points into the single pics. But still no 360° scans but a lot of cams in the exact same location. I know a 8MP DSLR is not perfect but the image quailty is decent enough for all the details. Is there a software out there that is dedicated for turntable use but is no laser scanning software? Or maybe a program / plugin to calculate cam positions for a turntable if the cam location is actually fixed? I mean with a turntable and fixed cam I would expect that all cam positions in the model are at least at the level and distance but in some cases it looked more like a wave pattern. My ultimate goal is to go down in size to about 5mm³ in size, like insects and tiny machine parts. Zephyr Pro seems to be right tool for the job but it out of my reach price wise as I only do 3D as a hobby. 123D and other cloud services fail totally for this task for the obvious reasons of size and fixed cam.

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3d Scanning Howto? best recommended? DYI vs purchased

Hey gang! So, I am in need of some help.   The end goal is to make some  1x1x1 or 2x2x2 inch figurines of my kids. (  Think DnD wizard with my sons face") as the end goal. Right now, I am wondering if anyone has any success with the Scanning side of things.  Can you recommend a DIY 3d scanning solution? On Friday, I took my Nikon DSRL and put a 2"x2"x2" clay figuring on a rotating table and took some pictures, and uploaded it to 123d Catch.  I took about 30 pictures and uploaded them.  some where ignored because of lighting maybe. I have search for 3d scanning on instructables, and found quite a few, but it would be too costly to try them all, so I though I would ask in public chat if anyone has good success.   (I know I can spend 1500 on the maker scanner, but thats crazy expensive for a toy) So putting this out there for anyone to help me out

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Is there a MacOSX viewer for iSite PACS scan data? Answered

I have two CDs from my doctor with MRI, PET, and CT scans. They include a standalone viewer called iSite (from Philips), which is PC/Windows only. I've tried OsiriX, but the iSite data format on CD appears to be proprietary. At least, there is no DICOMDIR files.After eight months, no responses :-(

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how to trensfer a fm scan radio to static?

I have a HO700 SENTRY and i would like to make it to play 1 channel only. can somebody help me?

Question by cobito1060  

Lost My mail after scan on startup? Answered

After booting my vista machine the other day, Chkdsk ran on startup, I opened outlook express too find all my emails had disappeared. I checked my outlook express .dbx files to discover that a new inbox.dbx file had been created. I assumed that the old inbox.dbx had become corrupted, and checked the temporary "Found.001"  directory that is created by chkdsk, there was only two files in this directory not related to outlook express. I have tried to run two file recovery programs get data back and restorer xp, but cannot find the missing inbox.dbx file. DO I have any chance of recovering this .dbx file or is it gone ?

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cheap & easy way to do optical mark recognition (omr) or crude image scanning / processing?

What's a cheap & easy but reliable way to scan a crude drawing or do omr - optical mark recognition - ie read marks on paper like the forms you fill out with a #2 pencil ? I envision something like a row of 8 lights sensors spaced to match the lines on a 3x5 index card, you feed the card into guides aligning the lines with the sensors. Or get some graph paper & scissors and cut out some 3x5 cards. Perhaps this could be a crude scanner to scan simple drawngs at whatever resolution matches the spacing of the sensors (width of drawing would be limited to # of sensors, the length limited to arduino's memory/storage). You could hand-feed a 3x5 card with a drawing through it, the horizontal resolution would be the spacing of the sensors, maybe have some kind of roller to track the card being fed through so it knows to scan another line. I know there are sensors used by line-following robots, but what about a simple light sensor? Or buying a cheap camera element and hooking that up to a video input and processing the image inside arduino? Or processing input from composite video? Any thoughts?

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Service to transfer handwritten content to text and send via e-mail.

Hello, I wonder if you have any information or guidance on the following:- Is there a service which transfers content from handwritten letters, or in images, such as in a fax service, to typed text which can then be sent to an e-mail address? Would there be some sort of security / anonymity / privacy involved, as there is with e-mails and post? Many people who require help on benefits, housing (travellers, homeless) do not necessarily have access to a computer, yet most of this information and guidance is available online. This is great for those who have access, but what about for those who have not? I know of PO Boxes which give anonymity, but this only works from one person to another, and only with written material. Any ideas or suggestions of such a service would be much appreciated. Ephemerol9

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Is it possible to do a 3D laser Scan of my garage ?

Well , I have an itch , I want to scan my garage with a laser and input it into something like 'Meshlab'. I've bought the laser from a car boot sale ,I've tried it and its excellent , I have a finepix S8000fd digital camera, I scan and record the laser OK . but cannot find suitable software to get it into 'Meshlab' or a similar software tool . Does anybody have any ideas about where I go from here. ? If succesfull what would be the limiting factor for scanning distance. ?

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1 bit x-y scanning laser projector?

