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knex seige weapons and crossbows

Post ideas of seige weapons and crossbows here. and can som one post that crossbow thats on the avatar of the group. o and take a look at my catapolt i posted it.

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How does the sling work on a trebuchet? Answered

Hi Instructables community, I don't quite understand how the sling on a trebuchet releases.  I understand how a handheld sling works but what happens with a trebuchet sling. Thanks guys!

Question by SirNoodlehe    |  last reply

DIY Costume Mute Rainbow 6 siege

My son wants to construct a costume for Halloween: Mute from Rainbow 6 Seige. Some of the costume items are easy like Cargo pants, ski goggles, combat boots, etc. Do any of you have suggestions for the gas mask, tactical vest and details. Thanks for any suggestions :-)

Topic by Kathmandu365    |  last reply

What does zeitgeist Mean on instructables? Answered

My instructable is in the zeitgeist section in seige engines, and id like to know what that means.

Question by That One Eegit    |  last reply

New firing systems for K'NEX guns

I'm so tired of the firing rod and the little orange connector to fire K'NEX guns. Isn't everybody else? Maybe make something like a real trigger?

Topic by Castle Seige    |  last reply