A lot of the laser projectors I have seen have problems with seek times and stability. This guy seems to have done pretty well. Would it be possible to create a scanning laser projector with a single bit input? Replace the x and y galvo(or any other type) scanners with motor powered wheels rotating at a constant speed. This would create a filled in square of laser light. Then all you would need to do is send an off-on signal to the laser to create an image. It is the same principle as a black and white CRT TV. What do you think? Edit: I think one motor should be stepper and the other permanent magnet. If both were pm's it would only create a diagonal line. The pm motor would scan from side to side while the stepper would tick along at the refresh rate. I guess you are kind of running into the same problems as you would with traditional galvo scanners. Edit (again): With a high speed motor from a dremel (max 35,000 rpm) you could only get about 130x100 pixels with 24fps... hardly the best projector. Not to mention the extreme vibration you would have to deal with if you didn't balance it correctly. I guess I kinda answered my own question.

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Archaeology Student needs help with 3D scanning and printing

Hi Guys and Girls, first time posting like this so i hope this is in the right place, and if it is i can get some help. I'm currently studying Applied Archaeology, in the Institute of Technology Sligo, in Ireland, I'm in my fourth and final year and as part of this I have to research and write a thesis. The topic I am planning on doing involves 3D scanning, and if everything goes to plan, it will turn out great, and is something no one has done before in Irish archaeology, Ok so here’s the thing. It is still early days, I haven’t even decided on the title or gotten a chance to experiment with the scanner, and I am relatively new to 3D imaging and all that it involves. But as part of the overall concept of my thesis I would like to haves some of these scans print using as many of the various different methods of 3D printing as I can. This is so I can compare and analysis there suitability. This is where I hit a wall and I hope someone can help. There aren’t many companies that do 3D printing in Ireland and those that do usually deal with medium to large company’s and thus are way out of my price range. Edit: 21.09.2011 Ok after a doing a boat load more reserch I have been able to pick three methods of 3D printing I would like to use: 1. Fused Deposition Modeling using the, RepRap and MakerBot. 2. Laminated Object Manufacturing. 3. Stereolithography. If any of you out there have an interest in Archaeology and can offer advice on 3D scanning, image editing, has access to a 3D printer or are lucky enough to own one of these machines, and are willing to help me out I would be extremely grateful. I am more than willing to contribute what I can to the cost of raw material, cover the postage to Ireland and of course give massive amounts of praise and acknowledgement to all those that have helped, when I’m writing my thesis. Many Thanks Michael  

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Does anyone know how to make a radio constantly scan? Answered

I want to take an ordinary FM radio and make the scan function cycle through all of the frequencies very quickly and constantly. Any advice?

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3D Printing/Scanning Advocate Needed in SF Bay Area

Love telling people about 3D printing?! Paid position introducing consumers to the maker movement and helping them complete 3D Prints and Scans in a retail environment. 3D Scanning and Printing Advocates: Looking for qualified 3D professionals with experience in printing and/or scanning to work directly with customers and introduce them to the Maker movement. 2+ years experience with 3D design, printing, & scanning preferred. Responsibilities: Explain 3D scanning and printing possibilities to retail consumers Help them complete basic 3D printing/scanning tasks at the kiosk Answer questions and respond to technical issues Really listen to consumers needs, concerns and difficulties and log them Compile a market research report based on your experiences and observations You will be personally representing 3D printing and a large retail brand to end users. Respect and patience with new Makers is a must. 1-6 month Contract Position, with potential to convert to Full-Time. Compensation to be Determined. Must be located in California. Must be able to start by October 15th. Oct 1st preferred. Contact to apply.

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USB drive virus, scan through, restart with external harddrive in

Hey! So last night I started scanning through my computers, scanned the whole computer with MSE, MBAM, PANDA ONLINE and superantispyware and it was clean. Then I plugged in my external harddrive to scan, I scanned that one with MSE and then with superantispuyware and then MBAM. It didn't find anything. Then I scanned the whole computer AND the external harddrive. First with MSE, it came up clean. Then with superantispyware, it was also clean, but it found som tracking cookies on the pc, and I had to restart the pc. But heres the problem, I forgot to take the external harddrive out of the pc while restarting... Can this (if there is a virus) have made it boot into the computer, so AV's can't find it anymore? (I had autoplay turned off through "control panel" - "hardware and sound" and "autoplay") Lets say that there is a virus and it did do this, will reinstalling and formatting get rid of it anyways? Is this tool to be trusted? Does it work? : please say if you know of any better ways to detect this. *More backround info in my last topic here (including list of viruses that could have something to do with it. 

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How can I scan to roots of plant that inside of the pot?

Dear friends, I am an academician in Faculty of Agriculture. Roots development of plants is an important parameter in our experiments. So I need to display the root length without remove the plants from the pots. I need to find the differences between cultivars or treatments about root length, efficient root depth and root area. If I can display it similar to example images, so if I can distinguish the roots by photoshop, It will be so useful for me. Is there any sensor, method or such thing that I can scan the roots without the damage the plants by using of arduino ? or any DIY device. Coloring is not important for me, I need just selection of roots. Best regards.

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High Tech Microscopy on a Very Tight Budget

 Among microscopy amateurs there is a long established tradition of grinding lenses and making their own microscopes. ( Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, who is known as the "Father of Microbiology", was a linen-draper by trade with no formal scientific education, yet his skill at making microscopes and his observations won him international recognition.)  When it comes to non optical microscopy (electron and scanning probe) the idea of making your own microscope at home is more intimidating. Mostly because of the cost and difficulty of getting parts you'll need.  But it seems that this man, John D. Alexander from Gilbert, AZ, found a clever way to build a scanning tunneling microscope using cheap and commonly available parts.   Have a look at his site  Very interesting. If someone of you will try to build his own microscope, let us know.

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i want to scan a deck of playing cards using a wireless sensor ?

i want to scan a deck of playing cards using a wireless small sensor,i want to know which sensor i can use

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Anyone know of a software that scans for wireless networks then tells you the password ? Answered

Hi does anyone know where i can get software that scans for wireless networks then tells you the password for them ? It would be VERY preferable if i didnt have to install anything. Thanks heaps Nathan

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How do I determine the scan matrix of my piano keyboard?

Hi, I am trying to convert my old shitty keyboard into a midi controller by following the instructable by Evan Kale; but when connecting two wires of the ribbon to my multimeter, which is set to continuity mode (as seen at 1:30 of the video in link above), there is no response from the multimeter when pressing the keys in order to determine the scan matrix. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!!!

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How can we us kinect XBox 360 to scan 3D object with PC win 7?

I have Kinect xBox 360 and use Win 7 on PC Question are : 1- I want to use this Kinect to 3d scan object , is this possible ? 2- What's kind of software to do this ? 3- How about the kinect driver must  install ? Thanks  

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Network Scanner Software for Canon IR 3300 Photostat machine?

Hi, One of my friend have Canon IR3300 Photocopier machine. It is connect to a pc by Ethernet. It is capable of taking printouts from pc and scanning photos from machine. Now i use Photoshop to  scan images.Problem is machine scans papers fast. All scanned files are appears in Photoshop as a psd file to save those into jpg I need to use save for web option in photoshop. Is there any software that can scan from feeder and platen and stores into pc automatically into JPG ? I saw remote scan, my machine(canon ir-3300) is not in remotescans list. Do you know any other software ?

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How to make a GIANT rotating tray (lady susan) for 3Dscanning people?

What materials do I need?Can I do this with a trucks's bearing ?what thing do I use to make it rotate, strong enough to sustain a person?what Things do I have to take precaution on?

Question by DIAGONALLIS  

Does anybody have a link to one of those websites that "scan" your computer for viruses? Answered

I'm looking for one of those websites that plays alittle flash video and makes it look like it's scanning for viruses on a PC, even if you're on a MAC. Can someone send me a link?

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How to remove horizontal scanning lines when computer is connected to an LCD tv?

Connected an older Audiovox LCD TV onto a desktop computer running Ubuntu. The computer ran well enough displaying to a normal LCD monitor, but once connected to the TV, there is a constant pattern of translucent lines running across the screen that scan up from the bottom. I've tried adjusting the "Clock" and the "Phase" of the TV to no avail, and ubuntu doesn't seem to have any refresh rate adjustments available other than 60Hz... so yeah. Need help here, trying to make an XBMC/linux file server/ media center...and a media center with a bad display just isn't right.

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Lamp Shade Out of MRI Image Film?

I have a set of MRI scans of my knee. I make lamps and want to make a lamp shade out of these scans. A friend says, no - they will burst into flames. Another pal says, yes - go for it, get an old lampshade from Salvation Army, remove the cloth and clip the MRI scans to the wire armature. Oh, and if I make one, to be sure to use a low watt bulb. I think the scans are cool. But if they burst into flames, that would be bad. So - any idea how this could safely be done? Thanks.

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I need help finding some scans of Transformers comics. Free Pro Membership up for grabs! Can anyone help?

I am specifically looking for scans of "Hearts of Steel", "Shattered Glass", and "The Beast Within".  I will of course happily accept more than those. I have a few ideas for some custom Transformers, and having access to some good scans of the books I mentioned would help immensely. Like it says in the title, the first good quality answer will be getting a free Pro Membership code!  (Helpful people with later answers may get one too.)

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How do I permanently delete a tracking cookie? Answered

I use Internet Explorer as my primary browser and Symantec Endpoint Protection as antivirus. Everytime I run an full scan, it says it finds the same tracking cookie and its primary action was to be deleted. However, it appears again if I run another scan even though I don't use the internet between scans. Is there a way to delete this cookie and is it possible it is a threat to my computer?

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Will you sign your username and scan it and post it here...for a super cool avatar? Please?

Hey guys, will everyone who sees this thread sign their username (NOT your real name!) on a sheet of paper and then scan it and save it as a jpg and post it here? I plan to take all the signatures I receive and put them all in one picture. People can use it as an avatar, instructables can use it if they want to for some reason...etc. Please? EDIT: Yay! I have 6 so far. Thanks, everybody! Keep em comin! :D EDIT: 10 signatures counting my own! Including a genuine ibles celebrity's! EDIT: 12 siggies! EDIT: 14! EDIT: 15! EDIT: 18 and counting!! EDIT: 20 including ewilhelm and canida's!!!! EDIT: 24! Can somebody help me get the transparent versions of signatures that have dark backgrounds? ll.13 did his, which helped, but I need help with some of the others. I think you just have to patiently erase all the background away. Right, ll.13? EDIT: 27 at last count, I'm sure it's well over 30 now, they're coming in faster than I can make new ones. So I'll just wait for a bit to make a new version. And of course volunteers who work on the backgrounds are very much appreciated! Thank you very much guys!

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Can I put a CD into a scanner to scan the art on the non-playable side without doing any damage to the data on the CD? Answered

I'm planning to make a copy of the CD in question to give as a Christmas present. I want to scan the art onto my computer and then print it out and glue the duplicate art onto the copy CD. However, I don't want to damage the original. Is there any way that my scanner (Lexmark) could damage the stuff on the CD? 

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Cataloging School Papers

I spontaneously decided to catalogue every paper I get/do in school this year. I've run some tests with tesseract, a OCR program, and its decent. Except... I don't have a scanner... I'm thinking of giving it up, unless someone else would like to also try it out. If so, I'll put effort into procuring a scanner, or figuring a way to emulate one with a camera. Any random thoughts on this?

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Possible 3d scanner project

An idea just popped in my head, just an idea.. take a scanner apart, and in stead of the scanner moving, have the "object" do a 360 while its scanned. so im thinking take the stepper motor our and build some sort of rotation device so when its suppose to "scan" the object is rotated and the scanner piece is at a fixed vertical position what do you guys think? please send suggestions, sketches. any input will greatly be appreciated =) thanx Brett

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How would i go about making an RFID triggered beep/LED Flash?

Hello everyone, Ive bought a RFID dongle and tablet to work together for me as a loyalty data collector. The thing is, when the Milfare 1k card is scanned, it wont make a beep or LED flash to let the customer know its been scanned correctly. I need another reader which is connected nest to the dongle (all of this will be put together in a plastic compartment) so that when any Mifare 1k card is scanned the dongle and tablet will do its job but i want the other scanner to let off a beep and LD flash at the same time? How would i go about doing this?? Thankyouuuuu Josh

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Help please

I've dismantled a cheap & nasty fax machine. Out of this I've extracted a Dyna Image scanning unit, CFL illumination, 7 wires. I'd quite like to use the CFL, and maybe the scanning part, but does anyone know how to use this? I've not found this particular unit on the internet - sticker says "DL100-05EUIC (BARCODE) PHFA201663" L

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can i use a scanner track from a 3 in 1 printer 4 a line laser 4 3d scanning web cam?

I download the 3d scanning software from and I wanna know if a scanner track from a old 3 in 1 printer would do

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My Computer is really messed up, with spyware and such! Please help!

My computer has a Trojan on it, and a lot of other spyware.Does anybody know any programs you can download to actually remove the threats?I tried Spyware Doctor, didn't work.It only scans.I need it badly, I actually have 2 Trojans...Please help, thanks!

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How can I get rid of the watercolor-paper texture when I scan a painting on my Epson Perfection scanner?

I used to have an Arcus II scanner and I don't remember the texture of the paper being so visible. Sometimes my illustrations fade to white on the border but the paper is still obvious. Thanks in advance. Garison W.

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Can RFID Chips be used to trigger a file to play on your PC? Answered

For example, If you implanted chips into the case of each of your DVD's, and configured them to play the movie file stored on your PC when scanned, you could choose a movie with friends, scan it, and then proceed to watch said film, without having to search for the file?

Question by cosgrove    |  last reply

i need a arduino program that will allow my servo to scan and my wheels to drive...PLEASE HELP!!!!?

I have two continuous rotational servos (Parallex) that are used as my wheels.Another servo is connected to my srf 05 sensor (ultrasonic range finder sensor). I just need a program that will allow my wheels to drive and my sensor to detect walls...please help!! =-(I can answer additional questions if im unclear.

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